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Crafting the Dream Future
The Power of YOU Right Now!

The Emergence of a New Life

Over the past two years, I’ve been listening to and overhearing the private readings that I channel as usual. I’m so lucky this way. I’m not a full trance channel, and I can sit back and listen to the most interesting stuff! Normally I forget it, but Galexis, the group of non-physical light beings I channel, has been repeating some powerful messages insistently. They appear to be seemingly universal concepts, although in a private reading, they are uniquely focused and applied according to the individual’s Life Track. Month after month, these messages became more emphasized and exciting, and I began to take notes. I heard about how each person is preparing for a new kind of reality, a New Life.

Since the information kept getting more intense and more magically oriented, I began following various suggestions Galexis has made. They have been so powerful and I feel I am transforming so rapidly and easily, I began putting them together. What you are about to read is what has come out of this.  The direction we are moving towards and the result, goal, or Light Intention is a new future manifesting for everyone individually as well as the world. This is the most amazing time as your purpose can line up now and integrate itself into your probable future like never before! If you feel you are wandering right now, keep reading. What’s going on will be explained!  You see, you and I need to prepare for the great events in 2018. 

A new reality is being birthed, and we are currently in the “birth canal” of that New World, experiencing the throes of birth. What is going on now energetically and spiritually will have pivotal significance and long term impact. I have taken good notes and applied much of the information, and I find it riveting, empowering, freeing, and expanding beyond what I could have imagined only a year ago. I’m sharing with you some of the material gleaned from my channeling as well as other channeled events I’ve attended or listened to. I can feel the “rightness” of this information, and while I have been living in near solitude doing my work, I feel compelled to step out and share this with you and the world. So here it is!


In the magical period between July 23 and September 15, you have greater access to your Source, to your Star Home Sirius. These are the “dog days” (named after the constellation of Sirius known as canis major) and it’s a time to go within, to heal, to ascend, and to embrace your Destiny that will open up for you in 2018! In addition to Siriun energy, during this time period you are experiencing a Mercury Retrograde (a time of going within and knowing yourself more deeply), and a Solar Eclipse (a time of transformation and potential transcendence!)  Then, there is an intense period between September 15th and the Fall Equinox, so the Fall Equinox is extremely powerful as a growth spurt or leap, or the inner and outer accelerator of the divine energies coming through now! It’s as if your guides and your Universe is stacking up the growth possibilities for you now so that you can be who you came to be, and be ready for your Global Mission in the New World!

Why You’re Here in the “In-between.”

There is a reason that you are here on the planet at this time. There is also a reason for all the chaos and change the world is going through. And there is also a reason for why you may not feel that you are fully on track with your passion, power, and purpose. We wish to explain this purpose to you now and reassure you that this is all going according to plan! Now, most of you are in the “in-between” of your old life and your new one. You may feel discombobulated, tired, stressed, even confused. Your life may be slow and dragging or it may seem to be rushing pell-mell and pulling you along with it. There may be too many details to take care of, or you may feel disoriented, not quite sure how to be, act, and plan.

Some of you however, are very clear about who you are, what you are doing, and where you are going, and to you, we say congratulations! You have already made the leap into the new territory, becoming a denizen of the New World, and preparing to help others get there too.  But all of you may harbor doubts and uncertainties as you watch your normal everyday life morph into something new, different, and expanded. Things may be fragmented or scattered until you are able to integrate what is happening to you. And you have come face to face with the amazing expanse of a reality of possibilities! How do you choose? Take heart. Good things are happening. Doors are opening to new possibilities and potentials. A new reality is getting birthed now. This event is what you’ve been waiting for, for years, and it’s finally coming in. Do not worry about the state of the world. You are in the space of Creation, also called the Void, the Womb of the Goddess, in potentia, and this time is part of your Purpose or Destiny. You chose it before you incarnated into this lifetime. This time now is what you came for!

The New Futures

The Probable Future, or the future most likely to happen, is changing. In 2018, the New World is birthed and touches down into 3D reality. As the world responds to this, there are “splits” between three life tracks (or probable futures). I’ll borrow the terms from Lazaris, who in 1997 talked about the options of the Dream Future, the Mediocre Future, and the Nightmare Future. Of course, this is a simplification since there are an infinite number of future possibilities. However, you want to experience the Light Future, the Dream Future, do you not? You are a spiritual being living in the Light and seeking the Divine in all things, yes? Then you are already pretty much on track for the Dream Future.  A reality in which there is peace, love, harmony, prosperity, health and healing, longevity, and more is ahead. You chose it back in the 1990’s.

But this wonderful life is not going to just drop in your lap. It needs to be created by YOU. The world is waiting for you to do this.  As I said, the Dream Future isn’t something that you will automatically fall into. If you stay in the collective, especially in the mainstream track, most likely you’ll head towards a future that can be seen as a Mediocre Future, the extension of what already has been and currently is. The Mediocre Future is filled with your scarcities and compromises, your “not quite enough” experiences. It’s a bit boring and repetitive. You already know everything about this future that you want to know! The Mediocre Future is an old reality, and it’s behind the curve. People who are on track to the Mediocre Future are loathe to change anything. They resist evolutionary development in their social-cultural and personal lives, preferring to remain with their notion of tradition or whatever feels safe and secure and predictable for them. The same life struggles and issues continue to recur endlessly.

The Nightmare Future is one of destruction, violence, pain, and suffering. In the Nightmare Future, the world will end, or rather humanity will cease to have a livable planet. Maybe a few will survive in a dystopian reality – you’ve already seen that portrayed in movies! Movies and politics can manipulate you and mess with your head when they dangle the Nightmare Future over you. In the nightmare, the world suffers through tremendous epidemics of disease from poisonings, toxicities (such as industrial waste and radiation), violence, war, and political upheaval, maybe even nuclear holocaust! It’s like the book of Revelations – the end times. Those paranoid angry alt-right guys with their guns, planning their survival routines, and expecting that any moment the government will come take their guns away and enslave them, are setting themselves up for the Nightmare Future.  Perhaps closer to your experience, you can see those people who are terrified of their lives, other people, the world, and hopelessly point out the signs that the world is being destroyed by war and endless greed. These people are in victim consciousness, trying to numb out and ignore the apocalypse. But you have learned that “whatever you resist persists.” So running away and burying one’s head in the sand is not the way to avoid the nightmare future!

Lifting Beyond the Collective

For years, you’ve been breaking out of this mainstream, out of the Mediocre Future, expanding hope for a better life and future, and waiting for the New Age to arrive. You’ve wondered if it would ever come, and your attempts to move outside of or beyond the collective has had limited success. Your manifestations can be hit or miss.  During this transition time, you may find that what always used to work for you no longer does, and new things happen that are unexpected successes as well as setbacks. This is because you are still snagged by collective consciousness, i.e. the deep belief structures lying in the Unconscious Minds of most everyone on the planet and in every culture. These beliefs were installed in you when you were little and they appear to be real. Some you have forgotten these beliefs, automatically accepting them. But in manifestation, your beliefs are ALWAYS reflected in your life, and when you see this, you believe the beliefs even more strongly, insisting that yes, they are true. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that has imprisoned the human race that holds onto them so fully and unconsciously. However, since you are aiming to lift beyond the mainstream or consensus reality that humanity lives in and believes to be the “way it is,” you will want to identify those beliefs and clear them out. This wasn’t possible until very recently, but now, this year, it will be easier than ever before. This is the year that you chose to come to, the year in which you can actually manage that feat! 

The Year's Gift to You and Your Gift to the World; What you need to do now

This year is a year you were born for. 2018 is the birth of the New Age. It’s here. It’s the New World, a new resonance that will establish itself on the planet and instigate the Great Shift into the new reality. Some people refer to this event as Ascension, although it’s yet one step towards the ultimate goal, that is becoming One with the Divine.  The world has been preparing for 2018. You too have been preparing for 2018. So there is important work to be done, especially during the “dog days” of summer. That’s because this is actually the days in which the downloads and connections to your Star Home Sirius are the strongest. In a way, this is the “New Year” to 2018’s themes and experiences for those of you who are cutting edge visionaries for the planet. But there will also be ongoing expansions every "New Year" during the Siritus Vortex opening, so utilize these techniques every year at the time of the Vortex.

Activate your Personal Mission
Starting now, you can do a few things to initiate your Global Mission in 2018, even if you don’t yet know what exact form it will take. You want to activate and energize your Personal Mission first, that is to know who you are and to express yourself in truth and self-value. Your Global Mission is what you are going to give of yourself to the planet and how you are going to bring others along on the track of the Dream Future. This year is where the agreement between you and your Team (Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, supportive guides, spirit helpers et al) kicks in big time. You made this agreement and chose this path before you came into this lifetime. You and your Team agreed that this year, you would prepare yourself to be one of the midwives helping bring in the birth of the New World, the New Reality. So you want to make a greater focus on connecting with your guides, Higher Self, and the Divine now. You do that through meditation and opening your heart to the Sacred Light of God, Goddess, All That Is.

Step into and claim your Greater Self
Secondly (although this and the first thing go together seamlessly), you must step into and claim your Greater Self. Your Greater Self is the You that knows, I mean really KNOWS that this reality is an illusion – a temporary play of light, sound and frequencies. This illusion of reality, of permanence is all yours. The world is your playing field, your playground, your experimental lab. You co-created this whole world, including everyone else in your life with you, by working with your Team. Your reality mirrors everything back to you so that you can discover through your reactions and actions who you are. Your Mission is to know yourself, so that you can make your Free Will choices. So learn from the reflections you see. Imagine that your Reality, your World, is actually a Spirit Guide. Personify the world and you will see that it is your friend. Your world supports your Divine Plan, i.e. your Personal and Global Missions. Your Reality has your back.

But in order to get this support, you must be real, responsible for yourself, and live according to your truth. If you can do this, you will live your life as the Luminous Being, the Spiritual Giant that you are. Imagine yourself 20 feet tall. Do every action as if you are Divine. How does a Divine Being watch TV? Take a shower? Negotiate with other people? Everything in your life is what you, the Light Being, are doing as the Greater Self.  While you may not live in this Greater Self 24/7, it is necessary to be in this Greater Self the majority of your time, perhaps around 70 percent or so of the time. Work up to this level at your own pace. This will support the building of your Resonance and Radiance. Realities are created according to your perception of yourself and thus your inner self-image. And reality will also respond according to your spiritual emanations to others (your vibratory rate, your lovingness, etc.). This is critical to bringing in the New World for You.  So learning how to keep up your resonance is necessary here. It also means that you must be able to rebuild it quickly once you notice that your identity or self-image has fallen back into the person you were a year or more ago – you know, the one with those chronic, recurring issues and limitations.

Dream your Own Personal Dream Future
Thirdly, you must dream your own personal Dream Future. This is your gift to yourself and your world, the goal of your coming to Earth. It’s a huge evolutionary step for humanity when your Dream Future becomes real to you. You are working on the collective, archetypal consciousness level when you appear to be working on your life alone. This is evolution! You are healing the planet. You are a remedy for the planet.  Since you believe in the past and the future, and think that you are in the present (this is the illusion of time you are working with), you want to create a track from your past selves, through the you that you are now, to the Ideal or Optimum Future Self that you wish to become, along with the world that accompanies it. This is your Dream Track and it is a track of Destiny. To create this track, you need to use your imagination so that you can tap into such a strong and beautiful resonance that this amazing Dream Future will attract and “pull” you towards it, keeping you on the most elegant track to get there. Since you never truly reach an ideal, the Ideal Future will function as a resonance anchor for you, holding you on your pathway going in the correct direction.

Without this alignment, you could fall prey to the pressures, demands, fears, and dramas of the world around you. Then you wouldn’t be of much use to yourself and your world! We’ll share how to create this Dream Future in a moment. But know that since everything in the world is within your reality, as you move towards this Ideal Future, you will enable others in the mainstream to lift and be inspired as well. They’ll open to their lighter and brighter futures. You are healing yourself and the world; you, a light bearer, a Dreamer that dreams the whole as well as the part that is your personal life. Not only will you carry others in the world along with you, the Ideal Future will enable you to begin creating your very own personal consensus that you gift to your world. There are no tracks or logical steps to take from the consensus reality as you know it now to this Ideal Future. You can’t figure out what to do in order to get there. As we already mentioned, the Ideal Future will never happen. But on the way there, you will step into your Dream Future. There is no linear or logical protocol to doing this. 

Chaos and Manifestation; Dark Chaos and Light Chaos

Right now, the world appears dangerously troubled, toxic, and disturbed. This is the unrest of the change that is happening, what we call the Dark Chaos, the time of letting go of the past, of breaking down tradition in order to create something new. This energy has a disjointed, fragmented chaotic and low level resonance. But remember that You are the healer, because the Future you dream is one of high level resonance. That is, you are lifting into frequencies woven in harmony, filled with beauty, love, empowerment, and safety/trust in the Divine.  Healing occurs when the resonance (a body of frequencies melded together as your auric field is) is lifted beyond the limitation, the pain, the issue. Then those disturbing symptoms of change transmute into greater healing and peace.

Simultaneously, you are experiencing a the Light Chaos, in which you take the pieces that your reality has broken up into, and assemble them the way you choose in a great act of creative generation. You are putting your life back together in a new way without the old negative stuff, including those limiting beliefs, diminished self-image, and repetitive stressful issues and patterns.  This Light Resonance you are crafting for yourself first, and then, with the help of the Divine (including your guides and spiritual helpers), you will shine your Light of Self, your radiance, into the world. This resonance of your Greater Self commingling with the Divine frequencies will pull you up beyond the dark issues, the drama and turmoil. There, on the pinnacle, on the mountain top of Spirit, you can then broadcast your love and compassion to the world and call all who are ready to join you on the Dream track path.

Your Dream Future Manifestation Process

To create the Dream Future, you must use your imagination. As we said, you are now in the in-between. It is an emptiness, a void, a womb, ready to carry your manifestation through its gestation into the world. What you imagine is the seed you plant in this womb. The womb is a divine creative space, and you fill that space with your Dream. Now we know that at the beginning of a manifestation process, imagination can be tough. That’s because you need to imagine who you’ll be and where you’ll be before you are connected to that image and resonance. You have to feel what it will be like in that great future even if you don’t feel that way now. You have to simply make it up. This is creation. It is NOT problem solving, so don’t look to imagine what can go wrong and start figuring out how to address those potential problems now! This is a very important distinction.  You are NOT operating on the belief that if you get rid of your blocks and issues, your future will take care of itself. You’ve been there and done that (i.e. believing in that “system” or approach that is very linear), and you already know that your progress is very slow this way. You see, when you focus on negative potentials, you have a much harder time imagining that it would be natural and normal to have an easy, flowing, elegant manifestation. What you put your attention on is what you tend to manifest!  The assumption in the collective is that if you solve all your problems, even figure them out in advance and proactively solve them now, then the future will be great – easy, effortless, magical, safe, and happy.

Unfortunately, this can keep you over-focused on correcting the past and clearing the impact of it out of you while pursuing the problem solutions of the present. Not that you don’t want to do any of that – it’s really good work that absolutely must be done - but that’s not creating the future. We’re talking about the Ideal Dream Future here, a reality that is beyond this 3D world. It exists in the 5th dimension and higher, which is more real and greater than what is happening here in 3D right now. Similarly, in thinking about the future, many metaphysicians remain focused on mundane matters, such as money, primary relationships, and health issues. Again, if you do this, you think that if you can just manifest good love, abundance, and health, then you will feel safe and secure enough to go further to manifest your Greater Self and your Dream Future.  This is fine, but again, it may keep you focused on what’s not going well as opposed to the chosen future you desire. And you could be stuck with the ever expanding need to process an issue like money or health. Actually, by imagining your future the way you want it, you will help all your mundane wishes come true.

The Ideal Future

This is a meditation or visualization that will utilize your imagination to create a beautiful resonance of the future. Put aside some time to do this, and relax. Close your eyes and move into a meditative, reflective state of mind. Imagine that before you is a golden pathway that shines, like your very own “yellow brick road”.  Travel for no particular amount of time, and try not to count the years, as it is quite a way into the future. Settle somewhere, years from now. Imagine that all the issues and problems you have and the people of the planet have are resolved.  Step into that future and visit where you live there, or rather, where your Future Self lives. This joyous and great world is his or her normal, everyday life. Feel your Future Self’s presence, filled with confidence, love, empowerment, a sense of freedom of being as well as a basic sense of safety and security. There are no worries. Peace is on earth. The air is clean and clear, the water pure, and the food all healthy. Your Future Self is vibrant, strong, vital, and perhaps feeling even younger than you do now! Youthing techniques have been incorporated into life here, and healings that you perceive today as being miraculous are simply normal phenomenon in this future.  Imagine a world with a loving community, beauty (especially of nature now restored), experience, loads of laughter, and celebration. Start with the energies, the feelings, the vibration of things. Feel the kindness, the sweetness of life. Feel the peace and happiness. Feel the sense of abundance and prosperity.

If you are in touch with your Soul, you may find yourself tearing up, as you will be remembering something beautiful and deep from long ago in another lifetime on another planet where life was this beautiful. Visit your Future Self there a few times and gradually let yourself take a peek at what life looks like in form. For me, I feel younger, more vibrant and energetic than I am now. I live in a beautiful place and I travel about in a flying machine using anti-gravity, so it is essentially silent. I park it on the side of the building where I have my apartment or flat. I see a beautiful view out of my windows. I have fun activities with other people. I take walks through pristine woods with my husband. I have lots of connections with people I love and laugh with in my life.

There are beautiful places to explore and all the drudgery work is done by robots. You will have your own versions of this future where you are powerful, loved and loving, and with freedom, safety and security. Imagine all the collective programs turned around. Instead of aging, look at how people can youthen instead. Instead of the tired old male chauvinist hierarchy with the haves and the have nots, imagine everyone equal in an egalitarian, harmonious society. Instead of all the rabid obsession with money, power over others, control, and the excessive domination of corporations, see the corporations as communities that serve the people who no longer need to worry about or obsess over money. Instead of cultural awkwardness and bad relationship programs (you are actually programmed to fail in the current culture), imagine what a loving, intimate, harmonious relationship could be. Do you get our drift? All problems, dilemmas, dramas, and such are resolved. 

So you see, you don’t have to imagine the problems in detail in order to dig up a solution. Go straight to the solutions, the miraculous and wonderful solutions playing out in your life and in the world. If you try to figure out the solutions, you won't find them. Thus, you have to imagine what your reality would be like if the problems were entirely gone. What would be happening in their stead? When you do this process, you are beginning to heal the Collective Unconscious Mind. You are releasing and healing the programs you grew up in and were boxed in by, due to your family’s financial level, your gender, and the personal self-image that you sought to attain but was out of your reach. You are no longer limited by genetic programs of your parents. The Collective in 2018 or even beyond may say to compromise and settle, but your Ideal Future cannot have any compromises at all! You are fully healed on all levels and feeling fulfilled!

Imagine that the Unconscious Mind is beneath your Feet, deep down in the Earth. Beliefs lie there, unseen, unknown. Vibrations bubble up from this layer and into your body. The messages you get from your reality through your body and through physical circumstances come up from this belief layer. Aging is one of these beliefs, or belief programs. When you see your body changing and aging, you tend to complain about it but you accept it as being normal and natural. If you stretch and grow beyond the collective, busting and replacing those old cultural assumptions and beliefs, you may see aging as only an option and you won’t have to age! If you do not actively and consciously create your personal Dream Future by crafting your Ideal Future, your mind will automatically return to the collective beliefs normal to your age, economic level, and gender. That’s why you MUST fill the void with your creation so that you can step into your Greater Self this year. Creating your personal Dream Future is the fulfillment of your Personal Mission.

The Destiny Future

Closer to you than the Ideal Future lies what we call the Destiny Future. This is the Future Self’s life in 2019, after all the changes have come into the planet. You at this point know consciously why you are here and what you want to do as your Destiny path. In the time between now and let’s say February 2019, imagine how you will grow, discover, heal, free yourself, and be in your Greater Self all day. So see that Future Self as the culmination of this time. Visit with him or her. Get a hug from your Future Self and then step into that person, turn around and look through their eyes. See how much better and happier he or she is. Feel the energies, the resonance, the radiance of this self. This will be your closer anchor to your Dream Future. 

Now you will see all three futures going on, once the three realities have split. But Lazaris shared that people selecting the Nightmare Future may not see you any longer. Eventually all futures except the track you are on will disappear – not overnight, but gradually as the parallel realities move further apart. There are those who salivate over the possibility of having revenge upon the hated elite and other bad guys, and seeing them go down. “Yes, get rid of those vermin,” some people say, “they deserve it!” But don’t let yourself get swept up with seeing good triumph over evil. Of course, it will happen, but not with that old script like a movie. Stay focused on the good stuff coming and enjoying your life!

Building your Greater Self

As you are moving into your Greater Self this year, we recommend looking at seven keys to becoming. This will hopefully make it easier for you to reflect, own up to who you are, and deliberately choose to be that Luminous Hope for yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

Your sense of order; principles and priorities

What are the qualities you wish to hold? Truthfulness and honesty? Empowerment? Lovingness? Kindness? Empowerment? These qualities are the principles you wish to live your life by and express through your daily life. Select those principles by which you wish to make all your decisions. For example, if you want love, then every choice needs to be measured by how loving it is for you and others.  And what is most important to you? Make a list of things you feel personally are important. This may include people, a philosophy, lifestyle, and creative expressions. Some items may be only important to you. But then, as the creator and co-creator, you want to hold in your resonance your preferences, your positive choices as to what life is about.

Remind yourself of who you truly are

On a regular basis, remind yourself that you are a divine being having a physical plane experience. You can do this while looking at yourself in the mirror. You came here from another realm in order to explore reality creation and evolution firsthand, to create and manifest. You’re doing that now! You are a powerful reality creator (if you have any doubts, look at the amazingly detailed reality you live in that you have created and are maintaining!) Own up to it, and if you don’t yet feel the truth of it, keep choosing it to be true.

Move towards inner peace; balance duality and heal ego

Stop defending your ego fašade. Be authentic, and laugh a lot. Use self-deprecating humor. Don’t take yourself so seriously. You don’t have to let go of your ego, only the negative ego, which is immature, petty, insecure, wants control of everything, and worries what other people think of you. Your positive ego has boundaries – those principles can keep you from drowning in drama and life’s issues. Keep on moving forward, remembering that eventually you won’t be distracted or disturbed by what surrounds you in life, but you can be moved by it and you can respond to it as the Light Being you are. You can reach out and love and touch others with your light. Build your power; choice, freedom to be you, love, safety/trustWhat of the chaos will you keep for your future? Build your self-image with love, value, acceptance, worth, and self-respect. Put these values and energies upon you as if you are putting on a cloak. 

Motivate yourself correctly

Motivate yourself by your empowered self, by your visions, and by your creative choices. Motivating yourself from guilt, fear, or necessity like virtually everyone living in the collective-consensus reality will set you back and limit you to the Mediocre Future. Make everything you choose to do, whether it’s an obligation, burden, or pleasure, something you want and willfully select. Or if you can’t do that, then wrap up the duties and obligations and don’t take on any more of them. This is empowering. Remember, there is no self-sacrifice needed on your part. That noble concept of personal martyrhood comes from the Piscean Age. This is the Aquarian Age now, and you are a unique individual in harmony with the whole, with the Oneness.  So ask yourself; what do you want? What do you love to do? Who do you do it for? What is your gift that you truly want to share with the world? What you want is loving for yourself and your world. Motivate yourself for your Visions and Dreams. Give yourself permission and support for developing and expressing your passion, your purpose, and your joy. Then you can embrace your Destiny!

Seek the Oneness, with Gratitude

You want to acknowledge that all beings on earth, animals, plants, insects and birds, even stones are made up of the same stuff as you are – the same Soul substance. You are fortunate to have the human body where you are conscious and aware and can make choices. You have gratitude for this opportunity to become more conscious and to express your true divine nature in this lifetime.

Connect with your Team; guides, greater aspects of you, the Divine

Resolve any inner conflicts by forgiveness and love. Allow yourself to receive forgiveness and love from the Divine as well as from your guides who love you. Know that they are there with you, walking by your side, caring for you, and helping you bring the New World into being in your personal life. You normally have a whole group of guides or spirit helpers with you. Most people have at least 40. Right now, there are new guides showing up for you to help bring you through this major, significant time. There is a lot that is fresh and new, and you can feel refreshed and renewed by staying in contact with the dazzling light and sparkling love of your Team.

In short, develop the Whole Person that you are!

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This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA