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Building Your New Self Vision

Establish Positive Boundaries

Imagine that your Life Track, the path of your personal probability, is like a river flowing from its source to the sea. To define your path so that you can flow effortlessly along it and continue to go easily in the correct direction you want, you need to have boundaries. Not limits. Limits go with being a victim, bound by others and the collective mainstream reality. Boundaries are self-chosen, and defined with your unique language. They are selected by an empowered, free, loving self who trusts his or her divine plan.

I recommend setting up a new and grander sense of order, a foundation upon which you can attach the pieces floating in the Light Chaos and begin building your New Life.

Build your Principles and new Sense of Order

Your boundaries are what guide your choices. When you have a decision (strategy) to determine, or a choice (perspective) to make, what is your reference point in making it?

One of my principles is empowerment. I make my choices/decisions based on whether or not they empower me or disempower me. Your definition of your principle concept word is how it plays out in your life. For example, I also support another person’s empowerment as correct for them. If there is any conflict between me and another person, I will do what I need to do to stand up for myself consciously and deliberately seek a win-win that is empowering for both of us. That way, my empowerment is not about having a “power-over” another person but BEING empowered to make my life the way I want it to be.

If you choose love as a principle, you’ll make all your decisions/choices based on what is more loving for you. Now you have to have a good working definition of love for yourself or you can fall into one of society’s unconscious/subconscious definitions, such as “love is pain” that means you must give your life’s joys away to another. Other definitions of love can be that love means sacrifice, love means putting up with anything the beloved does to you, etc. Those examples are from a Lesser Self’s definition of love you probably had some years ago. But what if love for you is being good to yourself, caring about and for you, and thus caring and being good to others by extension? If being good to others requires that you not be good to yourself, it won’t work.

Other principles that some people use can be manipulative. This is especially true if the principle is getting more money. In that case, the person would be an opportunist, ready to respond to any circumstance with the question, “is there an opportunity for getting money here?” Once they see the money path, they will make their action plans. These people may be ruthless and uncaring in their quest for that all-important money.

Others may put belonging and safety together as one, so that if they find that they disagree with their peer group, they will fear conflict and rejection from the group. They may feel they cannot survive outside of the group, and they yearn to belong so much that they’ll change their mind right away and choose whatever their peer group believes so as to feel safe within the group. As you suspect, using these types of principles do not reinforce your Greater Self but your Lesser Self! Over time, they can truly mess you up!

So seek to make your principles ones that your Greater Self uses.

Discover More about your Greater Self

Some Christians ask themselves at the time of choice, “What would Jesus do?” This is essentially the same thing, except we’re talking about your Greater Self. You see, you might be able to imagine what Jesus would do in a given situation. We’re not talking mundane actions like what to do politically or in the investment portfolio if you have one. But you see, while you may have an idea what Jesus would do, there is a very real risk that you wouldn’t know WHY Jesus would do that action.

And since you aren’t walking around with Jesus and watching him in action, you don’t know him. You can make assumptions, based on the stories in the New Testament, but that’s all they are - assumptions. For all you know emotionally, the Jesus a minister talks about is a fictional, made-up idealized character. The minister assumes or pretends to know how Jesus would follow the rules and guidelines, not that they aren’t noble in many ways. But making these assumptions can be misconceptions if your interpretation of the bible stories are distorted in any way.

I’m not saying that there aren’t some juicy spiritual truths in there. But it’s regular human beings interpreting them! But if you are working to discover more about the divine being within YOU, then imagining your Greater Self can draw out of your subconscious and unconscious minds a deep knowing of who you and this Greater Self actually are.

If you leave out all the judgments, weaknesses, and negative stuff you may hold about yourself (or over yourself, demanding redemption), you can energetically tune into a “cleaner” and less contaminated idea of you. Then your choices won’t be what you “should” do and be, but what is truly in YOUR own highest truth and good.

And your Greater Self also has consciousness, there in the Future. Do you remember how I pointed out to you that your Future is actually MORE real than your present you? The higher the consciousness you are, the more real you are. So aiming for your own higher consciousness is possibly the best choice you can make.

Choose your Principles

Choose your principles now, based on the highest vibration of you, with the highest priority and significance for you and your Greater Self in the Future. This gives you ample room to grow and thrive, spiritually. And it also becomes a foundation for your New Vision of you being developed at this time.

So what is truly important to you? I suggest you choose two or three principles for your life’s guidelines. There are many concepts to choose from, and they are all what many call “fat words.” Fat words are philosophical words that have different, subtle contexts and meanings depending on how you define them and imagine them applied in your life.

I do not recommend that you choose safety or security, or money opportunities as principles, since those will tend to align you to a fear-based reality rather than a love-based one. Also, I suggest not choosing a principle that is part of an extreme duality situation, i.e. the Light. Choosing what is Light to you always will tend to be “against” the Darkness, or opposed to it. Same with the concepts of Truth, Good, and Right. There are so many interpretations of these and most are distorted and twisted, so using them can throw you way off base.

Remember, people tend to sacrifice their greatness, not to mention their power and happiness, when they make choices based on limited fear and dualism concepts.

Also, please refrain from making decisions based only on what your inner voices say. I’ve known quite a few people who have followed their inner voices, thinking them spirit guides, and crashed into illnesses, poverty, and loneliness. Then, feeling betrayed by the Divine, they left their spiritual path.

Your negative ego can totally mimic the energies and authority of your guides, Higher Self, and/or angels.

Until you are educated metaphysically enough to be able to identify ego patterns in your thinking and intuition, don’t rely on your “inner guidance.” Your guides are here to help YOU, and they are waiting for YOU to take the lead. This is a Free Will Universe. They are not here to lead you or conscript you in their programs. It’s YOU who has to make the decisions based on your character and principles, and the Greater Self-image you choose to have. Your ego is a scam artist. Don’t fall for it!

Here are a few useful concepts or words you can use for principles. Remember, don’t choose more than 2 or 3. Don’t complicate things! Your principles may or may not all be on this list.

Freedom, empowerment/personal power, love, trust in the Divine Plan, honesty, creativity, flow, magic, spiritual, caringness, connection to the Divine, joy, magicalness, beauty, will (truer and higher than what you have now), inner knowing, value, kindness, acceptance,

Whenever you make decisions, choose new pathways, or take actions, make them in alignment with and accordance to these principles you have selected as most important and meaningful to you. Do they feel “right” for you? Are they important enough and are you willing enough to live according to them? If so, you are well on your way to creating your Dream Future!

Rewrite your Story and Craft a New Vision of YOU

A lot has been said about changing your old story. You may have read some of the several books out about this, or attended seminars on this topic. Even if you haven’t, you can probably acknowledge that in your past, you held a distinctly lesser image of yourself, and have judged yourself, made assumptions about your worth (or lack thereof), or seen yourself through a dark filter of insecurity, cynicism, or pain. You also have experienced repetitive patterns of limitation and challenge that, despite your seeming best efforts catch you over and over again and trap you within them. These patterns become your old sad story, and out of them you develop your limiting beliefs.

For example, you may have found love relationships challenging. They all start out the same way. Both of you are excited about each other, but then they quickly derail after the first argument reveals that your mate is only thinking of him or herself and willing to manipulate you any way he or she can to get what is wanted. Then you pull back. You detach yourself emotionally from your partner or else you demand that your partner be present for you and fulfill your agenda. Your partner pulls back and blames you for making his or her life miserable, and you fight each other. No one wins. This begins to be the common pattern every day until in desperation, you leave the relationship. After you separate, you kick yourself that you didn’t do more, do better, or you continue to blame your ex-partner, consider him or her evil and a bad person, or whatever. After a long time ruminating on what went wrong, you rationalize yourself to be okay, the innocent one, and decide to continue.

Eventually, after a few of these experiences that are remarkable similar with very different individuals, you decide that “men (or women) can’t be trusted,” “it’s better to be alone than go through the pain,” or “you just don’t have what it takes to have a good relationship – there’s something obviously wrong with how you pick your partners or how you develop or build a relationship.”

Now once you see the pattern and own it as normal for you, you begin to expect it. You approach relationships with a lot of caution and tend not to let yourself open up or get involved quickly. You look into your partner’s life suspiciously, looking for the signal that he or she will start doing that selfish or evil thing again. Or you demand more loyalty and openness from your partner. No matter what you seem to do as your new strategy, you end up going down the same path. This reinforces the beliefs you have made about you and relationships.

Does this description of a pattern sound familiar to you? You may not have this exact pattern, but looking at your life, where do you find a pattern that limits you over and over again, just as you seem to be getting somewhere in your life? This pattern is anchored into your subconscious mind along with the image you hold of yourself, and the limitations you feel that you normally and naturally have.

See Your Self-Image, both Light and Dark

Logically, you know that if you only hold dark images of yourself and/or of others, that it’s not going to work for you in creating your Dream Future. Nor will it help the world. As you are a remedy for the world, you need to be free of your old preconceptions, assumptions, and limited ideas about yourself. When you focus on your limits, you are focused on your Lesser Self, the small you.

You could also have constructed a totally positive, fantastic image of yourself, but if you look at your life, you can see that there’s a conflict between the fantastic-ness of that image and the level of joy, happiness, and success you are enjoying in your life. There still are “holes” in your happiness – some area that is not working.

Now it’s good to hold positive ideas of yourself, but they need to be really you, not the success images of your culture! If you only hold positive images of yourself, you’ve been hooked by your negative ego facade. You know this one. It’s the “I’m cool and sophisticated” fašade you put on in adolescence as protection from humiliation and ridicule.

And if you don’t have any negatives at all about yourself, or you deny all negative possibilities about yourself to others, it only means you simply have stuffed them deep down into your dark shadow. The Dark Shadow is in the Unconscious Mind – very deep. But putting them “out of sight and out of mind” only refers to your conscious mind. Your story line and patterns are a program that keep running no matter what your conscious mind says.

You want to look at your story and find the good and the bad, the light and the dark. You are all, everything. The ideal of perfection is only additional pressure on you to ignore the dark and embrace the light. But you see, being all light doesn’t work. You need to be REAL.

You need to accept yourself as you are, light and dark. And you need to forgive yourself for anything dark that you still feel is dragging on you and keeping you from becoming the spiritual radiance that you actually are or doing the Mission your Soul has called you to.

Stop Identifying with your Old Story

What you want to do, is to release your old, sad story – the story of your Lesser Self going back years. Your story holds your beliefs, assumptions, and judgments (both positive and negative) about you, your capability for happiness, love, success, and fulfillment of all your needs.

Since you build up your stories over time to explain why difficult or sabotaging things happened, or why you were successful, you are building your self-image. When you face new options in your life, you assess whether or not you can actually work with these circumstances. How confident are you? Well, you will look at your old story and see if you know how to be successful and confident in a similar circumstance. This uses your Old, Sad Story and shrinks you back into your Lesser Self.

Don’t identify with the self you were, even if that self is only last year. It’s a
fall-back self-image to rely on when you are stressed and don’t know what to do, what choices to make, or what direction to go. In the past when you were very young, you had to make choices for yourself blindly, hoping that they would work. You had no experience at that time to know if your choices and decisions and life direction would work, but you had to make them.

But you see, those old choices and decisions were part of who you were, and they were the ones that established the patterns, limitations, and small self-image of you (or the negative ego image/fašade of you). If you still identify with your teen self or child self emotionally, and with those choices made then, you will be a victim of life indefinitely. You want to be the powerful reality creator you are and to dream into being the you that is a spiritual giant now.

Think about it. Your life in your youth was taken up with issues on how to cope with peers, how to make choices, had to handle your family dramas, how to compete, and on and on. Where was the freedom to discover who you truly were? Who did you think you had to be in order to survive?

My choice as a teen was to detach from everyone and hide. I denied my feelings and pretended I didn’t have any. I focused on building my skills in music and art, hoping I could somehow make it in either field. But all the stress went deep down into me, creating a story of illness, victimhood, and stifling limitations that blocked my dreams. I suspect a lot of people have similar themes.

Now today, I’m no longer a victim. I acknowledge that I am a powerful being, luminous and caring. But unacknowledged pieces of that victim story and its dark, intense emotional pain still remains, embedded deep within my psyche and my body today. I am making it conscious, and now that I see it for what it is, I can use this third phase of the Siriun year to go deep within and find a new Vision for myself AND for my body.

What makes this year different is that creating the new story can be way easier and more powerful and impactful than ever. We are all stepping into our Destinies this year, so choosing a new script is extremely vital! You and I have the optimal lifetime opportunity to craft a new story for mind and body. Woohoo!

Recognize the Old Story and your Compensations

So I ask you, think back to your puberty days, your adolescence. Where did you experience shame, suffering, and emotional rejection? What did you choose to do and be after that? What was your compensation strategy? Did you hide away and protect yourself with “armoring?” Did you become the class clown, always being funny with self-deprecating humor? Did you step into a fašade of perfection, confidence, and being right? Did you attack others or bully? Did you become studious or develop a skill that could make you money and insure your independence?

There certainly are many more options that what I suggest in the above questions. So what were yours? And how did you see yourself then? Did you take the judgments of others into yourself? Did you fight? Did you run away? What did you think you had to do with your body and your life then?

Discover The Purpose of all that Suffering

So now look at all the suffering and struggle you have done to date. What good did that do for you? Be the devil’s advocate here and find the positive purpose of your suffering. Using myself as an example, since I took everything into my body and emotions, I got into the healing arts for my body and became a psychologist to handle my emotions. I wanted to feel good, be happy, regain my energy, and have a good constitution again like I had as a child before the shame and pain descended upon me at puberty.

I got into healing through diet, supplements, herbs, energy healing, meditations, and vibrational resonances (through various frequency emitting gizmos). Most importantly, I learned how to process and heal my emotions, including shame. You see, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and self-image are all stuck in the body and can cause dis-ease.

All of these avenues improved me, but I never got “there” to total physical, emotional and mental health. Only now, am I understanding why. First, I had to accept that my shame and shutdown was a gift given to me so that I could find my life direction that was true for me. I began to see how my life unfolded in new and different ways as I learned how to heal myself and set me on a spiritual path that I am still on. In others words, suffering and its consequences gave me my life direction. I accept that now. Along the way, I have experienced much magic and many miracles. Life is getting better and better.

So what has your adolescent suffering brought you, positively? Here’s an example. I had a friend back in Florida who loved to dance and was intending to become a professional dancer. In her adolescence, however, she developed a severe scoliosis and had to have surgery. Two or three of her spinal vertebrae were fused, and her dancing days ended. While she was devastated, this made her seek another outlet for her life force, another direction. After a few years of wandering around looking for a focus, she found it in marriage and being a mom. Then she began to work on expressing herself in art.

My husband offers another example. As a child, he was always sickly and weak. He had polio at 2 and after that, he became a mother’s boy, coddled and protected by her against his domineering father who wanted him to be a tough and strong man. In childhood, he was picked on and beaten up a lot. He had a lot of shame about his weaknesses. At 11, he got TB and spent some time in a sanitarium in the mountains.

At one point, he got tired of always being the one picked on, the weak sickly one, and the mamma’s boy. So he made a decision to be healthy. First, he stopped himself from crying but deliberately falling on his nose, breaking it. This worked. His crying stopped. Then he took the “primal” cure of gnawing on bones and going to local quarry to slam rocks and break them. Within a couple of years, he began growing tall and no longer succumbed to every virus that came around. He was healthy now. And he has remained healthy to this day. When I get sick from toxic air pollution, he feels better and better, even though he is breathing the same air. The contrast is amazing!

During private sessions, as I listen in, Galexis has been recently sharing this piece about puberty and The Choice of Story. I recognize that I still, in my body, harbor feelings of victimhood to my environment and am changing my story, creating a new Vision for my Future. You know, in previous newsletters, I have spoken about my Future Self. She is quite buff, strong and healthy. She is no longer bothered by toxins in the atmosphere. She sleeps well, has a great digestion, and is off on adventures regularly. I’m going in her direction now.

I can see positive personal health coming. I hope you can too. No matter what area of your life is your “Commission of Challenge,” whether it’s about money, love, or health, the secret to healing your story and getting a new one is to reverse the choice you made way back in your adolescence as you reeled from the impact of puberty on your life.

Choose Your New Story

This New Story has to be one of choice. There are several factors that need to be in it, no matter what the details are. Here’s a list of what I think can NOT be in your New Life Story or part of your Personal Vision or Global Mission, or even your career and Destiny paths.

Victim consciousness, always at the mercy of anything that comes along
Resentments and bitterness, with desire for revenge or punishment
Feeling powerless with the environment (pollution, politics, and relationships)
Fear and anxiety, with safety/security as principles
Feeling separate from others, separate from love, and from life’s flow
Always worrying about money, the safety of your family, and any other worry
Denying yourself to fulfill duties and obligations, carrying burdens, and in general being a slave to others’ interests and not your own
The Ego need to be better than others and show them how to do it right
The need to control things and people to make reality consistent and orderly

Shift the Relationship Between You and Your Environment as well as Your World

Survival in our culture is equated with lots of money, and protection for us and our loved ones. However, we live in the world. Ask yourself, “Can you feel safe with such a collective, consensus, societal perspective going on?”

In this third phase of the Siriun year, you and I have the opportunity to break this embedded training in our bodies where on a subconscious level, we anticipate, fear, and worry that negative events will happen while at the same time, we hope and pray for positive circumstances to come our way.

With a conflict between the conscious mind and the subconscious and unconscious minds, you can’t trust yourself in your relationship, feel secure in your money manifestation, or that your body will flourish in health for several more years. A tragedy could happen any moment!

Now, you can’t just go and hide your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. But you can initiate the process of healing your training and changing your perception of your world. If you want to have that Dream Future, then you’ll have to lay a track or path leading to it. And living in a fear-based reality, a dangerous reality, will take you down the Nightmare or Mediocre Paths.

Change Your Perception, Change Your Story, Change your Reality

Changing your Future is all about determining a Life Track that heads towards happiness, joy, love, freedom, fulfillment, and celebration. Once you set your foot on that Path, you will experience more magic and miracles. You will begin to see that reality isn’t a set-in-stone kind of thing but something flexible and fluid that you can play with and create for you, your loved ones and your world.

Now of course, you won’t be able to easily manifest your Ideal Future. That Future is your world’s change too. You are not up to that part yet. But the self that you are in that Ideal Future holds a very high frequency you can grab onto now. And when you grab it and move towards that Greater Self, you can count on the Universe becoming more visibly supportive of you, and your life will have more joy and laughter in it – more lightness, more healing, more freedom!

The Steps to Changing from the Old Story to the New Story

Here is what we are going to do here to turn the Old Story around.

Identify and release the old story
Create a new story that’s more in alignment with who you are
Sync it up with the Near Future You and your Ideal (Dream) Future

1.    Recognize your Story Orientation
So first of all, you need to let go of the part of your Old Story that assumes that limiting and difficult things are just natural to you and will probably recur in the future, but you hope that you can do some strategies to ward it off. This orientation is embedded in the culture, the consensus mainstream reality.

2.    Identify and choose to Let go of your strategies and compensations to this basic collectively held belief. You want to feel that all is well, okay, and manageable, and that all will be well at some indefinable time in the future. I give you a few common strategy examples so that you can see what you are doing here.

Affirmations; you assume that if you just hold your affirmations in mind, or repeat platitudes, that you can move forward this time and succeed. (Spoiler alert; Unless your story is changed, you will not succeed.)

Distractions; Then sometimes, you may give up seeking what you want and turn to distractions, socializing, sex, and watching games and TV to entertain you. These can substitute for fun and you can throw away time doing them. A good example is social media where you can get involved in other peoples’ lives or watch funny videos and forget about what’s going on.

Escape; Another approach is to go further into avoidance and distractions, seeking out drugs (recreational as well as pharmaceutical scripts) to keep up the illusion of happiness. Or you can try actual physical escape by travelling to an exotic, cheap place and become a beach bum. Then there are also computer games where you have your avatar and you create your virtual world and participate in games and contests online.   

These are just some major strategies. Minor ones can involve getting over-involved in your family members’ lives, trying to control people at work or home, or retreating to the library to study and write a novel that never actually can get written.

None of these approaches works all that well as long as our physical bodies hold the belief that reality is dangerous, we could be attacked by anyone we meet, we could suffer loss and feel shock and grief any day now, we could be shamed and humiliated by others, we could be exiled from our community, that we are powerless, and we don’t have the resources we need to handle things. It’s worsened if the body and psyche hold that we don’t deserve anything better than what we’ve had in the past. This keeps us in a box of limitation to our Lesser Self, as I mentioned months ago.

When our bodies perceive danger, we experience the “fight or flight” phenomenon, or stress. For most of us sadly, we are in a constant state of apprehension about danger. This goes on underneath the conscious mind so we are often unaware of the continuing mantra of fear.

We need a new dream, that of safety in the world. It doesn’t exist yet in the politically tough harsh and violent world we see going on today. But nothing can manifest unless it’s imagined, and you are the one who needs to imagine it!

3.    Move into the process. Have your notebook and pen, or write on your keyboard as you think about these things and imagine in your mind how to do this. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Make it up. Start writing stuff down that occurs to you from the first two steps and then add what else you find as you continue. Be prepared to feel and imagine.

4.    Change your Relationship with your World
You cannot change your reality until you change your relationship with the collective, with the Collective Unconscious, as CG Jung discussed, or with the consensus mainstream reality you live in. You have to change your relationship with your reality so that your reality becomes safe, loving, magical, supportive, friendly, and fun. Enough of that suffering stuff!

5.    Flip the Negatives to Positives
Now during this time of chaos, your reality is floating around in pieces. There are positive and happy pieces and there are sad and unpleasant pieces. Your job as a visionary human being, moving towards your Dream Future, is to put together the positive pieces you want into a tapestry of the life you want.

Take the list of negatives I said should NOT be in your New Story. What are the positive counterparts to each one of those in YOUR life?

6.    What is your Identity?
Then look at who you have seen yourself to be – your identity. What is your identity with relationships? Are you the one who gives in all the time?

How about your identity in your network of friends and community? Are you a leader, a follower, a complainer, or do you tend to be a loner off on your own?

Who are you in your work? An authority? A helper person? Who are you with business associates? With clients? With your peers at conferences?

Who are you with your parents, or your children? With your vehicle, car or truck? Are you the smart one in your family? The odd one? How do you relate to your body? Your diet?

See your stories and patterns everywhere in your life. Perceive how you relate to your reality in the different areas of your life. Write down a succinct essence of each one of these. Make a list. Then whatever area is constricted and your image limited (NOT who you want to be if you felt safe and free), imagine it healed. What is the new you with all these different people and things? Make up new identities in all the areas of your life.

7.    Create a New Perception and Belief about your Reality

So start imagining! You have to imagine something before it can possibly become real. Your Future depends on you imagining either a positive or a negative outcome. For some of you, negative outcomes are the norm, so this technique will make a huge difference for you if you follow through on it.

Imagine the positives I suggested above. What if your reality were safe?  Loving? Magical with great positive synchronicities? A momentum of fun and joy? Friendly, even with strangers? Supportive no matter what? Start imagining. Now you will notice that your body responds to this. It may feel stressed, or it could feel happy and elated.

So go into more detail. Don’t fall for the “winning the lottery” fantasy that is a two-dimensional reality of feeling safe and secure as you spend money and not much else. No more safety and security concerns. Make safety and plenty of happiness a “given.” Make your imagination as deep and real and detailed as possible so that you feel an uptick in your vibratory energy, a higher state.

Look at your life. Have you ever NOT been supported by your reality, even if it was at the last minute? Has your ass ever NOT been saved? Has there ever been a place where there was absolutely no choice and no new information and nothing you could do, since you’ve been an adult?

Your reality DOES support you. Look at your failures. Didn’t they shift you into a new direction that ultimately was better and more suited for you? So ask and seek for when your Universe did NOT save your ass or support you.

If you don’t think the Universe is supportive of you, then maybe you and the Universe need to have a tete-a-tete. You need to understand that it’s YOUR choices you made and YOUR judgment on the outcome and the resulting frustration, martyrhood, anger, and such that is keeping your good reality on hold. Forgive yourself and while you’re at it, forgive your Universe, your reality. Here you had thought it had abandoned you, when it was actually you abandoning yourself!

If you realize that yes, all these twists and turns on the path have always led to something new that you needed to pay attention to or that was more in alignment with who you are, then practice believing and expecting to have a bright and happier future, regardless of what suffering you have been through or are currently experiencing.

Even if you are in the midst of grief and loss, you can have a better future. In fact, it’s imperative that you move forward, learning and healing to become more focused on you and perhaps more focused on others out there in the world – sending more love out to them and receiving more love from your guides.

8.    Expect the Positive Future

Even though it doesn’t look like there is any possible way of getting there from here, remember, this is magic. You are actually dreaming yourself. Who is the you in that optimal future – the happy, joyous, empowered, free, loving and being loved one, and the one for whom wonders and miracles come to.

Keep expecting. Make it up if you doubt yourself, or fall into fear. Remind yourself that you are making this up in your imagination which is MORE REAL than you know at the moment. Your imagination is your connection to the Divine via the 5th Dimension.

Your Ego Voice – Destroyer of Expectation

Your ego is not wanting you to be happy and fulfilled. It’s still trying to get you to be the achiever, the fittest, the best, the top dog/Lord of the Universe even though you’ve known since your 20’s that just ain’t gonna happen. So it will send you thoughts of cynicism – sneering, “yeah, right. You’re in LA LA Land, out to lunch, crazy and stupid. Come back to earth. It’s tough here. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and you gotta fight for your place in the sun. Nothing’s going to change!”

I know that it will be hard to resist all the naysaying in your mind talk, or the naysaying from friends and family members should you even dare mention your Visionary Project with them. You will be tempted to fall into Self-Doubt and Fear, as well as Anxiety. Creating with your imagination may seem futile, so you feel very very tired and stop doing anything. After all, what’s the use? You get slightly depressed, lacking motivation, and lethargic.

The ego will get you with the idea that you can earn this great future by working hard at it. All this does is frustrate you, and make you way too serious about getting to the Future you want.  But you could fall into the energy of entitlement. “Hey, I’ve worked so hard and done so much, I should be feeling more powerful now. I should be seeing more magic in my life now.”

9.    Hone in on the New Vision of You
Who are you in this Future? Back in August 2017, I discussed the Ideal Future and the near Future Self (1 – 2 years into the future). I suggested that you pay attention mostly to who you are being, what you are feeling, and the resonance you are radiating. What I suggest now, is to add more detail to that.

So, let’s start with the Ideal Future that gives your mind and heart the direction to go in. As before, start with the self-image, the Greater You who is manifesting that grand self and life in the Ideal Future down the road. Who are you? What do you think, feel, and believe about yourself?

Once you feel the essence, the energy, the resonance you hold, then and only then, imagine how your external reality, i.e. your environment of people, nature, work and play places, family and friends, as well as clean air/water/food all reflect that your reality is loving and supportive. Everyone is friendly. You feel safe and loved in that reality.

It is safe to be you, to feel and express yourself honestly and fully, to go anywhere at any time with anyone. Safe. Loved. Free. Empowered to make the choices that are correct for you without interference. You receive respect and caring from others, no matter what you choose to do and be (as long as you are authentic). You can relax, really relax and rest. You can dream and imagine. Life is beautiful.

And while this may seem absolutely unbelievable (which it is right now), notice the conflict between this environment that supports you and the old belief that the world is a tough, dog-eat-dog world, and so unsafe, you have to be careful what you do, say, and feel to survive.

Don’t let yourself get sucked into the collective B.S. Instead, choose to hold the amazingly loved and free resonance in the Ideal Future as truer for YOU.

If you have any difficulty with this, then be aware of the energies and vibrations of what is NOT there, i.e. manipulative game-playing, dominating/controlling/bullying, ruthless competition, scamming, violence and violation, hate and judgment, etc. You can build up the positive energies by imagining what the opposite of each one of these dark energies would be. Game-playing, for example, could be honesty and integrity. What would that feel like? Do this for the whole list and you will soon be feeling pretty light!

Remember, you are imagining what you are actually doing in that Ideal Future. You are being with others who are loving and supportive, fun and joyous. Sense your belonging to a community that accepts you and with whom you share love and visions/dreams.

Get a little more graphic with it too. In my Ideal Future, I see that robots essentially do all the hard work. Since I imagined this last August, I read an article in Bloomberg magazine on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is coming along and how inventors have even created robots who harvest vegetables, fruits, and nuts! There are already working models!

You may find some details in your Ideal Future that seem totally improbable, but don’t deny them. Allow them and discover what they say about who you are and what you are creating and co-creating with others and the Divine. In my scenario, people were freed up to do projects of creativity, growing food for the love of it in small plots, sharing resources with their families and their community, enjoying their pets and communicating telepathically with the pets as well as with wild animals, and of course enjoying pristine nature, now restored and thriving. There is an overall sense of BALANCE and PEACE.

So what’s YOUR Dream Future? Even though an Ideal will never become Real, your Dream Future will hold pieces of the Ideal for YOU. So what will it be? And who will you be? See your Future You, healthy, happy, strong, creative, enjoying, celebrating, loving, laughing, playing, working, etc. Hold that picture in your mind every day for a short while so that your Subconscious and Unconscious Minds can register that and keep you on the Dream Track to there.

10.    Align yourself with your Future and get on Track
Now visualize yourself being the person you are now, looking down a shining path to the Future You standing there 20 or so feet away. This is the you from 2 years in the Future and beyond your 2-year Future Self in the distance (maybe 50 feet), you see your Ideal Future Self standing there.

Feel the love radiating to you from your 2-year Future Self. It’s similar to what you may feel with your Inner Child Self if you’ve ever done that work, except that now you’re the younger self and receiving the love.

Walk on the path towards your 2-year Future and go up to him or her. Let yourself be embraced and then sink into those arms. Feel the love, the lightness, the joy, the healing energies, the clarity, the resonance, the amazing auric field of this loving, free, empowered being who leans on reality to provide a good life for him/her. These are the intangibles. Feel them. Imagine them. Soak them into you.

Now step into this Future Self and feel the exhileration, the creativity, the flow of the Divine energies. Imagine all of this.

Now you as the Future You turns to face your Ideal Future Self. Walk towards that figure standing there and do the same as you just did. Hug, feel the lightness, the power, the magnificence, the joy, the gratitude, the balance and healing, the peace, etc. Make it up and intensify it as much as you can.

Now move into that Future You, living in that Ideal and wondrous world. All is well. This combined you now looks back at the form of your 2-year Future You, standing in that time/space location. You send a golden light to that one, that becomes a golden path linking you the Ideal and you the 2-year Future.

Now the current you, inside that Ideal You, along with the 2-year Future you, step forth out of the Ideal and together walk that golden path back to the 2-year Future. You both step into the 2-year Future form, bringing the golden light of the Ideal into that timing and location (4th Dimension). You turn to see the Current You’s form standing in your current time and space location.

Now only the Current You walks out of the 2-year Future You on a golden path that has been established between the Ideal you and the Current You. You walk back to the present time, entering your Current you form. Turn around and see your 2-year Future You and beyond him/her, your Ideal Future, both of which are radiating a glorious light. From you to your Ideal You is a golden path, the Life Track leading to your Dream Future. You have now aligned yourself to your golden (Destiny) futures.

Go through this process from step 1 to 10 a few times until you can feel totally connected to your Ideal Future. And you can, when you go to bed at night, call in your two Future Selves and let them love and hold you. You may have some magical dreams that will give you additional insights into your Path ahead.

Now I know all of this seems very complicated, and it can be. It took me years to learn all the steps of this the first time, but there is a spiritual dispensation now and time has sped up. Evolution is accelerating. You don’t have to spend years discovering these pieces. I’ve laid them out here for you.

Here’s wishing for you to find the Future You of your Dreams and to get onto that Dream Track and step into your Golden Destiny! That’s what this time period is all about – this third phase of the Siriun year.

Even greater things lie ahead. I’ll see you there!

Love and light,

This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA