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I’m sending wishes for you to have a beautiful holiday season, celebrating your life, loved by friends and family, and dreaming visions and dreams for yourself as you enter the New World year of 2018!
This coming year is a year of Grand Magic and Miracles! After all, this is one of the main reasons you are here on the planet right now.
So while you are busy getting ready for parties, or for snuggling with a beloved family member, or spending some delicious time away from work, remember to be aware of the huge significance of who you are and what you are doing.

Third Phase of the Siriun Year
You see, as I’ve mentioned before, we are moving through the birth canal of the New World in preparation to its birth coming up in 2018, and what amazing downloads and energy shifts we are experiencing during this powerful and intense time!
You have been initiated into your Greater Self’s vibrational energy during the Sirius Vortex opening in August and September, the first phase of the Siriun Year, as Galexis calls it. You have had an opportunity to “reset” your reality in a small or very large way during the powerful eclipses in August. You have then brought the vibration of that Greater Self deep within you during the reflection time of Mercury Retrograde the second half of August and into September.
And what we did during the second phase of the Siriun Year was to become aware of how to maintain our new resonance and self-image/perception and integrate it into our lives. Our resonance force fields became stronger and more consistently shining.
To help you with that, I sent you an article “the Test and how to pass it.” I hope you have read that and utilized the powerful perspectives to help you stay up vibrationally during the stressful challenges of the phase, and at anytime that you face a challenge here on out.

What is Happening During The Third Phase
Now we have entered the third phase of the Siriun Year. I call this the Period of Deep (but Light!) Chaos and Reflection. The key event of this timing this year is another Mercury Retrograde from December 3rd to December 22nd, within the energetic orb of the Winter Solstice. However, this third phase extends beyond the Solstice into almost mid-January.
During Mercury Retrograde, we go internal, reflective. It is perhaps suitable this year because of the darkness of the winter coming upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, or the summer freedom from the restraints of the school year in the Southern Hemisphere. (Even if you are not in school, society operates mostly along those timings.)
What is interesting this year is that the Mercury Retrograde ends at the Winter Solstice. That bodes well for the Dream/Vision being able to move forward in a collective, cultural force to manifest good things for your future, as you move past the Solstice into 2018.  The most powerful time during this phase is probably between Christmas day on the 25th and January 1st, 2018.
What is interesting this year is that the Mercury Retrograde ends at the Winter Solstice. That bodes well for the Dream/Vision being able to move forward in a collective, cultural force to manifest good things for your future, as you move past the Solstice into 2018.

Going Within as Part of the Third Phase
This year could feel particularly lonely and quiet, or in the opposite extreme of stressful and super-busy. But whether you are busy or not, I suggest that you plan some time for solitude and reflection. Solitude is not a lonely place but one in which you belong to yourself and go into the depth and core of your being. What you are looking for deep within yourself is that space of (Light) Chaos, Mystery, the Unknown, or what Brene Brown calls the Wilderness. This is where time and space break for a while and you can create a new Vision, a new Dream for yourself, your loved ones, and your World. There’s peace waiting there for you in that depth. You are connecting with the truth of you.
You may have a spiritual dream, or you may also have a more mundane agenda, that is, to find work more suitable and lucrative for you, or simply to start doing more of what you feel you came here to do. Whatever it is that you are working on now, spiritual or mundane, this is the time of New Vision, of using your imagination to dream more of your Dream Future.

Meditation to go Deep
Hopefully, you have a meditation technique to use that enables you to tune in to these positive inner states of being. If you don’t, then I recommend quieting your mind and simply trying to relax, take deep sighs and release all the stress of the day, and stop thinking. Refuse your mind talk as much as you can, and keep intending mental silence. Do this for just a few moments at a time. When your mind jumps around, wanders or starts chatting excitedly about anything, breathe out, mentally tell it “later,” and let yourself return to the quiet.
You can also use a mantra or phrase that you mentally repeat in your mind slowly, putting as much focus on that as possible, even as you do it casually, almost relaxed. Don’t judge your performance or allow yourself to get frustrated. Don’t get discouraged either. This is not a contest. Very few people on the planet can get their minds quiet for a whole minute or two! Be loving with yourself and keep practicing this daily at least once.
While even this meditation is a focus and can be an effort, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t schedule some time to just BE. Sense yourself. Feel your body as you relax it. Stay as present and aware of this time/space you are in as possible.
At some point, when you are relaxed, then pose the question “who am I?” and relax deeper. Open up to allow a spiritual or intuitive answer to pop into your consciousness. Don’t expect a logical or analytical one. As you do this, sense or imagine your “center.” Hold the idea that you love, value, and are willing to nurture yourself to the best of your capacity. That’s what it takes at least to get “acquainted” with the non-physical, force field of you.
If you spend your quiet moments thinking of what happened earlier that day or yesterday, or what you need to do, or (the one that always got me) what you should’ve done but forgot to do, you won’t find the peace and calm that enables you to enter the Light Chaos.  (Note; the Light Chaos is a positive thing!)
Sometimes, when my mind is just too active, I take notes on a small pad for later. But even that can get to be too busy as my mind creatively starts thinking of other things I could do! So keep the notes brief and then say “no more notes,” until you are done. Even if your body itches or wants food, shift a little and tell it lovingly that you will be glad to give it food, but first “please stay with me on this for only 15 more minutes.  Then I’ll feed you.” Return to being present and aware. Just doing this for a few minutes a day will allow amazing insights and intuitions to begin opening up within you!

The Mystery of The Light Chaos
Now I’ve discussed Chaos before in earlier newsletters. As I see it, Chaos happens when everything is particle-ized; when your reality presents itself to you in pieces. These pieces can appear random, disjointed, and disorganized, hence the feeling of chaos. The Dark Chaos occurs when you let go of the past, which is in pieces. Release those pieces that you don’t want, and also let go of whatever old identity you had that is no longer “you.” Release anything that you are not (i.e. you no longer identify with as natural to you). There can be an emptiness or feeling of being lost that comes with this because the old sense of order inside you is temporarily dissolved.

Dreaming the Future in the Light Chaos
But here in the quiet of the Solstice energy and into January, you can find the Light Chaos. The particles of reality floating about you are ready to be chosen or discarded by you as you put them uniquely together to build your Greater Self’s life. Just imagine or sense that the air around you is filled with sparkles of light and each sparkle is a possibility of happiness, joy, creativity, and fulfillment. You can take these pieces and add them to the basic construction of your New Life – the 4 pinions of love, empowerment, freedom to be you, and feeling safe as you trust your Divine Plan.
Yes, this is the time to imagine a New Life, tap into a Vision, and craft a New Dream for you. I discussed the Dream Future back in August at the Seminar “Crafting your Dream Future,” that I co-hosted with Galexis. I also have offered you a free link to my teleseminar on the Greater Self. Now that you have touched upon that new and higher level of yourself, I urge you to activate that higher level and perceive your life through the filter of that Greater Self.  Look through your Greater Self's eyes at your life. Lift!
Let the Greater You be the Dreamer now. The Greater You can dream big, beautiful dreams of peace, love, and harmony. But your Lesser You may feel insecure, weak, needy, uncertain, or even cynical. So it’s important to step into your Greater Self at every opportunity and claim that Self for you!
To utilize the Light Chaos and build that new life for yourself, return to your Ideal Future that you looked at back in August or September. Know that it is still working for you as your homing signal, so that you are moving in that optimal direction. Your Life Track should now be lining up to that future.
Remember that Future you crafted or discovered. Bring it into yourself, into your body, into your heart. What characteristics does it have? What you is living in that future? What do you believe, know, see, feel, and experience emotionally in that future?  Be more conscious now, if you can, of the self-image and identity you hold in that Ideal Future, and bring that you into the here and now. Feel as if you have stepped into that Greater Self, that New Life, and it’s totally normal and natural for you.
Seriously (or "Siriusly"), this is the Dream Future you came to earth to co-create with other Light Beings. You are part of a Network I call the Society of Dreamers. Join me in the "Dream Team" to imagine a future you, a future FOR you, and a future for your world!

The Process of Finding your Future Self Vision

I have written up a complete process for discovering your Vision of your New Self and New World and this information as an article for you.  It contains several key wisdoms with appropriate contexts for the New World, and a step by step way of getting there.  
  • I’ll be talking about how to set positive boundaries and principles that will guide you unerringly into the New Life.
  • I’ll share how to avoid the pitfalls of the negative ego and the difficulty everyone has with manifesting.
  • You’ll learn how to shift your Old Story into your New Life and New Self Story.
  • And finally, you’ll get the whole process on how to align yourself to this future so that you are anchored to your Dream Future track!
Again, this article, like all my others, is long and in detail. It’s a weekend seminar available to you right now for free! Please enjoy it. Share freely as well. While I have a copyright on all that I have written, I want everyone to have this information. Let’s all move into this New World and into our Destinies together!

Here’s the link to the article; Building your New Self Vision
To read the article click here ( http://greaterselfprocess.com/yournewselfvision.html)
You will find “The Test” article there as well.