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What do a major Solar Eclipse, Mercury retrograde, the Sirius Vortex,
and the New World have to do with YOU?

They are providing you a unique Magical Window of opportunity between now and the fall equinox, in which you have the greatest potential and divine support to create a bright new future for yourself and the world!

This is HUGE!
  You are experiencing a phenomenally powerful evolutionary and pivotal time on the planet. You were born for this!  Now YOU can choose your own future path and that of the world!  It’s time to stop letting history happen to you and to those around you and start creating it yourself!

Step up to the plate.  It’s YOUR turn, YOUR time. Take your power of choice back from the “powers that be.”  Claim and own your Light.  Be the magician, the reality creator you came to be.  You came for this! It’s here now!  And you are ready.  It’s your Destiny!

I had to come forward with this, for you.

I have been enjoying my quiet life, channeling Galexis for private clients, but when I saw and felt this higher level of energy, magic, and creation hit me, and how my life was changing so fast, I absolutely HAD to bring this life-changing, world-changing information to you!

You want to know what is going on with the planetary evolution, your life’s direction, and why all the chaos is happening. You have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get on track NOW for the beautiful Dream Future so that you can avoid the pain and suffering of a so-so blah future or worse, the Nightmare Future!

So pause and ask yourself; what life do you desire for yourself and those you love? What would you want your future world to be like? Come with me and Galexis and let’s dream it together.

The Magic and Work of 2017

We are giving you the free article (attached) so that you can leap an octave of consciousness right now. It is long (I apologize!) because there is sooooo much vital information you absolutely must know. I should have written a book, but I just didn’t have the time to do it. I had to get this out now!

So please read the article and empower yourself. Then you can start to see positive changes right away. And please share the article with anyone and everyone you care about so that they can lift as well!

To read the full article click herehttps://www.galexisspirit.com/craftingthedreamfuture.php

However, there is more!

Your Link to Sirius, Using the Eclipse for Transformation, and a Destiny Download

Galexis and I have given a 3 hour seminar “Birthing a New Future” that takes you deeper on the journey to your New Future. We connect you to the powerful Sirius Star energy (“Home”), and then you receive from Galexis a powerful download of the bright expanded energy of this consciousness leap and your Destiny process into all your chakras! This is impossible to describe. You must experience it directly! Downloads from Galexis are very rare – they aren’t something that can be given in print or casually done in meditation every day. But a download can change your life and unfold your Purpose in the next year and a half.

Personally I recommend that you take the deeper journey and get the download. Not only will you be more prepared, you’ll find more magic and opportunity opening up your future for you as you move onto your own Destiny Track.

To purchase the seminar with the downloads and the “Future-Connection” Meditation click here:  https://www.galexisspirit.com/pd/226

There is no time to waste.  The opportunity is now.  Please read the article as soon as you can, as this unique window with its exceptional power will be closing after the fall equinox.

I want you to have this empowering, freeing, loving, and supportive information and for you to experience the magic of the New World now.


Galexis is a group of non-physical beings who speak as One through Ginger, the channel. Check out a lot of free information on manifestation and more at http://www.GalexisSpirit.com .