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The Sixth Phase of the Siriun Year
Building Momentum, Lifting your Bottom Line
By Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. a.k.a. The Mystic Professor
The Big Choice Year Continues!
I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people I know go through so many huge changes as they have this year (the Siriun year of course, since August 2017). They are moving to other states or out of the country, changing jobs, selling and buying homes/land, going back to school, returning home after a long time away, divorcing, getting married, having babies and enjoying new grandbabies, going through health crises, retiring, jumping into big projects of new scope, and more. You name it; big choices are being made now.
All of these experiences can register high on the stress scale, but one thing I’ve found; if you are doing it voluntarily through choice, and you know that you can trust your Divine Plan, you can allow magical synchronicities to happen for you. Then you are not nearly as stressed as if the big changes were part of your “Kick-Ass School of Growth!”
This Siriun Year is a bigger choice point for you as well as for humanity. You can expect greater impacts into the future resulting from your personal choices now. Where you are going from here is new, the New World. This year is the “Big Bang” of your New World!
This is the time that can determine how or if you will be able to get into a good flow and momentum with what you have learned since last August about yourself and what you want. I hope you won’t resist this opportunity to have greater ease in your life. You’ll know if you are resisting. You’ll be taking exams in one or both of these schools; the one I mentioned earlier, i.e. the Kick Ass School, or that other famous school, the School of Hard Knocks!
You have made major choices between August of last year and now. You have probably chosen well, even if you are currently doubting yourself. Think about it. You have chosen the orientation and overview of where you wish to go; your Dream, your New Life, your Future. And you’ve chosen what you wish to experience there in your emotions, mind-talk, and Greater Self.
You have also made significant decisions or you are in the process of making them. Decisions are about selecting the actualizing strategies and actions you want to utilize to get to those dreams, and achieve that future you want. In short, choices come from your Beingness and decisions come from your Doingness.
But you may be in the midst of making big choices and decisions right now as you read this. When you choose a new direction, path, relationship, or lifestyle addition, make sure that it is in alignment with who you are and with your Truth. That is, make your choices to support your most natural temperament and flow, i.e. your nature, your essential YOU. When you do, the Universe will rush in to support you and thus your path ahead can be smoother than ever before!
The Uncharted, Undreamt Future
When Galexis looks at peoples’ future tracks (or probable future paths), as I mentioned, they are no longer dynamic and clear into the extended future. Instead, they curl around, or show up in fits and starts, and generally end in a mist.
In the past, this “end” of the trail and the mist hanging there was not a good sign. Galexis saw it on people who were very ill or extremely challenged in life. Where the track ended was the where the decision to live or die would need to be made. Many clients asked about their dying parents, and Galexis was very accurate in telling them when the choice point would be. It was that end of the road at the mist! At the choice time, the parent would either rally or fade fast.
Galexis saw it as if the parent had gotten to the edge of life’s cliff – I call it a Drop Off Point - and if it seemed like the end was near, would panic (“Oh no, I’ll be extinguished! This is too scary! I can’t jump off into the unknown yet!”) and scurry back to life for a while. Or the person would realize that he or she wasn’t yet ready (“There’s something I need to resolve or finish first. I’ll go back and get that done, even though I’d like to go on.”) This second option usually was a healing or clearing of a close family relationship.
There were also those who were ready to go on, and after they came to their Drop Off Point, they would fade quickly and live only a week or two longer. Extreme or specific responses always happened at that cliff, the Drop Off Point. 
But this year, so many people in indecision have asked Galexis about their futures that Galexis no longer sees the Drop Off Point in the mist as scary, but simply suggesting that the clients have a lack of direction and clear pathway. Clients had to make huge decisions. The Unknown and Uncharted Future was there to be envisioned, chosen, created, crafted, and activated. There wasn’t some destiny sitting there waiting for the people to catch up and submit to it. There was no pressure to decide, either.
The Lesson From This
We all are experiencing this Drop-Off Point this Big Choice Year in one way or another. We can rejoice that we aren’t dying, but coming to the end of an old self we used to be. creating something new. It could be seen as the death of the old way of life, or the old life itself, and the initiation of a totally new life.
You don’t have to choose to live and survive. You are probably past all that root chakra stuff, but the life you have lived up to August 2017 and the life you are choosing to live from here on out will be radically different!
So if you are intending to move, initiate or end a relationship, change careers, or start a new life plan, you too are going to reach this choice point of your own if you haven’t already come to it. The opportunity to create your New Life is bringing you personally, individually, into the New World. Congratulations!
Share this exciting news with those you know who are suffering serious illnesses right now. Choice at this time is so powerful that even people who have a life threatening illness don’t need to be worried that they will die within a few months, struggling to survive. Instead, they should be excited that there is more power than ever on the planet and in their lives. They can make a greater decision for themselves to live a real, juicy, and full life than they ever have before.
Your Choice Reminders at the Drop Off Point
Choose in Alignment with You
Even those of you who have already entered the New World personally may find yourself at a drop-off point from time to time. With the acceleration and expansion of consciousness going on now, it can still be intense. Don’t be upset, scared, or freaked out! It’s just your newest Choice Point, and all the power is with YOU. It’s time for you to make your choices and decisions based on who you truly are, and not for money, approval, or survival (those child and adolescent needs).
All of you will be called to leave your past behind – not the love, but the distortions, the compromises, the small self you used to be. You must let go of attachments that no longer support your truth, even though that can feel devastating or painful. Who you were is over. With you becoming so huge and bright and powerful now, your choices are more significant.
You may even want to ask yourself the big questions, such as “Why am I here?” or “ Who am I really?” or “What am I living for?” And there are several smaller questions that shape the big ones. While I found that cancer patients benefitted by asking themselves these questions and more that I prepared for them, you can too. After all, you are becoming New in a New World.
Now here are some more reminders so that you can hold your High Resonance of your True Being this Big Choice Year, this Siriun year.
You’ll Get a Test
Even if you choose well, and move forward into grand new territory, you will still need to remember; you’ll get a “test.” Those old self-defeating patterns will have to go, so they’ll show up again and possibly more intensely than ever. Don’t buy into them as yours, or as normal life. Don’t let them slam you down. If you didn’t get to read my prior newsletters, or you have forgotten – there’s so much going on right now – then go to https://www.greaterselfprocess.com, click on Articles, and read “The Test.” It’ll prepare you for any setback that may show up.
The Resonance-Maintaining Two Keys!
There are two key things I need to remind you of right now that can help you big-time to get going into the Dream life and to stay there and that I’ve included information about in this newsletter. These two are so important, I’ve also written two articles detailing what you can do to have these two keys working for you! Read on!
Resonance-Maintaining Key #1; Power
Your Personal Power lies in your ability to act upon your choice. It lies within your higher will (truer to you), and your knowing of yourself. You hold your Personal Power within your chosen boundaries that you set, and the more you can do this consciously, the less you will be at sufferance of other peoples’ agendas.
The way to avoid a sh*tload of suffering is to keep your power! Or, if you’ve lost it, to regain and reclaim your power! Power is your ability to act upon your own choices, will, and truth. Note; it’s your ability to act, not the act itself. Power is a major component of your resonance. If you have little power, or capacity to act, or your surrounding people and circumstances create a feeling of powerless in you, your resonance falls into Victim Consciousness, and you don’t want that!
For example, if you are separating from a romantic or business partner, it is easy to feel powerless, when any actions you may take look futile. You can lose your power even if you are dominating, controlling, and winning the battle over the pets, finances, or whatever. Powerlessness usually comes with a strong fear-based reaction. There’s no power in fear or a panic mode. So don’t confuse domination and control with power. You’ll ultimately lose, i.e. you’ll win the battle but lose the war.
I personally have seen in the past how I easily gave my power over to doctors, allowing them to have authority over my body. I deferred to their ideas and thus I had several procedures done that have literally scarred me for decades. I have suffered through much unnecessary pain through the years.
I don’t recommend that anyone follow doctors and other authority figures blindly, especially sensitive females like me! Taking my power back from doctors and standard medical thinking has been tough for me, but it’s enabled me to heal better. Your medical practitioner is your co-worker, not your boss, your partner, and certainly not your authoritative parent figure.
Don’t let yourself fall into victim consciousness. You are NOT at the mercy of your reality, or any authority figures who claim otherwise. You ALWAYS have some power. You always have a choice possibility that is in alignment with your truth.
To learn how you can quickly retrieve your power, I’ve written up the perspective and an easy technique for you to use in an article entitled “Power Retrieval.” Please follow the instructions there and enjoy a big piece of your Greater Self! Here’s the link; https://greaterselfprocess.com/retrieval.html
Resonance-Maintaining Key #2; Choice
Maintain your resonance of personal power, freedom, love, and your unique Light. You can do this by choosing what you perceive and how you wish to respond to life in every moment. And you can tap into the additional potency and power of your Greater Self as well.
Again, power is not just the action you take, but the choices and decisions you have when you take it! Your choice is the foundation underlying the content (forms and manifestations) of your life. In every choice, there is a context, a perception and orientation made from your unique combination of feelings and thoughts, beliefs, self-image, and any automatic patterns established from the past that you have not released.
Make your choices when you are in your power and personal authority, seeing yourself as a divine Light Being, regardless of what is going on in external circumstances. And when you are making your choices and subsequent decisions, you want to stand in the resonance of your Greater Self, radiating your Light, even if it is for just for the choice/decision moment itself. Following a choice of power, and especially from the Greater Self, events and circumstances (the content) will shift into alignment with who you are. Your future will be more positive and luminous.
You can set beautiful futures in motion, but your future will not remain positive and luminous if you then abandon your power and your light altogether and return to being the Lesser Self you were before you stepped into your power. The more frequently you step into your power, the more easily you will be able to remain in it. And the more easily you will be able to sustain it and maintain it. Then that luminous future becomes probable, instead of only possible! You will have established a momentum of Light and Power enabling you to be the Divine Reality co-Creator you are.
Remember? This is the Law of Resonance, also known as the Law of Attraction. When you are under a lot of change stress, slipping and sliding through the chaos, or filled with dread over what may come, you’ll fail your “Test,” so always, remember to take your power back!
It doesn’t take much time or effort to do this. Acknowledge that you gave your power away to past people and circumstances, the present people and circumstances, and especially to the future that you may feel is not within your control.
The Control Reminder
I have to speak about Control, the strategy, since so many people confuse it with power. The Universe works with power, but not with control. That is human-made. So, please try to remember that nothing at all is within your control. Don’t even TRY to control, or you weaken yourself and move into Victim Consciousness!
Control is a game, a pretense of your ego. It’s a function of the old and limiting Male Chauvinistic/Man Code hierarchy that puts you out of touch with who you are. It overly focuses on forms and manifestations rather than inner truth and knowing, states of being, and spiritual connections. It is only about preserving the illusion of safety and security when reality seems too slippery to handle.
You know that you cannot control God. But let me remind you; God really doesn’t want to control you, despite all the Patriarchal pressures to obey God and thus avoid His punishment. The greater and most Divine God wants you to be the crown of your unique self as He/She/All created you.
So don’t see yourself as God’s servant; that’s a Piscean Age practice, and works only in certain contexts I can’t go into here. Instead, see this opportunity in the Aquarian Age to end your births and deaths to ascend beyond the physical plane’s limitations. So be Godlike. Don’t try to control the behaviors of other adults so that you can feel somehow powerful and in charge when you are really insecure.
You are a co-creator with God and all life, and anything that looks like you are out of control simply means that you have entered an open space of possibility available to you. This is a sign that you have arrived at a point of choice. You can decide what level of resonance you will act out of, and what decisions/strategies you will take to express the radiant Light Being you are in your life’s circumstances.
When you can acknowledge and accept that you are out of Control, you can allow the Divine in. You can accept the invitation of God/Goddess’ open arms inviting you to step into your Greater Self and play. Together, you can create something totally new out of the Unknown, out of all the possibilities!
A Divine Tip (another reminder about Control)
So when you get the urge to control someone, stop. Ask yourself why you want that person to act in a certain way. What is it you want? Now don’t look at the forms and manifestations. You don’t really want money or obedience, for example. Look at the functions and contexts. What does money or obedience represent? Love? Security and safety? Happiness? Stability? Whatever it is, ask the Divine to give it to you, not that person. You will be much happier and joyous in your life if you follow this simple reminder!
Always, always, always, YOU have the power, not your reality, no matter how dire it may look. Acknowledge that you have the authority in your life. You know yourself better than any outer authority, leader, partner, and you are not obligated to follow their lead. You always have been powerful. You have always had power, and you always will.
For information on how it Power fits into the whole picture, see my article on the Greaterselfprocess.com site called “The Divine Matrix of the Greater Self.” Here’s the link; https://greaterselfprocess.com/divinematrix.html
The Cycles of Emergence
The Spirals of Becoming
For those of you who are moving through your changes and into the New World, and are starting to get into your new flow, now is the time you can tune into and amplify your Spiral of Becoming. A spiral is a vortex in 2-D. In 3-D and up, it’s a vortex.  While most people view time as a linear line, drawn from the past through the present to the future, this perspective is limited to 2D thinking.  It fails to hold the richness and depth we as whole people need, or to address the realities we live in in 3D.
The ancient peoples saw time as a curved line that was part of a spiral, and integrated the spiral dynamic into their rituals. The high-resonance “Power Centers” on the planet host vortexes, and these places can be portals of time/space, i.e. 4th Dimensional gateways to the 5th Dimension beyond time limits, where reality is only limited by one’s imagination.
Life can be viewed as a flow of energy through various cycles. We all know of cycles in the physical plane - the Sun every day, the Moon from New to Full and back again, and their dance together through the seasons. The ancients knew that cycles bring certain processes or energies to the surface, and celebrated these cycles at special points during the year in rituals of community.
The Siriun Year I have discovered through Galexis, offers a year cycle of personal growth and becoming as a process, with steps and stages. It also offers the opportunity to connect with greater community. I’m not necessarily talking about your local city, work or play community, but with your Greater Spiritual Family. They are supporting you in your journey. You are their representative in this Great Shift of Consciousness going on. And most of your Spiritual Family or Soul Group are beyond 3D, in 5D, in the stars. You came from your Spiritual Family. You came from the Stars.
When you connect with them through your intuition, or through a deliberate connection ritual, you can tap into that support. You can step beyond the collective box of limitations into a fullness of personal greatness. You are emerging; you are coming into your Destiny Path. You are stepping into your greater Mission.
Attunement to Sirius
Galexis and I gave the “Birth a New Life for You and Your World” seminar back in August of 2017 to help you reconnect to your Spiritual Family. They live on the two planets travelling around the Star Sirius. Some of them subsequently migrated to other star systems, such as the Pleiades and Orion. But Sirius is the Home Base.
In the seminar, Galexis and I shared the themes and the process of the Siriun year, plus Galexis gave an attunement to the Star Sirius, installing its energy (and thus the connection to your spiritual roots and your family) into every attendees’ chakras. At that time, Galexis emphasized the power and potency of this attunement and suggested that one should not do the attunement more than three times, as that would dilute the effect.
However, Galexis says that the attunement has integrated into those of you who experienced it, and now you can do it again. At this point, you are growing so fast, that you can listen to the attunement as frequently as once a month starting now in the 6th phase. So those of you who purchased the sound file of this event may want to start attuning! It does ramp up your energy and it is so very sweet and loving. A deep and precious sense of belonging came to me when I experienced it.
If you have not purchased that event and would like to now, please go to
the link:  https://www.galexisspirit.com/pd/226
The Dance of Momentum
You can create a positive Flow, and from that, you can generate, build, and sustain a momentum that lifts you to that level of success and happiness you desire.
You don’t want to spend your life starting and stopping, moving forward and then falling back, the old two steps forward, one step back pattern. You want to be in The Flow.  When you are in the Flow, everything is moving forward. It feels great. Momentum is even better, because that wonderful, easy Flow becomes natural, automatic, and supportive of your life. Athletes call it the “Zone.” Everyone wants to be in the Zone!
I’ve spend decades studying the nature of momentum, as it’s just about the most fun place to be. Manifestations are magical and wonderful. So I want to share all the juicy details about momentum with you.
The Bottom Line
Only when you get into the Flow, can you allow yourself to receive more abundance and good things easily. That’s because you have a program in your subconscious mind that says you can only receive so much. And that so much may not be much at all! What you are allowed to receive is your Bottom Line. Some people receive $3000 a month. Others receive $20,000. Some people charge clients $100 an hour, others charge $2000. The discrepancy is partly because the high receiver has found a financial channel that he or she has activated in the Flow Zone.
You notice that I said “receiver” rather than “earner?” That’s because the Universe’s wealth and abundance can never be truthfully earned. It’s all receiving. You “do the dance” (all the prep, choosing, asking, desiring, expecting, etc.) and then the Universe gives to you. Your life is a gift, and all that comes to you is a gift, whether you see it as good or bad.
Do you know anyone who has a hard time with receiving? Do you? This seems to be everyone’s sticky wicket.  (say receiver instead of earner because the Universe doesn’t really let you earn anything – it’s all a gift! Don’t you want to receive more good stuff?
To do this, you have to raise your Bottom Line and get into the Flow, into a momentum that naturally gives you what you want. This generates a continuous high resonance that brings you all good things. So I decided to write you about momentum, getting into the Flow, getting it going, and then lifting your bottom line so that your success becomes natural and normal for you!
However, if I put all the details on how to build your momentum and raise your Bottom Line, it’d go on to forever. So I put my deep research results on momentum into an article attached to this newsletter. It’s called “Building Momentum; Lifting the Bottom Line.”
You see, besides getting a nice momentum in your life, you want all that scarcity to say bye-bye. This article details out how you let go of scarcity, embrace abundance, and have the Universe supporting you beautifully!
Here’s the link; https://greaterselfprocess.com/momentum.html
Going Deeper with Personal Work
Again, with my last update, I have had people wanting coaching sessions with me. Those of you who have asked, thank you. While I do not want to do coaching sessions at this time, I have other options for you.
Option One; A Private Session with Galexis
One, you can book a session with Galexis, the group I channel. They will be able to read you on all levels and help you in profound ways. They can help you connect with your Personal and Global Missions, choosing or creating the opportunities that are in alignment with your Truth, Beauty, Light, and Power.
The first session with Galexis is an hour, for $200. They will scan you and share with you messages from your Higher Self and guides. You can ask them any kind of question, from the grandest esoterica to the most practical day to day experience.
If you feel called to experience Galexis, give my husband Daniel a call at 818-855-1377, or write him at daniel@giniel.com to get onto the schedule list. It may take up to a month or so to have a reading. When room opens up for you in the schedule, Daniel will send you the available times in your inbox. Then you can sign up for the convenient time(s) you want.
Option Two; Online answers
I am planning on writing more process work, more in-depth material (my style, as you have noticed! ), with specific techniques that can heal all sorts of detailed and intricate issues. So I am willing at this time to answer your questions via email (no texting) back and forth. I’m not willing to talk on the phone. However, in emails, I can recommend books, sound-files, and whatever I think would be helpful for you in your self-work on your specific themes and manifestations. I may use the answers in future blogs or articles (keeping your identity private of course!)
Special Suggestions
One; I especially encourage you to get engaged with the Greater Self Process I shared back in August 2017. That’s the foundation of my work, and also Galexis’ work. If you haven’t yet listened to it, you can do that now for free, at https://www.GreaterSelfProcess.com.
Two; in our spiritual development, we often leap ahead mentally, choosing new beliefs and attitudes. We can also move forward by taking action towards our dreams. What tends to hold us all back however, is our emotional self. This is the deep water within us, with our soul experience, that must let go of the past and step into a life of freedom and joy.
Since we are letting go of the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine both personally and collectively, emotional traumas, guilt, shame, low self-value, negative ego patterns, and judgments need to be healed.
A few years ago, Galexis spoke numerous seminars that were recorded and are available on https://www.GalexisSpirit.com. All of them give you an overview on the topic and a meditation with technique for you to gain release or freedom in that area. The meditation includes the manifestation vortex where you can put in your choices for the future as well. All of them are inexpensive and each one can make a big difference in your life.
Now you may be doing just fine and even coaching others to help them with their emotional healing. However, if you feel you could use more deep healing on emotional issues, then I suggest you go to the website. There, you can find the following titles that are focused on personal emotional healing and inner freedom. I list them here in no particular order. I suggest you use your pendulum or friendly muscle tester person to determine if any are for you, and if so, which ones. There are many, many more titles on relationship, money generation and manifestation, and esoterica, but I feel these are the most basic foci.
  • Healing Your Emotional Body
  • Inner Voices, Deep Soul and Body Healing
  • Healing the Great Wound of Soul
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing Loneliness
  • Emotional Management
  • Releasing Fear
  • Releasing Anger
  • Releasing Guilt
  • Shame and Judgment
  • Healing Hurt/Trauma/Shock and Pain
  • Healing Competition - Releasing Jealousy
  • Martyrhood
  • Making Peace with Endings and Loss
  • Releasing Rage
  • Busting the Good Girl Syndrome
  • Busting the Macho Boy-Man Complex
  • Establishing a Foundation of Safety
  • Busting Old Patterns
  • Breaking Negative Psychic Contracts
  • Stress
  • Working With Your Reality as a Friend
Note; Just a tip. If you are far along in your emotional healing, you can use these titles listed here as a checklist of feedback for you. Ask yourself how you are doing in the areas mentioned in the titles. Sense if you want to do more work there.
What’s in the Future?
We all have a great curiosity about our futures. It’s the most often asked question in Galexis’ session. I’ve been working on having more access to the future, despite the mist! And what I’ve found, that I want you to know, is that you can imagine, dream up, create, and manifest an awesome future, by doing Resonance Magic.
In Resonance Magic, you go to the future you want and imbibe the energies of yourself in that time and place. These energies are the imprints or matrix of vibrational energy – a complex combination of levels and dimensions of vibration that merge into a Matrix of Grand Resonance! If you tap into this grand Resonance, you will create a future track for you that is majestic, beautiful, loving, free, harmonious, fun, and safe!
I have been travelling to the Future in meditation (it’s like Remote Viewing) and discovering the New World made manifest. I spoke about it back in August 2017 and how you can work with your Future Self to pull you towards that greater Resonance you wish to have 24/7.
This Future Dreaming is so important at this time on the planet, and due to the enhanced effect of our choices, I have decided to start The Dream Future Project.
I will be sending you an email (via Daniel’s email again) describing how I see us all working together to create in community the Future we wish to have personally, for our loved ones, and for our world. I will be inviting you to join me and suggest what you think could activate the creation Resonance of this New World better than I or you could alone.