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Beyond the Eclipse – a New Future

Now that the amazing Solar Eclipse has happened, and people have returned to their daily routines, I want to stress that the Eclipse is by no means over!

Its messages for you and me are still coming to you in the weeks and months ahead, and include potentially powerful changes that it heralded only days ago. Especially during the first Moon cycle after the Eclipse, you will notice “discharges” of energy in alignment with the Eclipse theme or message for you (which depends upon where 28 degrees of Leo, the degree of the Eclipse, fell in your natal horoscope). And after that, there will be periodic peak moments of “aha’s” or challenges in your message area of life until the next solar eclipse in February 2018 at 27 degrees of Aquarius.


The awesome Sirius window of Future Creating is STILL OPEN WIDE!!!

As of the Fall Equinox on September 22nd, this intense time of transformation and transcendence will pass into the next phase of the Sirius year, the Integration of the New Vision and the New Self into your Self Image and Identity.

I recommend using this time NOW in your creation and discovery of your expanded and more powerful Greater Self!

That’s because between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice, the higher the resonance (frequency radiation or “standing wave”) of your Greater Self you achieve BEFORE the Fall Equinox, the higher and more magical your daily life can become AFTER the Equinox! And there, as you integrate this greater resonance into your life, your magnificent Life Purpose and Destiny will also become more visible and accessible. They will call you and pull you through the birth of the New World in 2018 and beyond!

You see, the more you know yourself, the more your reality, also called “your personal Universe,” will support and protect you. The Greater You knows that the Universe has your back. So take a risk and be true to who you are! Step up to the plate. Become as much of your Greater Self as you can. That’s when you’ll discover that you can lean on your reality. You can expect it to bring to you not only what you need, but also provide magical gifts to you!

But don’t worry. When the window closes, you can still do all the work of expanding your Self Image and Identity. You can still step into your Greater Self, find your Passion and Purpose, and move into doing your Great Work that I call your Global Mission. It’s just that RIGHT NOW it’s the most elegant, fluid, magical time to do this! The Universe has given you a gift of this magical period of time!

Now, you don’t have to get bent out of shape over achieving everything asap. Don’t put yourself under too much time pressure, or your inner Slave Driver will drop fear into you via your mind talk that you’ve missed the boat, or ply you with guilt that you don’t ever seem get around to doing it perfectly, bad you! Or it will talk you into feeling pressured or inadequate. Instead, look at what you can do now, even if you are super-busy. Let me share a few things right now.

Keys to Success

I have discovered the steps on how to actually move into my Greater Self and build the vibrational frequencies of it. My perspective is changing and my life is brightening. This pathway through the Siriun Vortex period is simply amazing. I’ve learned so much and with my guides’ help, and especially Galexis’ perspective, I am so grateful. Soon, I will share this with you. Please see the bottom of this page for more on that.
But since I’m still not ready to publish an e-book with all the details (), Galexis’ foundational New Life Manifestation 101 principles 1 and 2 will help you start or maintain the transition into your Greater Self on a daily basis.
1.  Know that all is going according to plan (your Divine Plan), regardless of the way your reality may appear. This keeps you in an empowered state with a Self-Image of being a powerful spiritual being on purpose.
2.  Know that everything will turn out well for you, again, no matter how your reality appears or what challenges you go through. When you acknowledge that this reality is an illusion and your life choices are up to you, you can hold this attitude. Then you will find problems dissolving and magic flowing in.
Work with your Future Self
While you are still inside the window and while Mercury is still Retrograde (until September 6th), allowing inner access and cleansing, keep visiting with your Future Self as I outlined in the article I sent you previously. This Future You is living as your Greater Self 24/7. Step into this Self, claim and own it, and look at your life through its higher, more conscious perception filters.
When you move into this next octave of awareness, your perspective will change just as mine has. It will appear, as Galexis says, as if your reality “rules have changed.” What you used to expect or assume may no longer be needed and you will be able to see above the collective, above the consensus mainstream reality’s limiting box of thinking and belief. This will enable you to do greater things with your life and have greater impact on the world.

Remember to Love and Value You

Only You as the Greater one can fulfill your Personal and Global Missions. Loving and valuing yourself is vital. That includes giving yourself a lot of rope while you learn how to gently and beautifully discipline your mind to imagine and dream.
You see, the window actually never fully closes. Whenever it’s your personal time, and moving in your unique cadence, you can step into your Greater Self and craft the Dream Future. However, this window happens to be more elegant, more intense, and more expansive with greater potential right now! So carpe diem!
As I mentioned in the article and specifically discussed in the seminar “Birthing a New World,” there is no specific format attached to your Global Mission. You can do it through observation, meditation, or healing and teaching. Remember, it’s the function of these, not necessarily requiring that they be your vocation or that you must go out and make money with your purpose. In order to do your Global Mission (and even complete your Personal Mission), you need to start living in and through your Greater Self.
So if you have not yet done so, please read my free article. Here is the link once again, in case you have misplaced it somewhere: https://www.galexisspirit.com/craftingthedreamfuture.php
If you wish to go deeper into developing your Greater Self, i.e. the Destiny You, and you did not go to the seminar or purchase the sound-file from us, no problem. You still can connect with your Greater Self and your Future Selves, as well as get a magnificent Sirius download (big booster shot!) from Galexis, the group I channel. The seminar that Galexis and I did together, “Birthing a New World,” can launch you to the next phase of becoming your Greater Self and embracing your Destiny. Here’s the link:  https://www.galexisspirit.com/pd/226
Here are more resources for you

I’ve been going through this passage myself, experimenting, working with what Galexis is suggesting, and discovering how to get into my Greater Self and open to my Destiny and Purpose. This is an awesome experience. I’m psyched! After the article was released and I was on the Unbounded Potential radio show that highlighted this pivotal time, Galexis and I gave a seminar that opened the stage for people to soar. The responses from attendees have been amazing!
Since then, I have gotten several requests for one-on-one personal work with me and answers to burning questions on Destiny and Purpose. For those of you who want more personal in-depth work, I recommend that you get a reading from Galexis, the group I channel. I have not been seeing people since I practiced in Florida for many years as a psychologist, astrologer, hypnotherapist, and life coach. But until I put out my shingle here in California, you can get the personal clarifications you want from Galexis. To set up a time with Galexis, contact my husband Daniel at 818-855-1377 or email him at daniel@giniel.com.
And More…!
I have distilled what I have learned into an empowering, freeing, loving process – the Greater Self process (really creative name for it, yes? ). Since being in your Greater Self is the one biggest key to your Destiny and Dream Future, it’s the place to focus. I have found 7 concepts and their techniques that trigger me positively and allow me to get into my Greater Self quickly. They also enable me to stay there for longer and longer periods of time.
Galexis says you have to be in your Greater Self for around 2/3 of your waking day to get the Dream Future activated.
I am excited about having discovered this process because it cuts through a lot of distractions, emotional flotsam, and dark Chaos. And I don’t get stuck like I used to when I struggled in my Lesser Self. So I would like to share it with you, if you’d like.
While this Greater Self Process leading to your Dream Future will work beautifully and magnificently before September 22nd, the Fall Equinox, it will also work again and again throughout the rest of your life at every pivotal change point. Using it, you’ll be able to leap to the next level or octave with more ease and elegance than ever before!
The Dream Future Teleseminar Series
After Mercury goes direct, I will give a teleseminar series which I will share with you this easy and life-changing process. I’ll share how to;
  • quickly shift into your Greater Self,
  • connect with your Destiny/Purpose/Passion,
  • line up with your Dream Future so it becomes inevitable,
  • create a New World “out there” as well as in your personal life,
  • get unstuck and develop a momentum of happiness.
There’ll be plenty of time for individual questions and personal interactions. In other words, this may be perfect for you!
So please contact me at Ginger@giniel.com and let me know that you are interested in this. You can also pre-ask any questions that you like, and I will tailor the teleseminar to them! Tell me what you want to know and learn!
As always, your Future is up to YOU!
I look forward to connecting with you again, as we are getting on track now to make a huge and glorious New Life for each and every one of us! I wish you a most powerful, free, and magical life that you love!