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Siriun Year Newsletter, 2018 Phase Two
Integrating your new level and New Self
By Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. a.k.a. The Mystic Professor
Welcome to the fall newsletter!
In this issue, we’ll discuss;
  •  Integrating Downloads and expanded possibilities into your Field
  • Chaos, Dread, your Resonance Shakedown, and the “Test”
  • Getting out of the Negative Ego’s Trap
  • Raising your Resonance by Building Your Valued Self
  • Dreaming the Ideal Future; Moving Forward
  • Empowered Choices
  • Your Divine Path Program
  • Ways to Use the Power of Your Imagination
Again, as in the last newsletter, I have recorded a sound file of it that you can download into your cell phone and listen to at your convenience.
Here’s the sound file link: https://GreaterSelfProcess.com/september2018news.mp3
Phase Two of the Siriun Year; Time of Integration
From about the fall equinox through to about Thanksgiving, you are moving through a period of integrating what you have received. You see, during the Sirius Vortex portal, you have received downloads and frequency upgrades, and thus have lifted to a new level of Selfhood. You have come through a period of personal image and light expansion, Phase One. Here at Phase Two, you have entered your own personal New World, and it’s time to integrate this light-resonance vibratory updraft into your life.
The most important thing to do during this integration time is to truly own, claim, and sustain your new frequency level. I cannot stress this enough, for several reasons. One; if you lapse into your Lesser Self, the smaller being you were just a few months ago, you lose the new openings of the doorways to your Destiny opportunities. Your Self-Image is not able to stay high enough to hold onto good realities. That is, you’ll reach for the golden carrot, grab it, and then everything will begin to dissolve. You simply cannot hold onto good things that vibrate at this new, higher level.
Two; if you let yourself fall into lower frequencies due to old grudges, judgments, difficulty with relationships, a toxic environment, and a gloomy outlook on life, your brain will not be able to process the new intuitive/psychic frequencies you have been attuned to, and you will miss out on the extra amount of spiritual guidance you could be having. It may be harder to connect with your guides. This of course, gives you the impression that you are not being supported, and you won’t be able to get a good flow going.
Three; you will be vulnerable to the same-old same-old annoying patterns of limitation you have suffered through time and time again. You can feel stressed in your work as well as your home life and fall prey to negative ambition, otherwise known as the inner Slave Driver. That’s the aspect of you that doesn’t feel you are enough and thus will push and drive you to achieve, exhausting and depleting you. You’ve been there, done that. You don’t want any more of this!
I must know at least a dozen ways to up my vibration into the Greater Self level. It’s really helpful to know some of these, because when a challenge comes up and my vibration falls down and I shrink into a smaller version of me, my Self-Image holding less value, I can use one or more of these to ramp it up again quickly.
You can do this too. However, your and my goal in this period is not to just recover our resonances quickly so we can get back on track. It’s to sustain the high frequency level so that this Greater Self level becomes our natural and normal, expected level of vibration. Just like the time period required to break a habit, it takes from 3 to 4 weeks to get the higher resonance established where you can take “blows” from your reality and stay aware, conscious, and in your power no matter what.
For example, I used to drop frequency, even plummet my frequency, when I spoke on the phone with my mother. It would take me a day to recover my vibration after only a half hour phone call! It would take me three days to a week to recover from visiting her in Tennessee (I lived in South Florida) for three days. If my older sister was visiting at the same time, it could take even longer!
That’s because I gave my power away to them and it didn’t occur to me that I could get my frequencies back up quickly by taking back my power and doing a couple of techniques. I’ve found that most people are at their most unconscious of their Greater Self when they are interacting with their parents or older siblings. They fall into old patterns unconsciously. You may have discovered this too.
However, things have changed. You and I have become more conscious. We are more empowered than ever before. And if you tune into who you are right now, you are greater than the you that you were only a few months ago. Acknowledge that your Self-Image has grown.
So now it’s time to consciously learn how to sustain this higher level consistently, because then your reality will respond with a correspondingly higher level of light, love, and happiness. This leads in turn to better manifestations. Remember, there’s always a time lag between the achievement of the higher frequency level and the physical materialization upgrades.
So in this newsletter, my focus is to give you multiple ways to lift your resonance, ways you can use in an emergency or challenge. But also, and more significantly, I want to share with you some ways to get your vibratory rate to STAY up high so you can stabilize at the higher resonance. Then you will have integrated your downloads, spiritual attunements, and new beautiful frequencies into your life. By early December, you should then be able to step forth into solid, juicy, wonderful manifestations and begin a lovely momentum of success!
Through the Portal; Stepping into Your New Self
We have moved into the Chaos that comes after change, in which the new, higher frequencies that have entered must learn to blend with or displace old lower frequencies in your huge Energy Field. This period of time is a Light Chaos, in which you choose what you want to keep of your old frequencies while accepting the newer ones. You do this choosing based on what beliefs you have about yourself and what you want to do.
You see, your Field has many, many frequencies, all working together the best they can. You have memories, programs and patterns, intentions, beliefs, foci, and more to integrate together in cooperation for the greater good – your life. The Divine Intention is for you to have harmony and wholeness with all of these frequencies and thus to elegantly do what you came here to do, while having the vitality and joy needed to do it.
Although new frequencies cause quite a stir of chaos when they enter, they generally “negotiate” territory in the Field. When there comes an arrangement between all the frequencies, you get a sense of order and peace within you. You have greater clarity with which to make decisions. With this order, your energy field then becomes a Standing Wave, emitting an integrated Resonance that represents where you are spiritually at.
Your new, expanded frequencies are integrating now. You are already feeling the change. If you doubt this, think back about who you were last year at this time, what you felt about yourself, and what perspective you had on the world. Compare that with the you who is here now, wiser and with a greater perspective than before. You can claim more of your light now. You have arrived at the pinnacle.
You are getting more centered (okay, when the chaos calms down a bit), and your chakras are getting tuned up. This improves your intuition. So check out your intuition and creativity. It should be up – more than a few months ago. Just this week, I discovered a new, easier level of medical intuition had come in. Wow, was that fun! So pay attention and this will allow your resonance to lift. Trust that you will get clarity, direction, and new motivation soon, even if you are still in the chaos of the change.
In the Chaos; Releasing the Old Dreams
This Light Chaos is a fabulous opportunity to leap to a higher place, but it is chaos after all. During chaos, you can find things disorienting, discombobulating, distracting, and fragmenting for you. You may even have difficulty motivating yourself for your next projects. However, if you tune within yourself and take your foot off the pedal for a bit, you’ll notice that you are more “you” than before. The detritus of psychic clutter that has accumulated for decades is loosening up and leaving now. You can know yourself better than ever before. (Remember; your Spiritual Path is to Know Thyself and then to know the Divine.)
In the Light Chaos, you take the things that are milling around you and select what you want to take with you into the new reality you are generating right now. But that means you must release the limited frequencies of judgment, pain, sorrow, loss, conflict, dissatisfaction with life, and other stuff of that ilk. Let them belong to the past, but not to your future. Let yourself be free of them.
Also, I suggest that during this time, you re-evaluate all your old dreams and visions to see if they even apply to your life any longer. If you feel you don’t know what you want, you are right on track now. You are not the person who dreamed those old dreams. You may feel uncomfortable being in between the old dreams and the new dreams, and want to rush into knowing where you are going, being certain of your path, and making commitments to yourself. This rushing forward is not what is needed or desirable now.
Unfortunately, your dreams didn’t grow and expand as your spiritual growing Self did. That’s why I suggest you revisit all those fantasies and dreams you wanted to fulfill in your life, and let them all go. That’s right. Let them ALL go. If any of them are still accurate for you today, then you can retrieve them and upgrade them to be consistent with the radiant being you are today.
So let the old dreams go, all the while comparing them to the newer frequencies you have within you now. Do they match? No? Choose to let them go consciously if they don’t match your higher frequencies. You will mourn them. You may even mourn the old self you used to be that no longer is attached to some of those old projects, circumstances, and dreams.
Keep paying attention to this expanded being you are right now, so that when they are gone, you can choose new dreams – what a fabulous opportunity!  Then you’ll start dreaming new dreams or upgrading your old ones to your new Self level. Before the end of November, you will get clear and ready to move forward on your new dreams. So don’t push! Don’t hurry! Give yourself time to feel through all of this. It’ll be worth it in the long run, I promise!
Observe What’s Going On
The key to success here is to go ahead and claim your expanded, greater beingness whether or not you actually feel it, and despite your mind talk telling you that you have lost your way (or other mental “trash talk”) and are no better off than you were in June.
A lot of us have gotten interesting and uplifting surprises at this time. The portal, the vortex, has opened us to new opportunities. I know quite a few people who are envisioning new projects and others are showing up offering them pathways to fulfill those projects. People are moving to better spaces, getting new and better jobs, and making breakthroughs in their health.
However, if you aren’t in the flow right now, relax. Proceed with love and care. I don’t recommend obligating yourself to a huge, long-term new project until you get really clear and in sync with your essential self and your new dreams. As your new dreams get clearer, allow your realities to line stuff up in magical ways that are aligned to your true essential YOU. Even if you are envisioning new directions, first let them “gel” or coalesce into a clear vision for you before launching yourself.
Please, don’t worry or be concerned right now. You are in the in-between once more, the chaos AFTER the change. You went through the chaos BEFORE the change, and I know you didn’t always like that. But the chaos AFTER the chaos is the more exciting one with the greatest possibilities and creative potentials for you.
Yes, I know it’s a lot of chaos, but chaos is necessary so that you can release the old and create the new. So you have to keep letting go of the pieces of your life that don’t work well for you and select/choose those that you wish to keep.
One of the most frustrating but important experiences of this integration period is to feel the unusual, odd, or simply weird experience of Dread. You can feel depression, anxiety, restlessness, confusion, sudden emotional shifts, and bliss alternating with despair. There may not seem to be any reason for these feelings, and sometimes you may not even be able to identify what the heck you are feeling.
Dread is an emotional-mental state that you connect to when you are flooded with intuitive knowing that everything is changing, everything! And that once changed, your life will be completely and forever different. The bigness of this event can be overwhelming and challenging, even if you are totally unaware of it in your regular everyday consciousness!
Resonance Shakedown and the “Test”
Because of this huge change, and the Dread going on, your psyche is probably giving you a Resonance Shakedown. Although you are in the New World now, you may not be aware of it. All the old stuff, the old limited Self-Image, the old aches and pains in your body, and even unpleasant “blasts from the past” are part of the limited and darker frequencies you are letting go.  Remember, lower frequencies cannot go with you into the New World. So you are bringing parts and pieces of your own Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine up to the surface awareness of your psyche to let them go. Forever! This is the Shakedown.
Remember, this is also the “test” where you get the opportunity to hold onto or return to those darker frequencies. Be aware that this process of the Resonance Shakedown and the “Test” are natural and normal. There’s no need to feel alarmed, even if your old limiting patterns are showing up again in the form of familiar and unpleasant challenges with your work, your family, or your health.
The message? Hold onto your higher vibrations so that you don’t believe the negative stuff that is leaving you now is real. That stuff no longer defines you or is in alignment with your New Self. It’s just no longer you. So let it go, and keep letting it go through the next couple of months. Don’t worry. You will not fall back into the dark spaces of your past if you just keep your focus now on what you wish to create in the future.
And if you do find yourself lapsing into childish, adolescent, or young adult fantasy places; if you are feeling old emotional fears and angers, then take action. As yourself, the Greater Self you are to your lesser past selves, go visit your child and console him/her. Love your inner child and make it safe and secure. Visit your inner adolescent and give it acceptance and whatever it needs to be happy.
And don’t forget to visit your young adult who thinks he or she knows it all but doesn’t know anything! Console it. In a meditation or visualization, give your young adult self its dream life with all the trappings – all the love, money, health, adventure – everything!
You see, when you were between the ages of 18 and 29, you imagined what would make you happy. You put together your program for happiness and fulfillment. And it got you moving forward in your life – going for degree programs, adventures, trials and discoveries, all aimed at fulfilling what was important to your life at that time. While you no longer need this program of achievement in your life, your young adult self thinks it’s going to make him or her happy. So once it’s given to your young adult, walk away free. This, I’ve found, is a great way to respond to the Resonance Shakedown.
Also, during the Resonance Shakedown, you may find your body having trouble digesting and eliminating, and exhibiting unusual symptoms you haven’t experienced much of before. Just know that your body too is going through its own Resonance Shakedown, and because it is physical, it goes more slowly and with more discomfort through this transition. Even when you are feeling fantastic emotionally and mentally, and are celebrating the Divine Light Being you are, your body still may be having symptoms of limitation or pain.
Again, don’t worry. This is your body going through its own test. Your body is your companion, your partner in this lifetime. And with all the changes of frequency you are going through, your intentions and reality programs are in flux and change. Your body responds to and follows your emotional and mental body directives. Right now, it is finding few or no clear directives, and so your body is confused.
Once you have more clarity about things, which is coming by the end of November and the beginning of Phase Three, your body also will have been able to make the leap too. You may then find yourself in even greater health than before – but only if you keep up your Resonance so you don’t fall for the “test” during your Resonance Shakedown of the old limiting stuff from your past!
Tune up Your Resonance
During this time, you can no longer indulge yourself in the limited imagination, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of that self you were only a year ago, or your vibratory resonance will drop. Then you will miss much of the advantage of this phenomenal event happening now.
The integration of Phase Two takes place in both your mind and heart. Make an effort to see and feel the signs that you are wiser, more empowered, more luminous, and feeling a bit better about yourself. Acknowledge who you are as a spiritual being and open to your personal mission-purpose. Move always towards a greater, higher resonance life, towards that Ideal Future that will lead you to the Dream Future you can manifest. With every choice you make, evaluate it to see if it is taking you in a higher direction or not. Stay aware.
Always remember. When you enter upon a new vibratory level, a new resonance level, and a new self-image level, your physical external world will still look like the old world you knew months ago. While the New World may not be visible in your everyday mundane life, it is vibrating in your heart and mind within. Since physical reality exist in time limitation, it takes time to translate the level of resonance you have just reached into its physical reflection.
So don’t be stressed if you think all the rest of us light workers have gone on without you! Entry into the New World is at first internal. You’ll observe it within you; your thoughts and feelings are more positive, your new levels of power give you renewed purpose and hope, and you’ll understand more of why things are as they are.
And it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway; don’t get discouraged and start to rationalize why you haven’t seen more love, money, and vibrant health into your life. It’s coming, IF (and that’s a very important, big IF), you can trust your Divine Plan, your Higher Self, Spiritual Team, and big friendly Reality to support you.
So, “cement” that higher vibration within you and know that the famous Law of Attraction is in effect; the more you resonate in light, the more beautiful your reality will become, first within you. This will, in your own best, unique time, appear in your external world, your physical universe as materializations. Stay aware of the gap between resonance/choice and the materialization and be cool!
That means that if you are suffering a seemingly unsolvable problem or intransigent and overwhelming issue right now and there doesn’t seem to be a pathway out, you absolutely MUST remind yourself to trust and expect that magic does occur, and that it will occur for YOU.
You MUST keep your resonance up. And the best way to do that is to love and value yourself.
Give the Negative Ego the Slip and Step into Your Valued Self
Most people identify with their Ego. To the answer, “who are you,” most people would share their ancestry, race, gender, age (maybe! ), and occupation as being the defining characteristics of their image in the world. Getting to know a person often involves sharing stories of their past.
But you are way more than that. When someone asks who you are (not that anyone will come up to you in the supermarket and pose this question to you), identify with your Greater Self first before you answer. Maybe you can compose a short phrase to say, like the famous marketing spiel known as the “elevator speech.” This pithy branding/mission statement tells your listener in only a few words what you are doing and why.
So “brand” yourself according to your Greater Self. Who is your Greater Self to the you that you are right now? Give yourself your own unique a.k.a., but just more with a spiritual orientation. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then take the little quiz on CerriesMooney.com to find your mission archetype. It’s not that accurate, I feel, but it gives you an idea on what you’re looking for.
To have a great view of yourself, a fabulous Self-Image, is perhaps the major key to manifesting a great life of magical synchronicities, with great people, and much fulfilling success. But this Self-Image can NOT be tainted with your Ego riddled self, with what I call the Negative Ego. You must claim your love and value.
In the future, the value you put on yourself and others will be according to how much love and joy you and they can express, not on how much money and domination of life is achieved.
So I am sharing with you the insights that go into detail how to build your Self-Image while at the same time, diminishing the power and influence of your Negative Ego. You see, if you love and value yourself, your Negative Ego has no place, no home base, from which to mess you up and create drama and suffering in your life.
Instead, with building your Self-Value, you’ll have a Positive Ego – the actual “default” ego you were given, one that will enable you to function well in the world and also bring you a magical life in the material plane. You won’t sabotage yourself again, feel paranoia over anything, and your choices will be much, much better. And best of all, the world will respond to you positively with fewer negative/limiting challenges and more love and acceptance of your uniqueness.
Here’s the link to my article “Your Valued Self.” Enjoy! https://www.GreaterSelfProcess.com/selfvalue.html
Step Out of Duality Thinking
When I shared the keywords of the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine last time (access them at https://greaterselfprocess.com/darktolight.html), I pointed out how people tend to get polarized between male and female, good and bad, light and dark, black and white, right and wrong, right wing and left wing, winner or loser, etc.
What this tends to do is create the image of “other.” If you’re white, you can’t truly understand blacks. If you’re male, you can’t be stumping for women’s issues without looking like a traitor to men or a wimp, and if you’re on either extreme of the political spectrum, you see the other side as corrupt, un-American, or even evil!
As you already have probably suspected, this polarization has gotten out of control. It is ruining the lives of millions of people, and “unbelonging” people from their community and nation. What is happening in the spiritual scheme of things, is that this extreme thinking is being made so obvious, that everyone has to respond or react to it. You have. I have. So what do you feel about it? Your reaction is a key to your choice of the Dream Future. What you want in your future is important, but also what you don’t want is important to know too.
Polarization is a zero sum game, where you’re either a friend or an enemy - “with me or against me.” If one person is a winner, for example, everyone who is not totally in alignment with that person is a loser. Of course, this makes people mad. Nobody wants to be insulted, “othered,” denigrated, diminished, or rejected.
The problem isn’t politics. It’s that politics has fallen into the Dark Masculine and Feminine energies. The patriarchal, male chauvinist outlook is “either – or.” It’s so embedded in our culture, that we can easily think it natural and normal. However, male chauvinism/patriarchal thinking and control is not natural, and it damages men as much as it does women.
So I am sharing my article on duality here. Even though you have to have some duality in a 3D reality, your Path Homeward goes beyond duality to the Oneness, the mergence with God, Goddess, All That Is. So it is useful for you on your Path to understand the nature of duality and how to live in the lightest, highest way in this dual world of illusion, and stay on track to your Divine Destination.
Here’s the link to “Duality and Illusion”  https://GreaterSelfProcess.com/duality.html
In addition to building your love and value, recognizing the Duality and working with it, firing your Negative Ego, and lifting your resonance with new dreams, identifications, and expansions, you can hold your high resonance and sustain it.
Here, you’ll center yourself, ground yourself into your new personal essence level, into this beautiful beingness. You can step into your Greater Self at will. Then you can receive more and more magical synchronicities that bring opportunities and connections to you, leading into a joyous momentum.
Remember one last thing about lifting your resonance. Don’t try to rah rah cheerlead yourself into higher vibrations, strive to achieve them, or force positive thought on yourself. This is doingness and will only tire you out. You need to cultivate beingness instead.
Get off the achievement-doing track for a few minutes every day to tap into your essence and remind yourself who you are. Your energy will keep itself up all by itself when you do it naturally through Self-Valuing and future dreaming.
Dreaming the Ideal Future; Moving Forward
The power and advantage of Phase Two is that you are more capable of imagining your Dream Future and stepping on the Life Track to that direction than ever before. So I suggest that, to make the best use of this Phase, you put your attention into dreaming up your Ideal Future, the life you would ideally live, in the world as you would wish it to be.
Your Ideal Future is even better than your Dream Future, as I’ve said before. When you imagine your Ideal Future, your guides will start to line up realities for you personally that will pull you into that direction. Along the way, you will experience better and better futures until you step into your personally optimal future, your Dream Future.
Since the Ideal Future includes a dream for the whole world, it is larger than your Dream Future, so your Dream Future is a subset, a part of the Ideal. While most manifestation techniques and systems have you dreaming/imagining about all the great stuff you’ll have, the soul mate relationship, the fun travelling with loved ones, and the lifestyle that you will enjoy personally, they often ignore your Greater Self’s dreams, which include your whole world.
This not to say that you must ignore your personal, material goals; you also need to include your New World into the formula. The personal direction you head into, with the help of your Spiritual Team, will be limited in scope to you if it’s just your smaller personal focus, and it won’t directly lead you towards your Dream Future.
Can’t you see how your Dream Future also must include the further expression of the social and political change you see happening now, yes? You will be further along in the healing of the Dark Masculine and Feminine, and see the progress in this in the world as well as in your personal life.
Where you would like the social, political, environmental direction to go must be included in the Ideal Future I have been urging you to dream!
With love and compassion, I urge you to dream not just for you but also for those you love, for this beautiful and loving Earth, and for all beings living here. The Ideal Future will help YOU be a remedy, a healing homeopathic for the world. You can thus fulfill your Destiny on earth while returning Home to God, Goddess, All That Is on your Spiritual Path.
Making Empowered Choices for Your Future
Some of you are now clear about who you are and what you are doing. This is fabulous and you’re on your way! But as I mentioned before, some of you are wondering what the hell I’m talking about! You don’t feel more luminous, and you’re wading through a murky cloud of chaos right now that doesn’t seem to be clearing or revealing anything firm to stand upon. You want something reliable or stable, but there’s no working perspective or orientation available that you can see. Your life is a mess of questions!
Well, don’t fret. It’s all good. You are evolving very rapidly right now, and you are approaching a huge decision point if you aren’t at it already. Can’t you feel that? You could be hoping that your answers will simply show up if you meditate or do more inner processing, or do “enough” inner work at this time.
But the answer is actually easier than reworking the past or delving into problem solving for your obstacles, that often takes you endlessly back into your past. Don’t look back there for explanations and answers. This lowers your confidence, not to mention your vibratory level. So here’s the answer you need to the questions you haven’t actually asked!
The past does not create the present, only the future can do that!
You may feel pressured to “settle” right now, make a decision, get some certainty, safety, or security. Maybe an opportunity has shown up that you aren’t all that thrilled about but feel it’s better than the chaos of not knowing what to do and what decisions to make. Stop! While you may yearn for stability and a nice linear plan or track to get onto, you could be risking your flow, the flow of creativity, magic, and manifestation that brings your best materializations.
You don’t want to get stuck, so I recommend that you learn to live with uncertainty right now. And allow yourself to wait until November if you can to make a big change or move. That’s because this integration phase will be wrapping up and you’ll be in greater focus and in touch with your inner truth. So you’ll be able to make better decisions then.
Your Divine Path Program
Know that as a Divine Light Being having a physical plane experience, you are being supported by your Divine Team as you walk your Spiritual Path. Here’s Galexis’ recommendation for you and all of us to remember right now. It’ll keep up your resonance more easily than struggling with your path. Mentally say this to yourself, feel it, and allow it to be real for you.
Trust that all is going according to plan.
Lean on your friendly Universe, let it support you with magic.
Remember that you will not be given a test greater than that which you can pass.
All will turn out fine. After all, you are heading Home to God, Goddess, All That Is, and that’s a pretty amazing destination! You are already on track to that!
You cannot control anything going on now, but you do have a lifeline. You see, your Self-Image is your thread that will lead you through the mysterious changes happening now into your New Life in your New World. In this in-between time, through the chaos, focus on your love and value. Keep yourself from falling into the throws of the Negative Ego that seeks to undermine your value and your power.
When you focus this way, all will be revealed to you at the most correct time for you. Your Soul and Higher Self are onto this! Your guides, your unseen friends on the other side, are working for you, rooting for you, and arranging realities for you. If you lack faith, get scared, and try to “settle” now in a smaller box, you will essential stop the flow. You’ll stop your movement forward. Your guides will stop too. It’s your choice.
Imagine, imagine, imagine!
So I suggest, whether or not you are aware of your new, higher vibratory level, seek to get more in tune with it. Look for it. Imagine it. Tap into it in your mind, even if you don’t feel it strongly right now. Make it up! You see, what you look for, you’ll find. If you look for your more luminous resonance, you’ll find it. It’s going on right now!
And then once you find it, you may wonder if you just made that higher state up or was it there all along? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you tune into this expansion through your imagination, which is 5th Dimension. When you use your imagination, you can claim this higher resonance as yours and begin the amazing magic of building your Dream Future from this new level.
Imagine Your Ideal Future
I spoke last time (Newsletter of Phase Seven overlapping Phase One) about really stretching your imagination out as far as you can to feel yourself in a perfect life and perfect world, your ideal. As I mentioned before, don’t go for financial survival first. That is the lowest rung, vibrationally speaking, of your needs. Even if you are challenged with tough money issues, don’t spend your time obsessing on it.
You see, your ideal future will contain financial security for you as well as all other needs fulfilled, the needs of belonging, creativity, passion, connection with the divine, communing with nature and loved ones, purpose, and whatever else. You want to allow your Reality to bring you what you need and also for you to receive what you truly NEED. Then, you can desire beyond that, so that what you want, prefer, and choose will naturally start showing up too as you walk your Life Track towards your Dream Future.
The Ideal Future should be one you want BEYOND your needs. It should also be beyond everyone else’s NEEDS – i.e. the needs of your family members, and of your social network. And most powerfully, your vision of the future is one beyond your WORLD’S NEEDS as well!
Stretch Beyond the Material Plane
Here’s an important reminder. Since most everyone getting into metaphysics and manifestation tends to think at first about getting and having material things (and that includes that soul mate relationship as well), they tend to think that all will be fine if they have stuff they want. But this is selfish thinking.
It can work to a certain extent, but most newbies into metaphysics soon find that they are not only NOT getting all those goodies, they are having relationship issues with partners, health issues, and more. When they are further along the path, they learn that they must bring others along with them or at least be loving and compassionate towards those who resist them and fail to understand and support them. This is growing up, spiritually speaking.
While you are not a newbie, you may subconsciously fall back into the beliefs and attitudes of a newbie at times when you are challenged. Learning to stretch your imagination to the intangible aspects of your future, beyond the material plane, can be difficult. You are not trained to do this.
However, the more stretching you do, the more loving you do, and the more choice you do, you will receive all the wisdom and the awareness you need to manifest your needs and move into your desires beyond.
So you must be clear of the distinction between need and desire. You NEED money and basic survival things of course, but what you REALLY want is not tangible. It’s the free will and choice as a free being to be and do what you wish as empowered and responsible adults. It’s love, intimacy and caring with family and special people. It’s freedom to be who you want to be and who you truly are, unburdened by heavy and painful emotions. It’s happiness, creativity, ecstasy, fun, empowerment, and adventure! And more!
So Dream It!
Here’s a suggestion for you for dreaming. Sit down and relax for a few moments, and let your imagination soar beyond all your physical needs, beyond all financial considerations, or lack of love, or body discomforts and problems. Go beyond all the problems of daily life. Don’t try to solve any of them.
Step into a world that is ideal. At first, this will seem like an impossible fantasy to have, that there is absolutely no idea what this ideal world could even be. Be like a child filled with imagination and dreams, even if that state seems very far away in your past. Recall that sense of the timeless and play in fantasy. There’s no need to be socially productive here or make your time count as efficiently and effectively as possible.
What will that world look like in the Ideal? Nature pristine and beautiful? Fresh air, pure and sparkling streams, the sounds of happy children at play? Who will you be? What does your body in that Ideal Future feel like? What is the world like? What is your community and network of people in your geographical area like? Forget online “communities” of interest. Dream that all the people you love are with you in person and go from there. Feel the amazing 8sense of freedom, love, safety, and acceptance, belonging.
Once you feel the feelings, then stretch to imagine what will you do during a typical happy day there? Create art? Act in a community play? Lead a community? Heal? Teach? Garden? Walk in the woods? Write a book? Travel?
Between this encouragement now and what I wrote last time, I hope you are already starting to imagine and dream. I’ll bring out more on this over the next months, because it’s so important. So stay tuned! The Dream Future Project is on its way.
May you enjoy a blessed fall filled with magic and miracles!