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The Reality Zone

Staying in the Channel of Manifesting and Receiving
with Ease and Magic

In order to move into a momentum of success, you want to get into the Flow. This Flow is the movement of your reality, where you move forward towards what you want and your Universe sends you circumstances and feedback to help you as the Light Being you are learn what to do and how to do it. Everyone has a Flow, but most people have a jerky Flow or a Flow that stops and starts over and over again. Needless to say, this is no way to experience a momentum of success if you have to keep handling snap backs, self-sabotages, and difficulties staying motivated.

What you are wanting in your life is the ease and elegance that happens when you and your reality are aligned in Harmony and Flow. You are always in your own tempo, flow, and style of movement. It’s as if you are moving through a channel or along a track like a train where things manifest in your life. If your Flow is jerky or stop and start, your desired manifestations will also be hit or miss. You’ll hit resistances and drag that knocks you out of the flow, or into a “stall out” or even full stop.

These resistances that trigger your stops and slow downs and keep you from manifesting the life you want, come from within. However, you see the manifestations of these inner blockages and resistances “out there” in your physical reality.  Where you see your manifestations, good or bad, is in the Zone of Realization, or what I like to call the Reality Zone.  When you can stay in the Flow in your Reality Zone, you will experience a momentum.  Since you are always in your Reality Zone, you can experience a block to your Flow as falling out of the Zone. So I want to share how to get “into the Zone” – your positive Flow Zone, rather than the jerky and potentially difficult regular daily zone, with its struggle and additional effort.

You see, when you are in the Flow Zone, you experience ease and a sense of positive forward movement without resistances. Things here fall into place like ducks in a row. This Zone is where you can experience the magic and total flow of natural abundance that is your spiritual birthright. This is where you were meant to be, 24/7!

A well-functioning Reality Zone is natural to you as a human being. However, if you have issues around love, money, self-expression, receiving, self-image and identity, and have a tough inner Slave Driver pushing you all the time (see Your Inner Sabateurs article for more info on this), you will fall out of the Flow, outside your desired Reality Zone. Since most people have one or more issues going on that seem to be intractable or unsolvable, they can spend much of their lives outside their Reality Zones.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can, by awareness and choice, move yourself into your positive Reality Zone and see the phenomenal difference in your life immediately. You don’t have to be perfect, with absolutely all issues taken care of, in order to experience grand success! And it can be relatively easy to receive the phenomenal abundance and prosperity that is your divine gift.

You can get into the Flow Zone through using your imagination, enjoying the feeling of the Divine Flow and Harmony. But in order to stay there, you must identify what you are doing that is not in the zone, and stop it by choice. There are two ways to fall out of the Reality Zone. On one side, you will have a reality that isn’t real enough, is too weak, and lacks action. On the other side, you will have a reality that is way too significant, too real and heavy. Either way, your Flow isn’t working for you. I call these two sides, the Dissociation Side and the “Big Deal” Side.

The Dissociation Side

When your flow is too weak, it’s because you’ve separated yourself mentally and emotionally from your reality, from the stream where abundance comes to you. We call this Dissociation. When you dissociate, you are afraid to take action and prefer to hide from the world stage. You have fantasies of success, safety/security, and happiness where all your problems have been solved. This is a pleasant one-dimensional fantasy world that can enable you to temporarily escape from the onerous and possibly overwhelming duties and obligations of your daily life. But the Path of Dissociation brings no change, and you may instead end up depressed and feeling stuck. You may often feel tired.  You just don’t have enough energy to be “in the Zone.”

Most people who are on a spiritual path fall out of their Reality Zones into the Dissociation side. It’s a favorite of women who are often considered ditsy or spacey. And it’s a favorite of men who fear the ridicule and humiliation of getting out there in the world to make a lot of money and then failing.  Do either of these sound familiar? It’s easy to get into thinking that if you just meditate enough, do enough processing, build great dream boards, and send everyone love, that success should knock at your door any moment! Hopefully, you’ll at least feel better for a while, but remember; this is all based on a fantasy about how the world works and what you need to do to survive in it.

This can bring in two issues that will keep you dissociated and out of the Flow stream of success and happiness. One, you can become too passive and too hesitant to take action. You wait for the right time, but end up indefinitely “on hold.” There aren’t enough established pathways through which the people you want in your life can actually find you. You can feel wonderfully high and enlightened, but still nothing much is happening on the physical plane. Often, your energy field is pretty, but quiet. A really thriving energy field is usually moving, colorful, and expanding.

Secondly, if you are sensitive, creative, and intelligent, you can fall into analyzing things too much in order to understand them. Over time, you can become cynical. Nothing seems to make sense or make the difference you want and it’s still not safe to go “out there.” So you make judgments about the world and all those stupid unconscious people, and how much negativity is out there. These judgments keep you separate from the flow, the love, the light, and the manifestations of abundance that come to you from all those stupid people “out there.”

The Big Deal Side

The other way to fall out of the Reality Zone is to over-charge the significance of your desires and your emotional states. This too, has a fantasy component. You get all the self-improvement encouragement to go out there and be a champion, even if that doesn’t feel all that natural to you, and worse, even if you don’t want to do it that workaholic way!

Now you who do choose to get out the door and do engage yourselves with the world to do the work are brave people, and that’s laudable. But when your push yourself to do all of these ambitious things, with the fantasy that you can earn great success, love, and manifest great things because someone you admire has done it, it’s easy to make whatever you want more important, weighty, and meaningful than it is. Stuff is just stuff. The more important you make your manifestations and your goals, the harder it is to stay on track to them.  

For example, you may feel that having money will bring you freedom, power, or permission to be who you really are. Very commonly, people pine for love so that it can bring them security or peace. Once you have that peace and love, you figure, you can move ahead in all aspects of your life. If you don’t get the money or the love, then you will feel hurt and anger - heavy emotions that you take to mean that there’s something wrong with you. Or maybe you simply didn’t try hard enough. Or even this one; the Universe is punishing you because of your karma! In all these ways, you end up feeling that whatever you do is not enough. You then, are not good enough. And the goal is elusive and still way too significant and important.

These behaviors and assumptions create emotional stress and drama. You end up judging yourself and others too much. Here you can be obsessed with the material forms that manifestation take, rather than the energetic essence of them and the state of being you expect to be in when your desire is granted. You think what you need inside is only available once you get something out there in the physical-material realm. Thus for example, you struggle to get money, but lack the mind-set to receive it.

The pressure is on. Your Inner Slave Driver, the one who motivates you negatively – i.e. through guilt and fear, is on your back, cracking the whip. You need to get something going big and fast now! You think you must put out great effort and score some significant connections with celebrities or powerful people and the like. You’re driving yourself to hurry up and be successful, and one danger is that you sacrifice other parts of your life to become a workaholic.

If it’s a relationship you want, you sign up on all the dating sites, go to bars, and do a lot of stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily do to find someone fast and get away from impending loneliness you think of as devastating and sad. In both of these cases, you could fear that you cannot lose your focus or pause, even for a moment. You worry that if you did, you’d drop the ball and let bad realities “catch up” with you. You have to stay ahead!

If you look for value, validation, and happiness to come to you from your manifestations, then the manifestations will be way too tough to pull off. You will try hard to score the “Big Deal,” or you will rush, thinking that if you hurry fast enough, you can manifest a success before you collapse! You may even feel that if people look too closely at you, they will see your inadequacy, your weaknesses, your flaws, and realize that you are a sham. That would be disaster! You’d fail and be rejected, excluded, and ostracized. People would laugh at you, or feel sorry for you. Yikes!

You can imagine how hard it is to have a great relationship if you can’t allow yourself to get intimate, because if you were rejected, you would be way too crushed! Or you can’t allow yourself to find trustworthy business partners, because if you actually scored the Big Deal, you would be overloaded with the pressure to succeed even more! This is Fear of Failure, or the same thing seen differently, Fear of Success.

The issues that come with the Big Deal approach can be taking things way too personally and getting overstressed by others’ little mistreatments of you, or the slowdown of a project. You can get over anxious when things aren’t working right and then get angry and react knee-jerk-like, sabotaging things. This snaps you back into the limited place where you started. If you have a history of your deals falling apart, or your plans sabotaged just as things were going right, you were probably falling off into the Big Deal side.

So, neither Dissociativity or “Big Dealitis” is the way to get into the Flow. If you spend too much time outside the Reality Zone, you will despair of ever getting there, which will keep you stuck.  And you may not stay exclusively on one side, but flop back and forth from one side to the other. This is very tiring and you will get exhausted with all the drama that accompanies this. This can discourage you from moving forward, because you may see it as being so tiring and stressful.

You need a way to get yourself back into positive alignment with the Divine Flow that brings you abundance, love, and prosperity. You need to know why you aren’t in the zone, where the zone is, how to get back easily into the Zone, and how to stay in it long term and build momentum. So here are suggestions on what you can do to pull yourself into that Flow with the least amount of resistance and the maximum amount of self-value and self-love.

Getting Back into the Zone

Know the Zone

Begin with your imagination. What is it you want to experience in the Zone? Imagine it and step into that and experience the resonance, the frequency, the feeling of it. This then will be your energetic memory template that will orient you to the Zone itself, i.e. let you know when you are in there. You can start by making a list of all the intangible things you want in your life, i.e. love, freedom, security, passionate enthusiasm, creativity, joy, joy of life, self-esteem, belonging, harmony, beauty, ease, and whatever else you want. Notice that these are all “intangibles.” They are felt but have no physicality. They are states of being. As you choose each word, feel it, sense it, and imagine it. If you can’t imagine it, you won’t experience it and the benefits that go with it.

Select the five best words that describe the state of your success being in the Flow. Feel them one at a time and sense their positive vibration. Then imagine what your life would feel like if you had all five going at once, and going all day long. Imagine your future where you live every day in this wondrous soup of Light Resonance. You may see pictures in your imagination, or maybe you just sense things.

See yourself, between one and two years into the future, living your life with a big smile on your face. Now step into that energy, and imagine yourself present inside that life. In other words, BE your Future Self. What does your body feel like when you hold that beautiful resonance? And then just imagine; where are you living? Don’t project or make anything up. Use the place where you live now, unless you are already planning to move. See yourself just way happier and freer in that space. Imagine yourself getting up in the morning in this space, while you are enjoying your day holding those states of being. You may have to keep going through the five vibrations as you imagine all of this. Eventually, you’ll simply feel the great state of positive resonance any time you think of it.

Now see yourself with all the physical, material things you want. Touch them, hold them, smell, taste and touch them so that they feel more real and present to you. Again, I remind you that you are inside your imagined future, not watching it like a movie. Feel how natural and normal it is to have these things and to feel this good all the time. Claim it for yourself, “yes, this is what my life is naturally like all the time.” Choose with your will to experience this as real in your daily life. Just say, “I choose to experience this every day,” and mean it.

This is imagining your Beingness. It’s the “container” for everything, the baseline, the orientation that guides you. It tells you that you are moving across the boundaries from the Big Deal or Disassociation channels into the Zone.

Okay, you’ve got the energy of the Flow, but this is a static picture you have just imagined. Galexis and I see beautiful auras of people when doing psychic scans, but these auras are going nowhere. If you want to actually move in the Flow, you need to imagine more of the movement part of your future. See yourself actively doing things in this future, engaged with the world, discussing stuff with people, doing creative projects, and having fun with all the things that you love to do. Imagine your Doing.

Know What Throws you Out of the Zone

Now you need to discover how to catch yourself falling out of the Zone, and see which side you are falling into. So spend a couple of days identifying the two sides in your daily life. You will have a favorite side, but you also need to think about your past to see if you can remember falling into the other side too.

For example, I tended to spend time on the space cadet side, detached from the world in my safe little ivory tower. However, I could remember the Big Deal side too. I would fall into that side when I was working on a project I was passionate about. Just as I was about to get successful with it, the rug was pulled out from under me and I crashed. I remembered that this had happened several times. I would start in the Flow but then I’d crash up against this wall or all the energy would drop out.

So once you see how you are when you are out of the Zone, you can see how being outside the Zone impacts your life. Do you have a pattern like mine where you fall into sabotage again and again? Are you able to get up from the floor, dust yourself off and re-enter the Zone? Most people cannot do this, but tend to wallow on the sidelines. When I would fall into one of the side grooves, I would analyze everything over and over, chewing on it as if my mind wanted to digest it thoroughly. I learned how to express and release my anger. That helped, but I also judged myself, and I judged others. Frustrated and discouraged, I would retreat more deeply into my tower and wait for the next idea or opportunity to come along.

What I learned over time outside the Zone was that I was reinforcing my bad habits, patterns, and choices through my mind talk. I would talk to myself as I analyzed things, and I would come to some conclusions why my life was so hard. These would become limiting beliefs, which would hamper my imagination. I would feel despair over even starting a project, expecting that at some point, I would crash.


I would imagine the Zone and slip back in. After a while, I was able to tell by my state of being moving into a stressed emotion. I also noticed that I would fall out of the Zone immediately if I encountered some circumstance and instantly resisted it or strongly reacted to it.

What I was reacting to I call a Trigger. We all have Triggers. A Trigger activates your automatic knee-jerk reaction of resistance, an instinctual response. You may be reacting to a perceived threat of being judged, rejected, losing something, having someone be angry at you, being held responsible and guilty for something you’ve done, getting blocked from what you want, or that someone else is upset because you’re interfering with something they are wanting or doing, and thus they want you to back off. There are more. These I give here are just examples. We encounter these every day.

While these are emotional triggers, and not direct physical threats, they feel quite stressful. When you hit a Trigger and react to it, you will notice a distinct shift in the state of your being. Your adrenalin starts flowing and your fight or flight mechanism has been activated. You are put on “alert,” and you know that immediate action is required on your part. All this takes place in a second! You can even feel threatened. Maybe you think you now have to initiate a verbal attack on another person as a defense/aggression because you feel you are being attacked. If you do this, it’s likely you’ll insist that you are right and argue it

Throughout all of this, your stomach area can move from feeling comfortable and free to feeling tight and twisted in an instant. Your body is telling you that you are in stress. Emotionally, you may feel confused or upset, disturbed. Or you just may feel as if all the colors in your life drained out of you and you are living in a black-and-white reality. Whatever it is, you need to be able to identify this shift into stress.

Without a Trigger, you can still slip and slide away from the Zone. To identify when this happens, you must be aware of your mind talk, beliefs about what’s going to happen in the near future, attitudes about another person, and any feelings of limitation with yourself, such as feeling unworthy or inadequate to your challenges. You will see how both sides of the Zone hold a fantasy belief about reality (“if I’m nice, no one will be upset at me,” or “if I work long hours I will succeed”). You’ll also find a small self-identity (“I don’t know what to do, I’m just a student here”) or a big ego identity (“I can do anything I want, treat everyone how I want, and I can get away with it and succeed”). Both of these are small, limited identities that can sabotage your happiness.

Take Your Power

Just as you learn swimming by being in the water and not on dry land, you have to learn how to respond powerfully no matter what happens. At least you can do one thing up front. You can decide that when you fall out of the Zone, you will stay present, stay in your power and keep your focus – and then deliberately do what you need to do to step back into the Zone. It takes a few times before you will remember that you have decided to do this and you can respond calmly in the moment of a Trigger. So don’t be hard on yourself.

The moment of a Trigger is also what I call the Moment of Power. You have the choice, the option as to what you will pay attention to and respond to. If you don’t have power, you will fall for the same scams over and over, or you’ll apologize, even if you have done nothing wrong. You’ll give the power over the situation you are in to another person or to the circumstance and be a victim. Victim consciousness will never allow you to step back into the Zone! It probably was your normal state of being back during adolescence or even childhood, but it’s not where you need to be now. It is up to you to choose that you are powerful enough to make a responsible, empowered decision about what to do. It’s being an adult, and what’s more, it’s being a spiritual, empowered adult.

After you notice a few times that you have fallen out of the Zone or that you are stuck outside of the Zone, you will start to have a greater presence of mind when it starts happening. Eventually, you’ll recognize the Trigger, because it is probably familiar and recurs fairly often, and your pattern of response is very similar too. Think about your power, and what it feels to be empowered. Then remember a typical response you did to a common Trigger. You’ll notice the vast energetic difference! Then you can be aware and in your power, and you can easily and deliberately put yourself back into the Zone. Remember those five words and their state of being? Bring them in, via your imagination. Now you are able respond differently!

Power and presence is what you need to own for yourself, because it’s easy to get stuck or stalled out in that resistant space in the moment of shift. Again, be present. Listen to your inner mind talk as it yaks about what’s happening. Feel your body’s fear or anger. Stay in your power and claim this reality as YOUR reality, YOUR playing field. Don’t let someone else or circumstances take you away from it.

If you’re an extra smart individual (and smarts can be dangerous here!), you can fall off on both sides at once! Recognize how doing dissociation or getting overloaded with significance is keeping you away from the Abundance. Make a choice that you are ready and willing to be the successful you, the one who receives the natural flow of abundance. See your identity as someone who is living a magical, enchanted life instead of struggling. Remember what I’ve said about the Dream Future. Those five words can ensure that you can tap into the reality of that Dream Future, and thus you will have to presence to respond as the adult you are.  

Further Study

Switch from Negative to Positive States Deliberatly

Obviously, you know when you are not in the Reality Zone. Stuff isn’t working the way you want and you are in some kind of love or money scarcity. Plus, your body feels stressed and possibly tired. So now’s your opportunity to go deeper and become even more successful and empowered! Feel the essence of being in scarcity or some other state you truly dislike being in. It doesn’t feel good, does it? Now imagine what you would feel like if you were able to be in your world, loving your life, and having an abundance of resources, love, opportunities, and adventures.

This imagination is more “active” than the usual dissociation fantasy, isn’t it? What would it feel like being your Divine Self, having a great time, consciously creating, playing, experimenting, receiving, and communing with your world? What would it feel like to belong, feel others’ love, and stay in a happy, positive upbeat state of mind? Choose the positive state and see it as being NATURAL AND NORMAL for you! Imagine! The more you do this, the more you are in charge of your own emotions, beliefs, and mind talk, and thus the more you are successful.

Release and Fire! the Inner Slave Driver

And let go of the Inner Slave Driver. Why are you doing what you do? Why are you aiming for the goals you desire? It’s because you are motivated by the ambition to get there. But what if your ambition has been given to you from others and isn’t your own? What do you REALLY want to do? Release all guilt and fear around doing what YOU want to do, and then reassess if the strategy you are taking to get to a goal (love, money, health) is something in alignment with who you really are as a spiritual being. If you continue to force yourself to be motivated due to necessity (those “hav-to’s”) and putting out fires (crises) all the time, you won’t be in the Zone.

See Your Beauty and Your Spiritual Majesty

Acknowledge your beauty and Divine Self. Look in your mirror and see yourself without judgment. Look into your eyes, the window of your Soul. You are a divine reality creator, a spark of God-consciousness. Imagine and feel that your reality is friendly and supportive, and you are a spiritual being having a physical life experience.

Now step into this identity of you the Big Light Being, and release all your judgments on the world and yourself. Breathe out with a strong exhale. Now take some action, however small, to advance on your dreams (your real ones, not the fake ones given you by others or necessity), and simultaneously stay in your spiritual identity as long as you can.

As you return to the Zone, watch for magical synchronicities happening. Allow yourself to open to receive fearlessly, knowing that you can allow everything to come to you and that which you do not care for, you can let go on by. Feel your power as you do your actions. You’re back in the saddle for now.


Finally, don’t get hard on yourself if you fall out of the Zone. Just laugh, “there I’ve fallen out again!” And get back in. How easy is that? No beating yourself up required! Maybe give yourself some self-forgiveness if you think you really flubbed up big-time, but don’t dwell on your mistakes. Keep up your humor. After a while, this shifting will become automatic and you will find yourself more and more in the Reality Zone where all wonderful things keep coming. Remember, you are in your power and you can always take a pause for a breather. You can call upon your Divine Flow any time to work for you, if you know how.


This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA