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About the Siriun Year

The Explanation of the Concept Coined by Galexis

I’ve channeled Galexis for a long time (almost 30 years now), and they have repeatedly mentioned how every year follows a particular growth curve. This growth curve starts with a leap in consciousness, self-image, or creative expression and then the rest of the year is spent working with that new level, integrating it, assimilating it, and allowing external reality to respond to it through new opportunities, manifestations, and achievements.

I have been lucky to have a front row seat on this process, as I sit back and listen to the conversations that Galexis has with their friends (clients). And so when Galexis talks about the Siriun Year, I pay attention.

The Siriun Year is a year oriented around our personal growing experiences. Every year during the opening of the Sirius Vortex during the "dog days" of summer an initiation or new leap in consciousness takes place. This is the beginning of the growth curve of the year, hence it’s phase 1 of the Siriun Year of Personal Development.

Sirius, known as the “dog star” and the closest star to our sun, is the place of our stellar origins. There, at Sirius, is a Vortex, a portal through which Divine energies come into our Free Will Universe. We all came to this Universe through this vortex into the Sirius Star System, and from there to Earth. Perhaps we tried out the Pleiades, Orion, and/or other star systems on the way.

Starting at the end of July, Sirius is our Morning Star, rising just before the Sun in the northern hemisphere. This extra light from Sirius, the “double-sun” effect, and the radiation from the place of our stellar origins, activates in us a greater level of self-awareness. That’s because during these “dog days,” the Vortex of Sirius, that normally is open just a little bit, opens extra wide and sends us energy transmissions that we call “downloads.”

The Vortex opening, starting on July 23rd, marks the beginning of the “Siriun Year.”  This then begins a personal spiritual unfoldment process with 6 sections of the year having distinctive growth themes, and then the 7th step is into the next Sirius Vortex Opening which is simultaneously the beginning of the next octave, or next year of growth.
Here are the six themes, the best I have overheard them from Galexis and then seen in my own life.
  • The Initiation
  • The Integration and the Test
  • The New Self Dream
  • The Challenge of the Collective
  • The New Momentum
  • The New Discoveries
and then back into the next Initiation.

This particular year (2017), we also had the amazing eclipses in addition to the Vortex Downloads. Galexis spoke extensively about those and I shared information in newsletters about the "reset" capacity of eclipses. But even more significantly, during this particular "Siriun Year," from July 2017 to July 2018, there will occur the birth of the New World.

This is the beginning of a true New Reality, a Virgin Future, a New World, and is what many of us have been waiting for for decades. It’s finally here!

Lazaris has talked about the birth of the New World extensively in past years and suggested that there would also be a split of realities - what Galexis and I call "Life Tracks" or probable future tracks - leading to three potential ends; the Nightmare Future, the Mediocre Future, or the Positive Dream Future. What we decide and choose about who we are and where we are going will determine the future we select. Our opportunity right now is to imagine the future for ourselves and our world that we want - the Dream Future. Then we can move forward on our Destiny Path.

So my newsletters have all been about expanding self-image and doing the work of stepping into the New World individually so that we can be the midwives to the New World getting born.

I am asking you, along with all the magicians, metaphysicians, and spiritual leaders, to be part of my Dream Team. Let’s dream this Ideal/Dream Future together so that it will pull us and hold us on the Dream Future Life Track. From there, we can pull the world along with us into the Golden Age!

This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA