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The Fifth Phase of the Siriun Year
The New Momentum; Romancing the Flow
By Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. The Mystic Professor

Welcome to the Fifth Phase of the Siriun Year!

You’ve made it through four phases already. You’ve been initiated to a Greater You, you’ve integrated higher understandings, you have journeyed to your depths for a New Vision, and you have busted out of your limitations into a freer, more empowered Self.

Popping Into the New World!

Now, in Phase Five, I am seeing how exciting this 2018 year really is, as more and more people are stepping into their Greater Selves, and shifting into the New World. For some, it’s from one moment to the next, like my husband Daniel and I experienced (although not at the same time). He did it through an “aha” moment. I did it through a kundalini flow, especially through my brain stem that happened in the middle of the night. When I got up in the morning, everything was different.

But I know others who “seep” or slide into it through various upgraded high vibrational micro-decisions made during their mundane lives. And one person I know who is an energy healer got himself into it through releasing several old traumas and stepping up into his Great Work at a grand new level.


Signs of the New World

As you know, I channel the group Galexis. In a private session, clients often ask about their probable future tracks. They want to make good decisions for their future, and they think that knowing what they have already coming in their pipelines would help them orient to things. In the past, such as last year and previous years, Galexis could often see definitive tracks of actions and directions up to a year ahead. They could see where someone would be in the Flow and where he or she would get stuck. There would also be places covered in mist or gray clouds that indicated a revamping of goals, change of direction, new spiritual input, or periods of indecision and vacillation.

What’s so different about this year is that it is the time that we all are creating a New Life, envisioning a New World, and getting ourselves onto the Future Life Tracks of our choice. Thus, our futures look vastly different!

Galexis doesn’t see definite strong tracks any longer. Instead, Galexis sees flowing clouds of colorful or gray energies. It is all vibrational frequencies, and Galexis will see if the average level of the frequencies is low, middle, or high. If the person is heading in a good direction for him or herself, the future will be high frequencies. The clouds will shine. There will be luminosity, even radiant golden light in the future. But no track! No linear line marking a direction, like before!

This has huge implications. And it’s a strong message about the nature of our Future Creating this year. It shows that our vibration, i.e. our energetic resonance level, is what will determine our future, and not our decisions made towards goals. Goals merely “nail down” realities. That may be comforting, but it isn’t useful for anyone who is willing to take the enormous Leap of Consciousness available this year. All of us will have to move in this “in-between” stage a bit longer, as many higher level spiritual seeds need to begin sprouting.


The Reality Split

But there is a strong clarity in movement, in direction, even if not in forms and situations. You see, this year is a “Reality Split.” We can choose any number of futures, happy ones, sad ones, serious ones, struggle ones, and victorious ones; there are possibilities going all over the place. But there are three distinct areas of vibration available for us to choose, and the contrast between them is obvious. One is dark, one is gray, and one is luminous gold. These shape the energies for the Track you will take into the Future.


The Nightmare Track

There’s the Nightmare track, one of darkness, violence, trauma, and chaotic destruction. With all the political upheavals here and around the world, we can see how the turbulence and greater violence, rage, and pain could lead some people there. Those of us on our spiritual path will not likely travel that road, but we need to remember that the path to the Nightmare is through dark emotions of fear, terror, and powerless rage. So we cannot let those emotions seep up into our daily lives and overpower our inner Mind Talk with upsets, survival issues, and concerns. We will need to take action on some of them. And we will need to allow healing.


The Mediocrity Track

We spiritual people will choose from the other two tracks. One of these is the Mediocrity Track, which is a gray continuance of what has been, i.e. resistance to change, staying in the rut of daily life and the same-old, same-old ways of being. If you feel stuck, then you risk falling into this Track.

The way out of your rut, as I’ve shared in previous newsletters, is to expand your Self-Image and claim the Light Being and Powerful Reality Creator you are. That is the Greater Self Process I shared with you last year in the first phase of the Siriun Year. In case you missed it or feel you want inspiration on how to bump out of a rut, please go to this link and listen to my free teleseminar recording with the basics of the Greater Self Process. (Go to http://www.GreaterSelfProcess.com and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can click on the link to the free teleseminar.)


The Dream Future Track

The area you and I want to be in and celebrate is the Dream Future, leading into the expansive, golden, creative, joyous New World of healing, love, and light for all. And this is the one I have stepped into as I enter this New Life this year. Some of you have already stepped into it. If you feel a great sense of disorientation, then you may have stepped into the New Life, or your personal New World already, but what you are sensing doesn’t compute. You’re like a baby learning to gestalt the world around him or her.

Now know this. Even if you have health problems, financial problems, or relationship problems, they will continue for a while. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be thriving in a new reality already! Practice sending love and healing to others and you will see that your own issues will shift in positive ways.

The Future you see, as Lazaris points out, is uncharted! It doesn’t have the familiar landmarks and extensions of your current day-to-day life already set up in momentum. In order to see, feel, and sense this New World, you must tune up your psychic senses as well as your imagination (that exists in 5D-consciousness).


About Being

Now there is not that much to DO in order to step into the New Life, your own New World. It’s more about resonance and perception. Yes, you can listen to the Greater Self Process, but the key point of the Greater Self Process is that it’s mainly about who you BE. And that’s what matters now.

Who are you? Why are you here? How can you live each day, knowing that you are the one creating and co-creating it, empowered and responsible for your life from here on out? What would your reality look like if you were safe? Totally loved? Free to be you, making the choices for yourself you wish to make, and setting your boundaries without fear of judgment or others expressing their disappointment or hurt to you?

You see, these qualities exist as normal, everyday existence in the New World. What other qualities would you want there? Galexis says the foundation of your New Life is Love, Freedom, Empowerment, and Safety/Trusting in your Divine Plan and leaning on your supportive and loving Reality (your World).

(Note; I went into depth on that, referring to these four as the pillars of the Divine Matrix. Read it again here if you like; http://www.greaterselfprocess.com/divinematrix.html)

Imagine! Imagine that there is no Negative Ego in this New World, no stuffed shirts, no people acting nasty and superior to anyone else. Imagine if no one ripped others off all the time – no con artists. What would it be like if everyone was respected, and no one was harassed, intimidated, manipulated, dominated, or lied to? Can you even imagine the possibility?

The way to there is to BE yourself, loving and valuing you, and dreaming of the Ideal Future. This is not a fantasy that goes nowhere, but creates an energetic anchor in that luminous and beautiful future. I took you on the Ideal Future journey in the seminar Galexis and I gave last August. If you don’t remember that and want to explore that, then maybe you will want to read what I shared after that seminar on how to connect with your Dream Future. Check out this link, if so.

https://www.galexisspirit.com/craftingthedreamfuture.php is an article from last August’s Sirius Year beginning and it focuses on what you have to do to connect with your Dream Future. Most of it is still pertinent.


Don’t let the Ego Stop You from Being in the New Life

I’m hoping that you are already experiencing this New Life as I am, but even if you aren’t yet, you are probably close. Galexis has been seeing that those dedicated to their spiritual development and intending to step into their New Life and New World who are not “there” yet are really pushing on the door. That door can open quickly when the last obstacle to greatness is removed –the Negative Ego.

Any time you are ready to step into your Greater Light, the Ego will try to stop you, make you think you’re small, and pull you back into the Self that the Ego can more easily control. For that reason, I am attaching an article to this newsletter that goes into detail on the Ego and also on incorrect motivation (the Inner Slave Driver). If your ambition or motivation is tied up with money or getting validation or impressing others that you are worthy, then it is negative and incorrect for your Spirit and Soul. You will not succeed.

A negative motivation belongs to the collective, not really to you as a spiritual being. It is part of your cultural-social gender and life training, where you are pressured and trained to want the same things that others do so that you belong, are appreciated, respected, heard, and accepted – or that you can control things.

But you have the big opportunity now, in this change of realities, to discover your true motivation, intention, and ambition. I explain the technique in the article attached to this newsletter. Using it will enable you to step out of the Ego’s grip, plus it will assist you in creating your own personal New Life in your personal New World. Then it will help bring that New World to all beings, as you step into your positive and clean, pure motivation, the motivation that aligns you with your truth, your Destiny.

Understanding the information in this article will expand your Self-Image so beautifully that you could very well see your inner Divinity moving you forward on your Personal Destiny Spiritual Path! This is definitely the Dream Future Track! So here it is, the article, “Healing your Inner Saboteurs.”



Initiate your own personal and Divine Flow

This is the time to initiate your own personal and Divine Flow. The Flow is that elegant ease, the magical path that opens to you, and you move effortlessly through time/space to live freely. When you enter the New World, you also enter the Divine Flow. So whatever keeps you from being in the Flow can also hinder your stepping into the New World. 

Everyone wants a Flow of light, love, and joy. While you can still step into the New Life for yourself with a higher resonance but not be in the Flow, being in the Flow will help you own and express your higher resonance that this powerful upgrade is giving you. In other words, you get to leap forward into the activations of your Destiny, Purpose, and Missions. Now imagine how that is going to help you make decisions and move forward! So check out my article, “The Realization Zone” (also known as the Reality Zone or the Flow Zone). http://www.greaterselfprocess.com/realityzone.html

And remember, stepping into the New World is also about transcending the collective consciousness. I wrote at length about that last time. You can check out the articles on The Divine Matrix and Expanding into Freedom on GreaterSelfProcess.com. If you work with the information I present there, you will lift out of the mediocre energy of the mainstream level of consciousness into a rarified atmosphere of Self!


The Divergence

Back in 1997, Lazaris predicted this year 2018 and discussed the Future Track splits. He said that when you choose your Dream Future, the world will not appear to change all that fast. Your reality track and the consensus track are the same track before your choice. Once you make your choice for your Dream Future, then, slowly, your Dream Future track begins to diverge into a different direction. It’s like 1 degree of arc at first, but the longer it goes, the more it will diverge, the more it will be different.

Therefore, most features of the mainstream reality will still be present for a while, including all the people who are not wanting to go to the Dream Future. Eventually, there will start to be a gap between the lightest and the darkest tracks. The Dream Future people will still be able to see the Nightmare Future going on, for a while. But after a few years, it will fade out. The same will probably be true for the Mediocre Future.


You CAN Experience the Dream Future

Don’t worry about how you will accomplish all of this change. It’s about Being, which is very very different from doing and achieving stuff – what you’ve been trained to think is necessary for any success. Being in the New Life is more about experiencing yourself in your truth than doing meditations and a lot of processing work (although they can be valuable).

Are you struggling financially? Is your whole day - and night- filled up with your necessary tasks, duties, and obligations? Is it hard finding time for yourself or breaking your routine? If so, you are at risk for ending up in the Mediocre Future. “Siriusly,” you can choose to take the leap NOW into the Dream Future and then BECOME your Dream Future Self, regardless of what your life’s circumstances are now.

Good news! This is an internal, spiritual maneuver. You don’t have to move, change jobs, leave your family, or anything drastic like that. You see, you CAN do this New Life thing internally, even if your external circumstances don’t change. In time, your external circumstances will change in accordance with the Greater Self you are inside. It’s the Law (of Attraction).


More on the Fifth Phase of the Siriun Year

This Fifth Phase begins more or less with the Spring Equinox. For many cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, this was the beginning of the year. It was a time of fertility, new growth, planting crops, and awakening from the darkness and internal space of winter. For those earlier cultures in the Southern Hemispheres, it was a time for harvesting and celebrating, stockpiling supplies for the winter ahead, and deeper connection to community.

At the Equinox, day and night are equal, so the theme is about balance. But with the equinox also begins a developmental expansion in the Northern Hemisphere for everyone that is aligned or attuned to their spiritual path and are ready for it. The light is extended as the days get longer. Your energy is quickened by the additional sun time, and a momentum of light leads to a peak or crest in mid-June with the Summer Solstice.

The Mayan culture honored this marker of time and the establishment of the momentum of evolution with the Slithering Snake. John Major Jenkins, author of Maya Cosmogenesis, once shared the following information at a conference I attended discussing consciousness changes of 2012.

On the Spring Equinox, the sunlight’s play of light and shadows on a particular Mexican Mayan pyramid (sorry, I failed to record the name of it), reveals the image of a tail pointing up at the top. Over the next 60 days, the shifts of light during the days allows more and more to be seen, and thus gestalts what emerges to look like a moving, or “slithering snake.” Around May 20, this shift is done and the Snake’s head is visible, pointing down to the earth and the tail by now points to the Sun and the Pleiades (from which many Light Workers have come).

You too, are going on this slithering snake journey in your own unique way. You are finding all of your “parts” and re-membering yourself during this phase. You have found your relationship with the consensus or collective. Watch carefully that you don’t fall back into the collective consciousness. It’s hard not to lose it sometimes due to all the political craziness going on in the world and the big changes happening world-wide. The best you can do is to hold onto your Light, imagine your New World Dream Future Self and act from that space. Give love and compassion to your world.

If you fall back into the collective and become temporarily unconscious, it may require a lesson from the “Kick-ass School of Growth” to get you back on track! So don’t get on the mainstream consensus radar if you can help it. Our Mission is to transcend the collective so we can help ourselves and our world heal and expand the Light.


Honoring and Utilizing Ritual for the Equinoxes and Solstices

I’m going to share with you an easy ritual of manifestation. You can do this at any time of year and have results, but the equinox and solstices are particularly intensified and powerful so you have more “leverage” in moving energy and getting the changes you desire. The ancients and now the current day metaphysicians/mystics/magicians recognize this additional power. They know that the equinoxes and solstices are not just markers of time but hold a significant resonance of change.

The ritual I’m sharing, you may already have done. Or you may have done an even more elaborate and highly ritualized version of it. But just in case you have never done this and you want to make some positive changes in your life, here it is.

To tap the power of the equinoxes and solstices, you can do this ritual from 3 days before the event or up to 3 days afterwards. This year, 2018, the equinox happens on Tuesday March 20th at 9:15 AM PDT or at 12:15 PM EDT.

I’ll share the more shamanic practice first, with more description, but you can also do this in a modified form in your home. Create an outside fire in the way that you normally would do for a shamanic ceremony. You can invite others to join you and make it a community experience. Take a twig or small branch and assign it all the things that you no longer want in your life. When you have the list complete, thank the twig and throw it into the fire. Imagine that all your limitations and sufferings are being burned up and released to the Universe for neutralization.

Then you get another twig or small branch and assign it all the things you now want in your life instead. Include intangibles as well as material things. Feel how good it is to have all of this in your life. Feel how fresh, new, exciting, and beautiful your life will feel like with this integrated into your new normal. Throw the twig or branch into the fire with the intention for it to inform the Universe of your choices, and thus be dissolved and integrated into your life.

If you don’t have access to an outside fire, then do the above ritual at your home, using a fairly large metal bowl (the fire pit), matches or lighter (for the fire), and a couple of pieces of white paper (the twigs). Do the greater depth of description I gave for the outside fire for this process. Then go where it is safe to do this. Don’t risk turning on your fire protection sprinklers!

On one slip of paper, write what you wish to release. Light it and drop into the bowl. Intend it to be neutralized by the Universe. Make sure it is fully burned (you may have to relight it a couple of times to get there.) Then when it’s fully burned, leave the ashes there and now write all you wish upon the other slip of paper and burn it, seeing and feeling the glorious future you are intending to have as natural and normal. Again, make sure it is fully burned.

Let yourself anticipate and expect to see action on your desires during the next three months leading up to the summer solstice. Receive. Thank the Universe for its support. I send you best wishes for a fulfilling Fifth Phase!


The Sixth Phase of the Siriun Year is ahead

The Sixth Phase will be marked by a tremendously light-filled Divine Flow – a momentum of creativity, mystery, and interest. So clearing your way to the Divine Flow and initiating more of it now during this Phase will give you a head start on building that momentum. You’ll be able to experience a freedom-filled momentum of healing, love, prosperity, and more that will enable you to have a lot of fun and celebration of life during the mid-summer months. It’s no surprise that summer in the Northern Hemisphere is the season of vacations!

I’ll be back with more powerful, useful, and self-loving information for that Sixth Phase. Until then, have a glorious time moving into the New World!