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Crafting Your Dream Future
This is from Phase One of the Siriun Year. Learn how to take advantage of the Sirius Vortex period, and then dream the New Future. You'll learn about chaos, imagination, and how to do the dreaming, starting with your Ideal Future. Then there are more tips on how to allow this path to work quickly for you.

The Test
When you grow and expand your consciousness into a bigger area, you risk hitting your commission of challenge.This is like a "test", and it's purpose is to get you to make the decision on whether you'll be a bigger or smaller being. There are ways to pass this "test" which are given here in depth. When you pass the test, you move into more Flow, Light, and Freedom. This is a common experience in the second phase of the Siriun Year, although it can happen anytime you make a growth leap!

Your New Self Vision
From the Third Phase of the Siriun Year; learn how to see the world from your greater identity-self, and create the positive boundaries that will enable you to be happy, empowered, and free in the world.Rewrite your story and step into your New Story of You, and become more whole.

Expanding into Freedom from Your Limiting Box
A box normally has 6 sides. You are living in a box given you by the collective and reinforced by your compliance to stay in the box.
Instead of leaving the box and the world, expand it! That way you feel much greater freedom inside your unique box and a greater ability to do your Life Missions. Here are the 6 sides or themes of your box, that you can now expand to create your greater box. This is part of the work of the Fourth Phase of the Siriun Year.

The Divine Matrix of the Greater Self
Here is more from the Fourth Phase of the Siriun Year; your Greater Self has four pillars that create a foundation for you, and three channels of expression. These interweave to form your unique spiritual matrix. Here are descriptions of the pillars and channels and how to utilize them for greater joy, success, and happiness.

Healing Your Inner Saboteurs
Here's vital information for the Fifth phase of the Siriun Year on how to heal your smaller identities or sub-personalities that can trap you into limitation and hold you back. You probably know about the ego, but while the ego is thorougly discussed here, the key is to "fire" the inner Slave Driver and reset your true motivation. Otherwise, you'll stay in the collective's trap and stay stuck!

The Reality Zone
When you want to get into the Flow of Positive Manifestation, into a momentum of good events, you must not hold excessive "charge" on things. Nor should you fantasize too much and wander into the stratosphere. Here is a detailed description of the obstacles to the Flow and how to dissolve them so that abundant manifestations can be yours. Another useful process, this time from the Fifth Phase of the Siriun Year.

Power Retrieval; How to Pull Your Power Back to You
You have given your power away to other people and circumstances, consciously, subconsciously, and even unconsciously. When you are powerless, others and life's circumstances run you, not you running your life. Here are easy understandings about your power, a simple technique to retrieve it, and what a powerful life can do. Don't be afraid of your power. It's divinely given. It's part of who you are and who you are becoming!

Building Momentum; Lifting the Bottom Line
Everyone wants to be in the Flow, moving forward in a Light Momentum of success. But often, people get trapped in a Dark Momentum of limitation. If you have (and you probably have), this limitation has been a stubborn Bottom Line. You want to lift it into abundance, joy, prosperity, vitality, energy, creativity, and more. This article shares what momentums are, how to initiate a Light Momentum, how to build it, how to tweak it, and how to sustain it, automatically lifting you out of your limitations into a higher and yet higher Bottom Line of success!

From Dark to Light; Healing the Archetypal Masculine and Feminine Templates
Released as the 7th Phase of the Old Siriun year and the 1st Phase of the New Siriun year overlap, this article shares the keywords and archetypal essences of the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine and how to shift into the Light Masculine and Light Feminine in order to create the personal and global foundation of the New World/New Age.

Healing the Dark Narratives
Released in the 7th Phase overlap with the 1st Phase of the Siriun Year, this article targets the fear-based stories that Dark Masculine spins, especially Conspiracy Theories, and shares how to empower and free yourself from their trap and their Nightmare Future.

Building Self Value
The most solid way to boost up your vibratory level and thus your reality manifestations is to love and value you. Loving and valuing you is not ego, but the restoration of your Divine Self awareness. Reaching this higher vibratory level, you can sustain your resonance and radiance here to hold onto your New Life and New World naturally and easily.

On your spiritual path, you must encounter and raise your consciousness above dualism in order to experience the Oneness. In the world, however, you must work with duality. Here's a look at how to be beyond duality on your spiritual path while utilizing the power of positive duality in your daily life.

Galexis Fall 2018 Message

Magical Incubation and Resonance Creation
Although this article comes with the Siriun Year Phase Four, the three manifestation rituals provided here can be done at other times of the year. In "Incubate the Future," you create a Dream Package that gestates until the New Reality is born, one to two months later. The"Four Step Resonance Magic for Manifestation" educates you fully in how to get into the vibratory resonance of your future so that it can effortlessly materialize. And the "Green Candle Ritual" is a ritual that connects you with the vibration of money so you can manifest more of it.

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