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Building Momentum
Lifting the Bottom Line

You Want This!

Think about it. You want the Flow. You want your success to not be just a flash in the pan but a beautiful momentum. Your momentum will build your resonance up, up, up to a high level, and life will be better and more fabulous than ever! You’ll feel the power, the freedom, the love, and enjoy a relationship with your reality that you’ve never had before. You’ll trust your own Divine Plan, seeing how your Universe is looking out after you, when you are you and not trying to be someone you are not. How does it get better than this?

Life Without Momentum

As I mentioned before, when you want to build a momentum, you have to start somewhere. That somewhere is not where you want to end up. It’s the low point you are moving from as you go to your desired outcome.  If you don’t really have the resonance of the reality you want, you don’t manifest it. This is the Law of Resonance.

So many people start out all psyched to manifest great things, but they don’t raise their resonance and so their momentum stays right where they began, at their bottom line.  If you start with just making enough money to get through the month, month after month, you are in momentum but just always being on that bottom line.

When you don’t feel that good or don’t have much energy or motivation, you work hard on your health, taking supplements, exercising, getting more rest, meditating, and so on. But if you don’t raise your resonance above the body issue, you will simply continue to feel the same regardless of what you do. You can get a great massage and your pain will go away or decrease for a day or two, but then it’s right back and you’re right back where you started. If you have experienced this, you are in momentum on your health bottom line. You can spend years here!

Relationships work the same way. Maybe you’re single. You finally get some dates and there’s a promising person for you, but then you discover that the person is selfish, needy, or controlling, or whatever, and so you break up, only to sit alone night after night with your cats or doggies.

Or maybe you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage. You expect to be in a happy momentum but you can spend years feeling distant and actually alone in the relationship. Your bottom line? You have a partner, but not that thriving, joyous, intimate love you had hoped for.

Do you get my drift? You have to create a positive momentum by expanding your resonance, and then your Bottom Line (your lowest point of success) will lift. To do this, you need to get into your Greater Self, your Destiny Self, or step into your optimal Future Self. You can also get yourself lifted by stepping into your Greater Self.  When you are feeling expanded in your Greater Self, you can, in your power, choose to initiate a new momentum.
Again, if you have forgotten how to get into your Greater Self, I have a resource available for you to do that, on the site http://www.GreaterSelfProcess.com. When you go there, scroll to the bottom of the page and listen to the teleseminar I did on this topic in August 2017.

So, to summarize, when you want to experience life in the Flow, where things are elegant and fluid, easy and effortless, you must establish a momentum. This is true in starting a business or expanding your company’s bottom line, but it also applies in every aspect of life, health, relationships, and spiritual growth. Now you can start a whole new level of manifestation and receiving the bounty of the Universe that loves you.

When you are able to lift your resonance and build your momentum, your bottom line will raise up at the same rate as your Self Image lifts. I’ll repeat this important, key point later in the article as well. As you become More and see yourself as your Greater Self more often, you will find more money coming in, more love opening up for you, more freedom in being yourself, and more health and vitality!

When you stay on your Bottom Line, you live in Scarcity Consciousness.  And I don’t mean just money. I mean love, health, energy, fun, and all other good things too. However, in this article, I will use financial examples in building your Bottom Line. You too can start a successful momentum with the information I am providing for you in this article.

Two Momentums; Which are Yours?

You are already an old hand at crafting momentums. You start them all the time in your daily life. Now, if you’re like most people, you might think of the startups that made their founders rich. Those were amazingly huge momentums! But most often, the new manifestation experiences you want to have and the magical abundance that comes with the Flow doesn’t quite get going.

You have momentums going on all the time. Some are truly pleasant, such as a momentum of love and happiness with a family member. Or your work has a pleasant flow to it, so that it is fun for you. You probably had to do some self-assessments and focus on your inner self to get these going so well. These examples are of what I call a Light Momentum, or a happy momentum.

Other momentums are not so pleasant, such as momentums of victimization, loss, depression, isolation, personal martyrdom, and more. You probably know people who consistently struggle financially and simply cannot get their heads above the water with money. This is an example of what I call a Dark Momentum, indicating that it is hidden, and person’s beliefs about life assume that this momentum is just how life is. It’s very hard to bust out of the prison of a Dark Momentum, as it requires tremendous self-awareness and willful choice. Many people go to hypnotherapists as a way to shift and heal Dark Momentums.

Both the Light and Dark Momentums reflect your beliefs, assumptions, and way of responding to your reality. Whatever repeats without you having to deliberately push it to manifest, is a momentum in your life.

If you have a consistent and repeating pattern that is limiting and consistent over time, this means that you are reacting and responding to life’s circumstances unconsciously and automatically. You most likely learned this type of life momentum from your parents, siblings, friends, religious leaders, or even teachers.

Momentums aren’t always repeating events or external circumstances. Chronic emotional states are momentums too. So are negative beliefs about life. If you look at life with a judgmental eye and see yourself as a victim, this is a Dark Momentum. If you haven’t done a lot of psychological processing of your emotions, or you haven’t meditated and done self-improvement work for a long time, you may be living your life in a very unconscious Dark Momentum. Most mindset changes you can learn from spiritual and marketing teachers are meant to lift you out of a Dark Momentum and initiate a Light Momentum.

Find Your Dark Momentums

So look within yourself. Can you identify your unconscious momentums? What is your life unfolds automatically and routinely? Do you always get sucked into drama? Or is your life stuck and boring? Do you struggle consistently with the same things? We all know someone who has been through multiple relationships that all failed in very similar ways.

In short, ask yourself if there is an area of your life where you either fail or simply never seem to win? When you are faced with a new circumstance or stimulus, do you tend to respond in your old familiar way? Do you react in a mostly knee-jerk automatic way you’ve done for years? How many momentums can you identify? Look in your indices; your joy index, your financial bottom line, your love level, your capacity to accomplish stuff, your learning ability, your responsiveness to life’s hard balls, and especially your inner mind talk.

What momentums that are hardest to catch are those that go on for so long that they become invisible, below the radar. These momentums are assumed to be the way things are, normal and natural. We assume that everyone lives in these same momentums as we do! We can even believe that others have it way easier than we do, because we don’t hear their negative mind talk that goes on all the time and keeps them down.

For example, a struggling poor person who can’t get ahead and continues always to struggle, will assume that money is hard to come by and will know plenty of people in similar circumstances. He will lament on how hard it is to get ahead.  A woman struggling with weight, self-judgment, or feelings of unworthiness will assume that all woman are like her. Someone who is timid, overly helpful, or a workaholic, similarly will see this as natural and normal behavior.

All of these momentums need to be identified as the bottom limit of acceptability for you as soon as you recognize them. When you want to move into a new Light Momentum instead, you will have to identify the bottom line, the lowest point of the momentum you wish to change. That lowest limit of a momentum is what I call a Bottom Line.

Seeing your Bottom Lines

You see, your Bottom Line in any Dark Momentum is that level you fall back upon no matter what goes on in your life. I know people who survive okay from month to month financially, but there is never anything left over. This “barely making it syndrome” is their Bottom Line. If they were to make a whole bunch of money that they have never had before, they will most likely lose it quickly! That’s because they are living on their Bottom Line and being above that line is a very unfamiliar place to be, and thus in conflict with who they see themselves to be! Hopefully, they will have fun losing it!

Now this is a Dark Momentum Bottom Line because it was created back when they were children and learned that they were not good enough. They were taught that money can only come by working hard, focusing on money obsessively, and being smart (manipulative, clever, knowing the right people, etc.)

It’s true that one’s Bottom Line can be raised without being enlightened. Most people hear about the hard work path to success. To be clear, hard work isn’t necessarily negative. You see, the hard work path can be a Light Momentum if the individual is passionate about what he or she is doing, and is filled with vital physical energy to make his or her way up the ladder. But it can be a Dark Momentum, especially if the person thinks that sacrifice of his or her personal and inner life is required in order to get successful financially.

The hard work path works. It’s just hard! And it works best for people who extremely goal-oriented workaholics. Workaholics or Type A personalities make up only about 10% of the population. Besides being a Type A, people must have a strong physical constitution to handle all that pushing and driving to achieve! While there is some thrill and joy in this process, as well as some sterling successes, it is mostly dominated by fear and guilt motivations coming from the inner Slave Driver. I told you about that aspect of yourself in Healing Your Inner Saboteurs. See the article at https://greaterselfprocess.com/healinginner.html

Unfortunately, the hard path doesn’t work well with spiritual, intuitive, creative or metaphysical people. The goals of the world, such as money and big showy possessions, and being at the top of society with people admiring them, are simply not as interesting as creativity, community, love, spiritual highs, fun, adventures, trees, crystals, and psychic experience, to name a few.

Those of us who don’t have the temperament to drive and push year after year, or have the health to do so, need to have another way to live that is more satisfying and fulfilling. We need to create Light Momentums too, but they also need to support our values, dreams, and visions. Let me share with you another way, one that works with conscious awareness.

A Light Momentum brings Magical Manifestation

So I want to talk to you about building up from your Bottom Line to experience a Light Momentum. This is done metaphysically by initiating a movement forward into a Flow towards manifestation. Then, building a momentum in that Flow, the Bottom Line lifts naturally, without all the struggle. This is done through engaging and allowing Magic that comes naturally from the spiritual force of your Greater Self. Your Bottom Line is the natural start-off point for your new Light Momentum.

Momentum is a function of manifestation. As I mentioned before, you are manifesting all the time; moving forward towards your interests, expecting things to happen according to your belief system or cultural training, and taking actions that express your will. As I already showed you, most momentums (i.e. consistent manifestations you do and have done for years) are automatic and unconscious.

But you have grown bigtime! Look at the level of smooth, easy, automatic Flow you are in right now. This level demonstrates your choices in life, your skill at manifesting, and the level of good things you are willing to receive. In most cases, your Flow within your established momentum of life is not as thrilling and beautiful you would like it to be – we humans always want more.

Your current momentum is way better than your Dark Momentums were years ago. Your Self-Image is better too. However, everything is relative. What was once a Light Momentum a year or two ago could by now have gone unconscious and turned into something limiting you from moving forward. Where you are right now could even be a Dark Momentum. You want more. You want better. This is always the case.

 It’s always easier to stay in your Dark Momentum even when you wish to have and be more. So you can easily rationalize that your life is normal, okay, even interesting, while you are still flowing along in the Dark Momentum. But usually, this is the rationale you’ve used to justify hanging out on your Bottom Line and not studying yourself to find out how you limit yourself, and then do the work to discover what you want next. Maybe you haven’t yet seen all the subconscious and unconscious limits hiding under the surface of your consciousness.

The limitations holding you down are beliefs, old justifications, defenses, ego strategies to keep you hidden from danger, judgmental attitudes about others, needs that you constantly seek to satisfy, longing for belonging, regrets and sorrows from lost relationships and circumstances, and on and on. There are deeper limits of your Bottom Line philosophy you carry about that are part of the identity you have as a person of your gender, age, and race in your culture or consensus reality. You can even keep yourself snagged to your bottom line if you think you’re ugly, too fat, too short, too young, too old, whatever…!

You are normally unaware of these factors that are part of the manifestation of your life in years past. They can show up as negative or just boring and repetitive mind talk. I have extensively written about how to get out of your limiting box of image, belief, and other limiting boundaries. As you free yourself and look outside your box, you will see the path leading to your Light Momentum.

As you learn to create a momentum, your life will positively shift. You will step into your destiny, into your New Life in the New World of your creation (and co-creation of the collective). A beautiful Light Momentum  is part of your destiny. It’s golden; your own Golden Age!

Be Conscious, Create Consciously

So if you want to create a golden Light Momentum, you will need to manifest it, consciously. If you knew how to reprogram your Unconscious Mind, you could simply make a choice and all your desired would immediately show up at your door! Since you don’t, you must be conscious and aware of what you want and how to go about moving towards it.

When thinking about manifesting, you usually start by thinking of the forms you want – the events, circumstances, money channel, love mate, and other tangible things. While you may think these are your goals, it’s the function, the emotional, spiritual, underlying experience you are truly after. A lot of people work hard to materialize money, but it’s really happiness, fun, opportunity, and more joy that they really want.

So right now, I suggest that you think about what you want to feel and be, and then ask yourself, “what is the form that feeling or state of being will come through?” The form can be finding the right healer for your illness, starting a business you are passionate about, selling your house and moving to a new and interesting area to buy something there, finding a new relationship and/or building a great love with your partner, expanding your current Great Work, or creating a new level of abundance for you in general.  What are the emotional, spiritual, conscious states of being that you will experience once you are in your Light Momentum?

Start a Momentum at Your Bottom Line

I’ll start first using an example of a business startup. You have to start at the beginning. This is your Bottom Line, and your Bottom Line is part of your Dark Momentum. I’m sure you’ve seen graphs for a business or for a stock where the starting point is on the lower left side. To the right is time and to the top of the graph is income. Hopefully, over time, the line of income/value will rise quickly and make a beeline to the top or at least head diagonally upwards.

Now I want to interject here. Any momentum is metaphysical, a Flow of Reality, organic and cyclical. It will not ever rise in a straight line. Later, I’ll explain cycles, waves with their tops and bottoms and how to use them. But for now, when you are in the dreaming stage, think in terms of events and waves, stair steps, rather than graph lines – nothing linear is real!

If you are not prepared emotionally and mentally, your business momentum can become a Dark Momentum quickly, returning you to your Bottom Line. That happens you’re your actions come straight out of your cultural training playbook where money is valued above all else. Your cultural training is about survival, especially the old “survival of the fittest.” While this idea is actually a bastardization of Darwin’s real theory, nevertheless it’s stuck in our minds as suggesting that everyone is pushing their bodies to survive and we are all therefore in competition with everyone else, as only those who compete successfully will make it.

This concept is the basis of Capitalism. It rewards individuality and maintains separation with others. This idea regards community and co-creation as stupid or even evil. You have been effectively trained to value efficiency and money, while judging anyone else who does not share those values. Those “others” are seen as lazy, and not worth much.

Needless to point out, this has poisoned the impressions of what is required to get to success. Like me, you may have passed on achievement because it seems to be too tough and filled with potential ridicule and failure. So staying within your safe zone insures that any momentum created will likely be based on scarcity-survival consciousness – root chakra stuff. This Dark Momentum is one based on scarcity, which is your philosophical Bottom Line. Others have more than you do, and you need to join them by aping them and being like them, dressing like them, using the same terminology they use, having the same recreational style they have, and so on.

The most important thing you are taught is to get out of scarcity and have enough. Enough is never identified and so if you get caught up in consensus thinking, you will never, ever have enough! You will have to work forever and harder and harder. Again, this is the inner Slave Driver taking you over. And the Slave Driver’s momentum is harsh. It can kill you, especially as you get older and suffer more disappointments and get tired of being forced to fulfill overwhelming duties and obligations or keep alive a momentum you hate.

How to Initiate a Light Momentum

So in order to initiate a Light Momentum, you will need to start with loving and valuing yourself, loving your life, and loving what you are doing. A Light Momentum is based on your doing what suits you, and not simply what will make good money. Just because you want to support your family and you have a good opportunity show up, it doesn’t mean that you need to do it. That is, unless you are indeed hungry and broke. And if you are broke, you will take the job, knowing that it is temporary and you will be able to eat and have a roof over your head until you figure out where to go next and what to do next.

And even then, when you make your decision on what you will do (or create) for your money channel, you must step first into your powerful reality creator Light Being self. This is, tadahh, your Greater Self. As a metaphysical person, you must first consider your temperament, schedule, the principles and boundaries you require for feeling power and peace, and what you will be able to enjoy and love over time. All this needs to be seen and determined from the point of view of your Greater Self, who has no issue with scarcity and money, or loneliness, or need.

Only once you have that perspective and get that information can you step into a higher vibration  and truly choose well. Do not be distracted by media, friends, and family who may want you to fulfill their dreams and not yours. You must stay true to yourself, regardless of what is going on in your life externally.

The Gears of Momentum

The choice made, if you want to start a business and make a lot of money, you have to first desire it, then dream it. (I will use the example of starting an enterprise for this momentum building process.) You decide on the name of the company, maybe coordinate with your partners who will do what, and brainstorm how the whole operation would work on a typical day. Finally, you will project what you want to achieve over time, i.e. set reasonable targets of achievement.

You file the paperwork, obtain and prepare the space/location for your work, and invest in getting everything ready to go, such as products or protocols. And of course, ask your Universe, your spiritual helpers on the other side, for help. This is setting up the space to begin. This is like filling your car with fuel for a road trip.

You’re holding your focus to begin your effort reaching out to the world. You get your inner self clear with your desire; imagining, focusing, choosing, requesting, commanding, expanding your resonance, and then expecting it, i.e. owning it as part of you and natural to you. This is manifestation work, which you probably have done many times. (If you haven’t ever done a manifestation process, write me an email requesting this and I’ll send you a document with 7 steps on how to do it. Ask for the “7 keys to manifestation.”)

First Gear
Now it’s time for action. When you turn on the ignition in your car, it’s an explosion (if your car isn’t electric). I consider this the idea/concept of you and what you wish to create, that is ignited by your passion and enthusiasm. You are revving up. Then you put the car into first gear, push the pedal, and get the car moving. Unless you have a simply amazing sports car with a humongous engine and horsepower, you don’t immediately lurch forward and speed like wildfire down your street.

You have anticipated how you want to market this, and so you get to it. You organize your products and write stuff up. Maybe you send out email notices on your email list or use another person’s. And you start getting the word out there. So far, so good. You are putting energy into the process. Hopefully, you’re excited about doing this and feel that what you are doing is worthy, useful, and good. You’re in first gear, where you start slowly and quickly pick up speed, giving the car more gas.

Second Gear
As you move into greater alignment with your dream through your actions, the “wheels” of reality creation also accelerate, speeding you into new awareness and capabilities, your second gear. Connections with others increase. Your network is growing. More gets done. Feedback comes in and people begin to share your product info with others. Things start to build at this point, albeit not always in Flow. There are usually sporadic ups and downs, starts and stops. Some money begins to come in, and more opportunities open up.

If there isn’t a quick return, you can get discouraged. If you think your actions are futile or less than enough, you can feel fear and stress. Keep out of dark places in your psyche if you can, because if you fall into a less than happy place here, you will need to process and release your difficult dark feelings. They can negatively affect your motivation/desire, your image of who you are, or your physical energy levels.  And if you fall out of your Greater Self, manifestation stops!

Third Gear
Then as you continue your focus, moving forward and activating your path to your goals and holding the correct resonance, you will kick in a momentum where your bottom line of income raises up to be freer and freer for you. This can take months. My momentums always seemed to take around six months to be installed, but your momentum may show up sooner or later than that. It just won’t show up next week or the next month after you begin. Your guides and spirit helpers have to get things rolling for you and then again, you are within time. Everything is instant in 5D and up, but 3D is slow.

If you can hold your resonance, your positive aware state in your Greater Self, the wheels turn more quickly and you move faster. And then you begin to coast at full Flow. When you coast at full speed in your car, you can feel what momentum is like. The amount of energy required to move your car now is minimal but it has maximum effect. This is elegant. This is what a Light Momentum is like. You feel free and in the Flow.

Even here, your delicious momentum may not last, and you’ll have to expand your self-image and upgrade your choices and such. But you will get in there and stay there for longer stretches. You’ll know you are in your Light Momentum when you find that you are covering your bills consistently over at least two or three months or more. And also that it becomes fairly consistent long term. This may take almost a year to truly determine. But you are successful when you aren’t stopping now and having to restart yourself. You can put some of that momentum and money back into your business to leverage up your marketing, or you will start to support your lifestyle or family.

Tweaking Your Momentum

Over time, as you continue forward, there will be leaps into new levels of income (provided you do what I’m suggesting in the newsletters). You will experience more magic, more abundance, more happiness and joy. Now you’re coasting at full speed! You will find that you can rely on a certain amount of income no matter how hard you push or even if you take a few days off.

And you will notice that how you feel about what you are doing will determine a lot of your success. When I started channeling, I wanted to see people and do as much as I could. I got very busy and money started coming in. Then after some time, I felt I was burning out and needed to take a break. My growth curve was too steep and I was tiring out. So I stopped. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and retreated to home office.

Immediately, the phone stopped ringing, clients started to cancel, and I found myself back at zero. I panicked, thinking that I had just destroyed my practice. But I didn’t have the energy or motivation to push. So I relaxed a few days. When my worry got too much, I jumped back in, but business was slow. I pushed, stressed about my business, and trying to rev up interest. I got some interest and an appointment or two, but they didn’t fit in my schedule, so I had to work at hours not friendly to my temperament! Plus, several people couldn’t afford a reading and so I gave them a discount. On top of this, several massage therapists wanted to do exchanges and I did a few. Soon, I realized that this trip into martyrdom stressed me out even more. I wasn’t valuing myself or setting any useful boundaries.

I quickly lost my enthusiasm because I hadn’t rested enough, so I remained burned out. I was tired from pushing and marketing. And again, I didn’t want to talk to anyone or answer the phone. So I stopped. This time, I decided to give myself a worry-free week off. I realized that I could start everything back up when I was ready, and I wasn’t willing to push and drive myself to do it any more.

Near the end of my chill week, I woke up in the morning and thought, “Hmmm, I’d like to get back into doing some readings. That would be fun.” The feeling was one of enthusiasm and curiosity. Immediately, people started calling in and I booked up the next week or so without a problem. This showed me that my motivation and willingness had to stay aligned, and it wasn’t good to be a martyr to my clients. First of all, they never appreciated all my effort, and secondly, I lost a lot of energy and power by bending over backwards to satisfy difficult people.

After this experience, I learned to give myself some time off when I started to get tired of doing readings. I began to trust that my momentum wouldn’t drop out, even if I dropped out from time to time. I was right. My momentum continued easily, and for several years, I averaged around $500 a week. The pace of clients and time involved was just right, easy.

While $500 isn’t much in the current day, it was good for the mid-1980’s in Florida. My $500 a week bottom line remained with me until I expanded my work and raised it. Then for a year or so, I was up to around $800 or $900 a week average.

But eventually, I decided that I didn’t want to schedule so many appointments in my week, and so I cut back to part-time, where I remain today. The momentum of money dropped in dollars, but I can still count on a certain amount today. This momentum has become permanent, just as “permanent” as the Dark Momentum is to most everyone who believes in the survival of the fittest.

Building and Sustaining Your Light Momentum
Valuable Tips you can Use Now

Choose your Correct Values

Most people are afraid that if they don’t obsessively focus on their company, the momentum will die. It will if they don’t hold the resonance. But it doesn’t have to. The challenge for everyone building a financial momentum is to remain in resonance commensurate to the next level of income they intend to be on.

So you want to love yourself and take good care of yourself so that the Flow of Momentum can be beautiful and elegant, requiring very little effort, energy, work, etc. to keep it moving forward. You want to value happiness over money any day. You want to live your life as you and not as someone that others will admire. (Actually, others will admire you if you be you.) You want your priorities to matter, to be true to who you are, to be in alignment with you in every way. And with partners, you want to negotiate this every step of the way.

Any conflict will inevitably have a disagreement about what is important now and what to do later. Any two people will have disagreements over the sense of order that the company runs with. You have a sense of your own order that feels right. Others can be distressed by your sense of order and want to supplant it with theirs. So you will have to learn how to negotiate rules and regs, pace, priorities, timings, schedulings, and more to fit the lifestyles and needs of all parties.

This requires a re-evaluation periodically, or sometimes frequently if things are hopping along. You are always wanting to increase your sense of value, internally. Own your worth. Love yourself more. There’s always more.

Maintain Harmony between Partners and within Yourself

Harmony among partners is critical if a business is going to even get off the ground initially. And harmony among partners and upper executives is necessary if the business is going to become a huge success. Too many companies never get started, never get funding, and never get opportunities to fill their niche because of conflict between founders.

To create a harmonious partnership, you need to put together a wholistic mission statement. I’m not talking a one-sentence form of this. The purposes and alignment of the partners must be spelled out. The foci and responsibilities of the partners are detailed. Overall, there needs to be a common spiritual philosophy of life that all agree upon. This includes how employees are to be treated, how to enable everyone to work at their best and most natural potential. No sacrifices allowed! Then all executive orders and decisions are to be made according to the mutally agreed upon mission statement. Whenever a new person joins the team, it should be redone or upgraded, with input from the new person.

I’ve seen so many businesses that didn’t get off the ground because some partners just wanted to ride the coattails of other, harder workers. This won’t work. Everyone must be willing to participate responsibly for it to work, bringing their focus in to the company and being their own momentum builder to join the momentums of the others into the grand momentum of the business. Any conflicts between partners can sabotage their own momentums and the momentum of the whole.

Any partners who are putting money into the company but are not working the business must be sure that they are not just buying into a fantasy, because when they are not doing anything but writing a check, they may not be able to help build the momentum and they may be giving their power away to the others. This can also create an imbalance if the funding partners are not included in the creation of the mission statement or are able to participate in the decision making in the early stages of the company before it’s reached its third gear coasting.

Any conflict between leaders and workers, or bosses and their subordinates must be addressed and discussed in an atmosphere of mutual empowerment and win-win. No NDA’s. So many big corporations can suffer huge setbacks in profit from infighting, and the ones getting screwed the most will inevitably be those lower down in the hierarchy. This is an old model of business that requires wheeling and dealing, toughness and domination/control. A big enough company can get into momentum and stay there, but there are so many stories of companies considered too big to fail that did. Only the boys at the very top of the money pyramid, the oligarchs, can usually recover and go on to make many more millions or billions (or become president!)

Stay on Track

There are several tips to keeping the momentum humming. One, is; stay on the same track to maintain momentum. Don’t jump tracks or energy will start dropping out of the first momentum you’ve established. For example, if you are selling gizmos and it’s going well, don’t decide to start a whole branch of business selling widgets. If you do this quickly, you could collapse the first momentum. Then you’d have to go back to square one and start all the way over. You do NOT want to do that.

You CAN move the momentum over to the other track if it’s an outgrowth of the first track, or you’ve already been building it on the side. That’s because you need the resources (a foundation or structure to hold the energy) of the first momentum if you don’t have them built up for the second momentum. In this case the first momentum resources can be adapted to the new momentum and integrated quickly within it.

However, if the new track is in an entirely different area from the first one, you must first build up a momentum on the side of the first momentum. This is not easy to do as it is extremely time consuming. It’s starting over while you are still working the other momentum. But it can be done if you stay present and keep your resonance up.

Then there can be calls to change your track altogether. Say your business is going along fine, but you want to shift to another business that is not in the same field. You can do the parallel building as mentioned above, but this proposition is risky unless you’ve been in business with track #1 for a year or more, or at least until the momentum is as established as mine was with my astrology practice.

To determine if you can actually do two separate tracks at once, take some time off and have a vacation. Check your motivation. If track #2 was chosen because you’d make more money and have more glory, stop! Be sure you are motivated to do the extra work. Make sure you have enough time to enjoy your life or else you will lose your Greater Self’s resonance.

If, after returning from your vacation, your business picks right back up where you were and continues in smooth motivation, you are probably safe to start working part time in the new enterprise. Eventually, you will be able to move your momentum from #1 over to #2 and retire from #1. I’ve done this twice and I know it’s tricky. But your momentum will pick up #2 quickly. It’s such a good feeling when that happens!

So you need to bridge between foci. You need to have overlap if you want to bring a previous momentum into your new focus. People who are able to do this have the amazing ability to end up with their whole lives being in a wonderful flow. They are the movers and shakers, the ones who make a difference in the world. This is not because they are workaholics who only have 4 hours of sleep a night and are go-go-go, pushing and driving to the top, stepping on their competition all the way. It’s because they’ve learned the secrets of energy flow and can manage it to their advantage. I want you to be able to do this.

You may find it hard to do at first if your health is poor, especially if you suffer from low thyroid, adrenal insufficiency, and/or fatigue. That requires another kind of momentum. I’ve explained it already within my newsletters, and in the articles on the Divine Matrix and Healing Your Inner Sabateurs posted on the GreaterSelfProcess.com site.

Approach Your Work as a Spiritual Being

Since you are spiritual in your approach to reality and life, your momentum needs a harmonious spiritual energy for it to work. You cannot approach life like an oligarch or an oligarch wanna be. You need to hold the resonance of your own divine nature enfolded into your momentum and apply your spiritual principles to all that you do. If you cheat, in other words if you fall back into the old domination-control system of the patriarchy, you will lose your spiritual energy level and thus your momentum may pause until you restore your resonance.

If you are starting or leading a business, you must see all who work there as spiritual beings of value. You will want to honor both men and women equally, and build a sense of an egalitarian community with employees, or with clients and customers you are dealing with. All beings must be respected and appreciated, and if possible, loved. This is the energy, the vibration of a collective healing momentum that not only will fulfill the mission and purpose of the business but will also be kind to the whole world.

Upgrade Yourself Regularly

As spiritual evolutionary leaders, you must build your own personal momentum with light and love. You must continue to grow in wisdom, understanding, and compassion for you and those you work with. The style in which you work with others will express your move towards Oneness. Your job as a leader is to keep expanding your Light, your Self-Image as a Divine Being, and periodically, you must re-evaluate the energy and momentum of your business.

If you are a single owner with no employees, your business will reflect your personal mission directly. You must keep tweaking and upgrading your mission statement as policy, and view how you wish to execute it in your daily work. If you are a business owner with partners and/or employees, this continual upgrading process requires meetings where all involved can freely share their thoughts and concerns about business practices, procedures, and image.

This upgrading or tweaking your mission statement is secondary to tweaking and expanding your self-image. Whenever you face a challenge, upgrade your self-image. See yourself more; more enlightened, more loving, more radiant, more Divine. Whenever you achieve some new level of accomplishment and success, expand and upgrade your self-image. If the momentum slags, upgrade your image. If it’s not expanding, even if it’s just humming along, expand your self-image! I cannot stress this enough! This is the biggest key! And you have to keep upping the ante here, becoming more and more divine.

Remember, your Greater Self is always more and bigger than you are. You can also connect with your Optimal Future Self who is your Greater Self in a very specific way in your work and your life. What you feel about your Future Self will give you very real intuitive hits on what to do in your business.

Call in the Magic

You have a Team of beings who love you who are on the Other Side, but walk alongside you throughout life. They are your guides, your guardians, your angels, your ancestors, your spiritual Master, departed loved ones, and more. Galexis generally sees around 40 light beings around everyone who they talk to in private sessions. You can imagine how crowded with guides a seminar can be!

You can contact them, and they will help you to your momentums and successes. You have to ask them, however. They want you to make the choices and then they’ll help out. They will not manage your life for you or do your spiritual practice for you. They will always be with you, and while you may not be able to converse with them like you do with your friends, they will communicate with you in many ways. I could write a whole book on how to work with Spirit, but that’s beyond this article’s scope.

What I do want to share is that everyone can do some magic. Magic is a ritual that holds a certain resonance consistently, and thus gives our guides and spiritual helpers a clear picture of our intentions, choices, and desires we wish fulfilled. If we have integrity as people, responsible for our own lives, aware of what we are thinking and feeling and why, and willing to learn more, they will rush in to support us.

When I started my astrological practice, I had very few clients. The average was perhaps one person a week. Nobody had heard of me. This went on for a while as I was focusing on other income sources. However, those sources weren’t working, so I had no momentum anywhere. That’s when I decided to focus on my practice and build it up to make some decent income from it. I did two ritual meditations that made a huge difference for me. Both came from the channeled entity Lazaris (see http://www.Lazaris.com). This was way back in the early days when Lazaris was focusing on practical personal development and teaching us the map of the psyche.

The first meditation was with the archetype the Magician (the #1 card in the Tarot Deck). I’d met him in a Lazaris workshop where we worked with archetypes. So in meditation, I called on him to bring me 10 readings a week. He obliged, and the following week I had 10 readings! However, from 1 reading a week to 10 was too huge of a jump for me. You see, before every session, I did hours of research and preparation. This was exhausting and then in the reading, I gave my all, and ended each session pretty tired. Whoa, ten charts was too much! What was I thinking?

This immediately blew the energy so the next week, I had only one reading again. That’s when I then realized I’d bitten off more than I could chew and that I must grow my business more slowly. That way, I could grow into it more comfortably, adjusting to the extra involvement and energy output that ten readings required.

So then I used another magical ritual given to me by Lazaris, not in a seminar, but in a private reading. It’s called the Green Candle Ritual, its purpose is to get me connected to the energy and vibration of money. Every time I did the ritual, I’d get at least one phone call inquiry about a reading. After doing the ritual regularly, I would get a call and generally an appointment after every time. Over a few weeks, I did the ritual at least 3 times a week, and business built up as fast as I wanted it to.

You can use this second ritual, because it’s easy and doesn’t require a lot of preparation as the Magician’s ritual required. Because Galexis recommends it so often, it’s on the Galexis website, and is the first entry under Resources. Here’s the Green Candle Ritual link; https://www.galexisspirit.com/greencandle.php

Look For Your Bottom Line to Raise Up; Expect It

Everyone’s experience of momentum is unique. You may start making money quickly and get into a flow. One thing leads to another and then you start making more money and getting better offers from others to partner with you or whatever. This is when it’s critical to stay out of ego and in your power. And please, don’t over work yourself. If you don’t rest when you need to, you won’t restore from the drive and the inner Slave Driver will eat you up. Also, if you obsessively focus on your work, you will lose a valuable self-nurturing and loving downtime. That will break your connection to your Universe and thus you’ll struggle.

Struggling comes when you don’t trust your Divine Plan, your Destiny. Don’t worry. The Universe will take care of you if you value and love you  Remember, if you don’t really have the resonance of the reality you want, you don’t manifest it. This is the Law of Attraction or as I call it, the Law of Resonance.

When you are able to lift your resonance and build your momentum, your bottom line will raise up at the same rate as your Self Image lifts.

Allow the Lift

And with any momentum, whether it starts slowly or zips along quickly, your reality will at some point lift beyond the self-image you started with at your Bottom Line. When it does that, you will be behind the curve, being too small for the big Flow of magic and abundance. A lot of people think that this is all about receiving, and yes, it is. You cannot receive abundance if you don’t see yourself as deserving it, worth it, and being a success.

A lot of people have this problem. They focus so strongly on all the day to day stuff, they aren’t aware of the great need to stay connected to their Greater Self, which is growing greater all the time. The self you were a year ago is not the same self you are today. You are greater today. But if you don’t acknowledge that, and if you don’t acknowledge that you are a Divine Light Being, you won’t be able to sustain a raise in your Bottom Line.

So many people start out all psyched to manifest great things, but they don’t raise their resonance and so their momentum stays right where they began, or falls back down to their bottom line. The typical scenario you’d see if you failed to keep expanding your self-image as your company grows, is that the company stalls out, you lose a bunch of money, and it makes you spend more than you make.

Yes, the Test Again!

But there is more nuance than that. You can catch yourself when your reality gets out ahead of your self-image. This is what I refer to when I wrote about the Test. If you haven’t read about the Test, then check it out on the Greater Self Process website under articles. Again, like I said above, self-image is THE key to success in a momentum. It’s like pushing the gas pedal when you are coasting so that you are racing in delicious freedom.

In my own personal experience, Daniel and I worked to create momentums in both our businesses, but somehow we kept staying just above our bottom line. Sometimes, we would make extra money. But as soon as we had a little extra stash of cash, then something would happen to reduce it back down to just covering our bills. This is the “Test” I’ve shared with you before. Our self-images weren’t at the level of potential success we wanted.

One time, we had some extra money and I got an intense tooth infection I had to go to a dentist to fix it, and all that expense took us back to square one. Another time with more money, the car broke down. That repair erased our extra. So our average income after being adjusted for all the different circumstances turned out to be just above survival level, the same, month after month.

Occasionally when we had extra money, we bought something fairly expensive. When the money invariably fell again, it was tough for a short period, and then somehow, by the next month, we were back to the same bottom level as before. This happened so many times for us that duh! We finally got it. We began to see that this was a pattern where we simply couldn’t get rich, but reality always brought us back down to that same level. This was when we figured out that we had a Bottom Line. We never went below it and we never went much above it either. That is, until we began to change our consciousness and expand our self-images.

Trust the Universe Will Provide

As I mentioned earlier, this piece is critical to establishing a Light Momentum as opposed to a Dark One. But back to my story. My husband and I bought our first house on a shoestring. Soon after moving in, what income we had relied upon dried up suddenly. Now we were stuck with paying a big mortgage! So we pushed and drove ourselves and managed to just make it month after month. We’d often get the money in just before the mortgage was due, or, since this was the 80’s, we sent a check by mail to another state for the mortgage. It took a few days to clear, so we had some time to deposit the money in our account. This often happened just hours before the check cleared at the bank. We were 11th hour manifestors!

We’d sigh a big sigh of relief every month, but then the stress of earning enough returned and back we would go into the trenches. It took us months before we saw the pattern that we were in a momentum. It was consistent that we managed to pay all our bills every month. However, it was all drama and frazzled madness. No matter how crazy we’d get in the frenzy of getting the money together in time, the money would come through.


So we hit upon a novel idea. Why don’t we stop fretting and worrying about money and just see if we get enough money next month? Let’s just rely on the momentum. We’ll work, but not sweat. We’ll put in time, but not stress out. We’ll quell the mind talk and just see what happens.

Well, you know what? We made the mortgage easily the next month. Hmmm, that was a really good result. Will it happen again next month? We asked ourselves. It worked again. And again. We saw how we had made everything much harder by sweating about it and making every mortgage payment a huge big deal. When we took the charge off, the extra weight and significance of the money and relaxed a bit, we began to lose our fear of scarcity, of falling through the cracks. We saw that we were not failing to pay for this house. We began to trust that our reality would somehow or another make sure we got our bills paid.

Now trusting your reality is one of the foundational pieces of the Greater Self’s life. Daniel and I had raised our self-images by trusting the Universe. By getting out of scarcity consciousness, we had managed to lift our Bottom Line a bit. As we took to this new state of being, our finances improved. Things became easier and easier.  We made more money and had more fun. I started writing astrology books (I was a professional astrologer in those days), and I had a blast doing it. I started to get national recognition as an astrologer as my books put me on the map and conference faculties. Daniel started up a computer company. Things definitely looked up.

And things will look up for you too if you keep expanding your self-image. That will help you reduce the intensity of the snap back to the Bottom Line. Once you respond with calm to the financial loss, and continue to expect things to work out, that Bottom Line starts raising up. Okay, maybe you have to respond this way two or even three times before the pattern changes. We had to. But it will, if you will consistently connect to the self that knows your divine nature, that your reality supports you (indeed, you helped create it anyway!), and that when you expect success, you will be ready to receive it!

You see, if you are afraid of falling down below the line and becoming homeless and vilified, cast out and alone, dying in ignominy, then your self-image is very small and not bright. According to the Law of Attraction, you’ll only attract more to worry about. What you pay attention to, you attract.

Ride the Peaks and Valleys

As I said before, momentums aren’t a straight line. Most normally, they are like waves, with peaks and valleys. These waves, in a Light Momentum, will be organic stair steps upward. But you will have to learn how to negotiate them if you want to stay in the Flow.

You see, you love the upward flow of the wave. Things are happening, you are optimistic, expansion is happening. Expansion feels really good. It feels free and alive. So things are moving along when you reach the top of the wave, a pinnacle. Something good happens. You reach a new level, a new peak.

If you are a workaholic, pushing yourself, you will be in scarcity consciousness and trying to get everything achieved at the fastest possible speed before everything starts falling apart! This is the path of the Dark Momentum, even though you can think it’s the best thing ever. Even if you don’t believe the workaholic approach is true, you probably have experienced it or gotten yourself deliberately into it yourself at one time or another. This is part of our training in our highly achievement and money oriented culture of competition. You want to win, badly!

However, the peak creates a pause, and it’s generally before the desired manifestation has truly come into being and solidly in your life! This is where the person who pushes and drives starts to panic and fall apart, and very often, things do start to collapse. Opportunities fizzle, great ideas vanish. If you are a workaholic in a Dark Momentum, you cannot sustain the energy, the push and the drive. You haven’t given yourself enough days off and you haven’t expanded your self-image either.

For the one who taps into his or her Greater Self and who expects support and abundance, this pause is a place to own and claim the level of success reached, even if the goal has not yet been reached, and the business has fallen apart! (Yes, sometimes we are tested. See “The Test” article!)

When the wave inevitably begins to head downwards, the Greater Self individual will take a breather, expand self-image, and reflect. How did this upward wave go? How can I tweak this Flow to make it more fun (note; not to make more money)? Let me do something for me now, expand my self-image a bit more, and then have some R&R. Let me dream/imagine my future and see if I’m on the right track. Let me realign myself to my Dream Future. Meanwhile, in the physical world, I’ll see what I can do to salvage what’s already been done, negotiate with others, restore some things, and tweak my marketing.

The workaholic, on the other hand, will fall into anguish, powerlessness, and possibly even depression, after being really angry for a while. He or she will feel like a failure, self-judge and beat the self up, angrily blaming others for having sabotaged the Flow. Or hiding in fear that this is the end of potential success and “maybe I made a bad choice and need to do something else now. Maybe the Universe is telling me not to do what I’ve been doing. So what do I do now?” Inevitably, for this person, some other bright opportunity shows up. But then the person has to switch over to that and start from scratch. Easy money will stay just out of reach!

But just like the peak, the valley doesn’t last forever. For those in their Light Momentums who can tap into their Greater Selves, they begin to plan and anticipate what they want to do. They have learned what works and what doesn’t. They have seen how they are holding their boundaries and if they need to adjust them. They are now anticipating a good future. They restore their motivation as Light Motivation, true to themselves and who they are. Their energy comes back up and they begin to gear up to fly again.

For those in the Light, the drop to the bottom of the valley stops earlier and sooner than those who drive themselves. Those who feel angry, fearful, or hold onto limiting emotions, beliefs about themselves and their capacities, and who don’t ask for help from the guides without groveling and begging, the valley can be dark and the bottom can feel like the end (or also never-ending!).

However, the wave now goes back up, and the pattern repeats itself. So the key here is, when you find yourself going up in the wave, remember, “this too shall pass.” Enjoy it, live it to the fullest while taking care of yourself and expanding your self-image. This will keep the upward flow as long as it’s feasible. And when the wave goes back down, remember, “this too shall pass,” as you take time to go within, love and value you, and nurture yourself. Enjoy the little break. Your business may be slow if you are an entrepreneur, so go fishing. Do something that is relaxing and restoring.

If you tend to be the workaholic, the upward part of the wave actually is a lot of pressure to perform and push yourself. Don’t. Go gently, and decide that you will not drive yourself nutty to get things done, or be everything to all people. Let some things fall through the cracks. Smell the roses. Have a little fun while you work. Enjoy what you’re doing and enjoy the people you are doing it with. You too, need to remember that “this too shall pass.”

And workaholics, when the wave pauses and begins to drop, remind yourself that it’s okay, “this too shall pass.” Practice trusting your reality to take you up the wave again. Have faith. Stop the horribly negative mind talk of the fears, the guilts, the potential shame, and the scarcity ahead. Instead, put your mind into reflection mode and do some self-processes. Listen to some guided image meditations.

BTW; If you don’t have any guided imagery meditations in your sound files, then I recommend Galexis’ Love and Healing events. In each event, Galexis discuss a topic and then takes you through a positive meditation about that topic. There is a title “Expanding Self Image and Conscious Awareness” that may be useful at this time.

To see the topics that can call to you and that would help you cut through the dark mind talk, go to http;//www.GalexisSpirit.com/cat/45 and scroll down through the titles. Allow your intuition to speak to you. Whatever you choose will be right with you.

Stay in Gratitude

While I’m not usually a big Tony Robbins fan, I am impressed about how he knows how to psych himself up to be brilliantly positive. I watched a talk show where Tony was the guest, and he shared his daily ritual of positivity. He says you can wire yourself to be happy. So here it is. How’s this for good feelies?

First, he spends three minutes feeling grateful. He chooses three positive things, gets into them completely, and feels them deeply with gratitude.
Then he spends three more minutes blessing, healing, and strengthening his passion, love, and generosity. He sees all of his problems being solved, as well as the problems of his family and friends. Finally, he spends three minutes imagining three outcomes that matter and their impact on the world. This is worth trying out and playing with!

The Collective Can Help You or Hurt You

To maintain a momentum of success, you need to call in the support of the collective energy of the world. You cannot succeed all on your own, despite your wish to do so. You need others. If you are building a business with followers, such as on Social Media, you need to get a certain amount of fans to follow you in order to create a momentum, You have to have something that is of interest to them, not necessarily something that they need. People want to have something fun, not a necessity.

When you build up some fans, you are moving in the upward flow of the wave. Maybe you have a band and you want a record contract. Maybe you got a break, and it was a real high. You opened for a bigger name band and were enthusiastically received. “Now we’re on our way,” you thought. . But even though it seems that you have put on a great concert that people raved about, you still remained unknown. The excitement didn’t last. You slipped back down into the valley.

An aside here; if your high is phenomenally joyful and exciting, you will automatically crash afterwards. Don’t take this seriously. This is just a more dramatic form of the wave. Take the crash time, and rest and restore yourself. Keep dreaming. Remember that this crash will pass, because it’s an extreme reaction to the high. Don’t worry!

You see, the collective is also working in wave forms and stair-step  patterns. If you allow yourself to regroup and re-image what you and your band wants, without ego strutting and bragging, but in fun, you will be using the crash into the valley to your advantage. While you may be disappointed you didn’t break through this time, determine to have even more fun with your music! Keep spreading the word.

And what happens is that you begin moving up the wave again. This time, that greater high you had before is pulling you up another step, another level. Suddenly, you’ll have a hit, it’ll go viral, and you’ll get awash with new fans. This will take you into greater success and a Light Momentum. At this point, you can start making big money. So again, keep expanding your image, and pay attention to the tips I suggested earlier.

You see, if you don’t follow those tips, your band could fall apart instead of making it to the big time. Conflicts within bands and within companies are common, and with the extra money beyond the old image, you will be collectively subjected to “the Test!” You and your partners could blow the whole momentum! You’d be yet another “one-hit wonder!” Or your company products could get scarfed up by another copycat company and no one would remember that it was yours to begin with!

You see, you must be able to hold your resonance so you don’t always have to crash and burn, only to start over again at or near the bottom. Momentum is your friend, your ticket to success, when you are willing to cultivate it. I hope this article has helped you see how to do this.


This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA