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I've been asked
What do I do now that the Eclipse is past and the Vortex is about to close?

So here's more from me, Ginger Metraux, Ph. D. on how to utilize this remaining amazing and magical time frame to your best advantage!
The Magic is Shifting...
There is still more “fallout” or rather “developmental energies” being provided to us from the Eclipse, and there is so much going on as the Sirius Vortex expansion moves into its last few days, and we all go through the Shift of the Fall Equinox into the next Phase! Whew! What a ride!

You have now been initiated into the birthing of the New World during the Vortex opening and the Eclipse. To use a marketing term, it's like a "launch" of your Self. You have been initiated into becoming a New You. Even if you don’t think you’ve done anything to create this new you, notice how your self-image, i.e. your perspective of yourself, is changing! You are more than before. After the equinox, you will move into the Integration Phase where you begin to unfold the power of this initiation into your Greater Self and open into your Destiny Path.

That’s why I want to get the following information to you as soon as I possibly can, so that you can make the best choices to get yourself lined up with your Dream Future Life Track as well as connect with your Destiny and Purpose while you have the additional boost from your reality in this time period!

While I had intended to initiate a teleseminar series by now to take you through the steps (or actually, pieces!), I realize that I spoke too soon. I will be away for 10 days starting next week. So I am sharing a bit about what Galexis has found during this power time that can be useful for you right now.
I know that some of you will know exactly how to do these tips, but those of you who may find yourself not feeling the expansion or have a lack of confidence in shifting your perspective to the Spiritual Teacher level Self above and beyond the collective, don’t worry.
Start holding the intention of these tips now, before the equinox. That will help start the flow!
When I return from my trip, I’ll detail them out in the teleseminar series and take you through them so that you can truly step into your magnificent Purpose!
Love and light,
Dream Your Self
First and foremost, you need to DREAM. What you are dreaming is yourself. This is your SELF, the Greater You who will be bringing your Destiny Path or Purpose into manifestation over the next year or two.
This enhanced Greater Self is not just a simple personality, but a powerful synergy of aspects of the truer you. This means that it is complex, multi-dimensional, and balanced between the masculine dynamic and the feminine state of being. When you are in this Greater Self, your reality changes and magic occurs. I’ve put this into the “Greater Self Process” which will be the basis of my upcoming teleseminar series.
Make Connection with Your Spirit and Claim Your Courage

Most of us have been working on clearing the past, releasing resistances and blocks, undoing limiting patterns and beliefs, and healing emotionally from the shame and trauma dumped on us from our gender training (the Man Code and the Good Girl Trainings). This is a lot of Soul work, healing the wounded feminine energy to open up to the divine within and around us. It’s fabulous and wonderful, and we do need to do this work.

However, few are acquainted with our Spirit, a masculine dynamic of motivation, action, with an expanded personal freedom and joy. While the Soul is eternal and you are a part of your Soul, your Spirit is the essence of your current lifetime’s energetic expression and is unique to you. Your Spirit, no matter your gender, has been suppressed, loaded down, and re-channeled into the day to day activities of work, as well as fulfilling our duties, and obligations to family.

Start getting in touch with your spirited self within you, and claim the courage to be yourself. Start to freely express who you truly are, 24/7. Allow yourself to feel the spark, the sizzle, the energeticness that your Spirit can bring to you. It’s time to bring the Light Masculine into your Balance. I’ll share more on this when I return.

Sense/know your Essence to Find What’s Next for You
Before you can manifest your new path, career, job, relationship, healing, or whatever, you need to know more of who you are. Combining the state of your greatness and radiance of your Greater Self with the sizzle of your Spirit, I found therein a formula for your Essence. Now this is not your Divine Essence that is beyond the collective entirely, because everyone shares that (We are all One). I’m talking about the spark of you that is this lifetime’s function, and that is the foundation of your channel of expressing who you are to the world.

Sensing and connecting with your Essence will open the gateways to your Personal and Global Missions, to your Great Work, your Destiny path, to fulfilling your Purpose for this lifetime. You can’t make good choices about what to do, where to go, and who to work with until you get a good grasp on your Essence. This will be a significant part of the material I will share with you later, as we all need this now!

Connect with Your Team
Everyone has many unseen helpers in spirit working with you and saving your ass when you screw up! But now, if you are going to do what you came here to do, you must realize that you cannot do it on your own, no matter how gifted you are. You need to connect with your Guides, inner Friends, Spirit Helpers, and other, greater aspects of Yourself. These constitute your Team that you will co-create your reality with.

Most people who are not psychics, mediums, channels, or intuitives can have a hard time connecting at first. But it’s not really that difficult. For most people, the biggest difficulty is setting aside private time away from the phone and internet, work, and family to practice the connection – and not just the connection itself, but especially the reception of information and energy from your Team members.
If you already know how to connect and communicate back and forth with your Team, great! But since this is such an essential requirement (if not the absolutely most important one) to being able to manifest your Dream Future, you must learn how to do this now. 
Start practicing with the material I’ve already sent you, visiting with your Future Selves in your imagination. This can help you find the inner point of power where you can receive your guidance, messages, and support. It’s here that you learn how to live and see your world with a greater perspective that orients you successfully to your New Life with its Destiny Path. And it’s here that you can access your Greater Self whenever the dark challenges of life have thrown you off balance and shrunk your possibilities.
Galexis has detailed how to do this quickly and easily, but it’s too long to include here. I will be happy to share that and what it has done for me soon!

If you haven’t done it already…
Again, when I return, I can take you through all of this if you would like support in getting into your Greater Self and accessing your Destiny Path. I will share how I found my Destiny Path (which happened during this power time as predicted!) and how you can too with the “What’s Next” material. There’s so much waiting for us and I want us to do this together and make the difference we’ve always wanted to make on humanity and the planet. The time is ripe and right! There’s a glorious future waiting to be born and we are the midwives!

In the meantime, if you didn’t attend or purchase the “Birthing the New World” seminar, you didn’t get the Sirius download (big booster shot!) from Galexis. I would recommend highly that you listen to this sound file and get the download. Between working with the Future and getting the download experience, this seminar provides an amp-up for you. It will start launching you for the birth of the New World that’s upon us now. And it’ll open fresh doorways and possibilities for you, accelerating your journey in beautiful and magical ways.
Here’s the link:  https://www.galexisspirit.com/pd/226
Finally, if you still haven’t read my free (and very long!) article, here is the link once again:

I’ll talk with you again soon.