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The Integration Stage of the Siriun Year and the “Test”

Building self/identity power and maintaining the next level of success resonance

The Sirius Vortex opening, the eclipses, and the initiation of “labor” leading to the birth of the New World were major events from earlier this year. The time period has passed, but the intensity of change, the building of the new, and the openings to possibilities for a positive future are still on the move. Not only are they still significant, but they are growing and building, leading us into our New World, both within and without. Remember, this year ahead is a pivotal period on the planet. Within the next few months, you will know why you are here and what your mission(s) are!

It may appear to be chaos right now, and it is, but that’s because we’ve moved into the second time period and growth stage of the Siriun year that I call the Integration Stage. Don’t worry. It’s totally normal to feel the chaos, to feel in-between, and a bit disoriented.

During this time, you are offered the opportunity to learn how to maintain the new frequency level you’ve touched into. When you can lift and maintain this new level, your life can begin to flow into a more positive momentum that reflects that level.

Manifestation; The Bottom Line and the Flow

You want to have more money, love, and health don’t you? We humans always want more, especially more than that bottom line that marks the lowest boundary of our survival. So many of us live just above the bottom line. When we get a little extra love, money, or health, we have a snapback and lose it, bringing us back down to where we started.

However, when you move the bottom line higher, you will have more success in your life in general, have more money than you need, and find more fulfilling relationships. As you get happier, your health improves too. If you are into doing manifestation work, the integration time is the best time to establish a success flow.

You know how great and magical it is when you are in the Flow! There is an easy and positive synchronicity as things unfold and develop for you in the direction of your goals and dreams. When you are in the Flow, you know you are on the right track!

However, there is a big challenge that comes up when you dare to grow and live at a new, higher level and lift up your bottom line. That’s why I’m writing you today. I want you to succeed! The following information will give you the details of the challenge you can expect during this phase – I call it the “Test.” I also will give you exactly how to respond to it so that you can step into greater success! I want you to “pass the test” and you do too!

Most manifestation trainings don’t go into detail on this step, although I think it’s the most critical step of the whole process of getting what we want out of life. Mastery of this step will ensure greater and more positive manifestations consistently.

So for that reason, again I have sent you a long article. I tried to reduce it down, but each piece is so important to know, I decided to let you decide if you’re willing to spend the time to learn how to master your “Test!”

Also, at the core of manifestation work is the Greater Self process that I’ve been raving about for months now. As we expand into our Greater Selves, we will attract to us our Dream Future. And on the way, we will begin to live it! How does it get better than THAT?

What the Integration Period is About

Human psyches are not used to shifting to a new level and simply living there. Old limited thoughts, feelings, and actions habitually persist, and they will limit any new expansion. Since the new frequency and the old frequency cannot co-exist within your new self-image level, you feel conflicted. You plunge into a state of chaos and destabilization. Who are you now? It’s as if everything is up for grabs!

If you’ve been run ragged these past few weeks, know that it’s totally normal to experience this after a high frequency wave. But you have to make a choice now at which level you are going to live on as natural and normal to you.

 So during the Integration stage, the old frequencies (limiting habits of thought, feeling and action) have to go. This is old stuff, the “garbage” that no longer reflects accurately who you are now or who you want to be. You have to leave it behind in your past, dump anything that no longer vibes to your new frequencies, and reinforce the new decisions you’ve made for your life. This means that you will need to sustain the new frequencies so they can be a momentum of success.

The “Test”

The momentum of old habits is built upon persistent and continuous knee-jerk automatic “default” programs you built in your past. These programs of reaction, response, as well as inner and outer behavior become automatic. They tell you what to do, what you can expect, and who you are (identity), and contain emotions and contexts left over from earlier challenges and situations.

These programs are held in place in your life by your Subconscious Mind (SC Mind), which lies just beneath the Conscious Mind. In the SC Mind are all your programs, habits, and patterns – anything repetitive. The SC Mind’s function  is all about simplifying your life and making things consistent so that you feel safe and your life has a comfortable and familiar progression to it. This creates a momentum that you just flow with, like the current of a river. The advantage of a momentum is that you don’t have to think and stress yourself out over what to do in every situation that comes up. You simply revert to what you have done before.

While a response program simplifies your life, some of the actions you took were limiting and didn’t work out that well before. So how can you expect these responses to work better for your future? Like all humans, you are reluctant to give up that easy old flow, even when you know you want something better. You get stuck in the old groove and are loathe to risk moving out of the old familiar ways and into the Unknown, the Mystery, the uncharted territory.


You know that you have to change things. At any given moment in time, the majority of people on the planet are involved in a self-initiated personal change of some sort. It’s natural for humans to want to improve their lives and take action towards what they want. You do this too.

But as you are probably well aware, change can be a scary thing. If you want to break a habit, you know it takes will and persistence. It conflicts with your new identity or with the life you are wanting to live. You know the old way has to go. And on some level, you know that you will have to reprogram your Subconscious Mind (SC) and reset it to the new frequency. You also assume that this reset will create new, more positive habits of thought, feeling and being. After all, you have heard about (if not experienced) the power of the SC Mind in addiction and how someone can have hypnosis to break his or her habit and becoming free of its limitations while being able to create a new and better habit.

You don’t have to use hypnosis to “talk” with your subconscious. You can “hear” it in that incessant talk that goes on all day in your mind. And you can break your bad habits too, on your own, when you are ready and willing to. Now is the time to do this, in the Integration Period. This is the time to take action.

Your action will lead towards what you have envisioned; your new higher bottom line and what the feeling of your greater Flow will feel like. Imagine the expanded sense of freedom and wellbeing that living life at a higher vibratory level will bring. You want to have a picture/sense of where you want to go, as well as the feelings that accompany that picture. If you don’t have this in your mind, it will be difficult to break free of your SC Mind conditioning and you will not make any changes. It’ll simply be too uncomfortable and hard. So you must do your imagination work now!

Let me assume that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to manifest a better life for yourself, to become that Greater Self living your true Destiny, as you celebrate your unique Divine Plan in freedom, empowerment, and safety/trust. You can use these words to sense the energies of the future you are heading towards.

So this is the time to make the decision to move forward into the life you want, owning the higher vibration that you are now (as compared to months and years ago), and letting go of the old programs (limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and choices). The only way to do that is to bring them up for review and make the new choices of what to keep and what to toss.

Since no one is trained in school or by their parents to do this process proactively, your Universe has stepped in to do the job. And how does the Universe/your personal reality help you do it? By bringing up those old patterns, issues, and feelings to the surface, and dumping the familiar challenges into your life, that’s how. That relationship issue you thought was hiding away? It’s here again. Or yet again, you stall out financially where you can’t seem to get good paying clients. Or that health issue starts giving you scares yet again.

The Challenge

You have a “favorite” or more frequent kind of challenge. I call this most familiar area of challenge your “Commission of Challenge.” Mine is in health. When I get expanded, I often hit my head, or my vision goes down, or I get weird symptoms that can trigger worries, “is it cancer?” You know those kinds of negative thoughts?

For some people, their Commission of Challenge may come from the family and thus relationships – a family member keeps frustrating or hurting them the same old way, even after decades of attempts to heal the rifts. For others, they find that somebody with power over them treats them badly, like a co-dependent lover or a boss. Even relationships with equals (lovers, friends, peers) are difficult to sustain, and it seems that they require some kind of self-diminishment or compromise. This is a typical example of a Commission of Challenge in relationships.

The common denominator for all the challenging circumstances that show up for you is determined by the similar appearances of limiting situations. They are similar due to the impact on you that they have. It’s the same emotional drama and loss of personal power. As I said, this can happen in relationships, money/finance, and health.

The Commission of Challenge, or the most commonly occurring one comes from childhood or adolescence and keeps repeating through adulthood. That’s why the challenges feel and look so familiar, even if they come through different people and circumstances. And this also explains why it’s so easy to fall back into the power level of a child (very small) or an adolescent (small) when you respond to them. Then you can easily forget who you have already become, who you are NOW.

You experienced an expansion in your awareness of who you are. Just stop and feel it. Who were you last year? Sense your level of expansion then. Now feel who you are now, or at least who you become in September. Sense how you are expanded in vibratory energy, brighter, and more powerful now. In this short intense energetic period – the initiation part of the Siriun year that was kicked off by the August eclipse and Sirius Vortex opening, you became more. You are your Greater Self to your Lesser Self of last year and the years before. This current awareness of your expansion needs to be recognized and sustained.

You see, if you forget where you are going and who you are becoming (the Greater Self of the Dream Future), you can be tempted to immediately get frustrated, sigh, and respond knee-jerk in your same-old, same-old way – the way you reacted to a similar challenge, problem, or issue years ago. You then fall back into the smaller or lesser self-identity that you were. The new frequencies collapse back into your limited field of play.

For example, I always played the “ditz” card. If I made a mistake, forgot something, and/or got distracted and lost my train of thought, I’d explain it by saying, “oh, you know, I’m a space cadet” or “that was me just being my ditzy self. My memory is so bad.” But that limited me so much that I needed to be challenged with ditzy-producing circumstances! While I would continually forgive myself and go on, my identity remained as the ditz. I had to give up that identity in order to value myself and make a genuine apology or self-forgiveness to clear it. I recommend that you do this if you can find one or more of those old identities that hold you captive to your past and to your Commission of Challenge! (If you don’t know how to do this, contact me directly, so I can share resources with you for this step.)

The Purpose behind the challenges and their Test

But the purpose of these difficult challenges is not to make you suffer, to punish you, or block you from a good life. It’s not to force you to go through yet another endless cycle of processing the issues you’ve addressed many, many times already. The true purpose of the challenges you face is for you to see where you’ve given your power away, so that you can take it back. And also give you the opportunity to make a new and better choice on how to respond, setting into motion a more empowered and positive Response Program!

As I’ve shared before, your reality is supportive of you. Your spiritual guides want you to have what it is you want. And they know that you won’t make a move when you are comfortable and secure in your limiting life box. So they and your reality will give you a “Test.” They’ll light a fire under your butt by bringing up all the old circumstances where you gave your power away or didn’t learn what you wanted to about life, love, money, or whatever.

I want to emphasize and repeat that this “Test” – it’s in quotes because it isn’t really a test – has a positive purpose. Again, I want to reinforce this concept since it’s so alien to most people. The Test is designed to get you to choose what you REALLY want in your life moment to moment in regards to that type of circumstance or challenge in your life. You get to choose how to respond when the challenging circumstances arise. It’s part of your divine gift of power and will.

Will you select the old program or try out a new response? Either way, it’s your choice. It’s you taking your power. It’s your chance to reprogram your life and have a fresh new freedom you haven’t had before.

So your initial response to an old familiar type of challenging circumstance is critical. If you forget who you are and where you are intending and wanting to become (the Greater Self ahead), you may fall back to zero, to the beginning. You’ll sigh and whine about having to start all over again and become discouraged or even cynical. Or you may feel like you haven’t made any progress, despite months or years working on the problem. You can even go so far as to beat yourself up - judging, blaming, and shaming yourself - for failing or messing up.  Like I used to do with my ditzy self-image.

But here’s a Warning!

If you do this fall back response, you slip and slide back into the self you used to be. You shrink into someone smaller, i.e. your Lesser Self, and you lose the power and grace of your Greater Self. You are forced to wallow in the problem until you work your way out of it. Then you have to start all over again to build up your resonance, optimism, hope, and move forward towards your Greater Self and Dream Future.

If you go unconscious with the challenge or potential problem and do what you’ve previously done that wasn’t successful in healing the situations, you have just chosen to take the stuff back, own it, and make it a part of you again! Your identity will revert to a prior one and you will feel immense discouragement. Plus, your Universe/personal reality will assume that this is what you actually want to do!

If you get your “Test,” and return to your old patterns of response, then you haven’t learned what you needed to learn from the old pattern. I repeat here, if you identify with a self that you were months or even years ago, you will get stuck.

Because it’s a Free Will Universe, you have the choice – always – of who you see yourself as being! Your guides, your Universe sees a continuance of your old response program as a choice to return to your old self. And my friends, your guides will stand around helplessly as you go through those unhappy and difficult emotional states yet again. They can NOT overcome your Free Will choice. They can NOT intervene and rescue you, no matter how much you beg and plead for them to!

In other words (or “deeper” words), you can beg your guides and God for help, but if you continue to feel self-pity, hold guilt and anger, blame and judge, feel helpless and powerless, and/or refuse to change, this choice of the old limitations overrides the Divine. Free Will is a huge gift and the Divine isn’t manipulated by your suffering.

Now there are a very few rare exceptions to this and they are connected to a big Destiny Path or karmic step you may be about to take. Frankly, I don’t suggest that you rely on this. It’s about as rare as winning a $100,000,000 lottery, maybe rarer. It’s extreme, dramatic, and seemingly forces you into a new direction. You may have to almost die, or die and return to get it. You may have to be willing to take risks that normal mortals aren’t willing or capable of doing. That multi-million dollar business won’t just be plopped into your lap. Your mom won’t suddenly recover from terminal cancer. That spouse who cheated on you won’t return. But you can change your Response Program, take back your power, and move into a better life.

Delete the Program!

This test is much more like what you do on your computer when you delete a program. You can get a window that pops open with the message “Are you sure you want to delete this program and all the files and folders in it?” I remember when I wanted to delete something. It was the same as figuring out what clothes to toss. Once the thing is gone, it’s forever. It’s never coming back. The question “are you SURE?” would stir fear in me. Was I sure? Did I have certainty that I was doing the right thing and that the loss of folders and material associated with the program wouldn’t mess me up in some way in the future? My fear of loss was huge. You may feel this too, as you grow.

The “Test” pushes on your Fear of Loss and Fear of the Unknown buttons big time!

Where you put your attention is where your power goes. If you continue the same old responses, you will end up putting your attention into scenarios with the same, unsatisfying endings, and with a life going nowhere. You’ll move towards a future that is decidedly mediocre or even scary. Unless you know how to pass the test…

How to Pass the Test

1.   “Catch” the Test when it Occurs

Wake up! Make a choice to stay aware and wake up to your greater awareness when old habits and patterns re-emerge. Red flag them, so that when they happen, you can become aware, “Oh yes, I know this old situation! This is what Ginger told me what happen!”

Then immediately claim to be a Greater Self than you have been, the one you now have become. Maybe you don’t yet see yourself as The Greater Self, that radiant resplendent light being filled with power, purpose, and passion, and recognizing the Divine within.

But you are greater and more expanded than you were last spring. Pause and recognize that now. You are greater. You are more. If you don’t feel authentically more, then choose to believe that. Imagine that! This helps to stall out the negativity that often comes with the “Test.”

The easiest way to catch the Test coming at you is to stay aware of your mind talk. It will let you know how you are reacting. For example, when an old issue shows up, do you immediately get frustrated and think “oh no, here it is again? I have to process it all over again.” Do you then attempt to problem-solve it or start all over from scratch to deal with it? Be aware of what you normally do when challenged, and how you give your power away to the challenge really quickly and automatically.

However, once you are aware, in this moment, that an old pattern is playing into your life story, you are not your old self. You are separate or distinct from the self that usually succumbs to the issue. Therefore, you are in a newer, more empowered self! If you can identify the old pattern from an observer perspective, you can recognize that the challenge is actually the sloughing off process of the old you. Go one step further to feel and know that the old habits don’t belong in your new resonance.

2.   Use your Point of Power to Distance Yourself from the Challenge

This moment when you see and feel the distinction between you (yourself now, your identity) and your old stuff (the lesser you and past identity) is your Point of Power! That’s when you can choose to look at your life and its issues from a higher and more loving, compassionate level. This is a place of Choice. Be loving and compassionate to yourself, especially when you face a challenge! Because when you choose to hold a higher resonance and not let yourself fall down into the pit of the old garbage, the Universe will see that as your Free Will choice.

Once you are able to choose a higher resonance and vibration, you will also find a greater sense of your inner will emerging. This will is your willingness to stay expanded, and to continue on course towards your Greater Self. As you choose this, this becomes your Free Will. The Universe (your guides, your reality, your world) can and will come to your aid with support. They are no longer hampered by your victim consciousness, scarcity consciousness, or small identity.

So learn how to use your Point of Power deliberately. Every time you become aware of your challenges and limited habitual response programs, focus on how you are distinct as a being from them. This can distance you quickly from any patterns, habits, and limited feelings that show up. Stay as aware as you can and refuse to give your power away to them by getting drawn back into the drama or old self-image. Do this before you lose your attention and power to them.

3.   Forgive and Let Go

Recognize the old familiar stimulations that encourages you to go knee-jerk into your lesser self. Forgive yourself for having had them and fallen for them for so long. Yes, you can forgive yourself – the greater you can forgive the lesser you. Let the old stuff go into the light. Give the issues and problems to your Higher Self, or your Master Teacher if you have one.

You can do this right on the spot, and no one needs to know. You can do this all in your head, even if you are facing a person who plays a role of enemy in your life play! Once you’ve done this giving away a few times, you will be able to do it in seconds. Mostly, the important thing is to remain conscious of your reactions and responses and how you instinctively want to respond to the challenge with them. And then make a choice of preference to act differently from your place of power.

4.   Choose the Reality and Self You Prefer to Have

Once you do that, then you can choose what to replace your responses with that is consistent with the person you see yourself becoming - the Future Greater You, the Greater Self. You can choose to respond, feel, believe and act differently. This is true power! At first, it may feel strange. But please, persevere.

Your choice is a gift of the Universe to you, since this Universe is a Free-Will Universe. If you hold an identity as someone who suffers a lot, who is weak, a victim of circumstances without choices available other than what you have always done, or that you have some other difficulty that chronically holds you back, the Universe will see that as your choice.

So when the SC Mind brings up your Test, it’s asking, like a computer program deletion, “Are you sure you don’t want to go back to the old pattern you used to have and that you chose for so long?” Don’t be offended. The SC Mind has got to do this in order to set up a momentum for you and to simplify your daily life. It’s got to be informed of your wishes. So choose as many times as you need to, as you remind yourself of who you truly are and what identity you are wanting to have consistently.

If you then choose to identify as someone who wins, or at least who has magic on his or her side, and that everything works out well somehow, the Universe will see THIS as your choice!

The Power of Intangibles

One more thing about this step. When you imagine a new pattern in place of the old one, focus on the intangible aspects of it. Pay attention to how you will respond in every detail. If you can take some time to sit down and write out your new feeling states in detail, then you can eliminate some of those old emotional reactions that kept sabotaging you.

For example, if you always felt disempowered by your Commission of Challenge showing up again and again, then remember your old pattern in detail, including your mind talk. What did you feel then? Anger and resentment? Self-pity? Anxiety that you’d fail? Fear of being judged and excluded?

Whatever that is, think of what identity you had with that. Were you the angry young man or the fierce bitch? Were you the child wanting mommy to come fix it for you? Were you the loner or outsider, unable to belong? What was your identity when you failed your challenges in the past? What was the automatic self you would fall back into? I fell back into the ditz in one of my challenges. I fell into the powerless child, not knowing what was happening to me, when my health would take a turn for the worse.

5.   Own Your Greater Self, Receive and Enjoy

Then allow yourself to embrace more magic and happiness as your natural and normal state of affairs. This requires imagination, the key ingredient in the Greater Self Process, as it’s your 5th dimensional self. As you allow yourself to be greater than before, also acknowledge that you can own your own value and worth better than before. And this is not because you are achieving more or contributing to others and the world more, even though you are. It’s because of who you ARE – a divine being having a physical body experience – that determines your value.

You, the conscious reality creator that you are, can choose what is valuable and what is not. So you can choose to be valuable, worthy, deserving, and good. Now you can begin to attract what you are imagining – the New You and your New Life!

What I’ve noticed is that when you are feeling valuable, you attract more valued things to yourself. This is a way that the Law of Attraction plays out. The greater you let yourself become by thinking and feeling and believing at a more expanded level (and be generous with yourself here!), the better reality you will attract.

Once you open to this new life and begin feeling those better and lighter feelings, you begin moving into a momentum. You receive something interesting and magical, especially a pleasant positive synchronicity. Your guides are speaking to you, saying “yes,” you got it! You know you’re on the right track now.

However, once you get into a more pleasant flow or momentum, you must NOT let yourself go back to sleep. That’s because sometimes the Test has to come more than once before your SC Mind is sure that you are serious about your change.

Again, a Warning

Every time a challenge occurs, you need to respond quickly, but don’t gripe about it. Don’t get annoyed, because all of this is happening in the long run for your benefit. If you feel that your challenges are all terrible hardships, irritating, annoying, and a total drag on you, you may be identifying with the entitled one, a princess or ego ridden person. You may be taking what’s happening to you personally and are angry with the Universe for not giving you all the success you want without any effort on your part.  If you do, that is an adolescent ego identity, and you will totally sabotage yourself by shrinking back into the identity of the person you were years ago! Don’t do it!

You must stay on top of your ego that holds a very narrow, small view of things. You must choose to stay in a greater perspective  consistent with moving into your Greater Self. Only with a higher viewpoint can you see what is happening and understand it as being part of your Spiritual Path, your Divine Plan. And in a higher viewpoint, you will feel more gratitude for your life and support from the unseen realms.

It takes a bit of practice, but once you are able to step into that space where you acknowledge that the Universe is working for you, no matter what your life looks like, you will be delightfully surprised. Your challenges will resolve themselves pretty magically, or they will dissolve into something much more easily handled. Sometimes, something will intervene through the actions of another person or even institution, and your challenge will start to shift and get lighter that way too. (An example of this is a legal ruling that suddenly shifts in your favor.) Many times, positive shifts happen almost immediately upon your choice to step into your greater perspective.

6.   Keep expanding your Self Image/Identity

Over time, your response will get lighter and lighter until you are able to laugh when the challenges show up. This is when the magic really takes off! And when reality starts moving another level up, you will know in advance that you have to keep expanding into more of your Greater Self. Please listen to my free recording on the Greater Self Process. Also, keep imagining yourself 20 feet tall, radiant with light and love, powerful and free, and knowing that the Universe has your back.

Galexis spoke a powerful Love and Healing session called “Expanding Self Image and Conscious Awareness” on this topic with a useful technique. If you feel you want more support in this critical piece of manifestation and flow-sustaining power of the Greater Self process, you can go to https://www.galexisspirit.com/cat/45 and purchase the sound file for under $13. If you sign up for the mailing list, you also get a free file that also goes with this process that is called “The Luminous Human; Your New Blueprint” that also helps you to claim your Greater Self.

You have to keep stretching your self-image and your identities often, especially when you are growing and expanding your energy quickly. But every day, I suggest that you claim your Greater Self to keep the expansion going on. As long as you are expanding (imagining and feeling brighter) your light, your love, your power, your image and identity, your reality will keep becoming more and more magical and magnificent. If you forget to expand your self-image/identity, you will get more challenging Tests, and they will remind you to do that, as I suggested above.

So stay aware. Don’t be afraid or paranoid, only stay aware. Because EVERY time you step up to a higher level of resonance, you will get another “Test!” And the “testing” will get lighter. Life is quirky and crazy. Might as well enjoy it!

Remember, when you can face your Tests without blaming anything or anyone, groaning, complaining, and swearing, it shows that you have grown and are greater than before. And also, you are now in your point of power, where you can choose to step up your resonance to yet another level!

Feedback in your Process, Ego Concerns

Another piece of useful feedback in this process is to look at your new resonance. Is it authentically what you want to become? If so, claim and own it regularly, such as remembering it and stepping into the greater resonance every morning.

However, if you are insecure about this, you may give your new resonance over to your ego, and this can sabotage you. The ego is proud, compares what you are doing to what others do or what you did before, and also sets you apart from others in your mind. When you think “I, me, myself – I did it!” you’ve probably given your success over to the ego. Don’t be surprised if it lapses quickly and you have to scramble to jack up your resonance again.

Now what you are doing, moving into your Greater Self, is moving up and beyond the collective, the consensus, or the mainstream, whatever you call it. The ego can be really into this and try to pump you up, rationalize any failures, and take what others are doing personally.

You want to fully see your greatness and magnificence, but not with the eyes of your ego. See yourself in your beauty of light and fullness of Soul through the eyes of your Greater Self, the one who acknowledges the divine within you.

Stay Non-Linear; No Cause and Effect

And another tip. If you think that doing all this work will get you rich, happy, loved, or will make your goal magically come to you, you are seeing that you must earn rewards. You are thinking linearly.

Linear thinking is “if I do this, then that will happen,” i.e. cause and effect. Some people think karma is a cause and effect issue, even though it isn’t. That’s because the Universe isn’t linear and doesn’t act linear at all. So you can NOT earn a darn thing! You can’t be a good boy or girl and then expect a reward – a toy or whatever it is that you want.

You have to be an adult, taking responsibility for yourself and your reality, and then choosing what you want that is in alignment with your truth, your Greater Self. Then you ask the divine for what you want, and open to receive it.

This is basic manifestation stuff, which I am not really explaining now. The key is to see that you are NOT earning anything by your efforts, but that you are staying on your path to the Greater Self because you want to and choose to as a divine being having a physical existence.

You see, you desire to experience your own beauty and greatness – not for any material gain but because your Soul calls you to do this. Then you move towards your goals step by step expecting to receive the magic, the love, and support of your world, and you receive the bounty of your being in the forms and manifestations around you.

About All That Pain and Suffering in the World

There’s a lot of Pain and Suffering out there. Even the Buddha, it is said, pointed out that life is suffering. He was referring to the separation from the Divine, which is the foundation of our ego and loneliness. With this separation comes a lot of hardship, chaos, anxiety, fear, rage, and alienation in the world. It can be overwhelming. What can one do?

It’s tempting to turn away and hide, but if you have a spiritual practice or see yourself on a spiritual path or journey, this is not your option. The Greater Self sends love and compassion to the world, so you will lift yourself up if you do the same.

On a closer, personal level, you may be able to help some less fortunate than yourself, through donating goods to those in need, money to good causes, or even helping a few people here and there in one way or another cope with their lives. Or you may have aged parents, a sick loved one, or be the designated driver for those dependent upon you. This is part of your giving to others, and when you give, the Divine bestows more upon you if you will receive it. Some of you don’t!

But to handle this onslaught of bad news, crises, and suffering, you have to come to terms with the concept of Service. Who do you serve? How do you serve? What motivates you (or doesn’t motivate you) to serve others? What do you want to share with the world? What can you give without sacrificing your health and purpose?

Many people, especially women who’ve gone through the rigors of the Good Girl (gender) Training in their culture, feel they are supposed to serve everyone else. They want to be good people, and that means to defer to others, prioritize others’ needs, and expend their energy in dedication to keep things organized, achieve great ends, raise the children correctly without mistakes, and manage the chaos of a family and extended network.

If this describes you, then what is it that you personally are here to do? What is your passion, your interest? What would motivate you for joy rather than for obligation and necessity? What boundaries do you need in order to keep yourself from burning out and crashing?

I’ll need to go into greater detail when I explain the nuances and contextual states that allow for great manifestations. (Ask me about this if you’re interested, because I’ve done a fabulous manifestation class and have some great info available for you!)

But remember. The nuances and context of your life determine the forms and circumstances of it. The Greater Self is the highest and most expanded context – the feelings and thoughts of joy, love, empowerment, freedom, trust in the Divine Plan as well as in yourself, and celebration of your life are the context. They will integrate eventually into your mind talk and negativity will vanish from your life.

Wishing you all the best in this powerful transition time!

This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

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