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Healing the Dark Narratives of the Dark Masculine

It’s time for a new myth, one of healing and working together, rather than the one of destruction we’ve seen for so long and are watching in horror playing itself out now.

Your personal mythology or story may also include destruction being required in order to change. You can change your story and you can release yourself from limiting beliefs. But most importantly, you must write a new narrative, a new mythology for yourself.

Right now, the Dark Masculine is providing you with plenty of examples of Dark Narratives. They are called Conspiracy Theories. While few politicians are paying attention to the destruction of the environment and the damage/death being done by corporations, or what is harming the people, they are certainly focusing on the narratives. That’s because these stories galvanize people to action who are seeking the powerful thrill of belonging to a select collective political movement. It’s very much like the intense support given professional sports teams by their devoted fans.

Identifying Conspiracy Theories and How to Step out of the Trap

For those of you on the spiritual path, however, the collective can be quite dark and regressive. Thus, you need to be aware of conspiracy theories, as they are toxic Dark Narratives that distract you from what you should be thinking and feeling. They can trap you into a very unhappy emotional groove, and send you sliding down a slippery slope into the Dark Masculine and the Nightmare Future.

In my opinion, there is really only one dark conspiracy going on, and it comes as the foundational essence of the Dark Masculine. It’s in the money and banking system which is set up to favor the very few and keep the many in debt, including most individuals if not all nations (including the US). Wealth therefore, stays at the very top. And the big corporations and banking oligarchs are able to grab more and more profit for themselves at the expense of virtually everyone else. This leaves the vast majority experiencing greater fear and paranoia, scarcity consciousness, financial anxiety, and worries about their children’s future.

So when you hear a conspiracy theory, it’ll follow some basic themes guaranteed to outrage you and galvanize you into some high moral and righteous indignation and judgment. Two common themes are; “they are against you, and they are so corrupt that you and the nation will suffer directly,” “they are evil and seek to control and destroy you, and they are coming for you,” or “those in the know are withholding and covering up vital information from you that you and everyone must know in order to be empowered and free.”

Most of these and other themes don’t tend to point the finger where it needs to be pointed; at the corrupt control of the political process by the mega-rich, oligarchs, and their corporations. And they certainly don’t encourage people to stand up to their leaders and demand justice, truth, or principled leadership. Instead, they get people feeling disempowered and angry. This elicits outrage (good) that quickly turns into hostile rage (not good) that justifies any negative behavior. It will instill the idea that we must tear down the leaders who are jerking us off, and destroy them (jail them, kill them, neutralize them, deport them, etc.)

Another part of identifying a conspiracy theory is by sensing its emotional content. It will usually have exaggerated outrage and rants with very angry accusations, often made up, revving up lots of anger, judgment, “othering,” and anything that can create a sense of division between “us vs them,” with “us” on the right side, the morally superior side. The theory will thus target individuals or groups to fear, despise, or attack, who are on the “other side” and thus are “other.” (Creating the image of another person or group as “other” justifies attacking them verbally and even physically.)

If the division is between one group of people and another group of people of a different race, religion, or political stance, it’s a good bet it’s a conspiracy theory. If the division is between the people and corporate domination, manipulation, and control of the government and personal lives, then it may be something useful to be aware of and learn about.

No matter whether it’s a conspiracy theory or not, it will always emphasize “we have the truth. The other side is lying and covering it up. We are good and the others are corrupt. We are right and the others are wrong.” So it’s easy to get fooled if you don’t already know the truth. It’s been seen that those who are ignorant politically, love a simple division dynamic, a good vs evil scenario and can be swept into it.

A good conspiracy theory and call to action has a bunch of truths, half-truths, and made-up stories all blended together to give a sense of realistic and detailed facts with the correct spin. It will see any disagreement with another point of view as propaganda on the other side, and you will be urged to not listen to the other side because you can NOT trust anything coming from them, only what the speaker is saying. ( A good televangelist can do this with Bible thumping, giving a distorted version of the truth that is his interpretation.) Once you are emotionally involved, especially if you are now angry or scared, it will set you up for yet more anger and fear in the future as you continue to listen to the ranter.

Telling the Truth

How can you tell if a Conspiracy Theory is true? Listen to the other side. Research it online and see different points of view, especially if there is any history behind the theory detailed, or the theory comes from people free of corporate money or political money donations. If it calls on you to sign petitions, it may be valid.

But if you are comforted by the fact that lots of other people (the other tribe) are upset and angry with you, and hate you, and that you have leaders who are addressing the issue by dominating their way or rebelling or fighting their way to solve it, you’ve been snookered. And this is true, especially if the leaders are also corrupt themselves,

Even if the conspiracy theory is mostly true and factual with a sound intellectual or conceptual basis, it still will have a disturbing or intense negative impact on you. You may find yourself in a stressful state of mind. Identify these theories as such, true for you (in alignment with your knowledge and education), mostly true (seems very logically thought out and isn’t ranting), mostly untrue (disturbing incongruences and contexts), or totally off-the-wall false (just angry nonsense that’s useless to get involved with because the person(s) promulgating it seem like Dark Masculine archetypes). Once you do this, you will not fall for them.

To know if you have fallen to any Dark Narrative, you will end up hating someone or a group, your limbic brain will get on overdrive, and you could get overly manic, agitated, or even panic stricken. So if you find yourself going nutso, you’ve probably taken on a conspiracy theory or two.

If you hear a story with just facts and figures mostly, and a mild or intellectual take on things, you may not be hearing a conspiracy theory. You’ll know, because your emotions won’t be running wild. But if those who are telling the story have ties to big corporations or institutions, then it’s just a cleverly disguised story that is part of the overarching corporate/oligarchal conspiracy!

I had a client who was terrified that Islamic immigrants were “pouring into the country” by the thousands, and were intent on establishing Sharia law in the US. She asked, was her daughter safe from violence at her University (in a liberal enclave)? Sadly, this woman is a very conscious spiritual person, working for the light. But her entrained paranoia from the conspiracy theory made her captive in the throes of the Dark Masculine.

The Future; Utopian or Dystopian?

Another way to recognize a conspiracy theory is to look at the view of the coming future should those who believe the theory prevail or win. What future would you have if the issues and outrages were finally resolved? What social order would there be then? Is your ego excited to be part of this idea, because you would be right, smart, and on top?

If, in that future, you would be part of a privileged set of people, or if you would feel protected and defended and thus relatively safe, or if the future is a return to an idealistic past, then it’s not part of the Dream Future. Many conspiracy theories are simply about being angry, rebelling, resisting, destroying what the “others” are or what they do, with your tribe dominating the other tribe (or even eliminating it).

These ideas actually have very little future at all. Generally, their futures are pretty dystopian, if you think about it. Notice this. Are you going to side with your ego, your fear, or with your Divine Plan and your positive relationship to your reality?

I was a Libertarian back in Florida in the ‘70’s. I attended a fundraising dinner with the then Libertarian presidential candidate speaking to us. It was a small group, not even 80 people. The candidate talked about letting go of all government agencies, and asked us to let go of our favorite government agency as part of our dedication to the Libertarian principles. He talked about being empowered and a society of responsible, independent, and free people.

I raised my hand. I asked him how were we going to teach people to be responsible, independent and free if the majority right now are on government dole or otherwise taking advantage of us all. His reply was “that’s up to you to figure out and do.”

At the time, I was appalled at the lack of future vision he held. You have to cover all the bases, I thought. Since I felt his reply was inadequate, showing that all he wanted to do was destroy the government, it revealed that he could not dream past that goal. So I left the Libertarian party.

How prophetic his words were! It IS vital and necessary to be responsible, independent, and free to live life well, and to envision a good future. I have learned how to take responsibility for myself and my reality, how to think independently of collective thinking and control, and how to be free to be myself, regardless of outside pressures. And I have figured out how to teach this to others, if they want to learn.

The key is “if” others want to learn this. Where I am is a glorious, empowered, free, loving, and safe/trusting place, as the Universe gently cradles me in its powerful and supportive arms. You can have this too, if you don’t have it already, and this wonderful resonance is engendered, expanded, and sustained with the dreaming of your own Dream Future!

The Future is the key to where you are now. In fact, the Future determines your Present. If you are unhappy where you are now, and where you are going, then you have succumbed to the Dark Masculine and Feminine. And you are ripe to be taken in by Dark Narratives.

Healing and Freeing

Back to the conspiracy theories. Once you have figured out that you have a conspiracy theory in hand, rev up your positive emotions to heal yourself and others and to heal the world. You can do this by thinking about what you would want to experience in your ideal or Dream Future. Step into your Greater Self (I described this at length in previous newsletters.) Then stop your reactions. Breathe. Take your power, and let it go. You can do that by breathing it out, or asking your Higher Self or God/Goddess to take it and transmute it into light.

When you can do this, you will feel more empowered and calmer. Since a lot of political craziness is ongoing, and you don’t want to ruminate on it for days on end in your head, remind yourself to step into your Greater Self frequently. Then the chaos, pain, and craziness of the world won’t make your heart and mind its home. The stress doesn’t belong in you! And it won’t stick to you!

And if the issue touches your heart and you feel it’s real and true, such as supporting human rights, protecting people and ecosystems from industrial exploitation and toxins, or providing a voice for the people in government, then take some action.

Be a “mouse warrior,” and support the cause. Just make sure that the cause isn’t one that will take the side of big money or hold a righteous moral judgment against the people (others). And also, make sure that the future of this cause is a beautiful, loving one for you as well as all people. Then you will be able to write a new story of triumph of the light that shines upon all people.

This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA