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Expanding into Freedom from your Limiting Box

Whenever we make headway in our evolutionary process, we expand beyond our prior limitations. Throughout our 3-D life, we live in a three-dimensional space I call the “box.” Every one of us live in our own unique box that contains the space of possibilities we believe are available to us. Some people live in big spacious boxes. Others live in tiny, restrictive ones. This space is defined by the limits and boundaries we have learned from our culture while growing up, either through difficult personal experience, or by the Self-Image we develop and hold of ourselves.

Note: For more on developing your New Self’s Self-Image, listen to the Greater Self Process teleseminar at http://www.greaterselfprocess.com. Click on the teleseminar link at the bottom of the page. This is an overview on creating and building your Divine Self Image.

We have learned to live within the box, and what is inside our box we deem to be “normal.” If any reality or life experience that shows up is grander and greater than the box, or if we push the box and expand it, we experience an expanded reality. This is usually considered a fluke! A miracle!

You’ve heard the term “think outside the box.” It’s been popular for a decade or two in corporate culture. Those who can think outside the box are those who can go beyond the tired old answers for corporate problems and bring in new answers with fresh new ideas. In a sense, they are visionaries for the business world, most often marketing and management consultants, who offer their imaginative innovations with practical guidance to help the company achieve greater success (profit).

Similarly, on a personal level, to think outside of our personal boxes requires us to become visionaries ourselves. If you’ve been following and utilizing the first three phases of this Siriun year, you have embraced your own Visionary Self, whether it is your Greater Self, your Dream Future or Ideal Future Self, or your Optimal Future Self.

Your Visionary Self, your Dream Future Self, your Greater Self, et al, are all images of you and identities of you that you are evolving into and are “out of the box.” They exist beyond the collective consensus mainstream reality definitions of you and your own acceptance of cultural limitations.

You have learned from my previous communications how to accelerate that evolutionary process to step into your Greater Self. All this is part of  knowing and owning who you truly are as a Divine Being who is having a physical plane experience, and who is here on a Mission, following your Divine Plan.

Back in the second phase of the Siriun year, I told you about the “Test.” This happens after you expand your Self-Image during the Sirius Vortex period, the first phase. You see, when you grow, you expand your personal box to accommodate a larger energy and field of light that is you.

But if you don’t sustain this expanded level in a larger box, your old issues will reappear as a stressful challenge, or even as a snap-back. This pressures you urgently to return to that old self you were a year earlier or so, and react and respond in the very same way you used to, just before the expansion.

If you do this, your reaction and responses will come from the perspective and within the old limits of that lesser or smaller box, the old self. The result will be that your reality will contract to be consistent with that lesser you and your expansion will be lost. This is the essence of the “Test,” and we all face this cyclically as we grow and expand our consciousness.

Passing the Test means that you can sustain a better perspective on yourself and on your reality as you continue to maintain your slightly enlarged box. Then you can enlarge the box again, and again, keeping up the expansion of your image. This is why I gave the free Greater Self Process seminar.

2018 is a Year to Transcend the Collective
This time however, the challenge to your box isn’t just personal, it’s collective. When you envision your Dream or Ideal Future, or work with your Future Self, you are relating to an expanded version of yourself, your Greater Self. Your Future Self’s box is quite larger and he or she is very comfortable living inside that box. If the box is expanded enough, you feel very free. Energy flows. Magic abounds. This is the state we all want!

Now this Future you have envisioned needs to be expanded to contain your culture and the people in your world as well as yourself. In Phase Four, you are not only expanding your box again, but you are expanding the box of the culture, of the collective. In other words, by doing your own personal box expansion, you are also doing the work of the world. This is part of your global mission as well as your personal one. And when you think outside the box here, you are dreaming a New World for everyone.

Boundaries of the Box
Your boundaries are self-chosen limits you wish to have. You need boundaries. You need definition. Growing up, the sides of your box were limits given to you by your parents and culture. These are limits. They restrain you. You need that at first so you don’t get lost and wander off into other dimensions (although some of you still did that like I did!).

But when you reach adulthood, these limitations can feel severe and restrict both Soul and Spirit, and you can fall back into a smaller or lesser self easily. As an adult, you want to consciously choose your boundaries, and when you do, they no longer are limitations. They clarify who you see yourself to be and give you an orientation to your life. Your reality is busy sending you experiences in which you can see more of who you are. When you bounce off a wall of your box, you know that you have hit a limit (crisis or stress) and it’s time for you to expand that wall with a self-chosen boundary instead.

Last time, I wrote about some boundaries in greater length– the ones that are your principles. But you see, even your chosen boundaries can become limitations if you grow and expand too quickly or too much. So you need to  not only change your limits to self-chosen boundaries, you need to periodically upgrade your boundaries. And in 2018, there has seldom been a more urgent need for you to upgrade and expand your boundaries and your remaining limits!

As I see it, there are six boundaries/walls/limits that determine and define your box. If you were trapped inside a cardboard box shaped like a cube, you would be inside six walls – the four on the sides, plus the top and bottom. If the box was very tight, you would push the sides and bust through. This is the idea with your personal box. If it’s tight, then push out the walls!

If you do this exercise in meditation, you push the walls of your personal box and they move away from you to expand your box, which makes it bigger. The bigger the box you manage to make, the freer and happier you will feel. You won’t be banging up against the walls (limits) of your box and feel stifled, restricted, and held back. Now here’s the good news!

The more expanded your box, and the more expanded you are, the greater reality you can experience. This is what dreaming the New World is all about. You can literally step into a New Life!

So what defines your box? As I mentioned before, the limitations you inherited from your culture as you were “socialized” into being a person belonging to your culture. These limitations define the walls of your box. What did you learn about who you are from your culture? As you are aware of your life education, identifying your own personal limits will be much easier.

So here are the defining limits of your box. For the purposes of your imagination, see it as a cube with 6 sides. Each side or wall has a theme in your life. When you evaluate these themes and make new, higher level decisions with them. you are expanding your box consciously. (And consciously, you know, is your Spiritual Path!)

When you choose consciously, you are freeing yourself from limits which then turn into clear boundaries that make your life work so much more smoothly and successfully. Everyone needs boundaries, but no one needs limits. You can change this yourself as you step more and more into a Greater You.

Principles are the priorities of order that you choose and align to. They are your lines in the sand. All choices you make are according to your definition of these lines. You use them for your conceptual and philosophical orientation. Principles are markers of your moral character and philosophy of life.

Examples of principles are empowerment, freedom, lovingness, honesty, etc. Some people make choices for safety and security or money opportunism which basically leads to greater scarcity and fear consciousness. So if your principles are survivalist ones, you need to upgrade them to something more enlightened for yourself.

I discussed principles at length earlier in the Siriun year phase 3. Please refer to that. If you don’t have what I shared any longer, write me an email and I’ll resend it to you.

Your Self-Image and what identities you hold form one of these limits. If you were to shift your Self-Image into someone outside the normal or usual limits, then your relationship to your collective, to your family and community would change accordingly. Some of you have already experienced this. You found your Spiritual Path and stepped upon it, changing the way you see yourself and the way you see your world. Perhaps your friends and family didn’t come along. There can be feelings of separation and loss, especially of belonging, if that happens.

For me, my Spiritual Path came through finding an Indian Guru (or rather, he found me), who healed me of my emotional and physical traumas, initiated me into the inner Light and Sound Current, and gave me a Path to the Divine that felt true to me. This extremely challenged my fundamentalist southern Christian mother to continue to love me, as I didn’t seem to be the daughter she thought she knew. She was afraid that I was a victim of a cult. My guru recommended that I remain loving and patient with her.

While I felt freer and happier than before, my mother felt guilt that she had failed me and failed God. She tried harder than ever to convert me back to my childhood religion. When that failed, she manipulated, guilt-tripped me, and threatened me with the devil and hell. So it was challenging for me to expand my box, and also deal with the fallout of that with my mother! I’m sure you have a story or two like that too!

Another boundary or limit of the box has to do with what you believe. Again, you learn a set of beliefs that, since everyone around you seems to hold them as true, you agree and think they are true also. Most people confuse their beliefs with truth, and so they feel that others who do not hold the same beliefs are dangerous to their community (i.e. tribe). These “outsiders” could create chaos within the community and threaten the tribe!

So everyone in the community is encouraged or even pressured to stand together and aver the same beliefs. This creates an impression of strength and support for the members of the community and intimidates those who would bring the threat into the community. In more extreme cases, the community will attack and even kill the threatening outsider so there will be no more conflict about the truth. We’ve seen this scenario play out over and over through the centuries.

The reason I bring up this tribal example is because you are expanding your personal box and also need to expand your cultural box as well. You are choosing what you wish to believe, now that you see how belief creates reality. So you are choosing beliefs and attitudes about things that go along with and support the lifestyle and reality you wish to live.

This is empowered choice, and you are acknowledging that beliefs are not written in stone, including your most precious ones. You can expand the sides of your box and increase its volume when you are able to see your beliefs as your choice and not as absolute truths. Then you have more freedom – you are not banging up against the walls of your box.

The original expansions outside your cultural limitations came when you rebelled, when you moved against your tribal beliefs. This is what I call “banging up against the walls of your box.” You did not feel free, free to be yourself, free to pursue the life you wanted in some way.

Then you removed yourself from the most limited part of your culture. You hid yourself, perhaps living among others who believed more like you did. This made you more comfortable, but soon you would experience the same dynamic with them as well. As soon as you expanded further, you could get ousted from this newer network. I’ve seen this happen a lot with spiritual communities based around a specific spiritual teacher. It happened to me.

I had to leave the Satsang, not because I rejected my Master Teacher, but because I could not continue to grow and honor myself if I held onto the limited identity of the group.

Another response to the community is to become detached, and to pretend not to care. This however, leads one to become numb, and growth pretty much stops. If you take this route, you cannot relate to people and the culture at all, and so you must escape in some way. That’s what addiction gives you. Then all your energy is focused on the struggle with your will and your addiction – not a good way to escape!

But now, you have grown so much that you MUST stand up for what YOU choose to believe, honoring yourself and living life according to YOUR rules and not live a life dictated by your culture, or your social network, or by financial considerations.

When you get to this level of awareness and courage, you are breaking down the walls of your box. You have become the Visionary busting free of the box. You are thinking out of the box, and it’s natural and normal to you.

Your Imagination, Visions, and Dreams

Another wall of the Box is defined by your Visions and Dreams. What is it that you wish to experience? Feel? Know? Be? Everyone wants a better life, but not everyone has the courage and willingness to live a full and rich life based on their own truth.

You have had a vision, a big insight, an aha moment in which you have imagined your full potential and the greatest of possibilities. This expansive potential is your personal Vision. It includes being a Luminous Human, your Greater Self, and the joy and love and happiness creating your own life the way you want it. Everyone’s Vision is unique, but a Vision is greater than the physical world, and thus has a strong spiritual-Divine component to it.

Your Vision can also be imagined for the world, since it is so expansive. It goes beyond good and bad, right and left, up and down – i.e. beyond duality. It can be anchored in the experience of Oneness, that all beings (including humans, animals, plants, and even rocks) are made up of the same soul stuff of the Divine. We are all family. Visions are huge and inclusive in scope! They hold the intangibles we all desire; love, safety, joy, and so forth.

Your Dream is the life you imagine for yourself, the people, the lifestyle, and your achievements. It includes the greatest capacity of your work and activities, and a lifestyle that may include a big house, living by the beach, having a wonderful mate, and more. Your Dream can be dreamed for those you care about as well. Your Dream for your children may for them to have a good mate, a good education, to be healthy, happy in their work, etc.

You can also Dream for your World. I have discussed your Dream Future for several months now, and that is a full and complete imagining of what your life will be like in the ideal Future. A Dream is a kind of ideal. It shows you where to move towards and what you want to address, do, create, or celebrate on your way to that.

Most people do not go for their Dreams, as they are encouraged to “settle.” Settling is not a small lifestyle, with little money or poor level job. It’s a small idea of you. Your Self is a lesser, limited one, and a compromise of who you are. So dream big. Even if you don’t get all the way there, your life will have zest!

Visions and Dreams together are beyond the collective, beyond the consensus mainstream reality, and can be tapped only through heightened imagination and creative intuition. Thus, the capacity that you have to imagine them and to imagine a reality that is not present or has never been present in your life is the biggest key to discovering your Visions and Dreams and making them a reality. After all, you can’t manifest anything unless you can imagine it!

Use your imagination to expand your perception of yourself and of your reality. This boundary of your box is generally defined by how well you can imagine, so practice your imagination daily. Since imagination is a 5th dimensional vibration, you can see that imagination can take you out of 3-D limitations and allow your Visions and Dreams to be dreamt.

Again, as in earlier newsletters, I emphasize that your Visions and Dreams are not defined by the physical circumstances of your life that you desire, but the intangible feels and states of being that you hold. In other words, your resonance, your vibratory field, is what holds the Dream before you, lifting you up to it. From there, you attract (remember that famous Law of Attraction?) all the physical goodies that you want.

So, playing the lottery and hoping for millions of bucks keeps you in 2-dimensional fantasy and not on the track to your Dream, and certainly not to your Vision either. The lottery is an example of cultural scarcity consciousness, so when you are expanding, you are more sensitive than usual, and lottery playing is generally not that conducive to being empowered, present, and advancing towards your Visions and Dreams.

If you refuse to dream, thinking it’s futile, considering all the burdens you carry, the obligations you are shouldering, and the duties to others more important than you, then your box stays very small. You do not feel free. If you think you must be logical with “pragmatic” thinking so that you can have a safe and secure life, you are in a small box. Over time, it will feel tighter and tighter and you will have less and less freedom. Just sayin’!

Physicality/Capacity to Thrive
If you have difficulty with your body, and with your health levels and vitality, you are also going to feel confined in your box. I’ve already spoken about your Commission of Challenge. It’s your weakest place among the big three, love, money, and health, and you will consistently have “tests” in that area.

For me, it’s been my physical body. For you, it may be another area. But this I know, and it’s bad news. If you can’t get a good night’s sleep, digest your food well, and feel good energy and motivation to do things, then you will not be able to manifest your Dream. You are compelled to focus on healing yourself instead.

But there’s good news too. It’s that, in the process of healing yourself, you can develop your inner light, love, caring, and value for yourself. This will expand your self-image and enable you to connect better with your Greater Self. In the process, you can totally shift your Self-Defeating mind talk, shift beliefs, and learn how to rest, love and nurture yourself. You can tap into the magic and mystery of those Dream Future intangibles, such as joy (which is a very high healer), love, receiving, and creative imagination. You can heal the emotional and spiritual pain and anguish, reducing your physical pain and health crises.

For me, I had chronic fatigue (Epstein-Barr, Candida, and Fibromyalgia). I couldn’t do my work any longer. Even though it appeared to be easy (counseling/coaching using astrology), I was too stressed out and exhausted by it to continue. So I got into channeling. Now I channel, and my work is popular and totally healing me. No more pain and debilitating exhaustion! I have found what I am to do, at least for now. So your health issues often have a deeper purpose, and focusing on your health in a spiritual and loving way will lead you to a greater sense of connection with the world and the ability to give love and compassion to all.

Agendas/Purpose and Intention
Children and adolescents don’t know how to handle responsibility. It’s not yet available in their brains and body, nor is it in their emotional maturity level. And when people are immature, they will be tempted to lie to cover up any shame and put on a impervious armored fašade. They will try to manipulate people into liking them or giving them money. They can even take on an attitude of entitlement, as if their powerlessness as children and embarrassments as adolescents earns them points. They will succumb to their negative egos and even end up shooting themselves in the foot.

In our culture, we are not encouraged to grow up and be responsible, mature, and self-loving. We may adopt, for purposes of our fašade, a childish version of one or more of these, i.e. making promises that seem responsible and then not following through, giving excuses and blaming something or someone else.  Maturity is faked as well, with domination, preaching, and pompous pretending to know it all. Loving ourselves can be translated as self-flattery and aggrandizement, with a lot of entitlement on one hand or even a lot of self-pity on the other. And we can set “boundaries” that are actually demands for others to kowtow to while we protect what we see and our own vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

When we make these adaptations, which are nearly universal, we have an underlying agenda, an ego agenda. But we also have a true agenda. Every being alive has an agenda. It is to survive, to live. Beyond that, we have needs. And we have our primary desires; to be unconditionally loved, and to be safe.

We have needs, such as physical survival, safety, belonging, love, self-esteem, empowerment, beauty, to be heard and acknowledged, to express ourselves in some way, to have hope for the future, motivation to do something, something to look forward to, and others.

If we feel our ability to get these needs are threatened in any way, we fear that they will not be met. Then we play “games” – duplicitous, sneaky ways to get them. For example, many people are driven to prove or be seen that they are right. For many years, I’ve argued with my first husband and then my second husband that I was right and he was wrong, and he argued that he was right and I was wrong.

Demanding that you are right is manipulative and an attempt to be one-up on the other person. It’s blatant ego domination. Most arguments between immature people, if not all of them, are a contest over who is right. Who gets to call the shots? Who gets to look like he or she is in total control?

True Agenda and Ego Agenda

So when we talk about having an agenda, there is a true agenda and then there is the dubious ego-driven agenda. In your self-evaluation, make sure your agenda is pure and not ego driven. Get clear with where you stand on your needs.

When you do this, you tap into your sense of purpose, your ambition and motivation to move towards your personal Dream and Global Vision. Then you will have more success and happiness. You will find that your reality, your personal Universe, will support you. Magic will happen.

It’s not easy to identify ego agendas in yourself and weed them out. You have not been taught to be mature, self-loving, or fully responsible, nor have you been given the clarity to identify your negative ego’s interference in your truth.

One way I recommend to find them is to review your relationships and see if you try to control someone else by using guilt as persuasion, or if you need to be right. You can imagine that there is way more on this topic, but hopefully, what I’ve shared here is enough to give you a good head start on expanding your wall of Agendas to find your clarity of Purpose and true motivation.

Reality Creation Means Giving Dimension to Something
In order to make any choice real and to then create and allow manifestations in alignment with your truth, you want to make your choices real. If you stay in the wishful ideal stage, you may feel better. You can even get high on expanding your box. But once you are expanding your walls and moving into ownership of your life’s boundaries and clarity, you want to manifest a reality based on the resonance of what greater expansion you have chosen.

To make anything real instead of remaining in fantasy space, you must give it dimension. Since you live in 3-D, I suggest you see each wall as a theme for your boundary. Find a code word or phrase that describes what you are aiming for in each of the six walls. Then take these six words or phrases and imagine that you are viewing or sensing these themes as being in your three dimensional life.

How do you do this? Imagine another box, another cube, and the theme of the cube is whatever boundary or choice you have made. For example, you have decided to expand your agendas into a greater sense of purpose. So you will see the cube of purpose here.

Now the cube is not going to be a perfect symmetrical cube. It may be very wide but short, or it may be high but have hardly any depth. Use your intuition to sense how your cube is shaped. There is no right or wrong shape of your cube. It’s just feedback, so don’t be concerned whether you’re doing this right or not.

Get up close to the cube, so close that you could crawl inside it. Sense the height. The height of the cube is how much you can acknowledge and allow. How much greatness in yourself do you sense is available? How much success can you let in? How much love? How high can you reach? How high can you stretch your upper limits?

In my example, do you feel a lot of purpose? Are you charged up, passionate, enthused? Do you feel like you have a high reaching purpose – can you feel your Divine Purpose, your Personal Mission?

The width reflects the areas of life that will be impacted positively by your expanded theme. Do you need to expand your consciousness in a certain area, or is the width tight, indicating that you don’t see how you can apply the theme in love, money, health, etc.

In my example, if it’s tight, do you run your ego agenda programs through your relationships and your business? Are you using your health issues to garner sympathy and get excuses? What would it feel like if you had a sense of purpose in a loving way in all your life areas. Wouldn’t that be fun?

And finally, look at the depth of the cube. This indicates how real, rich, and deep your mature sense of purpose goes. Here is where you see how well you own and honor the powerful reality creator you are and hold the confidence and inner knowing that you are “on purpose.”

In the example, do you balance your imagination and desire with commitment? Who are you now; your lesser self, doing things just to get your money and toys, or are you truly owning your greater nature? Do you seek a win-win solution with all people you interact with? Do you own your success? Do you receive your success, knowing that you have not earned it and are not entitled to it, but are capable of receiving it because it’s normal and natural for you, the powerful reality creator that you are?

Further Explorations
Once you work with the 6 sides of your box, and you are seeing the changes moving through your life experiences, you may want to go more in detail. This is for those who love to know everything they can and explore reality creation at a deeper level.

If you are intrigued with this Matrix, I suggest that you take the six themes and look closely at them, one at a time, in their own cube. Look at their height, their width, and their depth. How much do you own of the  organizational structure of your energy and focus?

For those who love the research, however, there is a caveat. While focusing greatly on the details, you gotta have fun!

Celebrate your life, love your life!

This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA