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From Dark to Light
Healing the Archetypal Masculine and Feminine Templates

Archetypal, energetic structures and reality paradigms are expanding, lightening, lifting, and evolving into new forms as we move into the New World. Perhaps for most of us personally, if not all of us, the hardest and most stubborn cultural templates to shift, heal, and expand are those associated with what it means as a human to be a man or a woman.

Now all of us have both masculine and feminine energies within us, and each of us has a unique balance between the two. However, those of us who are male are strongly programmed to act like a man, i.e. to fulfill the optimal masculine behavior as determined by our culture. And those of us who are female are likewise programmed to act and be in ways that females should optimally do in our culture.

We have not given much thought or consideration about this programming until very recently in human history. It has been assumed that our programming was basically instinctual, i.e. how nature made us. Even old religious texts exhort people to adhere to the program. But humans do not live according to instinct as animals do, and our traditional male-dominating patriarchy was an adaptation to survival of the collective that comes from the Bronze Age. You see, survival required rules of extreme conformity in the face of danger. Without it, we would’ve been extremely vulnerable to predators then.

While we are without the advantages of instinct, we have a powerful advantage in that we are conscious, self-aware, and have a brain-mind in which we can choose how to be and what to do. This is our evolutionary gift from the Divine, and we are in a Free Will reality.

However, the personal conformity to social norms required by religion and cultural tradition for social approval (emotional survival and belonging), are still being promulgated by leaders of societies and religions. They know that they have adherents and followers willing to support them if they can control behavior and achieve peace through conformity, while assuring their followers that they will survive the current “predators.”

But evolution is happening nevertheless, and at a faster pace than ever before. This is pushing us to expand our perception of who we are and what we can do and be. We are stepping up to imagine and dream a new way, culturally, socially, and personally. This is the time to create and co-create new and better realities for ourselves and our world. And this is our Time to activate the gift of our conscious choice!

In order to do that, we must bust out of the limiting Bronze-age box of gender and social conformity to radiate our light and be who we came to be. And many of us chose to be incarnated at this time in order to bring about the Great Shift, or Consciousness Evolution that enables us to live a greater life than the mundane, achievement-focused, shallow one in 3D.

We all have been trained according to our gender in a traditional-based  program, with all its limiting contexts and descriptions of what a man is supposed to do and what a woman is supposed to be. I call this education given us by our parents and culture the “Man Code” and the “Good Girl Training.” These limitations and ancient guidelines are assumed to be natural and normal, and are embedded in our Unconscious or Collective Mind. They suggest what masculine and feminine energies are supposed to be. I call the body of collective beliefs/attitudes about the masculine and feminine energies, determining men’s and women’s behaviors The Masculine and The Feminine.

But this is not nature, it’s training. Unless you are aware of these limitations, you will follow the patriarchal code of behavior automatically. As consciousness increases and we evolve more deeply into the Aquarian Age and into the New World or New Age now, we must identify these limitations and step away from them. The limited, twisted, and restrictive Masculine and Feminine I call the Dark Masculine and Feminine. And the expanded, evolutionary, freeing Masculine and Feminine I call the Light Masculine and Feminine.

We must wake up to these programs and see how they operate within our mind and also in our outer world of work, politics, philosophy, medicine, and other institutional setups (as institutions require conformity!). The Man Code puts tremendous pressure on men to achieve, to dominate, to compete his way up the hierarchy of men to a position of power over others. While a small percentage of men take naturally to this, the majority of men do not. It’s time for men to evolve beyond the limitations of the Man Code training and free themselves into their own personal Light Masculine.

The Dark Feminine, or the Good Girl Training is actually a subset of the Dark Masculine. It’s the code women are taught in order to fit within the parameters of the patriarchy and the daily Man Code program. It tells women that they are inferior to men and must defer control to men. They are also taught that their value comes from the hierarchical level of their man, and the support they give men and children.

These trainings, and the established archetypal Masculine and Feminine are Dark, extremely limiting, and sad, because they demand that we be people that we are not. Our motivations, desires, and purpose of life have been coopted by our culture.

Our greatest work in becoming aware of who we truly are; divine beings having a physical body experience. And we need to dismantle both the limiting Masculine that I call the Dark Masculine, and the limiting Feminine that I call the Dark Feminine. By healing the Dark Sides of the Masculine and Feminine, and deliberately moving into the Light versions of them that we and the new collective now forming create, we enter our New Life and the New World, the New Age, or the Golden Age.

This is the Aquarian Age, a time of uniqueness within the Oneness, a time of harmony and balance between both Masculine and Feminine, a time of Unity, and the awareness that we are all kin, we humans, the plants, animals, and even rocks, wind, - i.e. Soul Family. And thus it’s a time of people of all genders/persuasions to allow everyone to be free, valuable, and included. Together, we will create the New Collective built up from the Light Masculine and Light Feminine.

I am here to help you awaken to the limitations posed by the Dark Masculine and Feminine, heal and release them, by experiencing their resonance – i.e. the body of vibrations integrated into the archetypal whole. When you can feel the resonance of them, you can then shift your inner perception of yourself and change into a more positive and light version of yourself (i.e. your behavior, beliefs, and intentions).

You can then integrate this change, as you deliberately and consciously bring the Light Masculine and Feminine within yourself. When you step into this enlightened and expanded state, you are in your Greater Self. When you maintain and expand the resonance and radiance of you, the vibrational grand frequency of this Greater You will shift the world around you. You are the remedy for the Change! You came here to do this healing for yourself and all beings.

The Keywords

To this end, I give you some keywords for the essential natures/resonances of both Dark and the corresponding Light sides. I suggest that you begin by reading each one in turn. If you start with the Dark Masculine, sense and feel the energies of each word or phrase as you slowly read them. Let them sink in, feel their impact, and let the vibrational energy of the Dark Masculine “pile up” in your psyche.

By the time you are done, you will have a distinct feeling or “energy read” for the Dark Masculine resonance as a whole, i.e. its essential energy. Pay attention to this energy. Sense it like a big bubble filled with this resonance. Connect with the big bubble and note how the resonance feels in your body. You may feel slightly nauseous, unusually tight or tense in some part of your body, or a sense of hot or cold or numbness? Does your breathing change? Do any emotional reactions surface? Note anything you find. Remember this feeling.

Do the same for the Light Masculine. Notice how your body feels differently when you are finished with the Light Masculine. You may feel more relaxed, freer, or looser in places in your body. Your feelings may be more peaceful. Note anything you find. Remember this feeling too.

Now you will have two distinct feelings or sensings, two bubbles or spaces of resonance that you feel. Go back to the Dark Masculine. Feel the shift back into the contraction and tightness of the Dark. Now deliberately shift your attention back to the new sense you have of the Light Masculine. Feel the freedom and expansion of the Light.

Feel how your body shifts, especially in your breathing, as you move from one to another. And most importantly, notice how you can shift, by choice, from the Dark to the Light in your imagination. This is empowering you, preparing you to choose!

In your daily mundane life, you will come across the expression of the Dark Masculine in people around you, or showing up in your thoughts and feelings, beliefs, or perceptions. Whenever you feel the Dark energy again, pay attention. You are identifying the Dark Masculine or Feminine. This is a power-filled moment, a chance to break free! When you feel the Dark Masculine, make the choice to lift to the Light Masculine.

Do the same with the Dark Feminine too. Unlike the Dark Masculine, the Dark Feminine and even the Light Feminine will be less about what other people do and how societal values are ordered, but more about how you feel inside. Your perception of yourself is critically important in your Spiritual Path. Many great teachers have emphasized that YOU are your Path! So your perception of yourself thus will determine how much of your divine nature you will claim, how much love, light, and beauty you will claim as normal and natural for you.

By identifying the Dark Feminine, and the Light Feminine, you will be able to see where you may be stuck at a limited inner emotional place and lift yourself out of it. You’ll discover how much inner emotional freedom, loving and valuing yourself, can lift you into your Greater Self, your purpose, and your Destiny (should you accept one). You will be able to free yourself consciously through choice of which resonance to hold. You’ll free the individual you are from the collective, the unconsciously accepted cultural programs and templates. And you are becoming a New Life and New World co-creator with the Divine and with the others of your Spiritual Wave.

This technique is amazingly powerful, and you’ll like how it helps you stay conscious and in your Greater Self. Now here are keywords/phrases.

Dark Masculine keywords and phrases;

Hierarchy, authoritarian control, dictatorship, fascism, oligarchy (rule of the very very rich), dominating, bullying, hierarchical, Mafia boss, dogma from the top down, patriarchy, hypocrisy, religious fundamentalism (this is the ONLY way to God – all others are evil), the fear of God (guilt and shame over being and doing), paranoia, enmity vs “others,” tribalism/genetics; my culture, genes, tribe is better than all the others, enemies to fight, control of women (their sexuality/fertility), my way or the highway, survival of the fittest (i.e. relentless competition to stay alive), duality/zero sum game (right or wrong, good or evil, win or lose), scarcity, entitlement/privilege (to get away with anything one does no matter what), extremism of any sort, absolutism/being always right, war, fighting as a way to solve conflict, suppression of dissent, exclusivity (the “in” group that doesn’t let others in), obsession and worship of money/wealth/status, conformity, obedience, slavery, nobility of the warrior/military, warrior image, exploitation, ends justify any means (corruption, lying, cheating, hurting, manipulating to get to a goal), strongman/conqueror, tough and virile with no weakness such as emotions (which are sissy), smart-ass (thinking one is clever when acting like an asshole), hiding the real self behind a strong pretense/ego fašade, excessively self-congratulating and selfish, self-delusional, manipulation through ridicule/belittling/harassment/exclusion/threat of anger/attack/rejection/shaming, selfish and self-serving, numb, better than (personally comparing self to others “below” on the hierarchy or tearing down someone higher in the hierarchy to below one’s level), addict, Goal-oriented (the ends justify the means no matter how horrible),
Saber-rattling, threatening and intimidating others to get one’s way, competition is everything and with everything, money is value (a poor man has little value, but is still more valuable than a woman)

The Light Masculine keywords and phrases;

Egalitarian, equality amongst all, respecting everyone, listening to everyone, valuing everyone, acceptance of everyone (every color, gender identity, financial level and occupation, age, appearance, etc.), win-win solutions, generous and giving, personal freedom to be oneself, negotiation, collaboration, individual uniqueness and empowerment within the group/collective, Oneness of all beings on earth (plants, animals, people, nature, etc.), all beings are of one family/kin, respectful and honoring of Mother Earth, inclusive, independent thinking, diversity, creative thinking, the commons (people living and working together in shared power), willingness to explore new forms of organization, motivation is not for money/profit but for love/creativity/adventure/pursuit of happiness, mutual support between business and the people, sees reality/Universe as friendly and supportive, finding common denominators between people, courage to be real, being real and present, facilitation, humanitarian, human rights – the right to be safe/free, , being open and aware, connected, self-esteem, self-confidence, interest and curiosity, humorous

The Dark Feminine keywords and phrases;

Self-hatred, Self-abandonment, timidity, puts up with anything, takes blame for everything and everyone’s unhappiness , anguish, tries to “fix” the self, victim, overly sensitive to negativity/toxins/stress, feeling unappreciated and also underpaid, giving too much of the self to depletion, sacrificing the self, manipulating from a position of weakness, undeserving, worse than others, guilty, shame of being, feeling flawed, unlovable, self-loathing, suicidal thoughts, carrying burdens that aren’t yours, disgust over your body shape or looks, self-pity, frozen (paralyzing) rage, resentment, helplessness, hopelessness, urge to hurt the self and body, picking at the self, judging the self, feeling stuck, feeling abandoned, loneliness, separated from others you wish to belong with, servile/servant/slave to family, princess ego (feels others should serve you, the sensitive one), always finding something wrong with everything, hesitant, lost, sorrow and regret, confused, disoriented, disturbed, disconnected from life, passive, feels hurt easily, disappointment, powerless, indecisive, always available to others,  insecure, upset, left out and left behind, resignation, submission/submissive, deferring to other’s needs automatically before checking on one’s own needs, putting yourself at the bottom - last on the list, whining and complaining, being picky-picky, waiting and on hold, addictive, unable to express anger without being called evil/bad/bitch, self’s value comes from her man’s achievements, value comes from her childrens’ accomplishments, allows herself to be interrupted and shut up, worth less and paid less for the same work as men.

The Light Feminine keywords and phrases;

Supporting, comforting, joyful service, joy/enjoying, happiness, fulfillment, valued, loved, harmony, aiding, helping hand, cooperation, assisting, self-loving, loving life, providing relief, soothing, caring, filled with beauty, bliss of creativity, connection with the Divine, intuitional guidance, purity, sensuous, grounded in the love of Mother Earth, radiating love, compassion, balance, Music of the Spheres, the dance of life (the movement of light energy), all beings are family (your siblings in harmony and love), kindness, gentleness, flowing, high self-worth, self-respect, self-esteem, self-love, trusting the Divine Plan and the Universe’s support, enthusiastic, joyously passionate, serenity, awe, pleasant, cheerful, exalted emotions, gratitude, affection, personal warmth, appreciation, considerate, generous, euphoria, satisfaction, lifted, pleasure, funny, laughter, easy, fun, delightful, empowered to make good choices for the self, safety, shelter,

More to Experience; Going Deeper

To make the feelings more obvious, you can flesh out the keywords. Here is some examples of the Dark and Light Masculine. Since the Dark Masculine is considered the norm of the land, I have put more attention into describing it so that you can feel how it is not natural and how dark it is.

The Dark Masculine is a hierarchy, ruling and determining things from the top down, and having defined rules of behavior. Dominating, controlling from a position of patriarchal authority (also known as male chauvinism). This is shown easily in a fundamentalist religion, which is patriarchal and insists that one way is the only way. The Dark Masculine insists that everyone believe in the survival of the fittest and promotes this dogma relentlessly. While this is actually, from a metaphysical standpoint, utter nonsense, everyone is thus forced to endlessly compete with others for what are perceived as scarce things available only at the top of the hierarchy; money, love, power, authority, success, security. This system engenders a lot of jealousy and envy and rage at those more competent and ruthless in competing and fighting.

Further, any dogma that promotes the ascension of the very rich is considered the law of the land. Everyone must believe the dogma, and ignore the truth, facts, and any witnesses who do not belong to the in group. Witness this in medical science, where experiment data for a new pharmaceutical is fudged routinely but the pharmaceutical that is now approved by the government (who essentially works for the industry and not for the people) is forced on everyone as the cure or the great hope. Healthy, natural alternatives are disallowed and are made illegal. And no one can call the industry on the harm it does to millions of people!

Politically, this is a dictatorship or an oligarchic rule. It encourages conformity and obedience, and conflicts within the system are eliminated by attack, suppression, and punishment. This is what the Dark Masculine calls peace. Peoples’ choices are dishonored, their lives controlled, and they can’t make a peep about it.

The Dark Masculine is fascinated with war and the military and supports an elite group at the expense of everyone else. This is the only real conspiracy going on. The Dark Masculine tends to create structures that are centralized so that a few can control the many. It creates an exclusive or “in” group with power and excludes “others” (example; immigrants, LBGTQ’s, darker skinned people, uppity women) who don’t fit in the in group due to race, gender, age, financial level, philosophy, etc. The more a group is “othered,” the more easily the in group will commit violence and hurt upon them.

The most important thing is to make profit, i.e. “the ends justify the means,” and the Dark Masculine doesn’t care if others suffer in the process of making said profit. This creates slavery to money. And, if profit can be made by mining and fracking, and poisoning an ecosystem, the earth will be despoiled. There is no honoring the feminine, the Mother Earth.

The Dark Masculine employs linear logic and eschews emotion, although it can foster tremendous negative emotions such as anger, rage, fear, and righteous judgment. All emotions are justified by the ego position of superiority held by the topdogs of the hierarchy. The well-developed ego fašade of a man of the Dark Masculine is that of a strongman, a conqueror. No one ever sees any weaknesses or vulnerability on his part. He hides any insecurities or shame, but lives in fear of ridicule, judgments from others, embarrassments, public humiliation, and rejection. He will tend to be narcissistic, self-serving, dominating, and his way is the only way.

Compare that with the Light Masculine, where there is little hierarchy and everyone is listened to and considered valuable, regardless of their financial net worth. The people come together and find win-win solutions for themselves. This is like a democracy where votes count and people collaborate to reach common ideals such as freedom, personal empowerment, etc. Non-partisanship, using negotiation and collaboration is the norm. It’s about equality, and allows for independent thinking.

The Light Masculine is inclusive. Everyone belongs by virtue of being a human being. The whole brings in more diverse and creative viewpoints and honors them all (provided they are not manipulative, dominating, or threatening, which is the Dark Masculine showing up). This system is decentralized, and as I said before, the people collaborate to create small foci and groups that are free to explore new forms of organization.

Instead of the profit motive, the Light Masculine offers the motivation of love, creativity, adventure and people pursuing what makes them happy, not the slavery to money. Profit is good as long as innocents don’t suffer. Businesses give back to the community and the community supports the businesses.

The Light Masculine lives in a loving and supportive reality. People fortunate to be here feel safe, loved, free, and empowered. They give themselves permission to be real, present, and express their true natures of goodness, worth, and beauty. They remain open and aware, honoring Mother Earth, and seeing all creatures as brothers and sisters in the Divine. They can be part of a group or a nation and still be free individuals. No rebellion is necessary as they live comfortably in their own authority and knowing. All people are accepted, regardless of color, gender/sexual identity, age, and wealth level. After all, everyone is family.

The Dark Feminine

I recommend that you can do this same fleshing out work with the Dark Feminine and Light Feminine as well. I did not flesh out the Dark Feminine to the same extent, but here’s a bit more on the Dark Feminine.

Meanwhile, for those living under the thumb of social protocol, oligarchic societies, and Patriarchal cultures, the Dark Feminine can dominate. Of course, while the Dark Masculine is more attractive to men, the Dark Feminine is considered the norm for women.

The Dark Feminine shows up mainly in the inner world of a person, and consists of carrying burdens of suffering, endless work/duties done in the service of others, self-devaluing and self-loathing, illnesses that seem to have no cure, self-destructive behaviors, petty and dramatic relationships, and loss of the power of choice.

Life is a small box, self-images are tiny, and there is no hope. Self-hatred and extreme victimhood, at the mercy of everything in the environment, lead to tremendous illness and death. Breast cancer is the concentration of the Dark Feminine in the body. Disease holds the Dark Feminine in the body to contain it, to hide it, and perhaps somewhere to process it. Taking responsibility for the Dark Feminine may bring a sense of blame and shame for even feeling this empathy with all the suffering in the world.

Here are some key actions and acknowledgments required of the Dark Feminine.
  • Being Submissive
  • Being Servile, a willing slave to family
  • Not allowed to show anger without punishment (rejection or attack)
  • Value comes from her man, the better the man, the more value she has
  • Value also comes from her children performing well, it’s extremely important to be seen as a Good Mother, regardless of whether one is or isn’t
  • Encouraged to give, give, give, never earning enough value to receive
  • Believing in a low valued self; i.e. having low self-awareness, low self-worth, low self-esteem, low self-love, low self-confidence, low self-respect
  • Her ideas are not important, only a man’s is, so she has to get the man to promote her ideas (and then he claims them as his own)
  • She must defer to others’ needs automatically before checking on one’s own needs

Now it’s Up to You in Your Free Will

As you can see, this is a huge undertaking, since the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine have colored our lives with pain and disappointment. But take heart! Anything you do here, by identifying the resonances and components of the Dark Masculine and Feminine will help free you forever. And what you can imbibe within yourself of the Light Masculine and Light Feminine will serve as your foundation of your New Life and your New World!

I hope you have found this useful. Please give me feedback on this is you have more keywords to offer, or suggestions to make, at ginger@giniel.com.

This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA