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Duality, the bottom line

In my last newsletter from late July-early August, I discussed the Dark and Light Masculine as well as the Dark and Light Feminine energies. I urged you to become aware of their all-pervasive influence on your life and the subsequent limitation and misery they inflict upon you and everyone else.

But you see, the Dark Masculine and Feminine are not the bottom line. They are both expressions of a deeper core that is addressed only in mystic traditions of the East. This core belief or construct of the Universe is called Duality. It is so pervasive and integrated into everything, underlying everything, that it’s even harder to see and identify than the Dark Masculine and Feminine!

Now I’m not a Buddhist or Taoist scholar. I’ve tried to read those scriptures and texts, but I admit that my eyes glazed over. So I won’t approach this from that Eastern perspective, but from my Western POV.

In the beginning, Lazaris said, there was the Goddess. She created God to be her equal and together they created all the worlds and Universes, including ours. I can only imagine that they had Divine Sex, masculine and feminine, Spirit and Soul energies intertwined in a dance of passion and ecstasy as all us Souls emerged from that core of joy.

Since the Macrocosm is reflected in the Microcosm (“as above, so below”), we humans bring together the masculine and feminine energies with intention to create love and belonging in a sexual dance of Spirit and Soul, in passion and ecstasy. To grow a new physical being, we combine the male (sperm) and female (egg) forces to create a zygote cell that captures Soul and Spirit. Then, within the cell, it divides into two. This is a lower reflection of the Goddess splitting in two in order to create Universes. From there, the cell, now more than one, begins the process of multiplying and creating ultimately a fully formed individual.

Continuing the idea of the microcosm within the macrocosm, when I as an individual create something, I must mentally bring together my inner masculine and feminine forces in order to dream up my creation and then physically bring it forth. I see this as the essential Duality. It is good, in the sense that all creation seems to require two energies, two polarities that dance with each other to bring forth a third energy. This is the idea behind the Trinity.

In spiritual and esoteric perspectives worldwide, Duality is considered the state of separation from the Divine. It is the illusion that we humans took on in order to have the physical lifetime adventure. And with that state of incompletion, of distance and distinction from others, Duality provides a drive to create, to become more, and to bring opposing forces together as One, returning to our Source. If we didn’t have Duality, nothing in the lower worlds (physical, astral, causal, and super-causal planes) would exist. And with everything in the lower worlds being a temporary creation within space-time, we are here on earth in this lifetime, a period of play, experimentation, and learning/growing.

This temporariness defines what is called the Illusion. We have an illusion of permanence, and we can live as if we are immortal, although we know in our hearts that our bodies definitely aren’t. Our essential adventure then, is to come into this temporarily created soup of potentials and opportunities to explore and create for ourselves, to know who we are and want to be, and to learn how to express our Divinity in our own creations. That’s our Personal Mission.

Because these creations we make or choose are temporary, our physical bodies must die. I say “bodies” because we get to explore as many perspectives, realities, and adventures we want, through reincarnation. Now, most people think of reincarnation as linear. It isn’t. We are in the Now, the eternal point of time that is Now. All of our lifetimes exist simultaneously with us right now in this moment; every one of them.

We happen to be conscious of our focus in this current space/time as we explore our individuality. And here, we feel the separation from the Oneness, the Divine Source, and the Divine Love of Home. This Now moment, this point of attention you have, is your Point of Power, your power to choose your reality.

You are in what I call a “Home-Going Lifetime.” You have explored many lifetimes, played in the illusion as much as you desired, and discovered your Homeward Spiritual Path. Now you are getting ready or are already ready to return to the Oneness, to Home, to the place beyond the Illusion and beyond the Duality, to merge with God and Goddess in Divine Love.

When you finish this lifetime, you’ll go in great celebration. Yes, there may be relief at being free of the physical body with all its limitation, but the MAIN feeling with be joy, that same essence of the Source from which you emerged originally. And when you die, ready to go Home, you have the choice to make this your last lifetime. You also can choose to do more lifetimes. This is part of being in a Free Will Universe.

If you choose to continue onward and upward then, at your last breath, you will combine with all your other lifetimes and wrap up your personal Universe of illusion. You will go beyond the four planes of Illusion and merge with your Higher Self – the one who initially created so many many lifetimes to experience. This Higher Self is also sometimes called the OverSoul, and is the one who is fully and completely realized, connected to the Divine, no longer separated.

In the mystic tradition of the Masters of the East, you are as bright as the light of nine suns at this stage of Self-Realization, and you sit upon your Throne of Self, majestic, magnificent, and fully fulfilled as the Spark of Consciousness, the individual Soul that you are.

Now this is part of the mystic teachings of my Path. I share this because you are heading towards the One, towards Home, at all times. Yes, you may wander about before you get onto a beeline Home. But that enables you to do a heck of a lot of creating first! Some of your creations won’t work and you will need to recreate them, redream them, or even abandon them.

Right now, you and the whole physical world are dreaming a New World, a new future. You might have already left for Home by now, but you wanted to contribute your presence to this Great Shift, and participate in or witness this change, or both. You wanted to explore your Global Mission, the last piece of Divine Play for you to do before going Home.

Now when you leave for Home, you’ll realize that you are IT. All of this Universe is designed for your play, your Leela, your discovery of yourself. In other words, even your Universe will also end. You’ll realize that there is no objective reality. That your physical plane reality was all illusion, all other people populating your world were illusion, and the only thing that was real was Love. You will have finished your adventure, creating on greater and greater levels, knowing and realizing your divine self. If you choose to, you will then create Duality within you just like the Goddess did, and use it to create new worlds and universes yourself.

Earth Based Duality

In your everyday life, you encounter everything and it all is based in that essential Duality. In life, opposing forces must be harnessed and work together to bring forth new life, new concepts, and new experiences. Here, Duality is often seen as two opposite and competing forces that create and manifest things. Personally, I don’t really believe that these forces are competing, and they aren’t always in opposition either. Yet the expression of this concept that limits us is indeed the “opposing and competing extremes” idea. This messes up us humans in our politics and in all our relationships!

In duality, you are separate from the other with whom you have a relationship. We have a relationship with our world as other, with nature as other, with our pet animals as other. The sense of distinction and separation we have can make us feel isolated, lonely, and not belonging. And competition or “survival of the fittest” beliefs pressure all of us to compete for our “place in the sun” during our lifetime here on earth.

In our current neo-liberalism political entrenchment, individuality and entrepreneurian activities by necessity require competition for limited resources. The major banks see to that. And this competition never ends. One never is totally secure, safe, and free. Survival and security is something that must be re-established over and over by our diligence, work, and effort.

But these opposing forces that our world believes so strongly in are meant to be complementary, as far as I can tell. And I also suspect that the Divine actually intends for us to find balance and harmony together with others, like a coin that is one but has two sides.

This is also the intention of mystics, seeking to find that unity by merging with the Divine. While experiencing the Divine Oneness, the individual still exists as an individual. This is essentially the theme of the Aquarian Age, where we are now. This is a place of peace “that passeth all understanding” and harmony that transcends all differences. This is a place where everyone belongs, regardless of gender, race, faith, age, and financial status. And this is what we are all here to experience, and hopefully will in THIS lifetime!

From Piscean to Aquarian Age

The Piscean Age, now passed, had its theme of unity with the Divine through submission of will to the Guru, coupled with devotion and strict obedience to the rules of behavior. I walked the mystic Path with a Guru, but I had difficulty harmonizing my individuality with the total devotion and obedience requirement, even though it was to be made in all love.

That was my limitation, I guess. I imagine it reflected my troubled relationship with my very dominating mother. I saw love as control and I didn’t want to serve that kind of love. Even though I realize now that it was my interpretation and not my Master Teacher’s, I still have difficulty coming to terms with the concept of submission and service, which seem like the core of the tradition women’s training for eons.

For decades I could not serve anyone else without experiencing personal depletion and exhaustion. You can imagine my despair at being so “un-spiritual.” I judged myself to be totally selfish and ego-ridden, and decided that I must push through my chronic fatigue anyway to do servile things for others. Fortunately, I have recovered from this point of view, but this required me to learn Aquarian Age principles and find my vitality and energy to serve through my individuality and passion, and through my own kind of creativity. 

The point I’m making here is that those of us on our Spiritual Path here in the West are seeking our highest expression of individuality while at the same time no longer seeing God, Goddess, All That Is as the other, but merging together with the Divine as One. Our destination, our Destiny, is Oneness, i.e. ending the Duality and the Illusion, transcending into the place where all options, all aspects, all possibilities, belong within the One. This is the destination of all religions and spiritual systems, especially their mystic sides.

Political Resonance Shakedowns

But our current extremist politics are part of the “Resonance Shakedown” from the Piscean Age. You see, when you grow to a new level of Self, you can’t take along the negative crap that you had before. It has to be brought to the surface and released. This happens with every type of growth we have, and of course, none of us like having this resonance shakedown happen!

In politics, we are seeing the rise of dictators and oligarchs suppressing the people, and have seen in history the tendency of psychopaths to rise to the top in governments, corporations, and any cultural institution. They do this through establishing a police state, or tough method of control, and through money manipulation that buys or attracts followers, and by securing obedience or agreement of representatives through money so that votes only continue the expansion of the 1% and the financial depletion of the 99% beneath them.

This is oh so Piscean! You have the strong one at the top and all the peons beneath! For many centuries, the lords, kings, and rulers at the top were considered to have that right over everyone else’s life or death due to Divine Right. The current version has the working class people (the peons) who have to take more than one job to survive while the oligarchs and rulers live as if their excellence and marketing skills gave them a God-given right to manipulate, dominate, and control.

On a personal level, this Piscean age strong-man at top system was preserved through the Patriarchy. Men at top, women at the bottom. The hierarchy of men continues with the wealthiest white men at the top and the poorest dark skinned men at the bottom. Women don’t belong to this hierarchy. They are beneath the lowest man.

Of course, women have demanded more personal autonomy and value, and there are many women today who are on a hierarchical level equivalent or above men. This is hard for men to deal with, especially the ones raised to believe that men can do no wrong, don’t have to be responsible, and don’t have to be accountable to others, their community, or the world (such as the environment, national health care, lifestyle quality for all, etc.) These men are fighting back, fighting for their privilege, diminishing the feminine, nature, and being willing to destroy the earth to make a profit.

The Piscean-style feudal system has ended, but its vibratory energies are being resurrected now so we can identify it as what we do NOT want and release it as a pattern of human social organization. We suffer a hegemony, where the selfish politics of the upper classes are considered the correct politics for everyone, especially the lower classes. When I was a child, my mother used to tell me “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.” This was not true then and it is even further from the truth now.

We have been sold a bill of goods in which the lower classes are shooting themselves in the proverbial foot by believing that wealthy, dominating people actually have their best interest at heart. Or that by supporting those at the top, the “trickle-down” money will give them opportunities to succeed and become wealthy themselves. Unfortunately, statistics show that this “trickle-down” system doesn’t trickle down. There’s no trickle. It’s a lie. And hegemony keeps the lie alive as truth.

As part of the release of this feudal idea, we are seeing our leaders personify the Dark Masculine. And we see the personification of the Dark Feminine in those who suffer in pain on the bottom of society through drug use (the opioid crisis), victimization, and internalized pain leading to cancer and other diseases.

See all of this as the breakdown of the Patriarchy, through recognizing, identifying, and SEEING who is doing what and why, and refusing to be a peon any longer. Refuse to be a victim of the oligarchs, of the money system while at the same time understand where they are coming from. See the othering that is being done and within yourself, in your mind, undo the othering. See you and the oligarchs as equals. Dissolve what you can of the Piscean duality extremes.

Healthy Duality

While all of this turbulence and turmoil is difficult for us sensitive, spiritual people to endure, remember; this will make room for the New World, where human culture will become more cooperative and harmonious – i.e. the non-competitive and more useful and healthy form of Duality. This destruction is triggering new ideas and creativity within us about what we yearn for in the world; belonging in a healthy democracy and a healthy community. We are beginning to dream/imagine how everyone can have a place at the table, making choices through consensus that benefit them and everyone.

Yes, duality, while fraught with negative connotations, can actually be healthy. It underlies all reality in 3D. You can’t live here without it, even as you can personally transcend it in your inner, spiritual life. Like the ego, it has a positive purpose for us, but has been twisted and distorted by the Dark Masculine and Feminine placed on top of it that we have become enslaved by its limitations.

The Beauty and Power of Relationships

So let’s use the positive side of Duality, shall we? Through Duality, we can have loving relationships, seeing the Divine in all beings. This increases increase our ability to know ourselves and to learn how to love. You see, we can engage with our world and get messages and information from our world that reflect what we think, feel, believe, know, and who we see ourselves as being. The most common example of this is the principle of “self-validating prophecy,” in which whatever we believe happens and thus validates our belief that it will happen and that it is just the way things are.

If you are able to take these messages given to you through your relationships (and that can also include a relationship with oneself) and consider them helpful information, you can use them for growth. They show you what you want to change as well as what you do well on your path, thus correct to continue.

And as you grow and learn who you are, you accept yourself, and you discover more and more of your innate, given capacity to love. From selfish love, to humanitarian love, to the love of the Divine, you will come to define yourself as a being who loves, and your estimation of yourself or of another will be based on your or their capacity to love fully, richly, and deeply.

When you can accept yourself and generate a relationship with your Universe that is good, you will create internal harmony and unity within yourself. You will not allow the Negative Ego to convince you that your Reality has it out for you, and that you should fear others. You will not take anything personally and feel put-upon by the world, because it’s all your creation, your playground. When you learn and understand what the Universe is showing you, you can be powerful and simultaneously be in harmony within and without.

It is in a loving and accepting, receiving and learning interchange with your Reality that you can dismantle the separation, the isolation, and also the extremism in your personal life and in politics. By acknowledging and utilizing duality effectively in your life, you can then think and dream outside the duality box. You are already beginning to do this.

To accelerate this positive growth path, connect with your spiritual Team (guides) and allow them to support you. When you live in your love and light, you will reduce the stressful suffering so prevalent in the world during this magnified chaos right now. I am grateful to Conni Mainne for pointing out the huge dark ramifications of the duality concept and encouraging me to write it out for everyone.


The most negative form of Duality is extreme polarization. This comes from your Man Code and Good Girl Trainings, your religious teachings, and from social media and the politics of the outer world. You are trained to think in terms of good or bad (or in the Church good or evil), black or white, positive or negative, man or woman, right or wrong, right wing or left wing, friend or enemy, and above or below.

When you’re a child or teen, this simplicity at first makes it easy to make decisions. Just pick the good choice and leave the bad choice behind. And avoid negativity by denying it while you do what the world says is positive. But this simplicity does not last, since reality isn’t black or white. And what you don’t know, you could fear, because you don’t yet know how to vet a situation or know how to respond to it. And other people can be strange and threatening too.

But as you grow up, you recognize that there’s a whole lot of gray area between those extremes! I prefer to consider it colorful diversity! Sometimes you have to choose between a bad choice and an even worse choice. Or a good choice and an even better choice! And sometimes your perspective changes, and then what is right and what is wrong seem to change positions. Or a man who is born male but is trans is now a woman or a woman who is trans is a man. So what is there that is solid and firm and always true?

There is no either-or, black or white, good or bad. It’s all interpretation by some authority figure. If you follow authority you will value some people and devalue others. But you are limited in what you can learn and how much you can grow as a person, because your authorities will hold judgments, and judgments limit you. You will have cognitive dissonance (the experience of having conflict in believing what you think of as true) with what you are supposed to believe.

Cognitive Dissonance is unsettling and you will yearn for certainly and finality. You want your reality to be either this or that, so you can choose what’s real and true and feel safe, secure, and right. You want the problem solved.

But unless you educate yourself in various points of view, you will be vulnerable to scam artists convincing you that their version of reality is the only good one or important one to follow. And if you live in a community that is very one-sided in their perspectives (like a lot of places are), or you follow online communities and ignore others, you won’t even know about alternative ways of thinking, believing, or being. You will be warned to stay away from anything strange or different. Fear of the Unknown will keep you ignorant and trapped!

Of course, you as a light being, don’t want to be trapped in limitation and the illusions of others. You don’t want to live in a world in which everyone is either your friend or your enemy, and you don’t yet know which is which. You don’t want to live in a world that is constantly unsafe and unstable.


The first way to break down othering and find unity and harmony is to evaluate your beliefs. Are you absolutely sure that your beliefs are true and that others’ beliefs are false? Belief is something that all humans have, and we have to learn what beliefs are simply what we’ve picked up from others, or beliefs that others have persuaded us to have, and what beliefs are those that really are true for us.

So many people aver that what they believe is the truth and the only truth. This is a common foundation of the Dark Masculine and Feminine energies. History has shown that if one group of people (tribe A) firmly believes something is true and right, a social or religious mythology that determines how one lives one’s life, and another group (tribe B) believes it’s false and not right, both groups will likely see the other tribe as “Other,” i.e. strange, threatening, crazy, bad, evil, less than, or even inhuman.

Studies found in prison populations amongst gangs have shown that the more one group “others” another group, the more capable that group is of dehumanizing the others, and then believing themselves justified in committing violence against them. Wars are based on this concept. Nazi Germany had a narrative of the ideal Aryan warrior hero and so Hitler and his minions chose to then selectively eliminate those who did not belong to the this model, and encourage women to have blond Aryan babies.

And as in wars, there are mythological heroes who fight for the light against the forces of darkness. Those following them cheer them on as they take down, destroy, and demolish (use those words headlines use when sports teams win) the Other; nation, religion, race, gender (and gender-fluid), sports team, or even political leaders within your city/state or province/country. So who have you been aligned against? Who do you other?

As you might suspect, in the long term, this orientation never works. Whoever has made it to the top remains easily threatened by those he defeated who are probably making plans to take him down and destroy him. And there is always a greater heroic sense of daring do when you are an underdog and your group will rebel and take over the Dark Lord (

In politics, you find the same thing. The right wing has all the answers, it says, to peace and prosperity, while the left wing says “no, WE have the answers to peace and prosperity.” What’s remarkable, and what George Monbiot pointed out in his fabulous book “Out of the Wreckage,” was that both sides have a common narrative structure, a story line. And it’s the story line that moves the people, even if the story is against their well-being.

The Story Line

The story line is like the plot of a hero’s tale, used to make millions at the box office. You’ll recognize it, I’m sure. It’s a story of light vanquishing dark, and it’s very polarizing, although those who follow one version or another do not believe so, as they believe their mythology is right and the other wrong. I’ve found in all the years in which I’ve counselled people, especially in relationship disputes, that the common denominator of virtually every single argument a couple has is over who is right and who is wrong!

When you believe totally that your story is the only truth (and I emphasize “only” here), you have likely picked up your belief from your family and community as a child, or perhaps from someone you admired and followed. It’s unlikely that you have truly thought through what your belief/story/narrative means and what the impact of it is on your life.

Often these automatically believed personal narratives explain your continued limitations, blockages, and sabotaging experiences, and puts the blame for them on members of your family, other people you know, or groups. Then how does the belief/story impact the way you interact with and see other people?

The Dark Masculine thrives on selling people narratives that contain some truth and some propaganda in order to create polarization. And the primary sales job for propaganda is to convince you that it is true, while giving you the verbal weaponry to attack the Others.

One more thing about belief. People are attracted to beliefs and to groups that hold beliefs that offer a sense of certainty, a sense of stability and rightness. If there is a community or group holding a certain belief, it is very comforting to belong there and not have to deal directly with the chaos that’s all around you. After all, if you have certainty, then you think you will feel peace. This isn’t true, however. And once you’ve thrown your lot in with a certain crowd holding a “certain” view of reality, you’ll need to defend that view for a few reasons.

First, you don’t want to look as if you’ve been fooled into that point of view, and two, you’ve invested your time and energy into maintaining this belief and outlook. If you drop it now, you’ll look foolish or stupid and the group will shame and reject you. This is your Negative Ego manipulation, maintaining the sense of separation and isolation you could feel if you were shamed or ridiculed.

And then also, you don’t want to wander once again in the chaos trying to make sense out of things all by yourself without any backup or belonging, nor do you know where to go to get the “truth” or whatever you need that will grant you security.

Nevertheless, a lot of people join a belief system and group story just for belonging. And they will enthusiastically endorse whatever their leaders say, even if they hesitate to fully believe in it. A great danger in this polarization is that you affix labels to yourself to identify which side you are on. You may never even admit these labels, and even insist that you refuse labels, but you are totally willing to identify their polar opposite as the enemy, the one who is “wrong.” All this keeps you limited in your identity because you do not see that labelling others is actually labelling and limiting yourself.

If you are unable to have compassion enough to look through another’s eyes and to understand their point of view (POV), you will fail to see any alternatives to what you are experiencing that could offer you more freedom and happiness. Remember; a highly expanded perspective in which you are unpolarized and have love and compassion for “both sides” will enable you to claim your Greater Self, the key to your Dream Future track!

De-polarize Yourself; Beyond the Paradox

The answer to this belief and story limitation is to de-polarize yourself, to reduce or let go of the extremism in your life. The less you are engaged in duality extremes, the more you can lift beyond the paradox. We are all living in a world filled with paradox, a world in which extreme opposites exist at the same time. Where is the way to peace?

We have been trained to take one side or the other, but then we are stuck with the dilemma of how to deal with the inner conflict of living amongst such opposition as represented by others with differing POVs. How do such opposites co-exist? How do you resolve the extremes and bring them together to get unity?

Buddha recommended taking the Middle Path. By that, he meant the path of centeredness and inner integration, not a path of centrist compromise. He meant being able to see a level above the extremes, which lifts one into an expanded perspective where both extremes can belong in the whole panoply of life without one being right and the other wrong. In other words, lifting beyond the paradox (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) brings you into wholeness and the capacity to see all points of view with awareness and compassion.

When you see the whole, you have within you a center of soul and spirit, a grounding into your unique essence. You are walking your Spiritual Path. It is here, in this center, this middle, that you can hold the peace, the greater perspective, and the resolution of the paradox. When you are in center, you can then take Right Action, but not before.

I was initiated into a mystical meditation technique by an Indian Guru back in the ‘70’s. It was a powerful centering, watching, and being technique, using a mantra, or repetitive sequence of words that held spiritual meaning. Using this type of meditation, I recovered from a severe emotional breakdown and found my center. There I found peace, a deep peace and joy.

But I was young, and not yet used to dealing with the world of finance, logistics surrounding renting, car payments, finding employment, trying to sustain a relationship with my man, managing possessions, budgeting for food and laundry, and the like. All of this stressed me out, since it was new and since I had been what you call a highly sensitive and “sheltered” child.

The meditation worked well. I was able to get into a state of calm. However, as soon as I put my attention on these worldly external issues, all my stress would return. This led me into being a recluse. Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t learning what I needed to learn in the world, and began the process of learning how to stay grounded and present and aware in all sorts of circumstances. This required me to step beyond the paradox of spirituality vs the world, and embrace both.

Most people view mystic spirituality as an escape from the world or a denying of the world, and I certainly fell into that category for sure. But I did learn something very important during that time. Mystics get along with each other. Religionists generally don’t. The Christian Church persecuted mystics, and the Muslim Churches did (and are continuing to do) too.  But when you would get Muslim mystics and Christian mystics together, those who had explored realities beyond the day to day right or wrongs, and beyond the belief systems of the churches, they accepted each other completely!

The point is, when you rise above the paradox or the extremes, you find a reality in which all the extremes belong. They are then just one perspective or another, not the final say on the Universe, economics, politics, or whatever. And all perspectives belong in this world, just as all people do.

Duality and Illusion Awareness

So a quick way to de-polarize yourself is to look at who you think is your enemy, or at least who holds the opposite viewpoint from you. Who do you judge? Who do you look down upon? Seek within yourself and be ruthlessly honest. Some of you, like me, will judge and criticize in your mind, and then call yourself on it, and adjust your thinking so that you are more gracious to those others, perhaps even feeling pity for them, or trying your best to be a compassionate person.

Maybe you even found a nice rationale story to explain why you don’t belong with that group or person, and to even see your separation from them as good and right. Even so, recognize that you’ve done your compensation routine. Seek to see what your original judgments would be now, underlying your rationalized enlightened state.

We humans have been trained from the get go to look at everything from polarized points of view. Where have you fallen for the mythology of right and wrong and see yourself as right and those other poor fools as wrong? Or see yourself as having the last word and other people lost and confused? Where have you in your past felt shame about yourself, feeling that you were somehow wrong, a mistake, and put yourself on the dark side of the polarity?

Identify where you’ve bought into extremes and where you’ve identified yourself at one extreme or another. What groups do you dislike, devalue, judge? What groups are distasteful, mean to others, expressing the Dark Masculine? What negativity, dislike, judgments, and hate have you fallen prey to?

Perhaps there are some individuals you judge. If so, in what grouping are they? Let’s say you don’t like President Trump. What group is he part of that you don’t like? The Republicans? Excessively rich and selfish moguls? Anything of the Dark Masculine or another category of people he belongs to? If you’re a right-winger, then maybe you can do the same with Hillary Clinton, Obama or the Progressives. The point here is to identify groups or a larger category than an individual person. Maybe make a list.

Once you have your target groups, pause. Think about who you are as a spiritual being, a metaphysician, perhaps even a mystic. Think about your missions, both personal and global. What is it that you would like to contribute to the world if you had ample resources at your disposal? See yourself as your Greater Self, a powerful reality creator returning on your Spiritual Path to God, Goddess, All That Is.

Now, take one group at a time. Use your imagination, and see yourself reflected in each one. Imagine looking through the eyes of this group’s members and see how they think they are right, good, true, and valued. See how they identify with their community within the group and how that supports their lives, and perhaps even their own personal or global missions as they see them.

Send them love and compassion, especially if they are doing very unspiritual things as part of the group. Many people numb out their moral sense and blindly follow a leader. Don’t pity them. Feel what they feel, what it is they need emotionally that explains why they are following their story line, and  what they are doing or agreeing with that is being done.

This takes imagination and stretching yourself. But if you do this, you humanize them. Even if they’re acting like scum, they become people who are beloved to other people, just acting badly. Maybe they aren’t acting badly, just appearing to act superior. If you remember, from personal experience, this is an insecure ego. You’ve been there yourself. So feel your common humanity, and send them love and compassion, wishing the best for them each personally in their lives.

You are not validating their point of view when you do this, nor are you giving them “permission” to act badly to others. You are not choosing their path and you reject their path in YOUR life, not in theirs. They are on the path Home too, and their path is perfect and valid for them as yours is for you.

I had an argument with a friend turned extreme right-winger, and he got into right and wrong, blame and ranting. I tried to reason with him, and then got how I was coming off just as superior as he was, just from my profesoor perspective.

He judged me, diminished me, and even threatened and intimidated me to try and shut me up. When it was over, I thought about it a lot and forgave him. But later, he showed up in my meditations for healing the world, radiant in light. That’s when I saw that all this venom and extremism was HIS path and it was taking him Home in his unique way. He was being protected by his Divine Team as much as I was by mine.

So remember, when you see others doing horrible things you think are unspiritual and crazy, love them. But do hold the intention that you are not supporting their bad behavior but acknowledging their spiritual dimension, whether they can acknowledge it or not. This is not about being lenient and allowing what they do to go unrecognized or objected to. And do not think about the punishments they should have, or the jail time they should have to endure. Instead, see them simply as people, souls and spirits, precious conscious light beings that may not recognize their own light.

(I mean, when did YOU finally acknowledge your light and love capacity? Most people are never encouraged to discover themselves and few “find” their true selves within a limited or controlling system that determines their ego facades and identities.)

Now put down the list and have a state break. Go drink some water, go outside for a few moments and look at clouds or a tree, pick up a good book and read a page or two, or do whatever enables you to be in your center and feel pleasant about things. After a few minutes of this, then revisit the group you just experienced, and let your love and compassion flow to them again until you can forgive them for the stress and conflict they have brought to your psyche. You are not a victim. You are powerful, radiant, and loving.

On another day, do another group until you’ve gone through the list. Now let’s look at more detail in putting together something that can work for you and the future – more of what you are here on earth to imagine.

Re-Dreaming Human Unity

It’s easy to stay in an extreme position, since you have a lot of others there with you, and you get reinforcement and belonging from your group. But if you look at this for a while, you’ll realize that you don’t have certainty, no matter how enthusiastically your leaders preach that you know the truth. You know the correct, right perspective on things, whether it’s religious or political.

Certainty, however, is extremely limiting and eventually you will have to break out of it. So why not do it now? Undo the state of common polarization you’ve been taught, and which you assume makes everything clearer if only you could see the best and only choice. and move your awareness beyond duality, that fundamental state of the 3D Illusion we’re in.

So first, as part of our dreaming, we must find unity and wholeness within ourselves. First, we remove the old exploitive Piscean Dream from ourselves. What are the pieces of that old way that interfere with human unity and harmony? Is it the neo-liberal idea of extreme individuality and achievement? Is it about the obsession with money as value on the hierarchy of wealth and power? Is it about competing and fighting? Is it about throwing out or even killing those who are the “problem?” It is about comparing yourself with others to determine whether you are better or worse than they? Where do you hold onto your ego and fear vulnerability? Where do you not allow yourself to be present and real?

Write down whatever you discover. Maybe you can think about these questions and find more digging and reflecting. Do this over at least a couple of days if not more. When you feel you got how you contribute to the duality and extremism within your, falling prey to Negative Ego, then choose to find another way.

From a perspective of love and compassion, stretch your mind to think of peace and harmony existing among all people. Sense how people are like all those frequencies in your Energy Field, needing to work together in order to create a greater overall Resonance for you. Imagine how it would be if everyone was willing to put aside conflict, domination and control, and look to express the Light Masculine and Feminine, as you seek to do.

Then, rethink how your compassionate approach could works with creating harmony and consensus between yourself and others. Stretch. Imagine. Now think about what that feeling, attitude, and orientation of compassion could do in all your personal and professional relationships, as they move towards greater harmony and consensus.

From here, stretch your imagination further to join your guides in a sacred meeting place on a higher realm, and then imagine co-creating the New World with them, with your spiritual family, and with physical friends and family. What would this the unity/wholeness in the world trigger? Generate? What would humanity wish to do? This is what we have come to dream!

Now Human Unity and Oneness is beautiful. It is not communism or socialism, although the social and cultural sense of order you dream may have some socialistic elements in it. It’s not conservative, right-wing or left-wing. If you’ve noticed, right-wing or left-wing governments generally tend towards dictatorships with the people having little to no voice. That’s Piscean Age remnants and it’s definitely not that.

In my opinion, it’s probably closer to anarchy, an anarchy in which people come together and discuss anything and everything and make decisions in consensus on how to run things so that everyone has a place. It’s like what Occupy in New York City was at its best and which the media never reported.

Aquarian Dreams

Moving into the Aquarian age requires interactive leadership, community consensus, and a way for all people to participate and be valued. An Aquarian Age community is not dominated by big money men, and neither is their politics, which respects all people, poor or rich.

Dreaming involves imagining what one desires in its fullness and richness of detail. Dreaming starts out with fantasy, but then the fantasy becomes multi-dimensional, as we access the 5th Dimension, the Imaginal Realm. Even though the new future we are imagining may seem impossible, we are still creating a new Resonance. The more we make our Dream real, i.e. the more we detail out all the lovely frequencies surrounding harmony and consensus, healing and loving, the stronger it will be in your life as well as in the world’s.

Many times, I’ve dreamed something for the future that I would want to have in my life, and within a year, it has shown up! I’m sure, if you think about it, you have examples of this too. This is you influencing the Collective Unconscious Mind by your thoughts and feelings! Self-Awareness!

Physical manifestation always occurs in alignment and congruence with the available resonance. I’ve said this before, but it always bears repeating, because unless we remember this all the time, we can easily slide back into our childhood supply of beliefs handed down to us by our parents, teachers, and religious leaders, or to beliefs accrued along the way when we were teens or 20 somethings.

Once a new possibility is dreamed, then one can act upon that imagination. Someone, not necessarily you, will receive your dream in the pipeline and act upon it, even if you don’t. Most of us dream the same-old, same-old reality in which we achieve financial success and then everyone loves us. The ideas for this come from marketing gurus, books on manifestation, and what others around us think and believe. In truth, you don’t want those old dreams, the same-old same-old just tweaked a bit. And you don’t want your family, your children, and your community to continue them either.

So I’m asking you to join me in imagining and dreaming freely of new possibilities and potentials, way beyond the problems occurring on the planet now. This will keep you from limiting yourself to what the past would deem possible. And together, we can create a new template for us and all of humanity!

This article written by
Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.
"The Mystic Professor"

(c) 2017-2018, Ginger Metraux and Giniel, Inc., Encino, CA, USA