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Magical Incubation and Resonance Creation

In this document, I have included three different ways to create, attract, and manifest the reality you desire. The first one, “Purification and Incubation” is to be initiated a month or two before the Spring Equinox or Winter Solstice, as it is a reality incubation or gestation leading up to either of these power times.

Why these times? Once past the Spring Equinox or Winter Solstice, the days are longer (in the Northern Hemisphere and out of the tropics), i.e. an expansion of the light (longer days outside the tropics). If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, then you would do the Purification and Incubation ritual before your Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, which would not be the Northern Hemisphere’s Siriun Year Phase Four but the Southern Hemisphere’s Siriun Year 6th Phase or 2nd Phase.

The second manifestation strategy, “Four Step Resonance Magic for Manifestation,” can be done any time of the year. In it, I give you an education on how to create, build, and direct a field of resonance (made up of many vibrations working in synergy) that lifts your possibilities and attracts your Dreams.

And finally, I’ve included a link to a wonderful, prosperity and abundance ritual that connects you specifically to the vibration of money. “The Green Candle Ritual” is done with four candles, a bowl, a piece of paper. Nothing fancy but awesomely powerful for bringing in money!
Okay, enjoy, and manifest your bliss! Here’s the first one.

Incubate the Future; Release the Past, Purify, and Create your Dream Package

Step One; Create the New Resonance

Before you spend a lot of time focusing on your issues to release, you need to remember what you choose to be your new norm, your new patterns. Releasing old patterns without a choice of new replacement patterns can be an invitation to your negative ego and subconscious mind to recreate those old limitations. And you don’t want to go through them again, over and over. You can pretty much be done with them when you anchor yourself in the new level.

To do that, remind yourself of how far you have come in the past year, image-wise. See that you value yourself more now. See that you are more confident, capable in some way in dealing with life’s vicissitudes, and that you can love more than before. See that your link with the Divine is stronger, and that you have a greater hope in the future than before, despite what unhappiness other people are anticipating.

Recognize that your personal, spiritual and emotional choices are more empowered and determined.  Do this reminding frequently now, because you are growing faster and faster and thus making more progress than before in shorter intervals of time!

If you can’t seem to do this, or you feel you haven’t grown, you are just not connecting to your imagination, i.e. the 5th Dimension where your Greater Self is anchored. So try this instead. Imagine that you are sitting down for a visit with your optimal, best Future You, two years from now. This Future Self is happy, creative, having fun, loving and being loved, belonging, feeling on purpose, finding mattering and meaning in his or her life, and radiates tremendous vitality and strength of Self.

Even if you have some “nah, I won’t be this great,” or “I won’t ever be able to get there,” monkey mind tape loops, imagine anyway. Let your Future Self touch you with love, humor, and understanding. Sense your Future Self’s power of choice and inner freedom emotionally (no negative mind talk going on). Imagine that in this future, you are enjoying a happier and healthier lifestyle that’s fun and true to you. Imagine that your Future Self feels safe and calm, loved and nurtured, and at peace.

Most importantly, imagine that your Future Self is living a life where your usual same-old, same-old challenges and limitations no longer exist. Don’t look to see how he or she solved the problem. Just feel what it’s like when all your issues and problems are done and in the past. This can take a good amount of imagination, but believe me, it is soooooo worth it!!!

When you get your imagination going, you’ll notice that you will feel tremendously uplifted. Your body may tingle lightly, you may feel a warmth  of happiness flow through you, and you may feel light and free. This is the resonance, the vibratory force field of your Future Self. Own it. Claim it. Know that this is where you are heading. This is the anchor, the hook, the place in the future you are grabbing that is aligning your Life Track from here to there.

Step Two; Release the Past (Purification)

Most of the time, processes start here with the past. However, it’s hard to release the limitations and pain of the past if you are paying attention to it from the point of view of someone still at its mercy. I’ve found that if you can get the future energies mapped out a wee bit, then you can approach this release through your Resonance Shakedown period from a greater self-image place. It’s oh so much easier to do this releasing when you’re not slogging through the goo of it.

One good way to do it is to do a conscious ritual of Release of the Past, where you can clear your old intentions, visions, dreams, identities, and neediness needs. You can let go of your old self-images, the one that fell for the traps and seductions of victimhood, excess suffering, and ego concerns. You can sense and feel these old identities and their restrictions, energetically.

For example, if you have chronic financial difficulty and struggle, your Future Self will be prosperous, magical, and abundant. Your old identity will be perhaps that of a victim, of someone at the mercy of others who have financial leverage over you, such as the bank, your landlord, or family members dependent on you. This old identity will associate suffering, struggle, and hardship with obtaining money, and may also not feel totally worthy of being given value and monetary things. Whatever your old identity is, step into it briefly.

If you’ve gone into your Future Self resonance, you will find that you will not currently identify with this lesser, limited self. This is key, because it enables you to let go of the old image/identity way more easily. You’ll feel the constriction of the old self, his or her worries, concerns, pain, and lowered expectations and hope.

To let this go, however, you must return to your more expanded Future Self you, i.e. your Greater Self. Then you can do the following process or ritual.

Clearing the Past Ritual

You may already have a simple ritual or process for this, but if you don’t, I have a simply suggestion for you. Write down by hand, on a blank sheet of paper, all the things you wish to leave behind for good. Scarcity or financial struggle is probably a good one, as is any self-dislike for the shape of your body or the inability to land a really great relationship.

Whatever it, list it, and then list the old identity next to it. To continue the financial example, you may say scarcity consciousness, struggle for survival, and/or never able to make enough money. Next to that, put in your old limited identity in a word or two or three, such as “the struggler,” or the “worrywart,” or “the deprived one.”

Do this the same way for any and all areas of life where you have limitations to get rid of. Giving you more examples, if you have a chronic health condition (image of the weak, ill one), lack of motivation (the lazy, bored, exhausted, or feeling-alwaysfutile self), desire (the lost self, the self in ennui), and action (fearful of making a mistake self, insecure self, fear of visibility self). Perhaps you still cling to a need to control others around you (and the self defending his or her turf). Or maybe you spend too much time escaping from life (the “safe and hidden away in the tower self”).

What your old lesser identities are may be different from my examples, but you get the drift. Do sense it within you, and if you are too lazy to imagine or you fear that you can’t imagine your old identities, let alone your Future Self, then sense within you if my examples at all ring a bell. If they feel fairly true for you, then you can use them. But don’t just pop them in to your list. This won’t really work that well if you do that.

So spend a little time to write all this down by hand on sheets of paper. Detail each limiting pattern a little bit and sense the old identity attached to it. Feel it. When you are done, then burn the sheets. You can do this in a fire you build in your back yard. You can also, without a fire, get a big metal or ceramic bowl (NO plastic!!!!) and put it on your porch or balcony. If you have neither back yard, porch, or balcony, then put it in your bathtub with the bathroom window open.

When you are ready, make a statement about letting go of those things on your list. “I now release all of these old thoughts, feelings, beliefs, programs, identities, selves, and limitations.” Crumple up the sheets of paper and throw them into the fire, if you have that back yard fire going. You can also dance around the fire as your Future Self, which makes this more potent. Make sure all the paper is burned up and is only ashes.

If you are doing this inside or on your balcony or patio, crumple the sheets one by one, light them with a lighter or match and drop them into the big bowl to burn out. You can sing a song or do a little dance if you like to reinforce this in the physical plane. Make sure all the paper is burned and is only ashes.
Whether you burn the papers indoors or outdoors, when you are finished, say “It is done, I am free!” Say this multiple times if you need to until you can really FEEL the freedom in the moment. Then if you’re out in your yard,  put out the fire. If you are using a bowl, take the ashes and flush them down the toilet. Feel the release. Feel the freedom.


Now complete this step with a purification, a psychic cleansing. This means that if any residues of the past limitations, programs, and distortions remain in your physical body, you let them go too. This way, your body as well as your spirit is empty and light, and ready to incubate and receive your chosen future.

To do this, some people smudge their living spaces. Others take a bath with herbs. Whatever you do, use at least one of the four metaphysical elements; earth, fire, air, or water. A bath is obvious, although you can also just wash your hands while holding it as a sacred activity. If you have a shaman’s feather fan, you can fan yourself and perhaps even sing or chant as the feather whoop and sweep and blow away any limitation residue.

Using earth and air, you can smudge your living space and any sacred area such as an altar while chanting or humming. Hold the intention of purifying your environment and preparing it for the new reality that is to come.

You can also use crystals and place them on a circle or create a diagram/wheel/pattern to hold the intention of purification. Make sure the crystals are purified themselves before you do this. That may require that you put them in the sun, wash them, or even bury them for 24 hours. The grid or pattern can stay up for 24 – 48 hours. Then if you like, you can use one of more of the crystals in Step Three.

By burning your old stuff, you’ve already used fire, but you can use fire again as purification, by lighting candles in a sacred manner and sitting quietly before them as you remember what you have envisioned as the future you desire. Imagine that any residue of the past within your body now fly out of you into the candle flames and disappear.

There is no set way to do the purification. Use your imagination and creativity here, which actually will enhance your manifestation energies later.

Step Three; Back to the Future; Prepare the Dream Package

Now it’s time to do some reality creation of the future by planting vibrational “seeds” there. When you tap into your Future Self’s vibrational field, you are engaging with the resonance, the vibration of that future in the now. All this however, is intangible. At Step Three, you can begin the implanting of tangible things you desire to manifest into your future.

Write down what it is that you wish to experience and have in your future as a list of intentions. These can be your personal ideas/choices of what would make you happy and fulfill your needs and desires, and they can also be your visions, hopes, and dreams for the world.  

Again by hand, write them down on blank sheets of paper. When you write by hand, your whole body is involved, and this is good for your physical plane manifestation. These sheets are not going to be burned, so you will keep them. Once you have written out the whole list, you may wish to type them up as backup in your computer. That way, you can easily access them, think about them, work with them, and have them with you on your phone wherever you go.

Taking the sheets of your Future Dreams, read them and with each one, step into the optimal Future You who has that manifestation already in his or her life. Some things, you’ll have in two years, so you’ll be with that Future Self to feel that. Others, however, may only manifest down the road, especially those dreams for your world. Collective change tends to be slower than personal, individual change. Nevertheless, even if you feel yourself to be pretty old, I suggest that you imagine yourself down the road in that wondrous New World full and complete. You can also imagine yourself rejuvenated and youthful, despite your years.  

And when I say “imagine this,” I mean that you imagine it and then you step into the Future You who lives there and for whom that glorious, beautiful reality is natural and normal. Remember my discussion of the Ideal Future from back in the beginning of the Portal time? This article came at that time, and in the latter part of it, you’ll find a section on visiting and working with the Ideal Future.  https://greaterselfprocess.com/dreamfuture.html

If you read it now, you may see that some things have already shifted within you or what you want is slightly different now. You’ve been through the Great Shift!

Maybe your World Dreams are there in the Ideal Future. Maybe they will come sooner. Whichever it is, don’t try to figure out how many years lie between where you and your world are now and where you wish you and your world to be. Just imagine, and stay as much in your Greater Self as you can as you visit your future.

With each manifestation that you desire, step into your Future You and feel it fully manifested. Feel the prosperity, health and vitality, the love and belonging, the celebration of success, and the ecstasy of having all of your dreams fulfilled. Feel the joy and uplifting energy. Say “I claim this new reality. I claim my dreams and visions. I claim these futures. They are mine, and they are natural and normal for me.”

Then put the sheet or sheets somewhere special. One example would be in a colorful box with a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will want to keep in that place until the spring equinox, when you will bring it out again and wear the necklace or bracelet of your dreams.  Or maybe you write everything out in a word processing document in very small font (first write it by hand if you take this approach), and put it inside a beautiful piece of clothing.

With your sheets and with the piece of beauty you include, you can add energy-cleared crystals, such as those little tumbled stones you can get in a New Age book store. To clear them, hold each one and as you turn it in your hand this way and that, blow on it with the intention to clear and clean out any negativity or program resistant to your dreams. When you feel the breeze is pure, it’s done for that piece. When you have cleared all the little stones (or big beautiful ones if you like), then hold them one by one and see in your mind the reality you wish to manifest. Feel the resonance of that Dream or Vision. This puts your intention into the stones.

You can decorate the cover that is around your sheets with artwork, whether it is sturdy or soft. You can surround the sheets with color and creativity. The limit is your imagination; the more imaginative and free the better, and the more easily your dreams can come true because your creativity as a unique divine being is connected to them.

Then put this Dream Package in a special place in your home. Perhaps you have an altar, or maybe a place where you put sacred objects, notes from seminars with your Spiritual Teacher, and pictures of sacred sites or gorgeous nature that are meaningful to you. Maybe you want to place it next to a special work of art you treasure. Your dream sheets have to be placed somewhere that you perceive as holding value.

It’s best to have it where no one else will move it, so if you have young curious children in the house, you may want to create a very clean and lovely space on your bedroom closet shelf and make an altar there with other sacred objects or objects of beauty. Don’t have it on the same shelf as shoes, however. Perhaps you may temporarily have to remove everything off that shelf other than sacred or beautiful objects and your sheets. It can be on a high bookshelf too, out of reach.

Step Four; Gestation Period

As you leave your magical Dream Package in your high frequency light space to incubate your dreams, this period becomes your gestation period. Just as a baby takes 9 months or thereabouts to form itself and appear full and complete as a human being, your dreams need gestating too.
But this is not a time of inaction. It’s a time of building the resonance, laying the self-image foundation, and also beginning the first steps of action towards your manifestation, if you haven’t been taking them already. I recommend that you build resonance by staying in touch with your Future Self, because every time you visit him or her and lift your field of resonance to his or her level in your imagination, you are attracting more magic and making greater manifestations possible.

I’ve described Future Self work along with a healing of your ego and old self image in the article Your New Self Vision. In steps 9 and 10, you work with the future specifically, although the whole article is useful at this time.  https://greaterselfprocess.com/yournewselfvision.html

Step Five; Your New Life Begins

Once the equinox occurs on March 20th, take it down. Celebrate it for a few minutes, by holding it tenderly, bringing in your guides and spirit helpers, feeling grateful, and anticipating the magic to begin. Maybe take your art and put it somewhere else with crystals on it to continue its creative juicing up for you. Then you can wear the beautiful fabric piece of clothing you wrapped around it or the jewelry piece you put with it, when you want to especially meditate on your manifestation or hold the energy high when you are giving a talk or leading a webinar.  Now this step is done.

With the equinox, and slowly begin to take action towards your dreams in some new, physical way. Even if it’s a very small step, you start the energy moving forward. One of the things you can do is a process within a process, i.e. while holding your dream sheets, do the Four Step Resonance Magic for Manifestation Process I’m giving you below!

But don’t sit on your butt and do meditations. Get out into the world and take action! Yes, you can make phone calls from home, get interviewed on a radio show from home, and even give webinars from your home office! But you do have to do something. Stop thinking! Take action!

Manifestation Strategy Number Two;
Four Step Resonance Magic for Manifestation

You need to your energies up, get your creative juices flowing, and move towards a bright future. Otherwise, you're not going to receive well and definitely not manifest well. If your energy field is too stagnant, you run the risk of falling back into an old lesser you, and get stuck. Once you’re stuck and indecisive, you can’t allow positive action or the synchronicities of magic to take place for you. You got to get it moving.

To do this, we suggest a four-step program. We want this to be relatively simple, and focusing on essentials. Some people simply don’t want to focus on rituals or manifestation processes seem too complicated.  Others are insecure that they are not doing their manifestation energetics good enough, especially if they see themselves as beginners and students. They may simply not be confident enough to get the resonance up for resonance causation, which is the higher level manifestation and energy flow that is needed to manifest Visions and Dreams.

If you feel any of this applies to you, then I have something fun and relatively easy to do, and you’ll get high (naturally, no chemical required) doing it! If you are an old pro at doing meditations, rituals of light magic, or are simply confident in your own perceptions, this is also for you.

You will learn how to tap into and create better and higher vibration levels, and then allow this higher resonance to attract to you what you desire, with the help of your guides.

I use a money manifestation example in this process, since money is relatively simple (believe it or not) compared to relationships and health issues. But this can be done for health stuff, relationship healing, attracting a new relationship, starting a business flow, creating harmony with co-workers, buying and selling property, and so much more.

If you haven’t done this type of work before, you will need to practice feeling the vibrations, the resonance of this, which is essential for it to work.
We don't know how long all of this will take, but once you do the steps individually and you can begin to sense and feel what the high energies are, you can probably do the whole four-step process in about 20 minutes a day, maybe even less.

Since resonance creation sets the tone for the day, we recommend doing it in the morning. But if you are unwilling to set aside time in the morning, then do it in the evening before you go to bed. But do it when you are still alert and awake. Don’t try to do resonance work while you are sleepy, because you’ll just fall asleep. Then this four-step process may give you pleasant dreams, but magic in your daytime may be elusive.

It helps to have some discipline and willingness to do this. We recommend that you practice resonance work at least 20 minutes every day. Once you do it every day for three to four weeks (a whole Moon cycle is generally what a new resonance establishment takes), this work will shift, reprogram, and reset your entire energy field, and thus your life! You’ll be attuned to the new resonance of your manifestation and thus when the materialization shows up, it will feel totally natural, normal and easy for you.

Step One; Manage insecurity, and the worry that comes with it.

Of course, if there’s a lot of insecurity about money, you’ll be asking and worrying, "Where is my money going to come from?" “Will I lose my money?” “Will I be able to pay my bills?” “Will someone screw me and take my money?” “Am I going to be powerless, struggling, and poor?” “Will I have enough money to send my kids to college? To give my family a good life? To support me in my old age?”  

Then there is the fear and anxiety that if you slip up, the economy suddenly tanks, or a criminal manages to tap your accounts, you could lose your money next week. Even billionaires can be in that scary headspace. All your money could vanish. Somebody is going to take it from you, or some other terrible crisis could happen any moment. A whole financial world is based on borrowing and paying it back, spending your money in the right places.

Feel how hearing us say these words makes you feel tense?

If your issue isn’t money, then list out what you worry about, what concerns you have about your issue, what’s the worst that can happen, and how hard you think it will be to get the manifestation in your target issue.

And there are also others that may come along with your theme here, but add to the worrying; "Am I going to be supported at home for what I want to do?" "Is my health going to stay good?" “What if I have a heart attack or stroke?” “Will my partner stay with me or leave me?” “Will my children be safe?”

If you will write out your worries and fears, you will notice that you will get more fearful and tense. Feel this vibration of fear. Feel it in your body, how it stresses your body. If you are afraid that you won’t get what you ask for (fear of failure), or that you will get it and then you might not know how to receive it, hold onto it, or manage it good enough (fear of success), your body is in a “catch-22.” No matter the outcome, you’ll have a hard time with it!
So recognize within yourself that you are insecure and that you have fears, but you choose to manifest a happy, healthy, prosperous life anyway. Ask your spirit guides to surround you so that you can move forward and not be stalled out by fear. Choose within yourself to handle and manage your insecurities and fears.

About Safety

To start working to heal insecurity, you must find a place of safety. This is the root, the foundation of everything you do. And safety is the antidote to worry, anxiety, dread, and doubt. Your mind talk will reflect where your lack of safety lies. For example, you're not feeling safe, and so then you feel insecure. You’ve made poor choices in the past, so you don’t really trust your ability to do the best things for yourself now and in the future. There's always more to know. You'll never know it all. You need to find a safety in the here and now so that you don’t succumb to incessant “mentalizing” and the stressful emotions that go with obsessing over yourself.

So here’s what you can do. Try this. I suggest that you do a little visualization in the morning. Before you get started on it, prepare your body. Breathe in a way that your body gets the message to relax in the moment. The relaxation breath we are going to share with you gives you what is known to science as the “Relaxation Response.”

You breathe in. Don’t make any noise, just breathe in easily, comfortably, with no extra effort. When you come to the top of your breath, without pushing, you’ve reached the top of your capacity. Don’t continue to expand and push out your ribs to get the breath deeper or anything. And don’t hold your breath at the top either. Maybe a split-second pause at the most, perhaps.

Once your breath reaches the top, just let it drop, ahhhh! Don’t hiss the breath out or let it go slowly, and don’t push it out either. You don’t want to engage all those muscles. You just relax and drop your chest and your breathing muscles instantly and completely.

As you do this, imagine that your whole body is exhaling, not just your lungs. Mentally tune in to your body and drop all the tension out of it to where in a couple of seconds, your body is limp. Don’t hold your breath. When it’s totally natural, take the next breath. Your body will do this automatically.

Then do this breath cycle again, and again. Continue doing some breaths, and each time, pay attention to the tension in your body and let it go, really go, on the exhale. After a few outbreaths, your whole body is just like a limp rag. You could feel totally relaxed as if you could just sink deeply into your chair, sofa, or bed, wherever you are. You may feel very light or you may feel very heavy. Either one could be normal for you.

You can do this breath just after you wake up, while you are still lying in bed. Or you can sit in a comfy chair to do it. Or you can lie on the sofa or soft mat on the floor. We recommend that at first, you should learn how to do it while lying down and relaxing your back, so that you can get your whole body relaxed as much as possible. That’s because you keep certain parts of your body pretty much tense all the time, and that chronic tension needs to end. You just don't want to hold your body in place with any muscle tension, so sitting upright may be a challenge at first.

At first, you need to practice until you feel really relaxed. Once you get the hang of it however, you'll be able to get fully relaxed in about three or four breaths. Whenever you get to the place where each time, you’re feeling really relaxed, then you can try to do it sitting up. Then once you can relax your whole body deliberately and be aware of your whole body releasing all its tension, you can do this while sitting at your work desk in the AM when you first arrive there. And when you are relaxed at your desk, you are breaking the association between fear and pressure about money and your desk!

The Relaxation breath takes you into yourself, takes you inside. It puts you into the here and now, into your center. Now add a little visualization in your mind. You imagine waking up as if it's morning in a stunningly beautiful place in nature. This is your Safe Place. It exists in your imagination. This is where you really get into the energy and vibration of safety. Here’s where you will always be safe.

In this beautiful place in nature, there's no bothersome insects, no uncomfortable heat or cold. It's just perfect. It's beautiful and peaceful. Now just imagine that you have a beautiful guide with you, your higher self for example, radiant and luminous. Or maybe you have a Guardian Angel with you. This being is spiritually beautiful, loving, and safe, being with you and protecting you. Let yourself feel totally comfortable, even if in your usual everyday life, your body isn’t very comfortable or is even in pain.

This whole place just reeks of safety. Touch it. Touch safety, smell safety, see safety, hear safety, and taste safety. Use your imagination the best you can to get yourself able to feel what safety is. You may have to work at this because you were never trained to be safe, ever, in your life.

In your safe place, you want to get to a place where there you hold a resonance of safety, a frequency of safety. Because when you’re in that vibration, you won’t be afraid of anything really. All is possible. You are okay, and you are safe from all of that, at least right now.

Now back to my money example. What would it feel like if you had absolutely no worries about money at all? What if every day you woke up feeling totally abundant and prosperous, secure in knowing that you have enough money and that you will always have enough money. What if it was natural and normal for you to have zero money concerns, and you had even an excess of money to play with? Take a break from the relentless insecurity about the future, and be in your safe haven for a few minute, feeling prosperous.

If you work on imaging and sensing your safe place, you will be able to hold the safety space within you about your issue or need for about two, three minutes, five minutes. Keep at it, and eventually, you’ll realize that the fear and insecurity mentalizings are just your mind playing tricks on you, and that you are simply a mental prisoner of your mind dumping and spewing old ideas and stuff about money that perhaps your parents had, or you had in the past – automatic B.S.

Acknowledge that you have created stress for yourself over this issue and that you can and will un-stress yourself over it. Keep de-associating money with stress and keep associating peace, safety, and relaxation with money as you do your breathing and relaxing, imagining the beauty and the very real sensations of the Safe Place. Here you can make it real. If you imagine you can’t, then you may not. This is imagination, the 5th Dimension, the More Real. Keep at it and do the best you can. You’ll be surprised how more ease and energy will follow!

Step Two; Creating, Manifesting, and Having Enough

In step two, you become aware of what you think that you need to do in order to get money in. This can also be done about love, or energy, or an opportunity or anything to bring something in that you would like so you can receive it. You see, also as part of your training is that you feel you have to somehow or another do something to earn money.

At this point, you need to tune in to that part of you that says you must perform, you must earn, you must do it good enough, you must do enough, and you must do what you do enough, in order to compensate for you not maybe always being good enough in and of yourself. The key word is, you guessed it, enough.

When there is enough, you can relax, yes? You can feel satisfied, fulfilled, and happy. You are okay and good to go. That “enoughness” is almost like permission to relax and enjoy yourself. If you never know when it’s enough, you don’t know when to stop. You don’t know when to receive, so you perform harder, longer, and you try to push, i.e. dance hard enough. Without that signal of “enough!” you’ll do everything you can to get stuff in. You’ll even be tempted to control things and people, which, if you’re not born yesterday, you already know doesn’t ever really work.

Just feel the energy around not enough and your body’s response to that energy as it tries harder. This is earning, or rather the belief in earning as the way to get what you want. It's the dark side of action, which is all about performance pressure. It’s also very linear, a cause and effect. If you earn good enough, the belief goes, you’ll succeed and fulfill your dreams.

Many metaphysically minded people have complained to me that they aren’t good with receiving but with giving. So, if you are giving, giving, giving all the time but you aren’t getting what is owed you or that you should get, you aren’t really giving. You’re earning and calling it giving. This can be rationalized as being spiritual, noble, giving generously to a stingy world. That’s martyrhood. As they say, get down off the cross. You want to truly give without expectation of return, not earn.

You see, what you want is to receive your money and love and such from your world, your Universe. But receiving comes with giving when you truly give, not to get. If you work at a job, you give your all to the job and then you get your paycheck and maybe a bonus. That’s earning.

When you give freely of yourself but you do not push or drive yourself and only do what expresses your joy and love and spirit, then you are opened up to receiving. You will get feedback that it's receiving, because it will be more than what you could logically earn. When you earn, you may be able to get some money or social approval, but it's nothing like what it could be. You may wonder how you could possibly receive more if you’re working for a salary. Working overtime won’t get you the big bucks. And it’ll mess up your body and sicken you from the stress.

Stop thinking that you have to work in order to survive, and that the work you have to do has to be done good enough or you’ll be fired - or you’ll lose money to the competition. Your mind will come up with lots of these things. So try this. Imagine once again, taking a few relaxation breaths, and remembering the feeling that comes with your safe place. What would your life feel like and what would you do with it if you had no financial concerns whatsoever? That your financial freedom was normal and natural for you?

For those of you wishing to manifest great health or a fabulous relationship, imagine what your life would be like if the concern and focus on your issues or your needs didn’t exist? In other words, you have everything, and it’s natural and normal to you!

About Clients

If you have clients, imagine you loving them and wanting to give them the best support, love, and care, even one-on-one education if they wanted it. Imagine that you want to nurture them, give them the very best care, and wishing for them that they are going to be successful. You see what we're saying, this is giving. If you have family or a loved one, imagine this love and caring too. Don’t imagine how much they will love you. Stay with the giving and stop thinking about what you’ll be getting back.

You can do it when you work for someone else too, to give your best Giving Self, which is loving, free, empowered, and confident. Don’t imagine giving your best workaholic self! That’s earning. See yourself caring about the company as if it’s yours, and feel the uplift in the company’s mission. Imagine yourself working with joy and sacredness no matter what activities you are paid to do. Note; if your employer is doing shady and illegal stuff and hurting people, this violates your higher self’s principles, and regardless of the money you are earning, you should begin looking for another place to work.

If You’re an Employee

And also, if you work for someone else, it’s easy to take the child attitude vs the employer as parent. This can lead to resistance, passive or active, and sluggishness and slowdowns. You can lose energy, get sick, and otherwise numb out so that you don’t feel anything and you can just barely get survival handled before you collapse into your bed at night! This is, again, being a martyr to your money. And of course, if you are wanting to heal and have a lot of love, please don’t martyr to your body, anyone else, or to your gender training. You are enough, good enough. Get back into the flow (see my article on momentum if you need to at https://greaterselfprocess.com/momentum.html

Pay attention and imagine that you are motivated to do your work in a giving, loving manner, and pretend during your workday to be this giving, loving person with no attachment to the paycheck per se. Imagine that your work is an opportunity to give to your world in some small way for now and later in a bigger, more personally loving way.

Feel the freedom and spaciousness of your imagined reality of you, free to give and you, now free to receive.

If you have clients, imagine them being with you just as if you're giving a talk, and they're there sitting in chairs watching you. You’re giving them all this love, education, inspiration, and support. And it’s because you care about them.

You can visualize a meeting, but the key is not in the visualization, seeing the form of that meeting. The real key is to feel that you are doing your mission or that you’re preparing for your mission, and that working for money has nothing to do with your true Path. It’s doing something for other people, giving them the love that if you were divine, you would give.

Survival and Judgment

Stop judging people for inconsequential things. Don’t look down on those people you work with, or suck up and try to please them. Be a light being and give of your love and compassion. Underneath any work with clients, co-workers, or with beloved family members, you are really trying to give them the support to be themselves, aren’t you? If you are doing it just for the money, or for approval and love, then stop until you can give your spiritual energy rather than earning anything. If you are tempted to manipulate other people for what you want, or force yourself to be someone you’re not, you’re martyring just to survive. This makes you very very small! Not good!

Now I understand that if you are short of money, survival becomes a HUGE thing in your life. If you respond to survival concerns with fear, insecurity, like a child, or like a con man, or shut down and run away, you will not receive the blessings, the magic, and the love waiting for you.

You want the people you work with, the people you serve, the people impacted in any way by what you and your work can do to feel safety. Give them a sense of safety with you. Let them feel your care and compassion. Don’t judge them inside your head or hold a superior attitude towards them. This doesn’t involve any actions. It’s an attitude.

So stop worrying about receiving, about getting money, about getting approval, or anything. Step into your Safe Place, and then see those people you wish to give to. Give, give, give of your light. Light is free! You can even imagine a flowing energy coming out of your heart, a golden light, that goes out and touches everyone impacted by your actions. Unconditionally accept everyone at this moment and flow love out to them with no fear, concern, or worry about your survival. This lifts you out of scarcity consciousness and out of insecurity and feeling that you are not supported.

Benefits of Giving

So how can supporting others get you to feel safe, supported, and loved? Well, when you give your light to others, the Divine will replenish that light and love within you. That’s the Law of the Divine. You are receiving when you are giving!

Now, once you do that, and feel the freedom and love of this divine flow, you're now on the radar for receiving. Once you have spent a few minutes in meditation, giving to others what you want for you, stop. Think of it as fun, not earning, not a requirement to do in order to get money. Think, “This was fun, I love giving, I'm willing also to receive. I ask the universe to allow me to receive all this love too, just like I was giving to them, I want to receive this love, support, and nurturance too. Universe, I ask for it, and I'll do more giving, and then I'll do more receiving, I'll do more giving, I'll do more receiving."
After a while practicing giving and then being willing to give and receive, receive and give, you’ll feel great. You’ll be in a resonance of freedom  where you can feel energy flowing through you when you send energy and receive energy. You have to make it up at first, but after a while, you'll get the hang of it. That takes a few minutes, that's step two.

Step three, Connect with Your Guides

Few people actually learn how to connect with their Spiritual Team and even if they do, they get lazy and don’t keep connecting. Your Team is on your side, and they make it easy for you to manifest!

Go back to your Safe Place in meditation and feel the safety. Then call in your Team, or at least one of your Guides. It can be your Higher Self, your Guardian Angel, maybe a friendly channeled entity like Lazaris or Galexis. (Find out more about Lazaris at Lazaris.com and about Galexis at GalexisSpirit.com). And/or maybe you call in your entire Team that may consist of 50 or more beings, most having human forms.

See your guide, guides, or Team members coming in as radiant light beings, filled with love. Imagine that they love you, if you don’t have practice at feeling their presences. Allow them to partially surround you in a semi-circle with you at the center point of the circle.

Now say, "Thank you all for coming. I am open to receiving now. I love to give and I wish also to receive. I now choose to receive what I ask for." (Don’t use the word “want” as it implies lackfulness.) Choose to receive. This is your choice, your personal will. Continue with, "I'm willing to receive so that I can be prosperous and happy and joyful and then I can give more."

Again, your message is, “I choose to receive. I'm open to receive and I'm open for the universe to support me and I'm willing for the universe to support me too.”

As you say this, see if you can find that corresponding feeling within you. Can you find the will within yourself, that is, the willingness to allow yourself to receive? Can you give yourself permission to receive? Imagine that you can safely lean on the universe and know and expect that the universe will support you. Again, this is all in your imagination. Imagination is the most important and significant tool for manifestation.

If you don't have that expectation of Universal support, and simply cannot yet imagine yourself in a friendly Universe, then you need to claim that you are a Divine Light Being, that you are valuable, and that you're unconditionally loved by the Devine, by God, Goddess, All That Is.


If you can go there in your imagination, even if you're not already in the right space, imagining this and claiming who you are will put you in the right space. That’s because you are choosing and claiming that your Self-Image is big enough to receive and contain what you receive. You know that if your Self-Image is not big and bright and beautiful, that even if you receive what you desire, your resonance isn’t big enough to hold onto it. So along with this claiming, imagine yourself huge, bright, and radiant!

Once you state your willingness to receive, you open your arms ready for the support. Say, "Okay, universe, I asked you for financial support and I am willing to receive this financial support and I'm willing it for it to be magical and I am going to now trust and rely upon you because I know you never say no to a Divine Being being in the Light. (Note; I repeat; the Universe will not give to your Negative Ego, so make sure that any comparisons with others, desire to impress anyone, and wanting to be right is simply NOT present!)


You continue, now with your intentions, “I'm going to trust and rely upon you to support me financially and to lead me to greater income. The purpose of me making more money is so that I can have more fun, so that I can support my family and give them every opportunity that they need, so that I can give back to the world.”

See, you're not getting money so you can get a nicer car or more “things.” You don’t want your intentions to be material stuff. You want the money to go to intangibles. You want the money to be channeled through your love. Don't ask for selfish things because if you ask for selfish things, you slow the energy down and it can easily get stuck in your ego. Ask for things that are good for you spiritually. You ask for your health and vitality that you can serve, that you can give this love to your clients better. Whatever it is, see that your Global Mission is all part of the plan, and you’re receiving so that you can do that greater purpose.

Claim Your Support

Then you state, "My Divine Plan is working according to plan and I expect and assume and know that it's all going to turn out very well because the universe supports me and I can rely upon it to be there for me. The universe has my back and I am going to be me. I'm going to be this light being that I am with my love. I know the universe will support me now for that."

You have to get that idea. Now that's the crux. That's the key in all of this. That is the place you're trying to get to.

Step Four; Call in and work with your Optimal Future You

Call in your future, that is, your future you. This is the best you that you will be in about two years, with what you want manifested already. This Future Self is happy, healthy, and family life is going great. He or she has plenty of money and is using it wisely. You see, your Future You is not acting like an adolescent, spending money on silly things to impress other people, or building a mansion that’s just a fantasy and not really something the true self wants.
This adult Future Self is putting together good resources for the family and his or her old age. There’s no gambling, because that only happens with scarcity consciousness. The Future Self is generous and loving, volunteering for a sweet cause or mission. He or she puts money into things that he believes in. At the same time, the Future Self has a lot of fun, shares a lot of love, and plays creatively as only a wise one can.


It’s important to see your Future Self as emotionally mature, because  when you first get a bunch of money you know what your adolescent self wants to do. It’ll come in and say, "Yippee! Now I get to have all the cool stuff and people are going to think I'm so cool. I'm going to get all the stuff that all these other cool dudes got that I didn't get back in the past. I'm going get it now and I'm going to be a cool dude too."

In cases of healing and in love, the adolescent can show up too and energetically sabotage your manifestation. If you are totally healthy, would your adolescent then stop eating the right foods and go indulge in a binge of chocolate and ice cream? If you are totally in love with your partner, might you want to be like the Bobbsey twins and be together 24/7, grooving on each other, having sex like rabbits, or trying to merge with each other in a typical adolescent way?

I hope you realize that you don't want your adolescent in on this manifestation at all! You want a person who is happy, playful, but smart and emotionally powerful. What is your age? Aren’t you considered an adult? You may even be getting on in years, so you need to own that you are an adult, no longer an adolescent.

You see that prosperous, healthy, happy Future Self, and in your imagination feel his joy. Groove on his light, love, and joyous wisdom. In your mind's eye, you step up to him and hug him. Let his radiance and high resonance soak into you. Really amp this up in your imagination. Feel it as intensely as you can. When you can’t do any more, then step into him and feel how free he is.

Feel his freedom because he has plenty of money, love, and ageless vitality. He doesn't worry about anything. There's no worries, no fears, no anxieties, nothing. He's free. He's happy and free. Feel that energy within you. Feel how high this vibration makes you.

Again, this is intangible, a vibration, a field of resonance.  But you see, this is the anchor that will pull you to that glorious future. This is the resonance that awaits you at the goal, perhaps two years hence, that sets up the track so that you, like a train, will inevitably go there.

Bring it Back

Now come back to the self that you are now and bring that energy back into the present through remembrance and imagination. How high can you feel right now? Practice at this point your Knowing. Know that this is who you are and where you are going. Know that you will unavoidably go there. Know that you need to keep your sights on this resonance and thus bring it into being.

Since this resonance is intangible, it will hold the place there and then the physical reality will shift about and catch up. Always allow for the gap in time between the selection of future, which is what you just did, and the materialization of that future. Don’t waver. Keep knowing and expecting this future to come to you.

If you get hit with a test, remember, it is only a test. It is NOT the death of your dream or the destroyer of your Future! It’s just a momentary thing. Expect to stay in your greater vibratory level to deal with it and that it will fizzle and fade away. So you don’t have to worry, not that you ever have to worry in your life. Just don’t do it anymore and sabotage yourself, okay?

This ends the second manifestation strategy. Between these two techniques, you will find your life shifting into magical realities. Seriously! At least that’s what I found and what some others Galexis has taught these techniques to have found as well.

A Third Magical Opportunity; The Green Candle Ritual

There’s more!

When things start happening, you’ll want to reinforce and build your momentum. Read about momentum at; https://greaterselfprocess.com/momentum.html

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Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

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