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A Fall 2018 Message from Galexis
Transcribed and edited from a live channeling given October 2018

All right, we are here, we are Galexis and welcome.

It is a pleasure to be speaking with so many spiritual giants. Hopefully, you can acknowledge that for yourself! When we look at you we have a perspective of you being 15, 20 feet tall, shining, radiant, and with your gold light of destiny shining. You are now coming into your specific time and purpose that initiated this lifetime. This is it. You have entered the zone. What you came for, you have reached! Your Destiny begins now!

What You’re Here For

As light beings, highly evolved and ready to do your Great Work, you came to earth for two things in this lifetime. First, you came to bring back the Light Feminine into the world, and to heal the Dark Masculine, so that both the Light Masculine and Feminine can work together in bringing forth the New World of Light and Love. The big part of your work starts now in 2018, a Siriun year on a 12-year cycle, i.e. 1994, 2006, and 2018, the next great Siriun year being 2030.

This is a year of incredible opening and you have already passed the most magical period of the year, the late July to mid-September opening of the Sirius vortex, the initiation of the Siriun year. This vortex is actually open all the time, but it opens quite a bit more during this special time. During the opening, there are a lot of downloads and information, lots of love, lots of memories, lots of remembering that rains on you, beautifully dripping down on you and into you. This has continued a bit, so that for the past few months, you have been in this new space, new zone.

The second thing you came for is also happening at a very high level now. That’s your personal spiritual evolution into the Divine Light Being that you are, knowing yourself, experiencing the joy of Self-Realization. For both purposes, you are now experiencing as part of your development, the tremendous chaos of creation and destruction personally. You are moving through this chaos, exploring yourself, becoming new, and discovering how your Self-Image has expanded.

New Levels of Self-Image

So now, there is this question, "Where do we go from here?" The New Age has landed, the New World has landed inside you. As you know, inner change happens first before it is demonstrated in the external world (outer change). What is your Great Work? How are you expressing your light, truth, and radiance in your life and in the world?

You see, each one of you are playing a role in this whole transition within yourself, healing you, expanding you radiance and resonance, and expanding your Self-Image. This is possibly the most key thing that you are doing right now, the most important focus right now for you as an individual. To do that and enhance that process, what you want to do is to acknowledge and recognize who you are as much as you possibly can. Stretch, imagine. Yes, imagine yourself in your divine beingness.

Then build this Self-Image and maintain the expansion by working with the Valued Self components (Self-Awareness, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and Self-Respect). Be aware of them in your life so that you can integrate and utilize them daily. Then your Self-Image becomes solid light!

As these components of you become consistently high, you can hold this resonance, this greater resonance of value. This perhaps is the core of maintaining/sustaining an expanded resonance and expanded Self-Image. And greater value is allowing you to own and claim within yourself a greater level of divinity. The Divine (God, Goddess, All That Is) is indeed the highest level of value! So by building your value, you are walking your Spiritual Path towards union with the Divine as a divine being yourself.

Learn to shift your energy so that you can move beyond the outer reaches of ego, even though the world and all its chaos and all its political turbulence is trying to drag you back into a dark collective experience. The Dark Masculine energy is trying to drag you back in to compete, fight, battle, and conflict with others. Your reality is showing you both this Dark Masculine and also the Dark Feminine, which reveals self-criticism and judgment, shame of being, self-suppression, deep rage and pain, guilt and fear. You need to recognize these forces and bring them both to your attention so that you can choose, "I am not that darkness. That is not me. I am this, the light. I am who I choose to be, I am this chosen one, that God has chosen, that I have chosen to become."

Yes, you are a chosen one, and you chose to be here and go through this and do what you came to do. This starts only when you claim and own that Greater Self, that Divine essence within you, and the Vision of who you are becoming. This is the beginning of your purpose time, and for some of you, a Destiny time. It has begun, and yet, it's not all the picture. You are here to step into your Greater Self and lift yourself. But this time is not just for you; your personal work is only where it begins. You are ready to step above and beyond the collective consciousness and live there, creating a new track of the future for your world.

Years and years ago, Lazaris talked about the split of realities that happened on the Syrian years, '82, '94, 2006, 2018. These years are years of Choice, where there are definite options of futures available, and people select which reality they're moving into. Because there's pretty much an infinite number of futures available to play with, he narrowed it down to three basic groups; the Nightmare Future, the Mediocrity Future, or the DreamFfuture. Of course, you already know within yourself that you're here to move yourself and the world into the Dream Future. In order to do that, this is the year for you to accept the downloads that you've been given.

Think about where you are now, the level of you that you have reached, compared to where you were only six months ago. If you have good self-reflection, you can see a difference between who you are now and who you were a few months ago. It's, "Oh, I feel more confident. I'm happier," or, "I'm moving with more purpose. My life is moving with more flow," or “there's more magic.” Pay attention. You are further along. You are lifting into a new playing field, a new energy-vibratory level.

This type of reflection is very important to have, to see how you are doing things in your life and what your state of being now is. We would recommend to have periodic reviews of your evolutionary development if you don't automatically do it every now and then, so that you can see how much you have expanded in your life. So note, if you can, how you have expanded just recently and how your Self-Image is of a greater person than before. Please remember that all work on your Self is part of your “Personal Mission,” which is to remember fully who you are; a Divine Being. And living as a Divine Being in your life will complete the cycles of birth and death and liberate you from the darkness. This is no small task!

Dreaming and Creating the New Future

Now, the second part of this Self-Image work and part of creating the new future has to do with moving from the Dark Masculine and the Dark Feminine within yourself to the Light Masculine and Light Feminine. Now, that doesn't mean denying or ignoring any darkness within you or in the world. It means healing it. You are incredible healers! Look how much you've healed of yourself and now you're going to step forth and in your resonance, holding the resonance of your light, you'll help heal the darkness of the planet and lift it to a greater light. This is your “Global Mission,” your gift as an awakened and illumined being to your world.

You are a “Remedy” for the Planet!

In homeopathy, the greater the dilution, the more potent the medicine. Think about that. You have 7 billion people on the planet and you, a singular being, has personally crossed over into the new world. That frequency you have now, becomes to the world a pretty potent homeopathic! Own it. Own it. You are the remedy. Your unique contribution of remedy comes from the work you do with your themes. You chose one or more themes to explore and heal for this lifetime, and you have already had to slog through the dark part of your themes, and they are your challenges. We call the biggest and most significant one of your issues, the Commission of Challenge. It's a challenge because it forces you to stretch, it stimulates you to stretch and to grow. It’s a Commission because it’s your work, your chosen learning and healing to do.

Your top or major Commission of Challenge most often shows itself in one of three areas; in the arenas of Relationships, Money and Success, and Health/Illness. By working your way through your Commissions of Challenge, some of you have learned how to step into your power, learned how to love, and learned how to forgive. Some of you have had to really learn how to stand up for yourself as a female. Some have had to learn how to open up and receive and love as a man. Some others of you have the challenge of identity, involving gender, race, and repressive environments.

You've got various challenges and you have certain challenges that are specific to you. These are the ones you're making the new templates for. Stepping beyond the limits and snags of your challenges, you access a higher frequency, a healed frequency for that specific challenge. This is what you are broadcasting to the world as the Remedy you are.

Sometimes, you may question, "It's taking me so long to work out this old pattern. It keeps showing up and I just have to keep working on it and working on it. When will it ever end?" Well, it actually has. If you look at your life, you really are done. You don't have to process up the wazoo. It's like you don't have to spend all your time processing your stuff because if you do that, you fall back into the Dark Feminine, in which you don't feel enough and you kick yourself for not having done things better. The Dark Feminine is, "I don't feel good enough," or, "I'm not okay," or, "I have so much shame I must work extra hard to serve everybody to redeem myself." All of the deep, dark emotional self-hurting energies are part of the Dark Feminine.

The Dark Masculine, on the other hand, is unwilling to feel or think. It wants to find the appropriate ego facade so it can dominate, to control, to make life predictable, certain, under control. It seeks safety through strength or pretending to be strong. You know that playing out control games don’t work.

The healing that you're doing of the Dark Masculine, and the healing you're doing of the internal self-debilitating Dark Feminine, is bringing you to the establishment, creation, and building of the foundational template of the light you are expressing into the world. This template is crucial to the survival of the human race.

Build your New Self

Work with building your value to maintain this template. Envision what is beyond the current collective ideas around masculinity and femininity. See yourself lifting beyond the warrior mentality into being an adventurer of light. Play with that, dreaming and imagining, "What would it be like if my inner masculine, inner feminine were both the light and they were lovingly in harmony, and balanced? What would that feel like? What would that be like for me? What would that look like in society?"

Now, we know you have a taste of this incredible freedom of being, this light. Build on that and expand your awareness of it so that you have a full confidence of being in that space as you move through your life, flowing and dancing with all the energies. You will find that there is a certain bottom level of capacity that you have to sustain this high resonance of the magician that you are.

It's like in music. A virtuoso violinist can play the most incredible stuff. It's not like he's perfect, but there's a certain level of technique he can rely upon that he will never go beneath. It's a very high level compared to average players. That level of mastery that is solidly within you needs to be acknowledged because, for most of you, you already are aware of it. You already are in mastery and you know that, but you just need to honor it and hold that resonance.

By honoring yourself, by owning who you are, and by knowing yourself at an expanded level, your Personal Mission, you can work with the lifting the world, your Global Mission. There are two things we want to suggest with creating a new future for the world. One is that you want to work with your own unique and optimal future self, and the other is that you want to dream a dream for the world that is beyond the problems that you're facing right now today. What you're facing today, it's in your face! The Dark Masculine, the Dark Feminine, it's in your face.

Yes, you're identifying negative stuff and you're understanding it. But underneath all that, you have to honor and own that you actually know what you are truly capable of, blaming no one and nothing else. Let yourself be willing to step into your greatness now.

Activate your Light Masculine and Light Feminine within you, in their unique balance. That means, that during your day, you come from the Light and not from ego. You are actually ready to go! To remind you; inner change happens before the outer expression is revealed.

Acknowledge your Level of Mastery Already Achieved

Now, we want to make one more mention here is that you, as an individual, if you want to go really into the technology of it, the technical aspects of metaphysics, you are working in the Unconscious Mind. So you might not be conscious of who you are and what you are doing! Now, that's metaphysics for you!

You want to acknowledge that level of mastery that you have and you want to also recognize that you are All That Is, in a way. You know that you are already divine. That's your nature. Yes, you're expressing this piece or that piece of the divine, your unique piece, and your consciousness is in this one body, in this one lifetime. The point of your consciousness, the point of your focus, and the focus of your intentions are here. You know that you have other lifetimes and they're all happening simultaneously. You've also heard from all the quantum physics people, you're maybe only one electron that's just moving around really fast generating different frequencies that create everything. You're all one, you're all linked up. You're all in synergy together.

What it means is that you're it! This is your reality, all of it, every bit of it. All the problems, they're yours. All the wonderful, beautiful things, all the incredible beauty is yours. Therefore, as you shift your vibration to expand it and expand it and expand it, the ripple of your own personal vibration spreading out into the world changes your world, which will eventually change your “outer” world that is contained with you. You can only do this when you know who you are and you know you're not a victim anymore.

The Power of the Future

This is all advanced metaphysics. Pretty conceptual. But can you really live it? Do you let external circumstances sway you? Possibly, here and there, particularly, in your low vulnerable commission of challenge place, but you're nearly done with that. Think about it, you are actually a new person already. You're not the person you used to be. You can't just keep repeating the past. You know, when you meet somebody and you want to get to know the person, you give each other stories of your past. Yes, this can give you insight into who they were, but not who they are now. Your stories don’t define you either.

What if you meet somebody and the two of you sit down and talk about what your dreams are for the future? It's as vulnerable and revealing as stories from your past. It opens your soul. It shows who you are. What are your dreams? Recognize this world is all you. Your inner healing and inner change is actually affecting the world because you’re one with it (entangled with it, as the physicists say) and it’s you. That's why we're saying, "To dream a dream for the world" because it's your world you're dreaming. We suggest to dream the New World dream beyond the problems that are in the world right now.

In other words, one of the big problems that we overhear is about the patriarchy and the distorted masculine and all of that. The channel [Ginger] talks a lot about that. Yes, that's a problem. It's a big problem. Think about, how in the world we're going to convince all those super rich, arrogant, white male nationalists, corporatocracy elitists, and gun-toting right-wing “warriors” to let go of the Dark Masculine that they think defines them to embrace the Light Masculine? Don't they want to be spiritual adventurers too?

No, they don't have a clue how fabulous it is to be a spiritual adventurer and not a macho warrior, dominating and controlling. They want control. They don't want change. They think that if they dominate enough, they can have everything. Their inner child selves are yelling, "It's mine. It's mine. It's mine. It's mine."

Now imagine a world in which all of that has already gone and nobody even thinks that way anymore. Now, the thing is, is that you've been trained to use your imagination poorly in the consensus. The consensus basically encourages you to think of safety, security first. Everything is safety, safety, safety, safety. That can encourage timidity and willingness to be controlled for the sake of your children. What that also encourages is your thinking, "Well, I want to be able to handle my problems when they come up. If there's a crisis, I don't know what I'm going to do. I must figure out what problems could show up and get prepared to handle them or avert them now.” What does that do to you?

You’ve been trained to be a problem solver, not a creator. You're trained to imagine what could go wrong. We say that's ass backwards. What you want to do is imagine. Use your light imagination, not your darkest imagination, and go beyond the problem or beyond the crisis. Imagine; what would life be beyond that? What if nobody wanted to control, manipulate, and dominate other people? How would society function?

Now, we know that there's got to be steps and processes and stages and so on of change, because everybody is in love with linearity and a linear track to the future. But the future is what creates the present as you know. If you put the vision of what's beyond the problem or crisis and connect energetically to that, and flow your attention to that, you will create a track from here to there. And you’ll naturally start following that light track. You will actually have more capability in handling any problems that come up because the energy will be on the solution. You see?

We suggest that you imagine, dream, and create an ideal future. As you know, the ideal is not to be manifested but to hold a directional intention that enables you to move in that positive direction.

Dream up your ideal future. Dream up that fantastic community, that perfect life, that healthy, vigorous longevity. Dream up the rewilding of the land. Dream up the purification of the air and the water and the earth. Dream it up. What does it feel like? What's the experience of being there? Use your imagination.

You're the dreamers, and when you imagine the ideal, you start creating in the more real (higher dimensions). This is not falling into a one or two dimensional fantasy of having won the lottery or anything. It’s a New World, not the Old World just rich. When you you’re your attention to that, the energy shifts between there and the present and things will start to line up on the track, your future track.

Meet Your Future Self (Alignment Technique)

To reinforce this new idea future as your magnet, you want to meet and experience the reality that your future self enjoys. Again, his or her life may not be a fully manifestable possibility. It's like an ideal self or the self with the most ideal manifestation of where you are heading or where you want to head. But it does exist in a parallel reality, even if you are not on a direct track in that direction.

Meet your best Future Self in the shorter term, such as a year or so, and then also visit the ideal future, which may be years and years away, and step into your Future Self there. Both of these connections create and reinforce your future life track towards the Dream Future. You choose the Dream Future and you move on that dream future track as you dream a world, the New World, the way you want it to be. Not only will you start going in a light-filled direction, you'll start pulling the whole world with you in that direction!

You are powerful enough. You are a remedy, a homeopathic remedy. Don't forget that. One part per seven billion? That’s just about the most potent remedy we’ve ever heard of!

We suggest that you step into or spend a day with your wonderful Future Self, who is totally happy, free, expansive, enjoying, celebrating, healthy, vibrant, loving, loved, belonging, and more. If you plug into that marvelous juice, that joy and passion of your future self, then your individual self will move in that direction along with lots of the luminosity of that future to your Ideal Future and the Ideal Future of the world.

You'll be on your Destiny track. You'll be on the Dream Track. In your world creation, you're going to bring a substantial part of the world with you. That's part of the program, your Divine Plan. You know that the majority of the people out there are unaware, unconscious of what is going on. But you know that they are just as deserving of joy and love in life as you are.

Even if other people and groups seem to be filled with hate and violent cruelty, they're wounded, not necessarily evil. Perhaps they're just wounded differently from you. Don’t try to imagine how to talk them into the light path or fix them. This has been a favorite past time for the channel (Ginger). We’ve had do encourage her multiple times to give that up. We’ve suggested that instead, she should start imagining herself free from that pain, suffering, and violence, and there will be no interference in her personal daily life from that.

If you look at it, basically, your lives are going along just fine whether you are engaged with loving people or Trumpists or whoever. That’s because your spiritual life is the greatest passion, the most important aspect of your life. That's what's really valuable. That's what matters. Yes, you want to love the world. You do love it and you want to get it to change. If you hold your resonance, you'll know what to do. And the changes can start happening.

What You Can Do

A lot of people ask us, "What can we do? What can we do? What can we do?" We say, "Get your resonance up there to where you no longer have any negative thoughts during your day. Get clear, have all positive happy thoughts all day long." Even with challenges, even with a personal crisis, you will then be able to hold and sustain a resonance of compassion, value, and love. No matter what. Remember? The foundation of the New World, of the New Life is all about love, empowerment, freedom, and safety/trust. That safety trust is trusting that the divine has your back, that you will be supported as you step into your Greater Self, no matter what.

When you are true to you, when you be who you are, and do what you need to do, don't worry, you'll be supported. All of you know this at a deeper level if not consciously right now. You just have to remind yourself about this sometimes and know that everything's going to turn out great because, why? You know what your ultimate destiny is, yes? Mergence with God, Goddess, All That Is. What level of destination is that? Pretty damn good, isn't it? It's a certainty you will get there. You are on track to there. When your track goes from here to there, how can anything really go wrong in the long term? Setbacks are just for the short term. You’re on your very own Yellow Brick Road.

Yes of course, everyone “wanders” off the track here and there to explore side themes and satisfy their curiosity. And there may be issues to address here or there. But if you remember where you're heading, who you are, and that the Universe loves you, you’ll experience a friendly Universe most if not all of the time. Magic will support you all the way.

Let us emphasize here, if you will be true to you, your Universe, your reality, your world, will love you and support you. It cannot do it if you don't value yourself. It cannot do it if you judge yourself. It cannot do it if you feel that you are not good enough. It cannot do it if you are supporting your negative ego, because that’s not you. Yet as soon as you own who you are, i.e. your spiritual identity, with your spiritual awareness, the universe rushes in with amazing synchronicities to support you.

Future Self Track Creating

When you work with your Future Self, you can also set up a beautiful track that enhances your life now, today. We suggest a technique. Meet with your shiny, optimal, Future Self in a beautiful place in your imagination. Imagine that Future Self, the one you want very much to be, standing in front of you about 20 feet away. See its glowing, radiant, amazing light shining in all directions. Feel that light on you if you can. Notice that from your feet to your Future Self’s feet, there's a golden path linking you.  Now walk that golden path to your glowing Future Self who opens his/her arms and embraces you. Let your Future Self hold you and love you. Feel the love and love him/her back.

Now step in and turn around. Look through the eyes of that Future Self and see a reality filled with love and light. Feel it! Imagine it. Make it up! Intensify the positive feelings as much as you can. Look back with love and compassion on the current you that you are now. See/sense that current self who is standing a few feet away. Looking beyond the you that you are now, you see all your past selves lined up behind him/her. Fill them all with love and compassion and connect them to the golden track. Once you do that, they're all lined up to you, the Future Self.

Turning around, you as your Future Self look forward into the golden future ahead of you. A luminous, golden track leads from your feet to the end of your life. There, you see God, Goddess, All That Is waiting for you. See that the golden track has lined you up to the Divine.

You can enhance this connection throughout your whole life right now. We suggest that you turn around to face your current self once again. Walk back to the current you as your Future Self. Open your arms and embrace your current self with love. Hold him or her until your present self's energy and resonance picks up to your level. Then slip back into your current self, feeling the love.

Immediately, you as the current you again, be aware that you’re even greater and more luminous than before, and looking at your Future Self, you see that him/her is also more radiant than before, way more than he or she was when you first saw them. High resonance golden energy is flowing through your life track from birth to death and to the Divine. You are lined up with past, present and future, now at a higher vibratory level.

Once you get this resonance increase, you can start this technique all over again. Every time you do it, you are more radiant, luminous, and shining. You can build up your resonance really fast this way. So practice this, and you’ll find your life easier and it’s more fun being you. You have more energy, more optimism, more hope, and more love.

And whenever you are in a crisis or setback of any kind, don’t respond knee-jerk to it, or in your habitual old way. Instead, do this technique multiple times. Just like the proper nutrition can help you build up your immunity to disease, this technique builds up your immunity to useless suffering and struggle – fast! You become spiritually strong, and in your Greater Self in a matter of minutes. Then you can address the issue, problem, or situation from that higher perspective, beyond the twisted needs and fears of the Negative Ego. What you will see, know, and be able to do in your response to things can be light years from what you used to do. You can hold compassion and love for others as well as for yourself in any situation. Try it!

Community Dreams

Finally, we also want to talk about community, because community is part of the dream, the Dream Future. Community is needed by everyone as a remedy for loneliness as well as providing you and everyone else with the beloved spirit of belonging. Belonging is extremely important. You belong here on planet Earth because you chose to be here. You fell in love with this beautiful, creative madhouse of a planet, and you wanted to participate in its creativity, creativity being an essential attribute of the Divine.

Look at all the different creations, aren't they amazing? The different shapes and forms and functions, the different animals, plants, oh my gosh, the variety is extraordinary! Earth is perhaps, in your universe, one of the most diverse planets because it's a planet with extremely variety and possibilities. And each human being is exquisitely unique, including you. And there’s so much to experience with other humans.

Now about those other planets that aren’t as creative; they don't have more than a couple of dozen species on it. If you're on a planet like that, you would be depressed up the wazoo. But as will all creation, those planets have a different function in the grand plan. The people do different things there. They live differently, they work differently, they feed, breathe, whatever, differently. But you see, you want everything possible. You wanted to experience everything, so you came to a creative planet where you could experience it all.

The main thing that you want to experience here on earth, along with understanding your own divinity, is the connection with other people. You wanted to have a whole bunch of other people to play with, to give you feedback on yourself, and to express who you are to. And here you have them.

You know, the fastest way to grow is to be in relationships with other people, intimate ones, sharing ones. Your emotional crap and games get thrown right back into your face, like so! (gestures) You can't pretend it (your crap) doesn't exist. If you are a parent, you know what we’re talking about. Your child responds directly to whatever you present, and you get a strong reflection of yourself immediately, don’t you!

Relationships are just fantastic. They give you this incredible opportunity to practice loving more. You want to love and you love people. How many lovable people are there on the planet? Almost seven billion lovable people! Now, not all of them may be willing to be loved, but that's a whole another thing. You're capable of loving them all and your greater identity is through love, being someone who loves.

The Divine is all about Love. The channel’s Master Teacher used to say, “God is Love, and Love is God. And the way back to God is through Love.”


Now, community is when you get together with others that you love and you practice loving together and you put together your dreams and your visions for all. You're on the same wavelength, on the same page, whatever. Even though you have a unique vision, each one of you, when you're a part of a community, you can support others in their vision. They can in turn, support you in yours. There's a sense of true belonging.

People belong together in harmony, in community, united in single purpose. Community, well crafted, is egalitarian. It is not one in which there is a strong leader and everyone else follows him or her. It’s one in which everyone contributes to the common good, and everyone respects and values everyone else, no matter how large or small their contribution. Some people think this is Communism, but the political philosophy of communism lends itself way too easily to the Dark Masculine leader, so there has never been a “pure” communism, or ideal utopian community. Because of the distortion of the Dark Masculine and this tendency to dominate and control while establishing a hierarchy, most people have concluded that communism is not the way. There cannot be an ideal human community of any kind as long as the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine hold sway.

Love and Family

Now, on the other side of reality, beyond the physical plane, you have a spiritual family. Of course, once you’re here, you're separated from them through the illusion of 3D, and you start seeking family love here. From the beginning of your life, you see your birth family as being your true family. You try your best to figure out how to belong there, how to be safe, and as you get older, how to love and deal with family when there's all these heavy, intense emotional dynamics and distorted issues. You learned about shame and manipulation, by being dominated and controlled. You may still suffer from the impact of these. Some suffer personal distortions and limitations their whole lives from the stress and wounding given them by their birth family.

Most of you have suffered with your birth families, but would still have to say that even if you had a tough, horrible time with them, there's still love there. There's somehow or another still belonging. There's still something there of depth, of value that you are seeking. But what you're really looking for is spiritual family.

Your spiritual family on the other side has been with you since the beginning of your existence as a soul. It's absolutely exquisitely beautiful, the love and the belonging so rich and deep that here on earth, you still “remember” a belonging that is so much greater than what you have had here. You can’t imagine it fully, but you are all yearning for it. You're all yearning for that greater love connection.

So we suggest that you tune into that “remembering” and stretch your imagination to mentally create the community you desire. Imbue it with a sense of family. This family belonging feeling is not that of a dysfunctional family, with all the negative ego stuff, hierarchical dynamics, and limited identities that go with the consensus. You won’t be the “black sheep” in a loving community, nor will you be the “wild one” or the “smart one” or the “weird one.” The community you dream about accepts you just as you are. It is a truer self of community because it is chosen (you don’t remember choosing your birth family. Imagine it in your Dream Future.

This community can put together a focus or intention and amplify it exponentially, so that when you as a community focus on a vision, the amplification and dimensionality of that vision can be so huge as to overcome limitations of the subconscious and unconscious minds. The vision can also overcome your own personal limitations and impact on the outer world.  You came here, in a sense, to support the others and the others to support you and to form this spiritual community, to form a spiritual bond and together bring in this New World.

If and when you find you don’t have this kind of community in your physical life, we suggest that you create and build one with your loved ones on the other side. Again, to reach them, imagine them. Imagination is 5th dimensional, beyond time and space (4th dimension), and while it may seem unreal, it’s actually more real. Reality gets stronger and “more real” every dimension you expand to.

If you have a physical online community, say, you can still tap into the power of the togetherness. But your spiritual community in the higher dimensions can provide you with love and support always, regardless of what happens in your physical lifetime. And they will be there to greet you when you die. You are not alone. They are with you right now. If you will practice connecting with them, being with them, working with them, and allowing them to love and support you, you will never be alone. You will never be dissociated, isolated, and separate. And when you have beautiful physical friends and loved ones, your community is so much more dimensional and beautiful!

The one who channels us belongs to an online spiritual community that comes together to support individuals who ask for it. When she had her eye surgery, she asked this community to send her light and the intention of a successful surgery. At the time window of the surgery, she was hit by a huge light. She told her husband Daniel that she felt it as if it were an entity, a being that came and put this incredible column of light of blessings on her. Her surgery was very successful, and she attributes a lot of that to the healing intentions of her group.

You can put a group together yourself, a spiritual online family. While it doesn’t fully sustain the sense of family and community that you would have if you were physically present with community members, it can foster belonging and reduce lonliness. When you're doing it online, you may want to check out what Lynne McTaggart does (and also read her book “The Power of Eight.”) She shares weekly intentions, asking that her online community imagine the healing for three people selected from the requests sent her. On Sunday, at 10:00 AM, whoever is willing to send those healing intentions from the several hundred thousand of her followers focus on the three people and send the intentions for 10 minutes each.

What’s amazing about this is not the miraculous recoveries reported by the receivers of this imagination, but the personal healings and transformations experienced by those sending/giving the healing intentions! Both healer and healee change for the better. This is also a part of a true community. When giving to others, you are given to. It’s not an exchange so much as just the natural flow of giving and receiving that is part of this reality.

Healing the Political and Social Darkness

You are watching the unraveling and the dismantling, you might say, of governmental structures, and of societal structures that are being brought forth by domination, manipulation, and even violence. You're seeing that Dark and very toxic Masculine force very, very clearly. For you to feel empowered, you must do something about this. So we suggest that start by identifying the Dark Masculine within yourself. Go and clear out any residues of that; any need to control, any need to dominate. Get rid of it. Forgive yourself for having manipulated from bullying using fear or from weakness using guilt. Forgive others who sparred with you, who also fought you with psychological games and threats. Get clear on any patterns of reaction from a Negative Ego place, and plan to respond with more power, love, and compassion in the future.

Then do the same thing with the Dark toxic Feminine. Heal and release all the pain, the suffering, the judgments and self-shaming, the places within yourself where you are still a victim, feeling not okay, feeling devalued and insignificant. More forgiveness here is needed for yourself as well as for those who shamed you. Then send your love and compassion to all the victims out there being mistreated by the government, corporate bullies, sexists, racists, or whomever. Wash yourself clear and clean of all that incredible suffering and all the shame and the pain. You don’t have to carry it for the world any more than you have to carry your own forever within yourself. Put down your burdens. Stand up for yourself and for those mistreated, diminished, and devalued.

Do whatever you need to do to keep your resonance high. No matter what horrible news you hear, or what tragedies you see befalling the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, no matter how arrogant, Selfish, and immature your leaders, hold up your light. When you have your resonance staying really high, you'll know what actions to take when, and for what. You’ll have Right Action.

Essential in healing the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine and sustaining your light is the foundational work of building your Valued Self. With owning your inherent value, you'll have the confidence to know and trust that the universe will support you and who you choose to be – and the world that reflects your Dreams and Visions.

You can actually let your Future Self help you here as well as your Higher Self. You can call on us. You can call on your guardian angel, your Master Teacher, and God, Goddess, All That Is. You've got infinite resources really. You call on your support team, your spiritual family on the other side, and gather your light when you want to manifest something in specific.

Manifesting a New Reality; Your Divine Plan

So, if you wish to bring the New World into physical reality, do what you do in a manifestation process. You don’t just go and one or two-dimensionally wish and fantasize for your soulmate to show up, or to win the lottery. You imagine your life after you have received your desire. We suggest to our friends to visualize themselves waking up in the future with their soul mate or financial abundance, where that manifestation feels natural and normal to you. Imagine how you will feel there, what that state of being is. Step into your Future Self here and live through a fabulous, happy, healthy, prosperous, and loving day. Get the feeling. Feel the vibes.

Now do that for your world as well. What newspaper headlines do you want to read? What kind of life, community, and world do you want to wake up to?

But since you exist within time and space, there is a time lag between what you imagine and what emerges from the physical world. Some people are just so aggravated at certain individuals and at their obstacles, that they focus way too much on them. This limits your capacity to dream beyond them, and tempts you into wanting to push and drive your reality, to manipulate and control your reality so get them out of your life now. Don’t fall into this trap.

Yes, we know. Sometimes, you want to judge others, to manipulate them, and to control your reality. You really want it. "Damn it, I want it now!" But there's a certain essential timing and order in the unfoldment of realities as you've probably discovered. The same thing is happening in government. There's an unfoldment. Yes, there's destruction, but there's also an incredible rise of consciousness in young people. Whole new visions are emerging of positive futures. New ideas about community are also showing up into mainstream dialogue.

This dreaming and envisioning needs to be nurtured, nurtured emotionally, nurtured spiritually, maybe even financially a little bit. Contribute what you can. Be a “mouse warrior,” and sign your online petitions. Do your civic duty. Own your power. And dream/imagine where you are going.

You saw in 2000, how few votes tilted the whole presidency. Very few. You are maybe very few, but you can tilt this whole thing. You can help bring in those who will heal. It may take a little while, we're sorry to say, but that's the nature of the evolution. You can speed it up a bit if you get yourself into this greater resonance and stay there, dreaming and envisioning. As a reality magician, you are serving a very high spiritual function. Then there's also socializing. Don't underestimate socializing. We recommend socializing, lots of socializing.

Yes, we are serious about being not so serious. Enjoy your chitchat. We recommend having fun, hanging out with friends, not doing anything constructive, not working, but playing. Why? Because you've got to have fun. That's part of your Divine Path. Do you want to keep the world suffering? If not, then you've got to have fun and learn how to enjoy yourself. It's your civic duty!

It's your duty to the planet to enjoy yourself, truly! You've been on this whole track of having to achieve, to get value and validation from others, to have lots of possessions, and to be respected, admired, and perhaps needed. Well, you've got to change that now because you already are valuable. You’re essence in valuable, you’re essentially valuable. You got to celebrate that.

Don't worry the money will come. The universe will support you no matter what. Don't worry about that. It'll all turn out well because you're heading to union with God, Goddess, All That Is, your Destiny, your Divine Plan. Everything’s going according to plan. The more you claim that it's going according to plan, the more power you have to execute your plan. It keeps you out of victim consciousness.

When you can claim things are going according to plan, then you as a powerful reality creator can tweak the plan. Where do you want to take things now? Keep tweaking. You actually have made a difference already in the world. You may not see it directly, but know that you are. Trust that you are. This is what you came for, and you're doing it.

We’re Here to Help Too

While we may not be your Master Teacher, spiritual coach/guide, or holding of your favorite spiritual tradition, we welcome the chance to work with you if you would like that. We can support you, uplift you, and help you manifest a good life.

So if you are willing to invite us into your life, we accept. And here’s a ritual we suggest to those just meeting us, as a way to start working with our energies.

We suggest contacting us when you go to bed at night. That's our favorite time to work on you, heal you, and work with you - while you're asleep! You see, at night, your ego can't get in the way. Of course, you can do this during the day as well, once you know how to connect with us and detach from the ego’s insistent needs.

So, back to nighttime. You’re in bed, the lights are all off and its dark, you're all snuggled up, and ready to slip into sleep. Call us, mentally, “Galexis!” As you do that, imagine that you're floating in a clear beautiful sky filled with stars. You're just floating so nicely, feeling safe - safe amongst the stars. Well, you know you've come from the stars. These stars are your friends. Sense that all those points of light are beings of light who love you, who've been watching over you, and who have been witnessing your spiritual ascension. Many are with you all the time, walking alongside you through life. If you truly knew the love and support of these beautiful, loving beings, you’d never feel lonely. You would never feel totally alone, separate, and unwanted or unbelonging.

Continue your imagination as you float in these stars, amongst the stars, allowing yourself to feel safe. As you look at the stars, floating and drifting in the starry sky, you notice that a few of the stars move out of position. They come together and form a big bright star. That's the way we show ourselves. We are of the stars and we are many who speak as One.

From that big point of light, that big star, we send a beam of light down to you, floating there. When that beam of light reaches you, it is a column of light that surrounds you. Let our light wrap itself around you and hold you. Feel the sparkles absorbing into you, filling you with love. If you can’t see this in your imagination, feel and sense it. Expand it and let it feel real. The more you can open to us in your imagination, the greater you can let in the love and healing.

So, feel our love, in whatever color that light appears. Sense the color, and perhaps imagine it as vividly as you can in the moment. Then, let us know what you want us to do for you, what healing, what uplifting. You can ask for someone else as well as yourself. You can ask for more than one thing. Once you have told us, then go on to sleep. We will work on you. When you wake up in the morning, just notice that you might feel a little bit lighter, a little bit freer. If you call us in every night, you can, over time allow yourself to lighten up a lot and feel more free, empowered, and healthy on all levels.

Now, while working with us, you can work on specific issues for yourself. You can ask for any healing, mental, emotional, and physical. Always notice that the column of light that comes and surrounds you can be different colors. The most appropriate color and vibration will show up, or maybe it’ll just be your favorite color.

One of the things that we also have offered to various friends is to do some resetting of their energy fields. We have them do the 12 chakra system in 12 nights. In the first night, we’ll come in first chakra red. Then, in subsequent nights, we’ll show up in orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, then rainbow, then the next four nights are all white or pearlescent (white with flickers and flashes and sparkles of pastel shades of all colors within it).

Every night, you call us in for that chakra and we'll come in that color and surround you and bathe you in that color and drench you in the color, and tune your vibration to that color. That's a 12-night healing process. You can play with us however, any way you like. You can do the 12-chakra cleansing and tuning during the day in your daytime meditations, one chakra a day. Whenever you’re facing some stress, you can just quickly call on us; “Galexis!” We'll be with you, whenever you ask.

All right. It's been such a pleasure to speak with you and to send light and love to all your beautiful energies. Thank you so much. We surround you all with our light and our love.


This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA