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Power Retrieval
How to Pull Your Power Back to You

We All Have Power

Power is something that comes naturally to us humans. It’s the God-given ability to act on our own choices. Since we live in a Free Will Universe, we all thrive on power, just as we want to live according to our choices and personal will.

However, as children, we feel powerless. Choices are made for us by our parents. While we are still very small, we enter the “terrible twos,” that time of resisting and saying NO! Our desire to make our own choices and not be at the mercy of others’ choices is natural. That’s why our rebelliousness starts so early.

Truly, since we cannot make our own choices, the best we can do is resist our parents and guardians, either passively by going limp and being unresponsive, or by fighting back with pouting, tantrums, and trying to do what we want anyway.

Many people are trained to let their power go. Were you? Maybe you thought you’d make a deal with your parents. It went like this; “If I give you my power, then you’ll be pleased with me and so I can then avoid a lot of pain, punishment, and conflict.” And it’s as if your parents agreed, ”When you get older and show you can handle things, then we will go easy on you and give you your power back.”

Even if these words were never said to you, emotionally you assumed something like this. Yes, you still fought. You still yelled. You still resisted. But you knew it was futile. One way or another, you’d either get deeper and deeper into trouble or you’d feel like you were God’s mistake. You’d have to wait until you were older to have your power back. You dreamed about how you would do all those things you wanted to do. Nobody else would ever have power of control over you or tell you what to do.

When you got into adolescence and your body began to grow up, your desire for your power was even stronger. But now, there was another delay. Your peer group determined what you did and how you did it. The other kids’ opinion of you was critical, as your self-image was undeveloped.

So you made the same agreement in your psyche. “I’ll give my power to them so that I’m not humiliated or excluded. Then I can belong and be accepted as me. Once that happens, I’ll then be able to be and do whatever it is I want.” You made compromises for peace, or you acted out, extending your childhood rebellion methods. The future still had great promise. I hope I will be happy then and free, you thought.
But then adulthood came in, and to your surprise, you still couldn’t do everything you wanted to do, and you still weren’t being totally accepted as who you were. Now the demand on you to compromise came from your culture and the world you had entered, as you had to deal with things like money, social value, romantic relationships, work relationships, and achievement.

Sensitive, creative, and empathic people have not been valued by society and so money and social value does not always come easily to them. So many poets have struggled to bring in a good paycheck when all they wanted was to be free and live wild in beauty. So many spiritual people have struggled with money because their values and desires were to have love and community with other free spirits, not giving their lives away to long work hours for the accumulations of possessions. The requirements of society, earning their own way, and finding their place in the world were a burden for many sensitive souls. Maybe you were/are one of them.

Along the way, your power leaked out and you continued in some ways to feel like the child you were, waiting for authorities to give you some permission. Or waiting to know that you have done enough good enough. Or wanting to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and accepted by others, as well as included. Military leaders, political leaders, doctors, scientists, and even advertising campaigns told you what to think, feel, believe, and do. Your loss of power became a continuous state of being, a chronic, long-term struggle to do what you want to do and not live the life others want for you.

Who or What is the Perpetrator?

Now, today, if you’ve lost your power, you will feel victimized or at the mercy of someone(s), something, or whatever is happening. So ask yourself; who is the person or persons who represent the circumstances of your loss of power? Who is the Perpetrator? Who is victimizing you? Who is doing things to you that you don’t want? Who is violating your space, your boundaries? Who is that person or persons?

Maybe it’s a more collective type circumstance, say like a class action suit, who is the target individual who represents this situation best that is making you suffer? In this example, it could be a company CEO, lawyers for the opposing side, or a specific enemy.

You don’t have to know the perpetrator(s) personally to give your power away to them. I gave my power away to the Church. So, since Jesus and the Church weren’t one and the same, the Church being a human organization, I had a preacher as a representative for me to do my power retrieval with.

Not only can you do this now for yourself, you can go back and ask these questions for the sake of your inner child self or your inner adolescent self. And when you take your power back, you can then also give them their power. You can give them love, value, power, freedom, and joy. You will feel so blessed and happy today when you do that for your past. It’ll raise your power level (and your resonance) big time!

The Power Loss List

Here’s a list I made up of some of those who you may have given your power to. Now in this process I’m sharing with you now, stick at first to the External Sources List. Only later, look at and study the Internal Sources for self-awareness and self-healing.

External Sources
  • Parents, older relatives (aunts, uncles etc.)
  • Older siblings and bullies on the playground
  • Standard Medical Practice/doctors/surgeons, therapies
  • Alternative medical/health practitioners and therapies, faith healers
  • Curses, envious people, dark magick, evil entities (attached entities), energy suckers
  • To the more popular kids/people
  • Bosses and supervisors, company or corporate policy
  • Authority in general (this can include plumbers, computer repairmen, tech support, etc.)
  • Mate, co-dependency, ex’es
  • Children (especially teens)
  • Money, rich people, the big deal (the one where you hope to make a fortune quickly)
  • Rude people, their dogs and children, their noise, smells, etc.
  • To anyone who threatens your needs
  • Lawyers
  • Spiritual leaders (priests, rabbis, ministers), religion, interpretations of bible/scriptures
  • Men in general, or women in general (whoever you think controls you)
  • Societal pundits/doom and gloomers/fearmongers, fears in the marketplace, on TV
  • Dark energies that stress you and suck your energy, violating your energy field
  • Anyone who is jealous of you, waiting for you, needing you, or demanding on you
  • Anyone you’ve had sex with, even one night stands
  • Whoever you’re envious of, who has what you don’t but want badly
Institutions/Consensus Reality
  • The School/Educational system/degrees
  • Government regulations/taxes/government spending/military
  • Political leaders and the Political Parties
  • The Legal System/judges/courts/lawsuits/contested contracts
  • God and the Patriarchy
  • Contracts, vows, oaths, promises from this and other lifetimes
  • Environmental pollution (noise, airborne pollutants, radiation)
  • TV/media/newscasters/celebs’ opinions/advertising
  • Science and so-called research, scientists’ opinions
Internal Sources
  • Mind talk; voices of your internalized parent(s), authority figures, negative ego, rationales for everything, self-judgments, self-shaming and blaming, blaming others secretly, holding onto anger, rebelliousness only in your mind against societal mores and laws,
  • Hidden personal agendas (control, revenge, unfinished emotional business, addictions)
  • Old Dreams and desires that should die, that are not you any longer
  • Unfinished relationships and the emotions associated with them
  • Regrets and guilts from the past
  • Insecurity, and the need to Control
  • A great wounding or wronging in the past
  • Addictions
  • The cravings and longings logic/rationality/consistency, safety/security
  • Definitions of love, freedom, happiness, etc. and other limiting beliefs
  • Cause and effect, linear thinking, judgments
  • Heavy emotions – rage, shame, terror, sorrow, failure
  • Self pity and numbing out, familiar or expected emotional pain
  • Others’ emotions and needs (validation), guilt/potential shaming
  • Boredom (waiting) and frustrating circumstances, resentment
  • Image of yourself given you by your family or other people that you don’t question
  • Future (fantasy) and past (habit), inertia, escapism
  • Addictions (food, relationships, gambling, etc.)
  • Duties, obligations, the Mission you’re “supposed” to be doing
  • Security/survival needs (or perceived as needing), scarcity, fear of loss
  • Negative or toxic ego and ego agendas (control, manipulation, perfection, self importance, entitlement, know-it-all-ism), ego or little self story
  • Schedule/time, deadlines
  • Illness/pain
  • Heated desires (lust, revenge, domination, greed)
  • Food itself, and especially food you feel guilty eating, allergies or reactivity to foods

Determine the Leaked Chakra

Once you figure this out, then determine which chakra has leaked its power out. You don’t have to examine all 7 (or 12) chakras, because there are two chakras that hold your power most strongly. One or both of these chakras will be weak or shut down if you are feeling powerless in the face of your circumstances.

If the circumstances surrounding your disempowering situation appear to involve the environment, say legalities, financial stuff, a leader/guide in a philosophy/religion/spiritual practice, a thief, or even weather, it’s your 3rd Chakra that’s leaked out. You’ll find that your physical will to resist is weakened or absent. If you lose power suddenly, you can even feel nauseous, as if someone just hit you hard in your stomach!

The other chakra that can be depleted of power is your 5th Chakra. This chakra is the one in your throat and has to do with your higher will, your spiritual will (this is the will that seeks to become one with the Divine Will). If the victimizing person or persons have totally stifled, gagged, or repressed your capacity to speak for yourself, or express yourself even modestly, your 5th Chakra has probably leaked out. 

Bringing Your Power Back Home

Once you have determined your more significant power-loss chakra, then, in your imagination, see the persons who represent the circumstances you may be struggling with. They may be your partner, doctor, leader, moving company, or whomever. Imagine them standing in front of you a few feet away and feel your outrage. As strongly as you can, say (in your imagination, but if you wish to do it physically, fine too) “POWER, RETURN TO ME!!!

See their energy decrease as you breathe in, and suck that power away from them and back into your solar plexus chakra or your throat chakra (or you can do both if you like), plus any surrounding body area. Then say it again, and once more breathe in your power and install it in your body. Keep doing this over and over as the image in front of you fades and all the juice, the power, and the energy of this representative of your victimizing returns to you and fills you up with your power.

Once the image has dissolved and you are full of your own power again, step into your Greater Self, your Universal Self, or your Divine Self (who is having a physical life experience). Now do the power retrieval again, from that perspective. It will go much more easily and you will feel way more powerful.

Make Your New Choice

Then you’ll be able to make a new choice of what to feel, think, and believe. You still may be handicapped or blocked from taking any actions, but you will have more energy to cope with the situation. Secondly, you’ll have more awareness and perspective to see the power-losing circumstance as due to your life play’s script (which it actually is) rather than a serious destruction of your life. If you can identify the script and the repetitive pattern, you can change the script in meditation too.

If you don’t know how to do this, look on https://www.GalexisSpirit.com in the Love and Healing sound files. There you can find a seminar called “Your New Story, a New Dream.” It includes the process of changing your story and also a meditation where you do just that. They also shared how to clear limiting “programs” in your life in the sound file “Freeing Yourself from Outdated Life Programs. This also includes the freeing meditation.

And thirdly, you can make choices for the future, so that when or if you encounter a similar power-sucking circumstance, you will know how to respond as a powerful person. So being in your power includes not just taking physical action, but also taking spiritual action in choice and decisions. And you can make the decision to also withdraw your attention and energy from that which you find disempowers you. There’s always something you can shift, change, or do!


If you find that you don’t feel all that powerful, even after doing this, then you probably will need to release some stuck emotions. If you hold onto fear, anger, rage, envy, or shame/pain, then you need to get them out of your life and especially out of your body where they often tend to lodge themselves.

This is where you examine the list of internal sources. You’ll find these pieces in your Mind Talk, your knee jerk responses, any automatic behavior (usually unconscious), your assumptions or limiting beliefs about life, your small self-image, and your expectations of yourself. It’s all about how you see yourself, so getting in touch with your Greater Self will help here. But you may have to do a lot of releasing and letting go of the past before you begin to be consciously aware and make and live according to your Light Choices and Decisions of Power.

If you aren’t aware of how to do this, then find a really good emotional-spiritual coach or holistic psychologist to help you. If you don’t know anyone, then you can work over the phone with Daniel. He and I have both processed our limiting emotions and transmuted them into positives. Healing emotions actually doesn’t take all that long to do, if you are willing to feel. The rewards include an incredible feeling of peace, freedom, and power. Daniel can be reached at daniel@giniel.com or called at 818-855-1377, MO - FR 9:30 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time.

Bonus Meditation!

I decided to include a power retrieval meditation for all of your life, done by Galexis in a seminar years ago. This is the edited transcript of that meditation. You may want to talk it onto a sound file or CD if you have a hard time doing the process on your own.

The added benefit of this meditation is that it covers a LOT of people. There may be multiple people in any one category. Galexis puts them all together to do the power retrieval. However, when you are working with power, you may want to come back later and pull your power back from various individuals to gain greater energy.

And the bonus of the bonus is a Self-Image expanding meditation! When you are changing quickly, you’ll find this meditation can keep you up to the Flow and you won’t have so many tests!

You have already learned how to do power retrieval above. Apply that technique to this one, as Galexis here assumes that you have already done a power retrieval before going on this meditation.

GALEXIS; Power Retrieval

We’re going to do a little power pulling now. First, let’s start with a nice self-image expansion. Call all of your unseen friends – your Spiritual Team - to surround you in readiness, to assist you and love you. Sense your self-image cube around you. It may be very tight above but wide on the sides. It could be close to you in the back but relatively high up. But if you haven’t done this before, this cube will be tight all over you.

The height is the amount of your divine self you acknowledge. The sides are the areas of life you are powerful in – your work, love relationship, social friends, health, etc. The depth is your depth of understanding and love of yourself, allowing yourself to sense the nuances, emotions, and understand your beliefs. These three sides indicate how expanded or contracted you are. Imagine the cube to be pretty tight. You want to expand it now, because with more room, you’ll feel freer and lighter.

All right, call in your friends and you initiate a push on the top. Let them and you together push up the top of the cube. Here we go. All right. One. Two. Three. Push. Up. (Breathe out) Good. Good. More. More. They are stronger than you, filled with light and love for you. Okay now give it a good shove in your mind. And together, you all just blow the top off. There we go. The top flies up and away. Now pause and breathe in the expansion.

Now let’s do the same with the sides. Now get your friend to help you push out the sides. They are smiling and laughing with you. All right. Let’s expand the width. Ready? Set? Go. Pushing out now. And they are pulling. Okay. More. Good. Good. All right, that is nice. Okay. Now your cube no longer has a top. You are going to bust the sides that are to the left and right of you too. So, give it a little extra push now. And let it go. Flying off. To the side. Ahhhhh……

And now you just have the front and back walls remaining. And they are kind of teetering and tottering, because they do not have anything supporting them. So okay. Get ready. One. Two. All of your friends got their hands on it. And so do we, of course. And….three. Push. Push. And they are pulling. pulling those walls away from you. It should be pretty easy now. Push the front and back walls out further. Further. Further and….and just let it go. And they are just going to pull it on far away.

Now, you stand in a bigger space with no walls. Sense yourself. Feel lighter. You sense yourself freer. You sense yourself expanding into this lightness and this freeness, a sparkling, swirling kind of fluffy bright energy. Oh, it just feels so delicious, so good. And you just kind of….mmmmm….breathe into it. Just let yourself expand into it. Bigger and bigger. All right?

Energy wise now, you are ten feet tall. Ahhh. Stretching and expanding more. Fifteen feet tall. Ahhhhh. Twenty feet tall. There you go. That is good. We have told you that you are a spiritual giant. Here you are. You are already giant. Twenty feet tall. More. Come on. Let’s go to thirty.
All right. If you insist, you can go a little more (smiles). All right. Way up there. Ooohhh. It is like you are standing on a mountain top and looking over the world from here. Only your lower torso is in this building. It is like you are just so big. So bright. So luminous. Whew! That feels so good. All right.

Now you are in a reality that you have created; every piece of it. So let’s just claim some of your energy and power, shall we? Just pull your power now in from everything you have created. Negative, positive, whatever spin you put on it, just pull it. Pull it from the floor. Ahhh..  Yes…, energy from the floor. From the walls. From the sky. From trees. And there are cars. Cars. From cars. Trucks. From clouds. Yes. Mmmm. Feel that. Like you have more substance. Let it just feel more. You are more solid at this huge, giant stage.

And now, now it seems pretty easy to look back at your commission of challenge. Your favorite challenge, your most repetitive, favorite, power- losing spot. All right. Okay. Imagine it with substance, perhaps a fabric, or a tangle of wires, or a semi-solid mass of color. Whatever you imagine, mentally, think your fingers into it. Grab a hold of it in whatever form symbolizes it. Whether it is a person, a representation of an institution, or simply a limiting box. All right. Say it now with us. Keep saying “Power, return to me,” and breathing until that perpetrator or image of your abuser or power-taker dissolves, fades and all that energy is now sucked back into your chest.
Power (out breath), Return to me (Breathe it back in)
Power (out breath), Return to me (Breathe it back in)
Power (out breath), Return to me (Breathe it back in)
(Continue until the energy dissolves and is streaming back into your chest.)

Your capacity of power pulling has increased. And not only are you pulling back to you that specific thing/perpetrator/institution, but all the connecting dots that go with it. All the links that go with it. All the contextual frameworks, the beliefs, and the attitudes that surround it. All the ideas and the thoughts and the hopes and wishes that surround it.

Power, return to me.
All the dreams that died around it. Or suffered around it.
Power, return to me.

All the impact that it has had on your life throughout your whole life until this point. That impact. You may see it as a track. Like a railroad track of the wound. You may see it as debris cluttering your environment. You may see it as geometric. However you see that. That history.

Power, return to me.
If there is anything else you want to take in with this, feel free. All the emotions of every other person that you have hired to be in your play in this whole arena/area of your life.
Power, return to me.

Ahhh, now feel that. You are stronger and more powerful. Within yourself there is still a child self who may not feel powerful. He or she may feel like a victim of the family, of the parents, or is a teenager who is afraid of what other people think. And this one is probably afraid of humiliation, shame and exclusion from the group.

Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

Or the twenty-something within you, plunging out into the world for the first time. Wondering how well they are going to be able to cope with it. And all their fears. And all of these parts of you that still hold fears. From them, you remove the piece you gave them, that gave them and still gives them their power emotionally in your psyche.

Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

There. Now you are more than thirty feet tall now, feeling that power as an energy, as a force of vitality within you. You have fuel for new realities.

All right. So, let’s do your past, whether ancient or recent. Let’s focus on your mother, whether she was present or absent, whether you loved her, hated her, or feared her, or was always in pain about her. It is time for you to take back any and all power you gave her.

Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

Okay. Let her dissolve or fall apart. Or scatter in the wind.
Power, return to me.

All right. The process will continue. The power continuing to stream from this creation to you. From this role in your play you created

Now the role of father. Whether present or absent, whether you loved him or hated him, feared him, or was devastated by him. Any pain and shame. Whatever went on between the two of you.
Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).
See him crumble. Fade. Dissolve.
Power, return to me.

You know, your parents are just people; actors that you loved or played with, or hated or whatever you did.

Have any siblings? If you have one or more, group them together. If there is more than one, group them together. Tie them up with some rope. So they become kind of a cohesive unit. If you were an only child, pick a relative or friend who you looked up to. Pick somebody.
All right? Okay. Ready?
Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

All right. So who else? As that process continues, power is draining from that symbol, that person, that impression, to you. Who else remains? Your peers, your lovers, special relationships, your children.

Let’s start with a peer, now or in the past, someone that you have wanted to please.
Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

That process continues and continues as they begin to vaporize or dissolve.
 Okay. Mates. Lovers. Partners. Group them together. Tie them up. It is getting kind of pinched in here. (laughing) All right. Ready? Here we go.
Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

And as that energy flow of power continues streaming your way, is there anyone that you really felt disappointed you? Let you down? Hurt you? And you feel anger about it? If you do,
Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

All right. As that energy continues to trail to you, continuing to drain to you. If you have children, or you have young students that you have been responsible for. Or if you are the neighborhood parent and all of the other kids have come there. You have several “foster” children. Any one of them can become a reference point for you. Any one, one or more, who become reference points for you. (A reference point person is that one that shows you how good your reality creatorship is, how mature you are, and how powerful you are.) Ready?
Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

While that continues, look in your work arena. Any employers, supervisors, bosses? Or if your self-employed, clients who can do willy-nilly whatever they seem to be interested in doing that you can give power to. Whole companies, institutions, the state supreme court. Whatever seems to vibe with you. Has a certain feeling of significance for you to do. Put them there in front of you. Here we go.
Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

All right. If there is anyone else that you give your power to, any apostle of the future of doom and gloom. Any medical doctor who says, this is yours diagnosis and this is the way it is. Or any philosophical teacher that says this is the only way it can be and the limitation you will have to live with. Any authority figure? All right? Any one that resonates. Do one right now. You can always return and do more.

Power, return to me. (Continue until dissolved and retrieved).

And now you feel it; all the energy that’s poured into you from all these channels that you have opened up! Revel in it!

Chakra Healing

Turn your attention now to the chakras where you leak. So now, we suggest taking your two hands. Put one hand on your stomach, your solar plexus. Put the other one on your throat near the base, there at the notch. Now sense all that power streaming to you and coming into your hands now. And from your hands, the energies flow into these two chakras. It is streaming beautiful, beautiful light energy. It may have a lovely color. Your power may have a color. It may be sparkling gold with hints of silver and violet. It may be a deep, rich, jeweled tone. Indigo blue or purple. With iridescence of other colors. It could be anything. It could be white. Feel it go in there now.

And as you do that, we see your channels. We see that the channels have opened. We are moving and working with your energy, and your new, retrieved power to bring it into these two places for you. Imagine that we are restoring that which is drained out. (Here see Galexis as a huge column of iridescent Light that descends to you and surrounds you within it.) We are pouring into you. Filling you up. Filling you up. The thirty-foot giant. Who has become probably about forty feet tall, a radiant being of light. A giant of light! Filling up with this beautiful, beautiful light of your power. And those two chakra areas, feeling full of your power juice. Feel a sense of comfort, of safety, and a sense of strength that is new.

Yes, let it in. It is yours. It belongs to you. Always has. Always will. And feel the love now. And just mentally, while you have your hands there, now again call energy from your reality. Mentally say, “I call love from the sky, fFrom the ground, from the trees, from the cars and the people and the furniture. From the rocks. The washer and dryer! I call love from my Universe and my Reality. It moves into a greater sense of awareness within me now.

Now feel like a stream of light joins these other two streams to move now into your heart, in between your hands. Your heart fills up. Pull and reach some more. And let that process continue now, automatically going on and on through the rest of the day and night until you arise tomorrow morning.

Make a choice as you sense your size, how big a light you are. You are filled with your power. You have expanded your cube. In fact, you have busted it. There is no place you cannot touch with your light and your love in your life.

Looking Ahead into a Powerful New Life

You were born into a free-will world and you were taught about power from everyone you met starting with your parents and continuing to the present day. Every time you make a decision, you are exercising your power. Power is a right, given to you by your creator and you (more about that later) and like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the more you have of it.

This power is known as your personal power. When you are in possession of your faculties and you make a choice of action and are able to follow that action, you have power, the “ability to act and produce an effect.” This is, within your own personal universe, your ability to act, your authority, and your capacity to make decisions that create an effect in your life. Your life’s happiness, level of success, and pleasure all depend on how much of your personal power you are willing to claim and use wisely. The more power you own, the more energy, strength, and joy you will have. Plan to practice awareness of your personal power daily.

Also, power supports your motivations. Without power, you would see your life and everything in it as useless, valueless, and hopeless, so unless you are in the deepest pits of despair, you still are aware of your power to some extent. If you generally make your choices out of consideration of other people rather than yourself, you are still powerful. It is your power to decide to give your power away, to use however you see fit.

Power is a natural accompaniment to your life, and there will never be a time when you are devoid of all of it. When you learn to use your power with an alignment to the divine, you can accomplish miracles. You are always looking for ways to increase it, so never feel afraid to own more power, to retrieve more, to ask for more power. Never feel guilty for having power, or fear that others will fear or dislike you. If anything, others want to be around someone of power. Your power is an attractor for good relationships and opportunities for healing, making income, and in general, succeeding in your life.

Use your power in ways that please you. Power helps you utilize what you learn and know into wise action. Use your power to create, heal, love, and grow as a spiritual being. Use power for creation and co-creation, for the fulfillment of your personal mission of ascension, for fun and a fun life, for making a difference in your world.

If you don’t accept and use your Power, then you will be giving your Power to your Negative Ego! You will want to use your Power as “power-over” others, rather than being powerful as naturally you. You will strut, compare yourself to others, and take things personally. You will choose the fantasy over the reality, you will stay small and weak rather than strong and bright, and your health will suffer so that you feel limited in your very existence!

When you do use your Power rightly, correctly, and own your freedom, love, and trust in the Divine Plan, you will have a great life. You will be able to live out the Dreams and Missions of your Greater Self, of your Soul, and return Home to God/Goddess/All That Is!

What Does Living Life as a Powerful Person Look Like?

A powerful person does the following (in no particular order);
  • Create, think, discern/evaluate
  • Lives fully in the present moment
  • Remembers that s/he is always in Choice at all times
  • Care about others with compassion and no judgment
  • Loves his/her Self and others
  • Envisions what s/he desires, act on his/her choices/desires
  • Enjoy the zaniness of life and its ironies
  • Heals his/her Self and life patterns/situations
  • Acts responsibly and with integrity, is impeccable with his/her word
  • Lives according to his/her principles
  • Listens to his/her intuition (the whispers and knowings)
  • Is willing to have impact on his/her world and make a difference
  • Speak outs and stands up for his/her self
  • Develop a fulfilling lifestyle based on his/her own true temperament
  • Sees the light and beauty in everything (knowing we are all one)
  • Asks for help when needed and wanted
  • Receives help gratefully remaining in power
  • Sees the relationship with the Divine as co-creative
  • Remembers who s/he is (divine being having a physical plane experience)
  • Allows the self to be loved by others and by the Divine

This may seem like a tall order, a huge thing to keep on top of! But be patient with yourself. Look over the list, and if you find something you feel called to, do that one well. If you do, usually the others will come along! You aren’t looking for perfection, but moving into greater impeccability, i.e. living according to your divine truth every moment you can!

This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA