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Siriun Year Phase Five Update
An additional message
By Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. a.k.a. The Mystic Professor
More Amazing Things Happening; the “Test” Part Two?
I have to share this with you. It just won’t wait until the Siriun Year Phase Six newsletter! Negotiating this period can be tricky and I want you to succeed in getting into the new consciousness level and staying there!
You see, back in mid-March when I posted my last newsletter, I was witnessing amazing breakthroughs happening individually and collectively, world-wide. I and others had jumped into a higher resonance of light and consciousness (what I am calling the New World), finding ourselves in a new, clearer space.
And I also knew that every time anyone launches into another level or dimension of awareness and capacity, that he or she would get a “Test.” I was so sure of this that I included a link to my article “the Test” in the newsletter, so that anyone facing the challenge that automatically happened when hitting the new level could “pass” the “Test.”
Both of these awarenesses were brought home to me personally as I hit my own “Test.” (Remember, I put “Test” in quotes because it really isn’t a true test, but only a challenge to choose one’s new consciousness level.) My challenge was a physical crisis; my usual Commission of Challenge. It wasn’t endangering, but still painful and intense. Meanwhile, I was still in a grander state of consciousness.
Having a Foot in Both Worlds
Unlike in the past, I did not see what I could process of this emotionally, such as clearing out old reactive patterns, or getting body messages a la Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life list. I could not find negative beliefs hampering me any longer. When hitting obstacles in the past, I found that my mental and emotional areas were always rich in information and feedback to process, learn about, grow, and understand more about me. That was what the Test was always about. When those emotional and mental issues were processed and resolved, then I would open to find my paths to healing and move on.
But not this time!
I had already “moved on,” you might say. I was holding my perspective on things from that greater level, and was more integrated into the Greater Self. So what I saw to examine, perceive, and know about this was part of my Destiny awareness. I saw how this physical setback was related to my Dream Future, not, as usual, a forced relook at the past to process, clear, or finish it. This time, it was integral into staying on my Dream Future Life Track!
I’ve seen this response to physical health issues from those amazing Cancer survivors who found that the disease had given them the opportunity to live a rich, whole, and beautiful life. In fact, they often say they are grateful to Cancer for having propelled them into their new level of happiness.
Hopefully, most of us already find that when we truly heal, we are glad for the amazing growth and awareness we have developed in dealing with the challenge. If we are holding the right attitude, we can make the proverbial lemonade out of our lemons.
The Four Bodies
You see, we all have four Bodies – the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual/Psychic. My Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental bodies made it into the New World. This enabled me to feel high, radiant, and filled with Light and greater Love. I spoke about that experience in my last newsletter.
But my Physical Body, my usual challenging area in the Physical Plane, was not yet there. After all, I reminded myself, physical manifestations take time because of the time lag that happens in 3D. Was this happening with other people too?
I started asking conscious friends what was going on with them, and found to my surprise that they were also experiencing this dichotomy. They were still experiencing Physical Body and/or Physical Plane scarcity issues, for example, but they were consciously in a greater, more enlightened space nevertheless. They were also amazed, puzzled, and a bit intrigued by this cognitive dissonance or new contrast like I was.
This showed me that we all can still be suffering in our relationships, physical health, or financial challenges and simultaneously be in the New World. In fact, one of the outstanding qualities of a realized and enlightened being is that he or she can be suffering physically but still be a Light unto the World, connected to the Divine, and expressing the highest levels of Love and Compassion for others! My Master Teacher took his disciples’ “karmas” onto his body, and suffered physically in his last years. But he kept putting out the Love and we kept lifting through greater magic and miracles. I thought that this was only happening with self-realized or God-realized beings, not with us “younger” brothers and sisters.
The Time Lag and the Law of Resonance
However, I can see now that we are in the Great Shift personally. And we are manifesting big-time! You see, in manifestation, our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies get to our goals first and it’s the physical plane materialization that has the time lag. I’m going to write more on how to handle this in the Siriun Year Phase Six, coming soon. But since it was an unexpected experience to feel myself in the New World with my physical body still in the Old, I saw the opportunity to apply that famous Law of Attraction or rather, more accurately, the Law of Resonance.
If you hold your consciousness at a high level with your Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental bodies, then the Law is that your Physical Body MUST rise up too. And when the resonance of the physical body and your physical plane life lifts beyond the frequency of the limiting issue or issues, it/they MUST heal!
So the challenge here is to maintain the higher consciousness level, trusting the Divine, and knowing without doubt and worry that the physical part still resisting will come along into the New World with the three non-physical bodies – the majority of you. This is a great opportunity to develop trust for your Divine Plan, and believe/know that You will find your way through this elegantly if you hold your resonance. You’ll lift beyond the lower vibration of the challenge to be solidly on the other side, the New World side.
It took me a few days to really “get” this so that I could consistently stay in my more enlightened place as my body went through its issues, and as I loved, nurtured, and cared for it.
A Bigger Challenge?
Now, please understand something. If you have a severe physical plane challenge that requires total mobilization of all your consciousness to take care of it, then it is likely that your Spiritual self has made it into the New World, but you still have to bring along your Emotional Body or Mental Body as well as the Physical one. This bigger level of challenge could be Cancer, as an example, or the death of a family member, or perhaps your spouse’s health crisis. I admit this can be hard when you have to deal with so much at once while all the Universal energies are pushing you forward into the New World!
There is definitely stuff to process in this case. However, even for you, this time offers a great opportunity. I toiled for decades, digging through every nuance of my emotional and mental bodies, and processing all the individual pieces I found (and I found an almost infinite amount of them!). As I and others did this tedious inner work, we were creating maps through the darkness to the light. Together in the collective, we established a new morphogenic field. That means that what took us years of hard focused work, you can now do in months or even weeks!
So even if you are suffering a huge setback or a life wake-up-call, the healing and the New World has never been so close as it is now. Try to remember what Galexis tells everyone when they go through the Test. “It’s all going according to plan and everything will turn out well.” The more you choose to KNOW this, the easier everything will unfold for you.
Self-Image (again!)
Sometimes (or maybe all the time!), the challenge of getting all the bodies into the New World is about Self-Image. For me to move through this physical issue, I find that I must remain free of any sense of victimhood, no matter how slight it may be. I cannot feel that I am at the mercy of my environment, with its food reactions, poisons in the atmosphere, or other people’s actions (political or personal).
So if you are suffering a big crisis, please don’t let it overwhelm you. If you do, you are in child or Victim mode. If you are angry and annoyed over the overload happening to you, you are in adolescent or Martyr mode. You MUST get out of these asap and back into your adult consciousness (and if possible, into your Greater Self Consciousness!) Your true empowered adult is the Greater Self to all the lesser or selves of the past. Getting into the New World requires that you be an adult now.
I’m glad I was prepared for my setback and it didn’t take long to identify the Test and its invitation to become a victim or the more sophisticated version of martyr. So I quickly cleared the fear from Victimhood and all the anger, grudges, and resentments from my Martyrhood. This took all of a minute or two because I can do this using choice and being in my Power. (You can do this too. See the Test article for details.) Then I was able to slip effortlessly into the New World resonance again. I was then able to keep it up as a steady 24/7 thing.
Fortunately, I had no emotional debris to process, so I was able to let the negative and limiting states go, flowing on like a current in a stream. I urge you to see it this way too, so you don’t get dragged down by things that no longer need to be worked on and processed. In fact, those of you who think that the response to any challenge (or “negativity”) in your life is to process your past, stop! Do you really need to keep identifying with your past selves? How about noting what needs to be shifted and make a conscious choice to do that? How about stepping into your Future Self right now?
Do you Need Lessons?
Now I’m not advocating irresponsibility. We’ve all stepped into new levels of consciousness in the past with our Spiritual Body, the most forward and enlightened part of us. But at times, we didn’t want to listen to our Mental and Emotional bodies, nor did we want to do all the work that listening to them entailed. We also didn’t have the knowledge and wisdom we do now on how to process, listen, and learn. On the Spiritual Path, it seemed that we could not do any shortcuts to full enlightenment, no matter how much our Negative Egos convinced us to take them!
But at this time, we are now also more sophisticated about how we fall prey to our Egos. I detailed the Ego challenge in the last newsletter. We used to think that if we just said we were God, we were. Or that if we could simply stay in our Spiritual Body all day long, we would be fine.
But we failed to see back then how we had to have ALL our Bodies lifting in resonance. So some of us, myself included, went through what I call the “Space Cadet” phase, a period of avoidance of the messy stuff of the physical life I didn’t like. You and I are past that now, and know that we must stay engaged with the physical plane, bring Heaven to Earth, and integrate ourselves on all levels, without enabling our Negative Ego image to take root.
At this point, those of us who have been doing our emotional and mental work, who have been slogging through the muck and mire of stuff and more stuff, are ready to lift off. It’s time for things to be easier, or even just easy, regardless of external situations. We need to know now, that we don’t have to learn more hard lessons! The “Kick-Ass School of Growth,” as Galexis calls it, doesn’t have to be our school any longer.
Even if we are suffering, we don’t have to focus on the pain and glean more information out of it. We can instead look at our response to it and lift our response to that of our Greater Selves! Then we don’t have to slog through difficult and mysterious “Lessons” any longer.
Those of us who are new to our paths and don’t have years of experience mining for inner poisons, clearing heavy “emotional” metals, and dissolving blockages/obstacles, good news! The amount of time and effort needed to process and work through issues is getting less and less. You are stepping into your power along with the rest of us and thus can clear a lot of emotional and mental debris away through empowered choice.
Maybe you have a few “Lessons” to explore still, but if you will approach them from the viewpoint of your Greater Self, you can fly way more quickly through them than those of us who had to be the Pathfinders and Mapmakers, putting every detail of our processes into place.
Remember, your enlightenment, your Greater Self Consciousness is not about working hard and earning points. There is nothing to earn, but everything to receive. You are loved beyond your comprehension by the Divine and your Unseen Friends, Guides, and Guardians.
We are all coming Home to the Divine, clearing up our cycles of Birth and Death. You and I are part of this Wave that is wrapping up on planet Earth and returning to our true Home – 5th Plane consciousness in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.
Mercury Retrograde Reminder
Those of you familiar with astrology know that we are currently experiencing a Mercury Retrograde. This is the perfect time to let go of what you no longer want or are willing to accept in your life. Making a habit of ending all victimhood or martyrhood can mean that you can be done with them when Mercury goes direct.
Mercury Retrograde is also a wonderful time to dig deeply into your Soul and review your life, assessing what it is that is truly important to you right now. Make choices to be your empowered, free, loving, and Divine-trusting self now and in the future. Then make the decisions, or plans of action, that will enable you to integrate your choices into your daily life. This raises the resonance big time, so this Mercury Retrograde is occurring at a wonderful time for all of us!
Blessings to you all through this amazing time, and I’ll be sharing more in June.
Love and Light,
P.S. This is the last time I will be sending you this newsletter from my personal email address. My husband Daniel the Healer, fabulous energy worker and computer-tech expert, will be handling them. So please make sure that Daniel’s email address, daniel@giniel.com, is not marked as spam. Thank you!
P.P.S. If you want to access my articles that were sent with my newsletters, please go to http://www.GreaterSelfProcess.com and click on the articles, including the “Test.”