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There is so much going on on so many levels! So many possibilities and opportunities! Can you feel them?
I call this year 2018, the Year of Destiny, as it is the time in which we rise beyond our old limits and embrace our New Life purpose. If you don't know why you're here on Planet Earth, or what Mission you are to do, then I have good news. This is THE year you probably will discover that!
If you are already on track with your Mission, this is the year to emerge into your Exceptional Self and shine your light!
And as you can see, I am embracing the aspect of my New Self and my New Life as the Mystic Professor! Join me with your unique Self too!
The Fourth Phase of the Siriun Year
The Shift into the New Life Matrix, emergence from the Collective
A Free Report from Ginger Metraux, Ph.D., the Mystic Professor
Here we are near the end of January, in the year of the New World, perhaps the most exciting year of our lifetimes as far as human evolution is concerned! And in the Siriun year, we are now in our Fourth Phase. At this point in the year, we are creating a New Life Matrix (or several Matrices) for ourselves, and healing our relationship with the Collective reality so that we can rise above it in resonance and hold greater light.
Note to newcomers; If this is the first information you’ve received on the Siriun year, welcome! Let me know if you would like for me to send you information on earlier phases of the Siriun year. It will be similar in tone and function to what you are about to read.
For all of you; if you want to learn about or catch up on what the Siriun year is all about, please go to http://www.greaterselfprocess.com/aboutthesiriunyear.html.
We don't enter a New Life every year, nor do we need to craft a New Life Matrix every year, as we have the opportunity to do this year. We normally notice the energies of this phase come in around the 20th of January and extending to the end of February, as we face the challenges of the collective. And when we choose to craft a new matrix or matrices, it'll develop around the end of January and into the first part of February. That's where we'll see what's really going on with us and our world. This year, we have a big shift happening and it could happen in days from the time you receive this newsletter! So stay tuned - to YOU!
About the Matrices
A matrix is “an environment or material in which something develops – a surrounding medium or structure.” It can also be “a mold in which something is cast or shaped.” And many use the term as “a rectangular array of quantities or expressions in rows and columns that is treated as a single entity that follows specific rules.” This last use is the one used in the Movie “The Matrix.”
The root of the word matrix is from the Latin “mater” or mother, and “Matrix” was thus a breeding female. Matrix then became the word for womb. Since you are birthing the New World this year, you may want to look at the womb of your creative intention and choice, to see what is growing within the medium; what is being shaped in the mold you have created.
A New Life with a Greater Self you is emerging out of the matrix you have created for it. If you have been meeting with your Future Self, as I suggested last fall, the New You will emerge from your matrix already in alignment to the Life Track towards your Dream Future. If, however, you have been focusing on problems in your life, trying to figure them out, or worrying about things, your matrix will give to you a self that is not new, but one that is facing the past rather than the future.
Personal and Collective Matrices
In this newsletter installment, I will be sharing with you two matrices. One is collective, or cultural. The Collective Matrix assigns you, via your parents and guardians, a “box.” This box holds the limits and boundaries of your culture and what your parents believe. It is given to you so that you have something to work with and orient with in your life. It is not meant to be the end-all of your experience but only a substrate upon which you can create and emerge your truer self. The process of emergence requires that you consciously re-choose all the structures given you by your collective so that they are in alignment with your will and your Divine Plan.
Even though you are given a collective box to start with, you are a unique spirit/soul/entity. So you also have some unique features of your Self here as well as your choices of destiny – in pieces that you have brought along with you from the higher dimensions. The unique combination of collective and personal information is your own personal box. Over time, as you grow, you have expanded this box with your will and intention.
Now, you have reached the place or level where you are using your personal matrix in the construction of your Greater (New) Self. This Greater Self is the You that you are moving towards and into, as you radiate more and more of your unique Divine Essence. It is your personal choices that determine the way you are going to get to your Greater Self. And the way you use your personal choices is also unique to you.
Your personal box is defined by your limits and boundaries, most of which were given to you by your culture growing up (the collective). These possibilities and potentials were then chosen consciously or unconsciously by you to continue using. As you also added new information and beliefs, you grew into the Personal Matrix you are in now.
This matrix shows how you adjust and relate to other people, and what you may carry of the collective’s (such as rage and pain). It also shows your intentions, interests, foci, directions you have taken, and your values. The size and scope of your box indicates how much potential you have in the manifestation and living of your life in your daily world. It’s you in space/time, i.e. living in the consensus reality, in your culture.
Both of these matrices hold tremendous power and opportunity. I will delineate both of them so that you can choose your own template of the New Self. Evaluating things by using both of these matrices will give you a picture of who you are and will continue to grow into as you fulfill your Personal and Global Missions. They can become guides, even principles to use in crafting a better life for you, and they also can attract to you (remember that famous Law of Attraction) a New World, a beautiful, loving and supportive New World.
While you can tap into and use these matrices every year, especially in January and February, this year is so significant, I wanted to point your attention to them.  As guidelines to the new reality, they can hold the new psychic-energetic structure of your image and psyche. Thus they can give birth this year to that powerful New Life for you.
The development of the January-February Matrices come into some kind of opening, fruition, or development in mid to late March, around the time of the Spring Equinox or just afterwards. In other words, they “show” themselves then. It’s like writing a book. At one point, you finish the first draft. In this version, you have all your themes and ideas. The whole creative intention is there.
However, before you publish your book, you will edit this draft, tune it up, tweak it, shift or change it, until you have it in your final form, ready to publish. January and February is your first draft. Then late February through March is often the time that you “publish” your new self-manifestation and allow it to emerge whole.
As you know, I witness Galexis (the group I channel) scanning people and looking at their Life Track (or Probable Future). Their life direction is set with the first phase of the Siriun Year in August-September, so by the Fall Equinox, Galexis can see where they are going into the summer of the following year.
There are several “highlighted” times that show up consistently in these scans. One is this phase, the mid-to-late February time. At this time, a powerful, fresh, new energy can appear, with opportunities for positive change – i.e. your first draft. Sometimes this phase shows a culmination of work done before, a celebration of success. Sometimes both appear.
And mid-February generally demonstrates those shifts made in January – early February as a result of the third phase’s re-envisioning of the Self. So this is what you are building on right now – what you dreamed back in December into early January.
Two Articles; Two Matrices
So I am attaching to this newsletter two articles for your New Life and Greater Self support. Here are the two Matrices – Collective and Personal - defined and explained. Ultimately, both matrices become personal, then transcendent. If you have any questions on this material or want more resources related to them, please feel free to email me.
Working with both of the Matrices I write about will enable you to thrive, to empower yourself and step into a grander and more magical life. I know this, as I use this information all the time. Every day is magical, filled with whispers from my reality, and I learn something new.  When you work with this information, you’ll find your Divine Energy Radiance emerging from you. Your life will shift in a very positive way. Other people will relate to you with greater appreciation, respect, and kindness. And best of all, your Ego won’t keep distracting you and pulling you into self-sabotage!
And there’s more. Once you have been touched by the magic and experienced the depth of the miraculous state of being that is yours, you’ll celebrate your life on an entirely new level. You’ll be able to transcend the collective, the Unconscious mind’s habitual limitations in your life. Here is where the greater healings occur, the miracles that are so wondrous.
Your relationship with the world will change enormously, and you will be able to embrace your Great Work, that which you came here to do. This will lift not only you, but ultimately your whole culture, your whole world. You will move into that New World that is being birthed right now through YOU.
You have waited lifetimes for this and it is here now!
Then like me, you may say, “It’s all good!!
Sending you warmest wishes for a sterling year 2018 - one in which your greatness and light emerges radiantly!
Love and Light
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