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The Seventh and Final Phase of the (old) Siriun Year
And the First Phase of the (new) Siriun Year
By Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. a.k.a. The Mystic Professor
In this newsletter, I am writing you with a whole seminar on how to take the hugest evolutionary leap you may do in your lifetime! The portal is open right now for you to step onto your Dream Future track and into your New Life in your New World. I’ve talked about this before, but now’s the time to DO IT!
And since some of you prefer sound-files that you can listen to on your smartphones rather than reading print on the computer, I have recorded this newsletter. Here is the link. Feel free to share it with others.
SOUNDFILE LINK:  https://greaterselfprocess.com/july2018news.mp3
In this newsletter (preview of topics);
  • The Huge Consciousness Opportunity at this special time and how to take advantage of it
  • Messages from the Sky; Eclipses, Astrology, and Mercury Retrograde
  • The Three Futures; how to choose the positive Dream Future
  •  From Dark to Light Reality Creation for you and your World via Masculine and Feminine forces/energies – the Wave of Evolution we came for!
And now for the juicy stuff!
Endings and Beginnings; 7th and 1st Siriun phases combine
The year begins where it ends and it ends where it begins. You have completed a complete spiral of your personal evolution into a Greater You now than the You who entered the vortex last July (2017). You now begin at a new, higher octave on the spiral of spiritual growth, being initiated into the next level or dimension of your Self-Awareness.
This 7th phase of the Siriun year and the 1st phase both take place through the Sun signs of Leo and Virgo. In this overlap, you can take flight. You can take the Great Leap you came to this planet to experience!
This Siriun year, starting in late July 2018, has been special in planetary evolution. You have been pushing the boundaries of the consensus reality/collective and finding the You that is greater, beyond that – the You of Destiny. You are pushing beyond 3D to 5D and dreaming a New World.
We 1st wavers have crossed through the portal and are on the new track to our greater Dreams. You can see that your self-image is more confident, greater than before. Keep expanding it and identifying more and more with the Greater Self, so you won’t fall prey to the “test.” (For info on the test, please go to https://greaterselfprocess.com/test.html)
Your Greater Identity
Part of our greater mission and Destiny requires that we stop identifying with our past but instead with the Future we are creating. Our identity must no longer come from family, community, nation, gender, age, appearance, and/or traditions. We can no longer identify who we are by who we have been, our inner child self or adolescent self.
I’m not suggesting that you dump your kin or your community of origin. Love them and enjoy them, but love your spiritual family members just as much. Those are the people you are moving into the new future with. They may include some birth family relatives, but more likely, they are friends and spiritual brothers and sisters. We all now must shift now to the greater identity of the Person of Mission that we are now - a spiritual being who has come from the stars (Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, or other star systems).
You see, we evolved to a high state elsewhere in the universe, and then we, in our power, chose to come to earth to experience physicality, and also to help humanity here move onto the Life Track that I call the Dream Future. Yes, we chose to come here and be here now at this pivotal time. Acknowledge that! You were powerful enough to have chosen that and here you are, having created a marvelous dream for yourself.
We are all living a dream now that we have created, albeit unconsciously, and the opportunity now is to create it consciously. The energies are supporting this powerful leap of consciousness. You are awake now. You cannot go back to what has been or to who you used to be. Don’t wish for the past, or for a fantasy of the future.
Be here now, and become the Divine Being you are, while at the same time living in a limited body that is having experiences on planet earth. You and I will also bring the world along with us. And since evolution is a process, we will always be more of who we truly are, greater, more divine, always more, forever and forever, lifting into the Greater Love and Light.
Conclusion of the Year; Evaluation
I have found it useful to reflect as the 7th Phase closes. Look back throughout the year just passed. Who were you last year at this time? Feel within yourself how much more you have become. Acknowledge what additional awareness about yourself you have gained in this most powerful and amazing year of Destiny. Ask yourself some questions and truly listen to how you answer them, with love and wisdom.
What have you learned about who you are and what you are here to do? What have you learned about how the Universe supports and reflects you? What have you learned about who is reliable and trustworthy, who you can trust, and who you can’t? What have you learned about who to align with and who to detach yourself from? What have you discovered about your inner self’s secret Dreams and Visions of your Ideal Future you?
The Seventh Phase shows you what you have created, what life you have manifested (chosen/created), from the initiation given to you at this time last year. That growth of awareness, self-image, and understanding is within you now, completely integrated, automatic, natural.
You are much greater right now than you were 12 months ago, the Greater Self now to the Lesser Self you were last year. You are solidly in a more confident and expanded place, accepting yourself more than before. Acknowledge this. Maybe you want to say, “no, Ginger, I haven’t gotten there yet. I need to expand myself more, achieve more, be more, do more.” If so, let me remind you that you are not on a journey of perfection with a definite goal to reach, but a journey of self-discovery and of love. Go easy on yourself! Laugh!
If you say, “I knew it all along, that I was this bright light. I am discovering it, but I want more. I want more joy, more happiness, and more success! If I’m this evolved, why aren’t I rich, beloved, and fully healthy by now?” I answer you with this. Don’t fall for the outer world’s reflection of you. Don’t give your power away to the trappings of your reality. The feedback that you aren’t as successful as you want to be is only a message from your Universe. It’s there only to guide you to change what you don’t want within yourself any longer, such as limiting beliefs, negative mind talk, and dark choices. You are more powerful than the feedback! In fact, you are more powerful than ever!!!
You ARE more successful now, and this year, you are lifting beyond the mainstream collective reality. On the other side of this lifting, you will be able to more easily manifest things, provided you aren’t overly attached to them or to your ego fašade, which could cause you to fall back into the limitations of the collective.
During this lifting, you may encounter a lot of stress, but that’s the necessary chaos of change. Don’t get embroiled in your suffering. Don’t focus on solving the problems you have and the world’s problems. Look instead to the future you choose. (I’ll share a lot of that below!) Keep programming your New World Life. It’s coming!
Whatever responses you have noticed to the year just ended, feel them and own them as coming from within you. But please, don’t let the inner Slave Driver tell you that you are not enough, not good enough, and that you haven’t done enough, achieved enough, or grown enough. You are enough! And you are ready!
Remember, we all have our own unique tempo and rhythm of growing into our greater and greater selves. Yours is just right for you. Love yourself for all that you have experienced this past year. Value your insights and even your stressful experiences, for they are building you to be stronger and more powerful in your being, tempering your excesses and expanding your creative potential.
While the old year has formed a platform for you – a spiritual bottom line that you will never erode now, you have moved into the new Siriun Year Phase One. You are leaping into the vortex that opens the space and the opportunity for more wondrous experiences of your Greater Self, as you acknowledge that you are a powerful Reality Creator. You are starting a new cycle of becoming, receiving more gifts, being initiated into a much greater dimensionality, getting downloads from your spiritual team, and expanding your Self-Image further towards the Divine Consciousness that is you.
How exciting this time is! 2018 is a key year that you chose to come for, and a key time of the Great Shift as you enter into your own New World. When you go to bed at night, ask your Higher Self and guides to download into you your greater gifts and higher frequencies, so that you can move forward according to your truth, your love, and your passions.
Time now moves in its evolving cyclic rhythm and has brought you to a greater and higher level of the spiral of life. Up to the fall equinox, you’ll have more opportunity to dream, imagine, create, and manifest more of your amazing potential, and that will extend and flow forward throughout the next 12 months. It’s a magical year ahead, indeed.
Astronomical Events and Feedback
And just as last year, this Phase One is also marked by eclipses, a solar eclipse on July 12th at 20 degrees Cancer and 41 minutes. Then a total lunar eclipse on July 27th at 4 Aquarius 45. On top of this, there’s a partial solar eclipse on August 11 at 18 Leo 42. That reflects a lot of action goin’ on! Well, you knew that! The world is going through transformational changes – that’s not just people, but the ecosystem and all the plant and animal families populating it. Eclipses like these are a great kickoff for the vortex opening and the initiation of the New Siriun Year!
Having been a professional astrologer and noticing the messages of eclipses for decades, I have to remind the lay person of a very basic rule. Astrology does not influence you or impact you. Astrological phenomena reflects you, and it reflects your world, your culture, your consensus mainstream reality.
Eclipses, transits, and progressions are markers of certain energies and themes (depending on the planet and sign involved) showing up in your reality. And they tell you what is going on in your unconscious mind, that is, the collective Unconscious (the term coined by Carl Gustav Jung, who himself was an astrologer).
You are Moving Beyond the Collective
When you evolve above and beyond the collective, which is what you have the opportunity to do this year (and which I can see that now I am doing as well!), these reflections and messages may no longer have much significance for you! The greater in consciousness you become, the less you feel the huge energy/consciousness shifts that occur on these astronomical events. You can feel the energies. You just don’t have to feel compelled by them to experience difficulties or grow through discomfort. I tell you what I’ve noticed. It’s easier than ever to sense the astronomical energies and to respond to them as an empowered person.
So therefore, as you step more and more into your Greater Self, always expanding and growing in the Light, you are choosing not only your own path in alignment with your power and Destiny, but you are a leader of the collective, creating a new collective and bringing it forth into the New World!
Yes, that’s right! The collective is no longer leading you. YOU are a harbinger of the New World. So whatever you want to get from astrology or however you wish to respond is up to you. I will say that astrology gives you an insight into some of the collective energies going on, so when you see those happening, you can know how to respond to external, mainstream reality events.
Astro Hints
That said, let’s look at the hints. For the collective and those still in its sway (to whatever extent you and I may still be), there are signs of stress ahead for the USA. (I apologize to those living outside the USA – I’m sure there are astrologers online who are talking about your country’s planetary messages.)
The elections in November 2018 are marked by Saturn transiting opposite USA natal Jupiter, a real wet blanket to usual exuberant USA energy and to the usual USA prosperity. So a lot of people are going to be distressed with the outcomes and there may be a significant economic reaction in the markets.
We’ve already seen the chaos, confusion, and fake news, hidden things coming to light, and sneaky stuff going on behind the scenes that comes with transiting Neptune in the 10th house (our national self-image) for over a year now.
And here’s the kicker. Pluto, planet of transformation, destruction, and transcendence is moving into the 8th House of Death in the USA Gemini rising chart. Before it does that, the first eclipse on the 12th, that 20 degrees of Cancer, is exactly opposite Pluto. So this is a huge challenging theme that the USA collective is addressing! And to have an eclipse degree point exactly opposite transiting Pluto is a huge transformational/transcendental theme for everyone in the world too.
Now, don’t worry. Remember, going through the Great Shift right now into the New World is pretty transcendental! Claim it for your future! And release intense energies of change. Whew!
Trump too
And since so many peoples’ attention is on Donald Trump, it’s worth noting that he, a total collective persona – not at all transcendent to the New World, will be getting some heavy “hits” of themes. He could be getting health issues as the eclipse on the 27th is right on his house of health cusp. Saturn transiting his 5th house of relationships and love could signal problems with his wife and mistresses (well, we already knew about all that!), and the 8/11 eclipse falls into his 12th house where he could shoot himself in his own foot. Maybe he won’t be protected and defended by everyone as he already has been? Maybe the Teflon president will actually screw himself up? The drama continues!
And Infamous Mercury Retrograde!
Of all the collective energies that I see reflected impactfully in everyday life – and especially with Virgos and Geminis – the top award has to go to Mercury Retrograde. This happens when Mercury looks like it’s going backwards in the sky. It’s an illusion, but during this time, usually within a 3 week period and occurring perhaps three times a year, common things, such as travel, technology, contracts, attention, appointments, etc. can seem to go backwards too.
The dates for this period’s Mercury Retrograde are July 26th to August 19th, so we are in this period now. So be careful to stay present and not space out, as you could have more difficulty communicating (what IS that word?). You can easily be scattered and lose focus, you could lose things, forget appointments, or have lots of distractions show up. There could also be problems with short or long term travel, contract disputes, and difficulty with technology. I know many people whose computers choose Mercury Retrograde times to crash!
The key here is to be patient, stay aware and on focus, receive your inner messages and “whispers” from your reality proactively (rather than having to do it once something aggravating has happened!), and don’t take things seriously.
When stuff doesn’t go as planned, your best response is to laugh about it. As you do, know that all will turn out okay, and things are moving forward according to plan (even if you have no clue what that plan is). When you hold this attitude during Mercury Retrograde, and indeed every day, you are positioned to handle crisis and changes way more elegantly with better ultimate outcomes!
The traditional recommendations during a Mercury Retrograde is to not do a lot of long distance travelling because hotel reservations and such could get lost or there could be confusions and setbacks. Also, it’s recommended that you NOT sign contractual agreements, since there could be hidden sabotaging clauses in it or, in the case of buying a house to live in, you may not stay there long and there could be unexpected problems showing up. And don’t buy your latest techie equipment, phone, sound system, computer, etc.
If you are in your Greater Self, you may experience no Mercury Retrograde “effects” at all, but you may see others go through them. In that case, tell them to laugh, know all is going according to their divine plan, and that don’t worry, everything will turn out okay.
An Astrological Look in Your Chart
As I want to emphasize, there are a lot of challenging themes showing up now, but you are ready for them. So it’s really important now for you to lift beyond the collective as you and I, and all Light Workers build our heart force, because we have plenty of love and healing work to do for ourselves and our world!
Maybe you’d like to look at the three eclipses and transits going on as providing messages/info to you personally. Perhaps they will offer keys to where you have blocked yourself from moving into your own New World and getting on the Dream Future Track. Where in your chart do you have the signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Leo? These are most activated. And the transits may be hitting an important degree or aspect for you.
If you want to know more and really get into the juicy stuff, check out the info from these great astrologers online. First, a video from astrologer Heather Ensworth at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDY91n5qHeU.
Then, check out Belinda Dunn in her view on the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde (yep, that’s happening too!) at http://www.crystalvisionsbooks.com/belinda-dunn/.
Then another astrologer who puts out fabulous astro updates as well is Laurie Johnson. Just plug in to http://www.LaurieJohnsonpsychic.com and sign up for her updates. I didn’t find her discussion on the eclipses, but you can find a lot in her blog on Mercury Retrograde, all the planetary retrogrades going on, and more.
And finally, check out We'Moon, a women’s pagan, astrological, and creative arts calendar. Sign up for their newsletters with astro info at MotherTongue@wemoon.ws. And get their yearly calendar with beautiful and uplifting artwork from the talented women that contribute to the year’s beauty.
Recommendation; If you are curious as to how all of this applies to you, I’d recommend that you get a reading by an experienced holistic/spiritual astrologer. If you don’t know one, look up the NCGR (an astrological association) at http://www.geocosmic.org and find an astrologer in their listing whose reference info interests you or who lives near you if you must visit in person.
The Three Futures
Choice Point to Create your New World
This is a “split” year. It’s time to choose with your power and deliberation to move towards the future of your choice, your Dream Future. Now there are an infinite number of futures available to you in possibility, but the essence of them can be narrowed down to just three broad directions; the Nightmare Future, the Mediocre Future, and the Dream Future. You can pretty much tell what these futures are about by just hearing what I call them!
Of course, I know you don’t want the Nightmare Future or the Mediocre Future. You want to move towards your Dream Future. But know this; the Dream Future isn’t about achieving financial success and living an adventurous lifestyle of the rich and famous, as all the financial new-age gurus would have you believe.
Money is not what you’re REALLY after. You want to live a New Life as the Greater You in full joy, happiness, love, connection to the Divine, beauty, freedom, empowerment, and yes, success. You want people you love with you. You want to belong to a community of like-minded people. You want access to beauty and nature. You want to depend on your reality, to lean into a happy reality, and feel safe in your World. You want to allow your Universe, your reality, to lovingly support you, as it wants to do.
But you may be fooled into thinking you are moving towards your Dream Future when in actuality you are headed for the Nightmare or the Mediocre Futures.  If you feel you belong with a bunch of people and they are headed into the future, you may follow them and feel the power of community. But you have to pay attention. Where exactly are they going? Is that really where you want to go too?
The sense of belonging can obscure your life direction, and you may not really look closely at what you want when your choices are dominated by the choices of your friends, partner, and family. That’s why the Nightmare Future may even feel positive! And the Mediocre Future could look safe and secure. So pay attention That’s why I want to especially detail the Nightmare Future. I certainly don’t want you to identify with those who are on that track!!
The Nightmare Future is one of war, violence, separation, loneliness, extreme competition, struggle, and suffering – the essence of the Dark Masculine and of failure. Continuous conflict and pain (the Dark Feminine) wears one down, so basic survival, mental, emotional, and physical, is the focus in this reality. Look around the world. There are millions, perhaps billions who live in their nightmare now.
The ones determining this life for others are usually young men, as well as old men in suits, who are rebelling against the social order, grabbing power, or are seeking to “liberate” themselves and their followers from controlling and dominating authoritarians/governments. They feel justified in using manipulation and violence in the achievement of their goal. Their vision of the future is that they, not the oligarchs, political leaders, or government, determine what is important. They will be in charge.
If you are excited about a political movement that will land you on top and everyone will have to live by your rules or lifestyle, you are heading into a Nightmare Future. Every one of the suffering places in the world was created by this belonging of the mob rule. This “my tribe vs their tribe” mentality and those fighting to be on top, destroying their enemies, are willing to make these “others” suffer. They are willing to crash their own economies and infrastructure. Witness riots in which the rioters loot and burn local businesses that support them! And see how these factional wars turn whole cities into rubble. There is often a glee over every victory where the “other” must suffer.  This duality, extreme destructiveness, and separation is at the root of the Nightmare Future.
In this future, one’s focus will be on living another day short-term and not for the survival of the earth or even of civilization. That sounds bad enough, but the main reason that this is the Nightmare Future is that life on the earth is going extinct if people allow the private interests to continue to exploit and destroy nature. We too are nature, and as nature gets more and more imbalanced and unable to recover, drought, famine, and rampant disease will take people out.
Even with the horrors of all of this going on, people will not band together to help each other and the earth. Instead, they will fight over the scarce resources left, and grab what they can. Let the others starve. This is the worst, the darkest, and bleakest reality, even beyond dystopia, a “no-topia.”
And you can be fooled into belonging to the group that heads in this direction. So ask yourself; is your tribe willing for others to suffer and die? Is your tribe ignoring the Earth and her resources? Is your tribe allowing the oligarchies to have more and more control over government, nations, and territory under the seemingly innocuous guise of “business first” or economic prosperity (that’s just really for them)?
The Mediocre Future is one of continued ordinariness, of playing it safe, conformity, following others, some progress and then some setbacks, and always effort. You already know this one intimately from your past, and it’s dull, boring, and routine, although at times it can be pleasant. It’s a small life, not in terms of money or material things necessarily, but extremely scarce and limited in terms of creativity, happiness, and celebration of love.
Since there are bright spots here and there, and you have hope that the future may pan out great after all, you may be living on this track right now. But you see, you don’t really want this one either. Humdrum is the future, and it’s not great!
To get on this track, you have to identify with being wounded and traumatized in your past, and thus are afraid of being hurt and devastated again in the future. You desperately desire safety and security. If you can get that, you feel, you’ll be okay. You’ll survive okay. All choices you make will be fear choices; made to forestall or deny change, loss, or rejection.
You are burdened with duties and obligations, and you are waiting for things to improve. You don’t feel powerful, but you hope that somehow, you’ll get a break. You believe that to be happy and successful, you have to be able to get out there and compete relentlessly, be a workaholic. But you don’t really want to be that kind of striver. So you settle for what you can get and stay there. If you fall into this kind of low energy belief system, you are on track for the Mediocre Future.
The Dream Future is a life lived in love, empowerment, freedom, creativity, joy, celebration, beauty, belonging, inclusion, safety for all, harmony between people, and caring for Mother Earth and all creatures. When you live here, you live and move in a momentum of magic, fun, and adventure, sharing life with others, and having a sweet and loving network of great people. You have fun and adventure, feeling gratitude for the amazing support and love your Personal Reality, also known as your Universe, is bringing you.
You may or may not have a lot of money. Either way, money doesn’t define true success, nor does it necessarily bring the grand happiness of the Dream Future, which is more about who you ARE than what you HAVE. You have wonderful people to love. You radiate your love and truth to others. You are heard, accepted, and you hear others and accept them. You trust your Divine Plan. You don’t live all your life worrying about the bills or what others think of you, but exploring doing what your heart truly wants and living according to your joy.
So, check in with yourself. Are you heading for the positive and light Dream Future? The so-so Mediocre Future? Or the dark Nightmare Future?
So ask yourself. Do you feel a sense of purpose and belonging in identifying with dominators who are willing to make changes (even if they appear positive) by violence or threats of violence? Do you envision a world in which your way, your tribe, will rule/be valued above other tribes?
Do you make your choices from fear of loss? Fear of being left out? Fear of being hurt/punished/attacked/rejected and abandoned?
Do you have the courage to step into the Unknown and reveal your own inner power, love, beauty, and Vision?
It’s time now. Even if you have been avoiding accepting your Beauty, your Light, and your Mission/Purpose at this pivotal time, please do that NOW. Choose to activate your inner power and truth NOW. Choose which future you are going to actively move towards!
The Paradox
And then there’s this paradox. The Track you choose to move forth upon will determine not only how your life goes, but how your entire reality and the whole world will go!
Many people get confused with this idea that people can choose for themselves and simultaneously change the world. If you’re one of them, I understand totally, because the idea of being at the level of creatorship where you can determine both your life and the world’s exists beyond 3D and 4D (time/space). It lies in 5D and beyond. 5D is the imagination and the imaginal realm.
This is a tough paradox to resolve, especially because the daily-life You certainly doesn’t see how you are creating the world, much less how you are doing a slam dunk job of manifesting that fabulous, grand personal life! And the world, well, it’s too big to control. But that’s the Mundane You.
So step out of your Mundane You into the trans-dimensional Greater You. Look at it differently, from a higher perspective. When you do, you’ll see that it’s all yours. This whole reality is your reality that you have co-created with your Divine Team. And every part of this reality is working for YOUR benefit – to wake you up, to show you who you are, and to allow you to choose your reality.
Keys to Choosing the Dream Future
1.    Your Point (Level) of Conscious Awareness
The key to reality creation is always your perception of yourself, as indeed your whole spiritual path is about discovering and owning who you really are – the Light Being, the Reality Creator. One wise teacher said, “the Path is You.”
When you look closely at yourself, curious, like in an experiment, you’ll discover your true self layer by layer. Don’t review yourself from a judgmental viewpoint, or with some kind of agenda about you. Do it as if you are simply curious about what goes on inside your psyche. Be easy with yourself. Don’t hide anything from yourself or exaggerate some things to get to a desired self-image you already hold that you intend to keep validated.
2.    Ego Interference
If you hold any opinions about yourself that aren’t true, you are stuck in your negative (sabotaging) ego. This keeps you from accessing your inner knowing, your truth. I do a lot of muscle testing, and I have found that my muscle testing is screwy when I have a need for a specific outcome or I already want a certain outcome. This is ego interference, and it can also happen when I am afraid that the testing will turn out a particular way. 
For example, I have found that I cannot test from the point of view of my inner hypochondriac, especially if I want my body to give me a diagnosis of whatever is ailing me. I must first dismantle the hypochondria, the fear, and step into my greater, detached perspective (the Greater Self again!), and test as if I am simply a curious friend of myself.
My body also doesn’t know what diseases are. I cannot find out if I have cancer, heart disease, or any other condition, because the body doesn’t “think” in terms of diagnoses or diseases. It will tell me what is wrong and even how to fix it, if I am in the correct head state and ask the questions in the right way, but I cannot nail down an organic, psychic organism like my body into a linear, fixed box of a diagnosis.
I think this issue is why most people cannot muscle test themselves successfully. It takes practice getting the attitude correct and the ego out of the way. I recommend that you practice using this light, curious and friendly attitude, even if you don’t learn muscle testing, or if you don’t already know how to access your inner information storehouse consciously.
Back to the negative ego. It wants to control, dominate, and always, always be right. It wants you to feel better than others, and rationalizes that when you aren’t successful, it’s other peoples’ fault, and you are far more morally superior and noble anyway to be like those negative others. You are entitled to much more than you are getting, and one day you will triumph. Then those other people will be jealous of you. This is the basic story of the negative ego. If you are aligned with any of this, you got trapped!
So be aware of the negative ego story. Don’t confuse your negative ego with your positive ego, thinking that puffing yourself up and spouting affirmations blindly is a good thing. Your negative ego is immature, weak and insecure. It takes everything personally. It’s also naive, and simple-minded, being ignorant of the contexts and nuances that matter most. For more info on the negative ego, please read the article I posted called “Healing Your Inner Saboteurs” and the link to that is https://greaterselfprocess.com/healinginner.html
The negative ego is overall coming from a place of insecurity or weakness.  Its agenda is for you to fulfill the Dark Masculine reality of competing successfully, controlling your life and looking successful to others, and especially always being on the winning side of a battle or sports competition. Your negative ego wants you to be the hero or heroine, but your negative ego doesn’t have the courage to be that!
In addition to the tough outer fašade, the ego also wants you to fulfill the Dark Feminine reality of feeling never good enough, fixing yourself endlessly, or slamming yourself for your failures. It demands that you perform/do more than before, and do it better and faster. You can’t rest until you achieve, says the Slave Driver. And the ego, always taking things personally, thinks that if you hide yourself from the world, you’ll be “safe.”
3.    Ability to Self-Reflect
Self-discovery starts with Self-reflection, done from this friendly attitude towards you. Then you will get revelations of great understandings about you and your life. Your manifestation potential expands enormously, and you open up to receiving gifts, magic, and miracles from the Divine.
If you find anything in your psyche that is unfinished or you feel guilty about, then forgive yourself thoroughly. If you are unfamiliar on how to do this or you don’t feel you can forgive yourself, then bring in the Divine (God, Goddess, your Higher Self, Soul, or Master Teacher guide) to forgive you and cleanse you. Or maybe, for the joy of it, do both!
So to know where you stand on creating your future, look at yourself. Evaluate your level of awareness. How conscious are you? How much of you do you see, love, and value? How much of you do you accept? Where you are on this scale, high love and value or low love and value, reveals your current point of consciousness. And it also shows you how much power you have within you and where you are going, Destiny speaking.
If you need assistance in learning the art of self-reflection, which tells you what’s what in your unique life, find a good life coach or emotional healer. If you don’t know anyone, then contact Daniel the Healer, my husband, at 818-855-1377 and he can help you with this.
Thus, what future you will have is determined by what Life Track you are on, your Life Track is determined by how much love and value you have for you and how much love you radiate for all others, including plants, animals, nature, and humanity. So what reality are you creating? What future is the brightest for you? Your Inner Self will show you, provided you see yourself clearly and get your ego out of the way.
In the Dark Masculine and Feminine, the more inner work you do on yourself, the more the ante is raised and the more you have to do. This has been an almost endless cause of frustration in my own inner work and for every client and student I’ve had! It’s totally different once you are connected with the Light Sides!
The Evolution Track from Darkness to Light
Right now on the planet, it’s easy to see so many people suffering at the hands of violent, raging (mostly) men, as well as so many people who have no place to go since their own countries have become intolerable. All people want love and peace, and they want a brighter future for their children if not for themselves.
So how are people coerced and galvanized into war and destruction? It’s not really natural for human behavior. Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, in their book “Spontaneous Evolution” call it a “dominator virus.” That is, it is learned and established in the collective Unconscious Mind of the human race. Once there, people can easily be victimized by the collective, the culture, the governments, and the petty tyrants in their lives.
And they share a story from decades ago that illustrates the power of the collective/consensus reality. Nazi leader Hermann Goering acknowledged this programming of the masses quite plainly at the Nuremburg trails when he testified, “Naturally the common people don’t want war… But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship… All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
This is the essence of the Nightmare Future, where leaders bring along their followers to destroy and fight. It’s the Darkness, where strong men, dictators, or emperors, discount and toss away the lives of their citizens to prop up their ego. The oligarchy consists of highly positioned wealthy families into banking or oil and gas, corporate leaders who exploit the environment for their profit and leave it poisoned, barren, and lifeless, and political leaders who manipulate and dominate immorally through corruption to have everything they want for their children but for no one else’s children. Don’t think that by identifying with oligarchs, they will care about you. You’ll get left behind every time.
When power and wealth is concentrated at the top, the oligarchs may pay lip service to Democracy and hide their massive influence. Of course, they don’t want people complaining about them! But meanwhile, behind the scenes they are taking all the resources from the people. This is the foundation and basis of violent revolution and overthrow of governments by rebel or religious factions. However, who has the money (the oligarchs) will often prevail in the end and the people will lose a great deal of the freedoms they thought they were getting. This is the Dark Masculine story.
And more chillingly, this is the Essence of the Dark Masculine Energy itself. The more a reality approximates a Nightmare, the more you will see the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine in full force, in their highest intensity.
This is very important to remember!
The evolution that we are going through is to heal the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine within ourselves and then develop the Light Masculine and Light Feminine so that we are in harmony, balance, and light. This requires that the Dark sides pass away, dissolve, and heal. They must die so that the Light sides may grow.
This death is being preceded with the Chaos of pain, dramatic change, violence, and destruction. As a spiritual being, you probably don’t like the idea of destruction and violence. But your collective, that is, the consensus, mainstream reality in your culture and in cultures around the world, all together, hold a common ancient mythology, a common old story. That is, destruction must happen before the new can be born.
Look at your own life. Often something has to be destroyed or a path has to be blocked before you find the path you need to be on. It’s similar here, not only for you but also for your world.
So witness the destruction going on, the violence, hate, fear, rage, and terror. This is that old story, that old mythology happening now. So it’s more important than ever to get onto and stay on the Dream Future Track, so you can lift out of the chaos and pain and bring the world along with you.
Identify the Dark Masculine and Feminine
Now I don’t think you are aligned with the Dark Masculine, but I want you to be able to identify the energies of it. In order to make the shift, you need to know how to identify the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine so that you can move into the Light sides of both, which take you to the Dream Future. Remember, all human beings have both Masculine and Feminine energies in their makeup. That means that everyone experiences both Dark sides and has access to both Light sides.
You may be able to identify the Dark sides in your personal life and see it in world situations. Congratulations if you can! This is often not easy. Media and marketing can make even the most horrible options look good. Once you can see and feel the energies, you can shift into the Light sides consciously.
To help you do this identification, I’ve put together an article to help you identify all four; the Darks and the Lights. And I include a strategy that enables you to shift from any dark space to the light space immediately! Check it out at https://greaterselfprocess.com/darktolight.html
How to Get Out of the Collective Dark Masculine and Feminine
I don’t mean to offend you if you are a Trump supporter, but Trump is the embodiment of the Dark Masculine leader at its most fierce, a strongman, bully, dictator, sexist, and racist. He’s greedy, requires loyalty to his every word, and demonstrates a self-aggrandizing ego fašade. Exploiting the earth for corporate profit, starting trade wars that hurt the workers and farmers and exporters (mostly his supporters), buddying up to other strongmen or persecuting “others” (immigrants, darker skinned folks), his actions only support the oligarchy and his own financial interests. He’s got great marketing, however. The strategy comes straight out of the Nazi playbook.
Trump and other strong men all around the world use fear to keep people circling the wagons to protect him and their culture. When you start to fear and worry and wring your hands, you are living in your limbic or reptilian brain all the time and not using your reasoning brain. You are easily manipulated and led along like lemmings over the cliff. For your spiritual evolution, I implore you to step back from politics that give all benefits to the oligarchy and take the resources from the people.
You will think that you will win someday, but you won’t. This destruction will only invite more violence and destruction. If you don’t leave the hate and rage tribe, your future will be your destruction. You will live in a “survival of the fittest” Mad Max dystopia, with massive scarcity. Please don’t go there! So step back. Don’t identify with Trump and his minions, even if you can see how he is fulfilling the mythology required to bring in the New World. His way is not a spiritual evolutionary’s way, a way of love and light.
The Nightmare Future will branch off from us who are on the Mediocre and Dream Future Tracks. It will go down into the Darkness and we will watch it without being part of it, without being drawn down into it and dying in it. In the Nightmare Future, the earth will cease being able to product crops. There are already excessive crop failures going on around the planet.
But what happens when the soil no longer works? When it’s poisoned and dead? The human race will die too. You won’t see this part, because you’ll be moving forward and upwards, and that will be all that you will see in your reality. In the Dream Future, the earth re-wilds, restores, the air, water, and earth becomes clean again.
The Mediocre or “So-so” Future
But you might say, what about Hillary and the DNC/Democrat Old Guard? Aren’t they corrupt? They definitely are also part of the Dark Masculine. However, her presidency would have continued “business as usual,” with little progress (women would’ve been uplifted but they seem to be doing that themselves anyway.)
Hillary and the Democratic Old Guard were headed, not for the Nightmare Future, but for the Mediocre Future, the “same-old, same-old.” The old systems of wealth at the top would remain. It would be hard to protect the earth and her ecosystems through the political wrangling and demand for access to the earth’s resources by the corporate lobbies. 
Neither candidate offered us the Dream Future, although Bernie Sanders at least alerted us all on the debilitating attack on our political system by the oligarchs that he referred to as the billionaires. This awareness has energized and activated people to bring power back to the people where it belongs.
It’ll be interesting to see what this progressive movement can do over the next few years, as the Light gets stronger and stronger. And the Light WILL get stronger and stronger. The love WILL grow. You and I contracted for this before we came into this lifetime!
Evolution is on our side. The positive energies available to us now are greater than ever before. The first step is Waking Up, making the template for ourselves, and then providing that for the World as well.
And so Now for the Good News!
Galexis pointed out, upon the November 2016 elections, that Trump would expose and reveal the whole Man Code, male chauvinistic, Dark Masculine to the world. And when all the corruption, destruction, manipulation, domination, and extremism comes to light, people will be moved to react. No more hiding away and ignoring what’s what. People are waking up!
So because of the extremism of Trump and the rise of other right-wing, nationalistic, and strongmen ascendancy around the world, people in America and around the world will feel compelled to seriously evaluate where they are heading. They will make the choice for one track or another.
This is good because more people will wake up and take action, especially on this most powerful and decisive spiritual year. This is bad because there will be so much damage done to peoples’ lives and psyches in the next several years from all of this. For many people, that damage will be irreversible.
A New Mythology, a New Narrative
It’s time for a new myth, one of healing and working together, rather than the one of destruction we’ve seen for so long and are watching in horror playing itself out now.
Your personal mythology or story may also include destruction being required in order to change. You can change your story and you can release yourself from limiting beliefs. But most importantly, you must write a new narrative, a new mythology for yourself.
Right now, the Dark Masculine is providing you with plenty of examples of Dark Narratives. They are called Conspiracy Theories. While few politicians are paying attention to the destruction of the environment and the damage/death being done by corporations, or what is harming the people, they are certainly focusing on the narratives. These narratives and stories are full of entertainment, drama, and intensity, which can be far more interesting than dealing with policy details and restoring the ecosystem.
So that you can recognize, identify, and shift out of Dark Narratives, I am including a short technique/strategy for you to do this.  https://greaterselfprocess.com/darknarratives.html
Another, Better Future, the Dream Future
Let me emphasize. The Dark Masculine and the Dark Feminine are going to die. In our spiritual evolution, they will be phased out and the Light Masculine working in harmony with the Light Feminine will take its place. The New World, also known as the New Age or the Golden Age, is the Path to the Dream Future.
In the Dream Future, we’ll see harmony, oneness, diversity, many points of view, and appreciation and acceptance of all people. We’ll experience peace, calm, happy families, good lives, and governments that are actually of the people, by the people, and FOR the people. If you want to get onto the Dream Future track, you must imagine the beautiful future you want.
If this sounds like an impossible fantasy, you may be held down by the Dark Narratives of the Dark Masculine and overwhelmed by the seeming futility of things that comes from the Dark Feminine. If the Dark Sides seem too powerful, too strong, and impossible to resist, and domination and control by the Dark Masculine looks total, stop and step back. Even if you’re tempted to feel powerless, helpless, and hopeless, falling deeper and deeper into the Dark Feminine, don’t let appearances fool you.
You see, everything you see is part of the illusion of the physical plane, and it’s all happening in 3D. You are getting ready this year to take a leap of consciousness – a stretch of the imagination, a 5th Dimensional experience. Maybe you already have leaped. This leap leads to your transcendence, your lifting above the downward spiraling collective/consensus reality and into the path of Light! This is what is called Ascension as well.
In the coming months and years, you will be getting more and more glimpses of the power of the REAL, if you haven’t already, as the higher the dimension you can touch, the greater your Self Image, the more you can dream realities into physical being! In other words, the 5th Dimension is more REAL than 3D.
Maybe you don’t think the Dream future is realistic or possible. That may be because you can’t see how to get from here to there in 3D. There is no linear or logical track between now and this future. Therefore, you must take the leap into 5D to connect the dots (that are all over the place and not in a linear lineup! )
I know a lot of you have experienced lucid dreams or visionary states in which things happen that could never happen in 3D, things beyond time and space. Perhaps you have felt and known that this was MORE real and more intense than your 3D mundane life. I have, and the awareness of this greater reality dimension has changed my life. It can change yours too, and your future too.
To get there, you have to stretch your imagination and allow the Divine to connect you with the More Real. I can talk more about how to do that in future postings, but have no space to go into that now.
Dream the future you want, a New World and New Life beyond the destruction and violence. Dream the Oneness, love, and harmony. To do this, start inside yourself. Give up your “dominator virus,” the desire to control and be right, and all those burdens that aren’t yours. Be free. Have the courage to be yourself, starting right now, and embrace your Greater Self.
You are the Remedy for the planet. This reality is an illusion, so dream up a new, better, 5D illusion and step into it. Then bring along those you love and the world.
Together, our resonance will create the Golden Age. At the very least, we will manifest the people and circumstances who will dream the Golden Age and bring it into being with you.
The Split is Happening NOW
So now that you have evaluated all that I’ve shared, where are you?  What Future are you headed towards?
Your choice, of where you put your attention, who or what you identify with, and what principles you hold in your character will determine your decision now at the Split. Your attention is in the NOW. So it’s wise to see NOW how much of the Light Masculine and Light Feminine you can perceive, see, imagine, and allow into your life.
There is no probable Dream Future, because it’s for you to create. This dreaming is a big part of your Destiny, what you are here to do. It is ending your slavery to the cycles of reincarnation, birth and death. This is big!
To get to the Dream Future, you can start with dreaming the Ideal Future. This expanded imaginational 5D Future can become your guideline, your directional signal beacon lighting the way for you, showing you the path you want to take.
When you get a connection to this Ideal Future, you can move forward by dreaming this piece and that piece of your Ideal Future for you personally. This will reflect in you, so that you become happier and freer within. Then, your outer world will begin to reflect you more and more. As you maintain your sights on the Ideal Future, it will guide you to the Dream Future that you can reach.
The Aquarian Age is Here NOW
Again, this current time is amazingly powerful. Here are some dreaming pieces you may want to adopt.
Do you remember hearing about the fabled Aquarian Age? We are fully transitioned into it. It is solidly and totally here. And the vision of the Aquarian Age is all about being part of the Oneness while still maintaining one’s uniqueness and special individual gifts. Social ranking and hierarchy are in the process of merging into new ways that foster kindness and negotiation among people of all races, faiths, and ages. It no longer functions to create competition in the obsessive dog-eat-dog way, driven for money as we have now.
Peoples’ motivation will not be for profit and material stuff but for creativity, adventure, and love (the true, original motivation!). This is the New Age we heard about years ago, the New World, the Golden Age. And it’s coming available now, as we lift beyond the old dark collective into a new, sharing, and celebrating one.
If you educate yourself about your energies and consciousness, you’ll be able to id not only the Nightmare and Mediocre Futures when you see the signs, but also the Aquarian Age signs pointing to the Dream Future. You’ll see the signs among people everywhere who love and give and share.
And as you practice greater acceptance of all things, loving more actively, giving of your inspirations to others, you’ll belong in that uplifting energy of the Dream Future more and more. Yes, it’s time for you to teach! To be more visible! Learn how to give and care while not being trapped and unappreciated in the sacrificial martyrhood role. Get off the cross!  Give freely with love and receive tremendous love energy in return. You’ll be a citizen of the New World, bringing in the New Age, in your New Life. You’ll be solidly on the Dream Future Track!
Yes, you’ll still see the Mediocre and Nightmare Futures going on, but you will be less connected to them, and as I said before, they will fade and die out. Your world will have transformed, you being the healing remedy!
The collective is evolving now, to that of egalitarianism, the root concept of the Aquarian Age. Here is the Wikipedia definition of the term Egalitarianism; a school of thought that prioritizes equality for all people. Egalitarian doctrines maintain that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or social status.
Is this just a pipe dream? You decide! It’s your reality. You create it (and co-create it). What would you prefer? The dark or the light?
Resources for the New Template
If you’d like to imagine and dream your Dream Future for the world, I urge you to read Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman’s book entitled, “Spontaneous Evolution, Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here.” For the metaphysician and future creator/chooser, this is almost a “must-read” book! It lays out the blueprint of the Dream Future beyond political parties!
And there’s more for you. Have a listen to the following talk with true human solutions to our crazed political system from George Monbiot. George has written several books, the most recent of which is “Out of the Wreckage; A New Politics for an Age of Crisis.” In this talk, he shares a secret for planetary healing he discovered in the Bernie Sanders campaign. Even though he’s Canadian, he understands the narrative that both the right and left have advanced, and suggests a new one that takes humanity to the New World.
Normally, I won’t listen to long audio files or videos, but I was riveted for over an hour of his talk, with his inspiring ideas and strategies. What an amazing and sweet man he is! Just so lovely, compassionate, caring, and smart! I want his solution! You may want it too!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=349&v=v1-9zg0cgN0
The Dream Future Project
Like these above, I am collating resources for creating and building the Dream Future. I am channeling information about this ascension process we have stepped into, and I find it thrilling. I invite you to join with me and share what you know, what you are finding, and what you are dreaming.  Together, we can create a beautiful resonance of the future, and through the power of togetherness, we can create a new egalitarian consensus and dream for the world.
I’ll be sending out more on this future creation process later, but for now, feel free to share anything useful and positive that you’d like to share with me and the world – anything that gives insight into creating a positive future, or how others are creating beautiful futures. Write me at ginger@giniel.com  Thank you! Bless you!