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The Divine Matrix of the Greater Self

I have been listening to Galexis over the past few years as I channeled them. They suggest being aware of and using the following information to craft a great life, to step into your Greater Self. Even if you feel lost, or don’t know what to do next, you can always ground yourself in the Divine Matrix of the Greater Self. This will end the sense of “stuckness” or lack of forward movement. I mentioned some of these components as possibilities for principles or positive boundaries.

The Divine Matrix has four foundational principles, much like a rectangular building has four pillars. and offer the basic spiritual orientation at any stage of life. They exist as a foundation for everything that you do. They are aligned with being yourself, i.e. being your truth. Note that this is about BEING. This is your state of being, your essential beingness. This is not about doing, actions, achievements, and the like. This reflects the Divine Feminine energy, a support for you.

Then there are the three dynamic channels of your Divine Expression. These three are the actions and purposes that are inherent and natural to you as a divine being. All humans have these, as they are the qualities of God expressing through the much smaller energy field  of the individual (you). These demonstrate the Divine Masculine in you.

We’ll start with;

The Four Foundational Pillars

This is basic for everyone, everywhere. And while it may feel that love is an action, it is actually the most basic substance of Soul, out of which all has been created. Love is your homing beacon. It is what everyone wants to feel. When you return Home to the Divine at the end of your physical journey of lifetimes, you enter the sea of Oneness, of Divine Union, and it’s all about love.

In your day to day life however, love is sometimes harder to see, feel, and acknowledge as your essence. And it’s harder to apply your love to others when you aren’t experiencing it within you yourself. When you feel love, you feel it first for yourself. If you don’t know how to bask in the ocean of love within you, you won’t respect others, value others, or build self-esteem. Your ego will take over and your relationships will be filled with tension.

So practice being in love with you. Feel it for yourself and then radiate it out to those you care about, your significant other, family and friends, and pets. Radiating love to your landscape plants, trees, and natural environments can feel as if you are Home. When you love yourself, you allow the Divine energies to flow through you, healing all around you. The Divine will hold you, and you belong in love’s (the Divine’s) arms.

This is a Free Will Universe, and most basic to living here is the ability to make choices and act on them. However, most of us, and most likely you, have learned to make choices and act based on what’s necessary rather than from what you freely want. And in the same vein, to make choices specifically based on fears about what could happen if you don’t make them.

However, since Free Will is your birthright, you have the Power within you, the ability to activate your own truth and choose to express yourself out of that truth that eternally abides in you. This requires getting clear on what choices are not true to you. Those are the ones that come from ego comparisons, fears of the future, guilt over the past, and attempts to redeem yourself from your past “sins” of commission or omission by being a “good person.” Yes, there are things you have to do, such as work, obtain money, food, and take care of yourself (and possibly others). But outside of that necessity, there is a place where you can dream and imagine, and feel the stirring within you of your spirit and soul. You have the ability to move forward on this, and this ability to make your choices is what defines you as an empowered being.

Even when you have to make choices that are unsavory, such as having to kowtow to your abusive boss, you can consciously choose to work with that character as a very good actor while you dream and imagine yourself moving into a better job or circumstance. The key to this working is to do this consciously, not whining or martyring. No victim self-pity. You are far greater than that. You are not stuck and powerless, ever. You can always be conscious! And then you can always choose from your Greater Self’s position, from your Free Will position.

Empowerment is your best support within yourself for manifesting what you want. When you are empowered, you have the ability and the willingness to create the life you want. You can also co-create it with others. You don’t have to manipulate, dominate, control, or be aggressive. Empowerment enables the magic to happen for you. Of course then you must be willing to receive what you have set in motion!

Freedom entails feeling unconstrained with limits from others and from your environment. Freedom is also your total acceptance of yourself and the allowance you give yourself to be whatever self you wish. This could be reinventing your personality, your career, and it can also be reinventing your whole life to include the freedom and joy of that freedom being you.

Freedom requires responsibility. To a child or adolescent, freedom means unbridled energy to do whatever you want to do without any concerns about others. This approach is immature and doesn’t work for adults. You can choose to be and do what you want, but you need to be totally willing to be responsible for the impact of whatever it is that you do, say, and think on others and your world.

When you expand your box beyond your current state of limitations, or when you step into your Greater Self or optimal Future Self, you will experience a state of freedom. When you let go of your anger and rage, pain, shame, fear and terror, paranoia, guilt, and worry, you will feel freedom. It is an outrageously wonderful feeling. Your emotions are at peace and it’s easy to feel joy and happiness.

This is usually the hardest one of the four to feel strong with, sine you have been trained from the get-go to fear things and worry about them. Some of you are sensitive, and the turbulence you encountered in your childhood could have been overwhelming. You might have had to learn vigilance; i.e. to pay close attention to your environment, then listen for and watch for danger. All this “data” from your environment comes through your nervous system to your awareness.

Having this continual focus on your environment and being displaced from your center can keep your fight or flight stress up high. Your nervous system (and over time, your whole body) gets worn down by the cortisol or adrenaline stimulating your system and keeping you vigilant. If you have this going on as a child, you’ll grow up feeling that you have to defend yourself, compete, or somehow struggle to survive in a scary world.

In adolescence, your peer group can include you or exclude you. If you aren’t sophisticated enough, you can be easily embarrassed. More than that, you could be humiliated. But feeling shame is the very ultimate worst. The fear of being shamed, ridiculed, and ousted from your peer group/community is huge. By losing your belonging, a basic need, is one of every person’s greatest fears.

Once you are an adult, then you have to learn to navigate the adult world of competition, seeking a mate, building a career, starting a family, and balancing your checkbook. If you fail at these tasks, you become a loser, low down on the totem pole, and you can struggle to make ends meet or find opportunities. So much attention can be paid to survival that you may not have enough time and energy to devote to your creative energy so that you can enjoy your freedom, love, and empowerment.

Many of us live under the threat of the fear of loss. No matter how much money a lot of rich people have, they fear it could be taken away at a moment’s notice. So they hang onto it and obsessively and aggressively push to get more. This may never end and you can have a billionaire still cheating his employees or making fake deals to grab more money. In the business world, competition and individuality rule the day. While most of us somehow tune this all out and live as if someday everything will work out, we are still held captive by the stress that continues to wear down our bodies and minds.

Another fear of loss is that of your family members. Parents fear that their children will get hurt or die, and the children fear that the parents will not be there for them. People fear that their significant other will suddenly get shot or drop dead. For many people, this amplifies the fight or flight mechanism and they can be continuously stressed and worried about surviving in a cruel and scary world.

Marketers take advantage of peoples’ fear of losing out, or fear of loss. There are so many scams out in the world that kind, gentle souls appear to be suckers. Since scam artists and thieves abound, you can worry. Is your money safe? Are you? So the collective/cultural message is that you have to be sophisticated, be able to identify a scam, and stay tough. This of course, continues the stress.

The Collective Belief
I emphasize that most people believe it’s a scary world. This is what I call a Collective Belief, a survival of the fittest, an “eat or be eaten” kind of reality. It doesn’t help that the local and often national news broadcasts trot out scary stories of people getting run over while crossing the street, people getting murdered, accidents and tragedies, war and mayhem, on and on. The old adage for local news is “if it bleeds, it leads.”

When I watch local news, the reporter will interview the grieving family and you’ll see a lot of people having a candlelight vigil for the victim. Everyone is grieving and miserable. This image is a strong imprint in your subconscious and unconscious minds. It’s in the unconscious mind that the collective beliefs are held, and our humankind worldwide sees reality as scary and unsafe. Any moment, something terrible could happen.

Even if you had a pleasant childhood, there is always the collective idea of fear and danger. After all, you will die, and everyone you know will die too. And the kicker is that you simply don’t know when it’ll happen. It’s like you live in a suspense that grows and grows the older you get and the closer to keeling over you are. So you try to ignore death and aging (another strong Collective Belief) the best you can. But the clock is ticking!

The overwhelm of a stressful world does not feel safe, especially for highly sensitive people. This is also true for non-religious spiritual people. Fundamentalist religions do not like people outside their system of thought, and many millions of people have been persecuted and killed down through the ages for their spiritual beliefs or philosophies of life – even threatening theories of science. So it’s scary to feel and be something or someone different from your peers. This increases the likelihood that you will feel safe and need to hide yourself the best you can.

It’s best if you can learn how to get along with people and belong while still being yourself. Most people choose to stay out of the limelight and remain in the shadows. If you felt awkward and nervous growing up, you probably had to learn how to intuit when it was safe to speak or do anything. Some people had mothers or fathers who were hard to please, and so they learned how to “read” their parents. This way, they could manage to stay out of the line of fire, or determine when the parents were in a good enough mood to ask for something. This is what I call “dancing around” others, and it tends to put the person doing it into a victim place.

The dancer is at the mercy of the environment. It’s hard to feel safe if your environment is dangerous. Compound that with the environmental toxins and poisons filling the air, and you’ve got a lot of victimhood – a whole culture can be victimized. This is not safety. You need your love, power, and freedom. You need to find your safety and you need to step forward into trust.

Getting to Safety
Well, to get to safety and trust, you have to look at your past and see how you have survived to the present day. Start seeing it from the viewpoint of the Greater Self, the one who knows that you are being supported and taken care of so that you can survive up to now. Have you had any close calls? Have you survived a dreadful disease? A difficult accident? A loss of a dear one? Somehow, through it all, you have emerged to be here now. This, you can remind yourself, is a gift. Your life is a gift, every day is a gift, and you are the beneficiary.

When I was little, I was overwhelmed by the loud, strong, active lifestyles of my mother and my grandmother who we lived with. All day, they ran the household, talked, gossiped, and fretted about things. It was incessant. There was no quiet in the house for me, so I hid behind a big heavy door that was usually kept open. I could squeeze in between the door and the wall in the dark triangular space. It was the only spot where I could hide. If they didn’t see me, they wouldn’t insist on me doing thing after thing. I would sit there quietly and suck my thumb. Of course, they got wise to this strategy and when they hadn’t seen me for a while, they’d come and look behind the door and yes, there I’d be. Where did you hide when you were a kid? Generally, most kids had a favorite spot to get away to. Was there any place that was peaceful, safe, and quiet for you? Let yourself remember this place now, as an adult.

If you can, find a place now in your life that represents safety for you. If you can’t do it physically, then go into meditation every day for a short while and imagine a safe place just right and very beautiful for you. Go there and savor the energy, feelings, experience of safety. The more you can imagine it, the better you will feel.

Trust follows Safety
Based on safety is Trust. This is trust that the Divine Plan is in operation and working for you. You see, your Higher Self and your Divine Team want you to fulfill your journey into physicality and return to them. After all, when you chose to become physical and descend into the lower dimensions, you promised to return. And you are now on that return part of the journey. This is what the Divine Plan is about. Your guides, guardian angel, Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, and other Unseen Friends are with you, working with you and for you.

However, when life is challenging, you can forget that everything is here for you. Every detail is precisely created just for you, and every circumstance has the opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and claim more of your Divine Nature. If you can remember that “All is going according to your Divine Plan,” even if it certainly doesn’t look like it at the moment, you can stay plugged into your Home Path, Dream Future Life Track, and Ascension. On top of that, if you can remember or remind yourself that the objective of your Divine Plan is to bring you back Home to God/Goddess/All That Is, you will know that all will turn out well. Rest assured that you will not die before your Personal Mission is complete or you are satisfied with what you have discovered about yourself.

The Three Channels of Your Divine Expression

There are three actions or channels of expression that you as a divine being are motivated to do. It’s natural to you, and it’s natural to the divine essence of who you truly are. When you live your life being the Divine One you truly are and expressing yourself through these three channels, your reality provides you with magic and miracles. You can manifest at any level you choose. You can have it all – love, money, health, ecstasy, you name it! It’s natural for you.

Channel One; The “Love-Touch-Heal” Channel
This divine action is about connecting with others, with life, and the sense of Oneness of all things. We call it the “Love Touch Heal” channel, and when you focus here, you are loving others, touching and moving others with your compassion, and healing or uplifting yours and others’ vibrations above low-vibration issues. Expressing through this channel gives meaning and joy to your life, happiness, and fulfillment. You lift others and they lift you. You give and you receive. You support and are supported. Energy flows back and forth between you and your world and you celebrate life and love. You belong. You are happy and fulfilled. You experience joy every day!

You see, it is natural to desire to love, touch, and heal others and you don’t have to work at it. You do this by your very presence, letting your vibrations hold a high energy field of resonance, a light resonance. As you radiate your light, and share your radiance with others, just by being, or if you wish, by intentional action, you also allow yourself in that connection/linkage to receive love in whatever form you wish. You allow yourself to be touched, to be changed, by others. And you open yourself to be healed by others as well.

Now when we talk about healing we’re not necessarily suggesting that you are curing physical maladies.  You can have imbalances and difficulties in your love life, emotions, psychic perceptions, financial life, creativity, and more. We’re talking about lifting, through love, any kind of resistance or limitation, any kind of blockage or issue. Resistances “stick you,” lower your resonance, and restrain your flow. When your flow is blocked in your body, you will experience tension, pain, or illness.

So to express your love/touch/heal channel, you start with yourself, to love yourself . This is not ego-love, that you that compares you with others or competes with others. Then you allow yourself to heal that which limits you. Connect with the divine within you, open to the love from you and from the Divine to you. See that Greater You, the Divine You, and give him or her your unworthiness, shame, rage and anger, controlling and manipulating patterns, and anything else that keeps your heart covered, your spirit crushed, and your soul hidden away in hurt.

Release Habits
You can also choose to release your old bad habits as you step out of them. Some of these bad habits are mental habits, such as judging and blaming others, and “othering” others. Judging can be the worst, because when you judge others, you are also limiting your life, your capacity, your power, and your whole reality! This creates separation and stress on both your part and whoever it is you are judging.

Other bad mental-emotional habits can include blaming, being righteous (“I’m always right!”), martyrhood (“I’m angry that others aren’t liking me or giving to me, while I carry too many of their burdens for them” etc.), a tendency to avoid responsibility or anything stressful (which keeps you from being your truer self), Self-Pity and victim consciousness (being unable to do anything without tip-toeing around others hoping they won’t attack you), and finally, clinging to the past for fear if you move ahead, you’ll lose everything positive that you have worked for (people you love such as family and friends).

Face the Ego Challenge
Your Ego is probably the most difficult barrier in getting to the Love-Touch-Heal experience. Your ego is your inner mental voice that soothes you when you are down by telling you how right you are, how important you are, how okay you are (even when you are not), and insists that you do whatever it takes to get consistency and certainty in your life.

You can put together a fašade in which you are always strong, okay, powerful, and right, with no weaknesses and vulnerabilities. No one is really fooled for long, since this is “classic ego.” However, the ego is also sneaky and can tell you that you are the worst, or the most inept, the weakest person around, undeserving of love and you should just go ahead and die now! So it’s important in your spiritual journey to identify this ego voice in your thoughts and don’t get wrapped up in them as if they are true. The ego is a liar.

When you do this releasing by choice, you find yourself not only able to love yourself more, but also much more loving and understanding of others too. Keep radiating your light, with love and compassion, out into the world. You will find magical connections with other beautiful beings and your world. You can move healing energy to others. You don’t have to learn how to be an energy healer to do this.

Actions to Take
Now in order to activate, experience, and develop the Love/Touch/Heal channel of your natural divine expression, there are two things you must learn to do. One, is to stop what keeps love and healing away from you and also keeps you unable to receive, no matter how much you give. If you make yourself sick by eating gluten, then you have to stop eating the gluten and do a detox. In the case with the Love/Touch/Heal channel, you make yourself miserable by indulging (yes, it’s your choice) in judgment and shame. So these two dark energies must be cleared out, detoxed from your lifestyle and everyday actions.

Two, you must actively seek to learn how to love yourself and others, and develop your compassionate and generous nature deliberately if it doesn’t appear to come naturally. It is actually natural to be easy going, kind, loving, caring, respectful, and sharing, even though in a chauvinistic world, these are seen as ideal feminine characteristics. But in the way you define these terms in your daily life, men as well as women can do them and be strong, powerful, and successful too.

If you do not know how to work with your darker emotional states to clear them, then I suggest you find a good spiritual coach to help you through the darkness into the light. If you find someone who keeps taking you to the light and avoiding the depth of your emotions, you have not found the correct person.

You need to feel all those painful emotions in depth so that they will have been heard. Only then, will you be able to detach from them and step into your freeing and light emotions. The extent you are willing to go deep and real with the toxic dark stuff is the same extent you will be able to experience the positive light emotions. If you want ecstasy, you have to deal first with your shame.

And you need to remember to deliberately and consciously develop your loving ability and to radiate it out into the world. You can’t inhale unless you exhale and vice versa. It’s the same here. You need to inhale the love from the Divine and exhale the love from your heart into your world. You can do this standing on the top of a mountain in your imagination. Feel it, flow it.

What this will do is bring more positive and loving people onto your life path, and it will also protect you from negativity. It’s always a win-win to Love-Touch-Heal!

Channel Two; Creating and Manifesting, with Passion
The second channel of the divine within you is about creating your life, your Dreams and Visions. It’s a dynamic, passionate flow of energy through you that naturally urges you to create something uniquely yours as an expression of you. Including in this is the fascination with mystery, imagination, and possibility. It is natural for you to have a “fire in the belly” about something in your life. You naturally create your future in your mind using your imagination. There are those things that you desire, and you choose ways to physically activate your energy, aiming to put those desires into manifestation.

You have a desire for a better life, no matter how good you have it. This is natural. You imagine, create that reality in your mind, you plan things, and move forward on your Dream Track. This is reality creation, and being a God Being, you are very good at it.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, you are. Look at the life you have created so far. Whether you perceive that as good or bad doesn’t matter. It’s your creation and you did an amazing job of manifesting it! Yes, if you use either dark or light judgments to evaluate yourself by what you have created so far, you won’t be able to create at a higher level. You can only create to the level of the judgment, and you can only sustain what you have created or manifested at the level of the judgment. So throw out the judgment and allow yourself to be free to create, to be free to be you. Remember the pinions!

The Problem Solving Dilemma
There is nothing harder to do than to create and manifest a great reality while focusing on problem solving and issue clearances. You can choose the path either of the problem solver, which requires lots of diagnostic judgments of the supposed obstacle, or you can be a creator of your reality, finding ways to live freely in your divine passion and flow. Of course, there is a little overlap, but since most people have been trained to be problem solvers, you have to watch to make sure you aren’t overdoing the focusing on problems.

The way you know if you’ve overdone it, is that you have loads of little problems all crowding in and overloading you. Or your stubborn problem will simply NOT give! And when you feel you don’t have the answers, you can get very discouraged and see yourself as a smaller being. You didn’t choose to come into physicality to solve problems but to create a life of joy, fun, and living consciously as the divine you.

Imagine! Then flow your passion, your creativity and enjoy yourself, and you’ll know how to handle your gifts as they emerge. Feel the pleasure and fullness of what you have learned and done. It is all part of the great experiment called life, the life that you are creating moment by moment, thought by thought.

Now sex, a really, really good sexual experience or orgasm is a dance of creation as well. It’s a blending of the masculine and the feminine. And even in a gay or lesbian relationship there will be this masculine and feminine element that will, like DNA, spiral and loop together. Creative force can be seen in the Ida and Pingala spirals of the Kundalini weaving together around the spine. They create the channel for the energy flow of the Sukhmana, or divine force that flows upward through the center straight to the Divine.
All of your manifestations will come out of these actions of creativity, pleasure, and fire of passion, whether physical or spiritual. And here’s in essence, where you crystallize the form of what it is you wish to manifest.  When your resonance is high, your manifestations will also be high.
See your reality as your playground, put together just for you. Feel the love that the Divine has for you, and like a small child venturing forth from mother’s nurturing embrace to explore the environment, claim this world for you.

Channel Three: The Divine Awareness (Learning) Channel
The third natural expression of who you are is to learn, to grow, to expand your self awareness and your perspective. Eventually, you will come to realize your Divinity, to know who you truly are as the divine reality creator. By your nature, you are That – the Divine in action. Even God, Goddess, All That Is, at the very greatest and highest level, is still expressing Itself through the three channels, loving, touching, healing, creating with passion and ecstasy, and learning, growing and expanding all the time.
You have heard about the Big Bang Theory for the universe, right? It says that the universe just came out of nothing in the Big Bang, and that it is still expanding. Well, yes, that’s just in the nature of it all. It’s the Divine’s nature to expand, to create new worlds, and to keep expanding and becoming more. (Note; it may not have been a Big Bang. Imagine a River of Love, Light, and Sound constantly pouring through a Portal into the Balloon of your Universe that continues to ge bigger and bigger. That may be more like what’s really happening!)
 Now science hasn’t figured out to connect to the love, touch, heal part yet, as it doesn’t have the measuring instruments for all of that. But science and scientists are getting closer, as they have embraced quantum theory, string theory, and some are becoming great metaphysicians in the process!
The most advanced scientists are talking about multiple universes. They are beginning to see that physics ultimately must become metaphysics. They are looking at the science of consciousness. They are getting close to recognizing that the music of the spheres and the energies of the universe are actually a harmony of love, of divine song or resonance, and of beauty that can love, touch and heal. And an amazing reflection of themselves as creators, and divine beings themselves.
Science has generally left Love/Touch/Heal up to religion, and Creating with Passion up to artists. But religion is not expanding, as it has become snared in judgments. The founders of religions, the realized beings, didn’t encourage their followers to make negative judgments on anyone, and suggested that people be good and do good. So often, even the best sects will focus on doing good and not awaken to the Divine within. That is often because those who find the Divine within themselves no longer follow the accepted dogma of a religion, and free beings bring too much chaos to the highly structured hierarchy of religion and the control of the followers’ resources (tithes).
When you discover who you truly are, you will also discover the greater expanse of the Universe, jumping beyond the assumptions of science, religion, and social philosophies. When you are on your road Home, you will eventually leave this Universe. Until you are there, learning, growing and expanding is what you like to do. Learn from everything at every level. It’s all reflecting you and giving you feedback for your choices.

Discovering Who You Are; the Learning Process
This is the essence of this channel. All the learning you are doing is discovering that you are Divine in your very nature. If you can remember that, then the learning won’t be so painful or frustrating.

The Collective Belief  is that learning is a painful and hard process – no pain, no gain. It is only when you see yourself as not good enough, inadequate, or when you shame and judge yourself that learning becomes hard. Or when you insist on trying to control your reality and make it consistent (safe) for you. This happens when you cannot trust that you will okay even through times of chaos.

The antidote for suffering through learning is to understand where you are going. You are aligning yourself to a glorious, beautiful, fulfilling future, one in which you are the person you want to be, the Greater Self that is expressing your Divine Nature through every aspect of your life. This channel is best served by expanding your Self Image and claiming your Divinity.

To get a heads up on what to look for and do in order to grow and expand in the most optimal way, hear the soundfile teleseminar “The Greater Self Process.” It’s a very concentrated teleseminar, as it was intended to be seven sessions but is jammed into one. So it’s a complex outline available for you. Once you listen, you may see that you don’t have details or techniques to integrate the various steps. In that case, you let them guide your intention and direction. In other words, you use your imagination to see what each step could possibly look like in your life, once integrated and natural to you. Then choose that. Just choose to be that, go there, and experience that level you are imagining.

When you are doing your meditations, check in frequently with your Greater Self’s image and re-choose it. Sooner or later, you will find yourself moving forward in alignment to it and your reality offering you the information you need to get to that level. Your Future will begin to PULL you forward! This makes learning way more easy.

And another tip on learning. Read my article “The Test.” It’s all about understanding how the Universe has your back. Also, it shares how you can interpret everything that is coming into your life as positive, even when it initially appears as negative.

So don’t beat yourself up over mistakes, failures, and stupid things you’ve said or done. Learn how to step into your Greater Self and forgive that Lesser you that made the mistakes. Take responsibility for making positive changes and move on. Remember not to take yourself very seriously, or you’ll give yourself a lot of aggravation, guilt, and drama over everything you don’t do perfectly. There is no such thing as failure.

Instead, focus on loving yourself. Lighten up, and put your attention into your three channels of divine expression. Love, touch, and heal yourself. Reactivate the passion and step back into your energy flow. Expand your self image and see yourself as the divine being you are, having a physical plane experience in a body. And have a lot of fun. Yes, fun. Divine Play. Enjoy creating. Enjoy dreaming, envisioning, and imagining. Remember, life is all an experiment in the illusion of materiality.

And don’t push and drive yourself to succeed at your spirituality.  Heavy discipline will not work for you, but only make the road more unpleasant. Be gentle with yourself. You have spent a lot of time (an illusion) fascinated with the limitations of darkness. Now, you are moving into a New World, a new playground for you. You may not be used to the light!

On occasion, pause. Take time off of your practices, of your seeking. What you seek is You. Go within. Center. Ground. Love yourself. Evaluate what you have experienced with a lot of love and compassion for yourself and everyone one else involved. That enables you to learn from what you’ve done so far. Watch. Be aware. Once you have your perspective, then initiate another cycle of creating, dreaming, and imagining. When you do that you’re learning and growing. You are expanding into the awareness of Who You Are, the Divine One.


This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA