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Siriun Year Newsletter
2019 Phase Four
By Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. a.k.a. The Mystic Professor
Welcome to the final Siriun Year Newsletter!

Hi, I’m Ginger Metraux, Ph.D., your Mystic Professor.
This pivotally historical time window is closing soon. The Great Shift, aka the Landing of the New World, Initiation of Ascension, or the Siriun Portal to the Future began July 23, 2017 and concludes March 20, 2019. Right now, we have only a brief amount of time remaining to make the most of this awesome and potentially transcendent time! And it’s especially cool, because 2019 is a big Manifestation Year!
So that’s why I emphasize for you to act quickly, because a powerful window of opportunity to manifest your grandest year ever is happening February 2nd. No, it’s not Groundhog Day! It’s Imbolc, and this pagan high resonance timing can add punch and pizazz to your manifestations if you start on this day by incubating them in the collective.
So if you want to take advantage of this special opportunity, please read this newsletter below about the Incubation Ritual. Or, you can also go straight to the article attached, “Magical Incubation and Resonance Creation.” Do it now, before February 2nd! You’ll be glad you did!
I want you to be able to leverage the transcendent energies still available, and learn how to plant your seeds of the future so they can germinate potently. Then they can come into fruition filled with light and Divine flow as of this Spring Equinox. I’d love to see you blast out of the gate this with great Light, Majesty, and Divine Manifestation Flow on your Destiny Track, on your Success Track!
For those of you who wish to listen, here is link to the sound file of this newsletter! https://greaterselfprocess.com/jan2019news.mp3

The Last Newsletter
Yes, this is the last Siriun Year newsletter, since this is the ending of the Magical New World window. I will be detailing the energies of this time as well as sharing with you ways to set your Visions and Dreams into successful motion in 2019 and beyond.
I have been working with the New World energies, powers, and breakthroughs since 2017 and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing all of the information that has come through with you. During this time, my own spiritual gifts have awakened and grown exponentially. I hope that your intuition, your joy, and your passion have been sparked too.
I’ve written you many details about how to utilize the intense energies of this Great Shift Period over the past year and a quarter. I didn’t want you to get stuck in the Dark Masculine or Dark Feminine traps that abounded in all the political chaos going on. I also intended to help you in any way I could to make the biggest leap possible into the magical path or track of your unique Dream Future.
I’ve also shared many times about how to pass any “Test” that showed up, so you can avoid falling back into your lesser Self, or worse, slipping onto the Mediocre or Nightmare Future Tracks. I hope that you have found my information useful, and that it has helped you own more of who you truly are. If so, you can now move through any potential obstacles and hidden resistances to your Dream Future in ways that are elegant and flowing.
I have given you several ways to expand and lift your frequency into your Greater Self, as well as sustain this higher level of resonance more often than not. I hope that what I’ve shared has helped you get clearer on what you want so you can make better and more empowered choices. And most of all, allow your manifestations to flourish.
Even if what I wrote has helped you just a tiny bit, or maybe inspired you in some way, I am very happy. Sharing this time with you has been rewarding for me, a free gift from my heart to you, the beautiful Light Beings who are bringing in the New Future to the World.
I am grateful to your feedback and enthusiasm, as well as your concerns. Together, you and I, we are all embarking upon our Global Missions (Life Purpose Work) that will unfold into the next years.
I am also grateful to the steady-as-a-rock support given me by my wonderful husband, Daniel the Healer, who has managed all the newsletter mailings and helped to energize me when I was hit with some health issues here and there. 
If you’ve never experienced his brilliant work, I recommend that you contact him directly and have one of his reasonably priced but humdinger healing sessions. If you have internet video communication capacity, he can work with you regardless of where you are on the planet, as he does his healing work by gazing.
Check out his website; https://DanielTheHealer.com/ or write him at daniel@danielthehealer.com or call him at 818-855-1377.
And if you wish to contact me for any reason, feel free to do so at ginger@giniel.com. Ask me your burning questions. I’ll answer. (After all, I will maintain my reputation as the Mystic Professor!) I am planning on getting into other projects that I may or may not share, but if I do, I hope you’ll enjoy hearing from me again.
You know I’m always on the lookout for more manifestation information for Light Workers who are focused on healing the Dark Feminine and Dark Masculine, and/or on how to create and manifest an awesome future for oneself and the World. That’s because I am focusing on creating my Dream Future, and as I learn how to do this, I will love to share with you my Dream Future Project. A hint of it is at the end of this newsletter.
If you have resources or products you would like to share with the world on how to create a beautiful Dream Future, please write me on that. I will be happy to share them with my list via the DreamFutureProject.com website I’m building. Let’s get your and my message out there, shall we? Perhaps we can be affiliates if you have some great Future-Dreaming products!
And finally, please give me feedback on how these magical techniques and strategies have worked for you – or not! I do want to make them more publically available to the world as well as all the information I’ve shared with you. More great stuff is happening world-wide. Perhaps we can share that with each other in the phenomenal years to come.
So that you can have access to all the resources from July 2017 through now, Daniel has posted every newsletter and article on the https://greaterselfprocess.com/ site. Visit there if you should ever wish for some inspiration in your manifestation processes!
I send to you my best and fondest wishes and blessings for a glorious Dream Future – for that awesome New Life in your New World!
Love and light,

In this Issue:

         Living free beyond the Consensus Reality
         The Key to Everything, Really!
         Free to Be, and Receive
         The “Test” and Resonance Shakedown
         Release the Old and Incubate the New (Ritual for Imbolc)
         The Fourth Phase, Astrological Timing, your Manifestation Year!
         Making it Real with Resonance
         Resonance Manifestation
         Dreaming Ahead, Far Far Ahead to the Dream and Ideal Future

Your New Relationship with Your World

This Phase every year (latter January to latter March) is one in which you are feeling the impact of your dreams and visions, of your more expanded self (since last August) in your world. You are more aware of your relationship to your mainstream reality, consensus reality, or collective consciousness, whatever you wish to call it. And you need to stay aware of how you have slipped beyond the consensus so that it is no longer your master.
Thus, if you are disturbed by events going on in the world, this would be the ideal time to do meditations around them. We suggest that you are in a uniquely powerful position in the year to make a difference in your world, as long as you recognize that you are no longer a victim of the world in any way. You are a powerful reality creator, and from your Greater Self perspective, your meditations can work beautifully for the world and also give you a spiritual boost as well.
For example, there’s plenty of pain in the world. In meditation, you can pull off the pain from those who are suffering and give it to the Divine for healing. You know plenty of beings who are suffering; animals, neighbors, loved ones, people who are discriminated against and suppressed, those who are being attacked, children in another country (or your own), or even trees (one of my favorite ones).
Besides refusing to be a victim while staying in creator consciousness, don’t fall for the seemingly empathic or compassionate act of identifying with the victims. You see, In this lifetime earlier, or in other lifetimes, you have had the experience of being a victim, and also a perpetrator. But you cannot feel guilt over past misdeeds and identification, nor can you identify with the powerlessness and downtrodden. You need to step out of the victim-perpetrator loop entirely!
As your Light Being Divine Self, send your love and compassion to the dark world situation. That way you can experience empathy, understanding, and compassion for the perpetrators as well as the victims. Step back, be a loving bystander, or be like a Good Samaritan or caring family member. This is regardless of whether the victims (and perpetrators) are actually members of your family or of the greater human family. And if you can intervene safely without dominating, fighting, and controlling, does so.
You must uphold your new resonance and be the powerful Reality Creator as consistently as you can. When you look at your life from the place of a child, you’ll feel overwhelmed. If you look at it from the place of an adolescent, you’ll try to pretend all is okay and shove the pain and fear out of sight.
If you look at life from a young adult 20-something perspective (where most people get stuck), you’ll feel obligated to do something and could pressure yourself to be someone you’re not in order to help, take charge, or rationalize everything logically and thus fall into thinking and procrastinating.
But life is way more successful and fun if you remember to simply get yourself into your Greater Self’s perspective and point of view. Then take one thing at a time so you don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. If things are happening way too fast, practice relaxation breath and do one of the manifestation processes I’ve included during this Siriun awakening Great Shift period.
When you focus into the here and now and become present, everything becomes manageable. I wrote about installing the Divine Matrix of the Greater Self last year during this phase, so you can go to https://greaterselfprocess.com/divinematrix.html/ to get more detail on this.

The Key

I’ve boiled the essence of all this Greater Self work down to one main key. If you can remember this, you can stay on track no matter what’s happening!
Look at everything, whether personal or global, through the eyes of the wise one within you, the spiritual teacher/mentor, the powerful reality creator and divine co-creator. These identities reflect who you truly are.
Do your best to imagine yourself to this new place as often as you can. Since imagination is a higher dimension, it is more real than the physical plane. So be that more real being now who can think, dream, and play in the dimension of imagination. Now is your time. The New World has landed, and you are its emissary. Bring the New World into your own personal life and then share it with the world.
If you need to, read the above paragraphs again and again, to remind you to go to a higher vibratory level.
Have empathy and compassion for others. After all, you have had pain in your life too. Physical pain is one kind. Emotional pain is another. And then there’s Spiritual Pain, the pain of separation from the Divine, the illusion that happened when you chose to come into bodily form and forget who you were so that you could learn to create from scratch here on Earth.
Wherever your compassion shows up, wherever your heart pulls you, go there. Pull off the pain, the shock and trauma, and the bitter resignations of the world and give it to the Divine to heal. Then send hope, love, imagination, spirit helpers, and whatever you feel that place or situation in the world needs.
In just a few moments a day of doing this, you can feel a greater sense of yourself, of peace, and of love. You will also receive a healing yourself. But you don’t do this to receive a healing. You do this healing work to love more and be more. This raises your resonance and thus naturally grants greater magic of synchronicities and happiness to you.
Be the Free Being
You see, the one who has compassion for others who are suffering or for the pain, stress, and fears in the world is you the Greater Self. You can now connect with your world as a person who is no longer at the mercy of it. You are a free being of Light, no longer a slave to your cultural training, to the consensus reality, the Mainstream Consciousness which is quite limited.
This is the time to give yourself permission to be free of all the pressure to conform that the consensus gives you. Do not resist or rebel, like a child or adolescent. You are an adult now, creating your own reality with more consciousness and awareness, and thus capable of great power and magic.
This is your time to claim and own your freedom of being. Be true to you. Stop hiding. Allow the Collective/Consensus Mainstream to start supporting YOU. Allow your guides to protect you. Allow yourself to be totally comfortable with who you are spiritually, with your physical body no matter what shape it’s in, and with your friends or lack thereof.
Be at peace about where you live, how much money and opportunity you think you have, your family identity and culture, and whatever else that in your past limited and defined you. That doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t change those circumstances when you prefer something else. It just means that you stay free regardless of what stresses go on in your outer reality or what influences come your way from the world. Do not let yourself get imprisoned by them and be unhappy. This shrinks you back into victim consciousness!
Honor who you really are, not your negative ego with its pretense, defense, and offence. If you still cannot allow yourself to feel ENOUGH, good enough, smart enough, powerful enough, strong enough, etc. then you may need to work a bit more on getting out of an old limited and insecure self into a grander Free Being.
Last year, I wrote the article Expanding into Freedom from Your Limiting Box about getting into Freedom. Here’s the article with all the details; https://greaterselfprocess.com/expanding.html
If you haven’t worked with this material, or you feel very “un-free” right now, I suggest you read this article and take a Leap into your Free Being Self. It feels grand! And also, it will help you get through this Phase elegantly and the rest of your year can be sublime and luminous!
Sometimes you need some extra support, inner awareness, and a pep talk. If I need strength to handle the intensity, craziness, and stress of the collective, I can call in the Archangels as the personified Elements of Nature (fire, earth, air, and water). Then I can connect with each of them in turn, chakra by chakra from the root up to the crown. Light bands between my chakras and theirs can fill me up with power juice and light majesty. If you’ve ever worked with the Archangels (Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel) as the elemental forces of nature and are familiar with them, this can bring you a great sense of support and light power.
If you know how to do a Native American Medicine Wheel, then you can go there into the center and call upon the spirits, human formed ones, animals, and also elementals. Feel the energies and powers as part of your family, one with all beings. Feel the expansiveness of this. Imbibe this global, ecological, synergistic energy with its power. Receive.
Working with the Collective as Allies
Years ago, Galexis gave a seminar “Money Magic,” which was life changing for many people. Galexis discussed working WITH the collective in co-creating, instead of trying to please the collective in order to make money from it. If you still give your power away to the collective so that it will tell you that you are valuable and worthy, you are not co-creating with it.
In Galexis’ last meditation of the seminar, you send heart light and love out into the world, like breathing out. You allow the world to be touched by you and receive your love. Then as naturally as breathing back in, the world will send the love back to you. Galexis also included the positive ego in this meditation, as the keeper of the boundary between self and other, and the one who translates the love energy of the world into the very forms and physical manifestations you desire. This is the work of the positive ego, which many people have no clue on how to harness. (That’s another whole seminar!)
If you want to experience a deep change in your relationship to money and the collective/consensus, you may want to purchase the weekend’s sound files at https://danielthehealer.com/Galexis/product/money-magic/ Whether you want to manifest money, love, opportunity for community, or personal healing, this seminar and final meditation can help you receive from the consensus reality.

Your Test and Your Resonance Shakedown

So much that was engendered, created, and dreamt in late 2017 and through 2018 will begin to emerge this year of 2019. This Siriun Year 2019 Phase Four is an exceptionally powerful time for action, action that builds up to the manifestation coming in April and beyond. Every year, you have this empowerment and opportunity, but this year perhaps holds the greatest and most intense potential ever!
Over the past month of January 2019, you have been launched into a new energy, a new time of greater potential and possibility. I hope you have been dreaming of the future, especially since that last phase back in late November. You are taking into account the self that you became back in August-September and seeing your life from that elevated perspective of your Greater Self.
This is what will drive your year, and this is who will reap the manifestation of the New Life in a New World. I cannot overemphasize this. Your Self Image level determines the quality level of your reality. If you fall back into a lesser you at this time, you will be at the mercy of the “Test,” as I’ve shared several times before. Keep reminding yourself of how to respond to your life by reading and re-reading the Key I gave earlier in this newsletter.
When your energy field enlarges with your self-image and capacity of vision, old stuff – old limiting patterns and pressures from people to be the person you used to be – will surface. This triggers a challenge (the “Test.”) Do you keep the old stuff and identify with the person you used to be? Or will you see that you no longer need these old energies, patterns, and vulnerabilities, and thus release them? Which will it be?
But this “Test” may be different. Since you have gone through the New World Window and have made such a significant shift in your Self-Image and Destiny alignment, you may not just be getting a challenge to go with old patterns or not. You may find yourself in a big crisis, very unexpectedly!
A crisis is bigger than a challenge. A crisis is a serious illness, a huge devastating financial loss, a family member or friend’s tragedy, a violent attack, separation of partners, your job loss, and other high octave, important or primary stuff in your life. It will come out of left field, and you may be totally unprepared for it. Hopefully, you are able to keep emotionally current with your life and capable of processing whatever comes up emotionally, mentally, psychically, and energetically.
You see, you have arrived at a whole new level or frequency of consciousness. The “Test” occurs when you shift to a new level and the challenge comes from your Subconscious Mind, the mind that likes consistency and certainty.
But when you shift to a new dimensionality, when you expand so far, you’re hip to the “Test” and won’t fall for it. However, at your new frequency, a LOT of old stuff buried down deep in your Unconscious Mind needs to be released, dumped. It doesn’t fit with your new frequency and cannot co-exist with it. If you have stepped beyond victim consciousness, you cannot continue to keep Self-Image parts of you that identify as a victim. This can be old stuff and as I said, it’s buried deeply in your past.
But it doesn’t belong in your present and especially it doesn’t belong in your future. In a way, this old stuff has to be shaken out of you. Your reality has to be disturbed enough so that you can let all the old stuff go. Let go of your old Self-Image, the history and imprints of your Negative Ego, and the contaminated choices you made in the past for the sake of simple survival and security and not for what you truly wanted.
You want this stuff to leave. Of course, you don’t want the crisis, but sometimes the crisis is the only way for you to get real about the old buried stuff and stop burying it. It is imperative that you bring it up to the surface and get rid of it through Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness, as well as coming up to date emotionally (i.e. releasing fears, rages, angers, and healing hurts). This experience and process is your Resonance Shakedown!
Even if you succumb to the “Test,” this doesn’t mean that you have failed. It doesn’t mean that your old Story of you, your old identity, is correct after all. So you don’t have to go through processing and suffering all over again for the same-old patterns. Don’t judge yourself in the least! This is not the time to self-flagellate or doubt yourself. Get out of your old self and into your Greater Self asap!
Find the Gem and the Message
Even if you succumb to the Crisis of your Resonance Shakedown, you can gather yourself together and step into your Greater Self asap as well and begin to turn it around and recover your true Self. It may be harder to do but if you are having a Resonance Shakedown, you are also powerful enough to stand in your Light and Truth! Always, look for the gem that is always hidden within the “Test” and the Message hidden within the Resonance Shakedown that allows you to Understand More, Love More, Be More.
Perhaps that gem is learning who you can trust and who you can’t and how to tell between the two. Maybe it’s how to love and value yourself through a painful loss or illness. Maybe it’s how to stay in an expanded space of trust in your Universe and the support of your guides when your financial life looks bleak and like a dead end.
And maybe it’s simply to be able to identify the “opportunity” to fall back into your lesser self and choose instead to maintain your Greater Self Image, resonance of light, and true will/intention. Maybe it’s to know deeply within you that that magic is coming to you to lift you up because the Universe has your back.
If you can glean wisdom from the Test and a Resonance Shakedown, then you can step more easily into your Greater Self, because your awareness creates a bit of distance between you and the victim you once were. This distinction gives you all the power, because from a detached, higher perspective, you can release all those limitations easily with a choice. Your old lesser identity can release out of you and you’ll have a successful Resonance Shakedown, i.e. you’ll move elegantly forward into your New Life in your New World.
To emphasize, whatever you glean from your challenges, remember to stay in your greater resonance of Self-Love and Value, and expect that you will receive the magic. Intend and get to your gut level knowing (Soul speaking through you) that you will be all right! Connect with your Soul, your intuition, your inner sense of you. The truth can be felt. Accept it!
You can do this, no matter what level of personal development you are on. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, student or teacher, this is the key to you living your greater life of happiness and fulfillment. Read my article on the Test with more details about managing your “Test” if you’ve forgotten. https://greaterselfprocess.com/test.html
Let Old Limitations Go
I know it can be challenging to stay in your new, Greater Self space. It always is when you grow to the new level and encounter your own personal version of the “Test.” The old stuff just needs to be cleared, not owned and processed yet again. Let it come to the surface to be identified and release it. It no longer belongs in your life.
To help you do just that, I am providing a process or a ritual that you can use for a successful Resonance Shakedown. I call it “Release the Past and Incubate the Future.” This is a ritual or process that is especially designed to be done during the 4th Phase before the Spring Equinox on March 20th.
Perhaps the most powerful time to initiate this incubation is on the pagan holiday known as Imbolc. This year, Imbolc occurs on February 2nd, Groundhog day in the US. It’s funny to me that Groundhog Day is so similar to a pagan ritual – observing a wild animal, and getting a divination or prediction from it. That it happens on a pagan ritual day is simply uncanny!
But Groundhog Day, while it’s occurring at the same time as Imbolc, has nothing to do with Imbolc. Imbolc literally means “in the belly,” i.e. it’s a gestation time. The developing reality is still in the dark womb of creation, not yet ready to enter the light of day. Sheep in Ireland begin to give milk in anticipation of the newborns, and so Imbolc harbingers a year’s manifestation in which new life and realities will appear.
For all of us, Imbolc is the planting of the seeds of our future, what we are dreaming and envisioning for 2019, come late March. This is the time of insight and vision of the future, preparations for action, and exploring creativity not materialized but percolating within. It’s also a time for building your magical capacities of intuition, conceiving and perceiving and making your desired future more real (more on realness later).
Your clearing of the old stuff and your incubation of the new for the new year can be done anytime 1 – 2 months before the equinox. But it’s possibly most potent to do it at the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, when the new reality is not yet revealed, but drawing upon the power of both magical markers of the year, as midpoints can do. So you can get the best of both primary events.
Both the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox mark pivotal energies of the year and both lead towards greater light. Therefore, I sense that this clearing and incubation ritual can be done prior to the Winter Solstice too, on the pagan holiday midpoint between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice. This is Samhain, which we usually call Halloween.
Many pagans and witches consider Samhain their New Year’s celebration with a release of old negativity and the subsequent arrival of the light bearers of positivity, a death and rebirth transformation. Samhain involves journeying into the Underworld, connecting with the departed – i.e. the ancestors and ancient ones, moving into the depths of self to heal, remembering the love, giving thanks to the Universe and Spirit Helpers. So I would think it ideal for an Incubation!
But for now, as I am sending you this newsletter in January with the Winter Solstice already past, I encourage you to start now, at Imbolc! I received this simple but powerful ritual via my guides, to utilize this Phase most constructively.
This “Release the Past and Incubate the Future” ritual has Five Steps, which I will share briefly here. The full, complete and detailed version is in a separate article I wrote specifically for this newsletter, i.e. “Incubation and Resonance Manifestation.” It has all the instructions for the whole process to the Equinox and beyond. I urge you to DO IT NOW!!
In the article, I’ve given two rituals, two different manifestation processes. While the incubation one is best at Samhain or Imbolc, you can do the second one, “Resonance Magic” at any time of the year. I’ll explain that more below. Read https://greaterselfprocess.com/magicalincubation.html
Steps to Release the Past and Incubate the Future (Magic Ritual)
In Step One, you go to the future, or the most expanded present to set a new resonance.
Step Two, you do a ritual that enables your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind to release the past. You wrap up this step with a purification.
Step Three, you install an anchor into the future you desire, so that you are invariably led to that future.
Step Four, you take the seeds of the New Future and plant them so that they can germinate for the days and weeks between you now and the 2019 Spring Equinox (the end of the Siriun Great Shift period).
Step Five, you step into action and move forward into the Flow.
I suggest you read the in-depth process and have a wonderful time in the Dreamtime of the Future! And do it on February 2nd if you can!
Preparing for Action; More on the 4th Phase
During the 4th Phase, while things are incubating in preparation for the Spring Equinox, think about what actions you will take towards your goals in the spring and begin preparations. Engage more with people around you. Try to avoid being too much of a hermit during this time, or you’ll have difficulty manifesting come late March! Start moving energy!
For example, if you are going to launch a new online business, and you’ll want people to come to your website, this would be the time to get the site all set up and running. Also, you’ll be crafting the marketing letters and planning when you will send what info out. This info will be not only about the site but perhaps about an event or two you wish to lead in conjunction with the website’s theme.
An Astrological Aside
By the way, since Mercury is retrograde through most of March, I suggest that you launch your business or event or activity after it goes direct near the end of the month (the 28th!). The 10 days just following the 28th are perhaps the most powerful initiation days you can get! A REALLY good day would be Friday the 5th of April, since that is a New Moon day, a great beginning time for any project.
Since this is the last Siriun Year newsletter, I will not be sending you a newsletter in late March reminding you of the April 5th start day of a magical period of manifestation. But if you can do it, start your enterprise on Sunday the 7th. It’s actually a better astrological energy, still in the New Moon initiation energy, and a phenomenal time to kick off your business with a seminar, webinar, or tele-event.
When I was an astrologer, it was a major part of my work to find good dates and times for significant events like weddings, launches, and so forth. This April 7th is especially fortunate, so I’m just sharing that day with you. If you don’t initiate anything that day, at least do something celebratory that has something to do with your future dreams and visions!
A Year of Manifestation
So much that was engendered, created, and dreamt in late 2017 and through 2018 will begin to emerge this year of 2019. This is true for you and also true for the world. That’s why I gave you steps for manifesting out of the ashes of your past, and now why I want to also offer you another rich and resonant version of magical manifestation.
This year, you will want to make your Greater Self more real than ever before, and you’ll want your manifestations to appear in the physical plane. Now, being joyful and happy in the mental/emotional self is fantastic. If you can do that, without even materializing anything really, you’ll find that eventually that resonance, that frequency level will bring a better life all on its own. And that’s what happens with the Law of Attraction. So do at least emotional-mental stuff.
But generally, when you do manifestation work, you want a physical appearance of your Visions and Dreams. Most spiritual people find it difficult to connect well with the physical plane, and often get disappointed when the stuff they want to have happen, doesn’t. And then they can also be discouraged from building and developing their inner power with high frequency emotional and mental bodies.
Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t fall for the idea that the physical plane is what’s real and all that imagination stuff is well, just a fantasy. I admit that some imaginative stuff is indeed fantasy, like winning the lottery. But when imagination is directed correctly, it is actually more real than the physical plane.
To manifest in the physical plane, you have to learn how to make things real with your imagination. The more real you make your Visions and Dreams inside you, the more likely they will be to materialize for you.
Engaging with the More Real
So, how do you make things REAL? How do you give dimensionality to your dreams and visions? How do you connect with physicality in the depth you need in order to allow things to actually manifest in form in your physical life?
You see, when you do manifestation steps, the resonance plus the intention you have will determine what comes to you from the world. If you allow the world to be loving and supportive, you can imagine how much easier your life will be! And also how much easier it will be to ask for what you want and then open your arms and receive it!
If your world is tense, combative, and you are stuck in forever competing, manifestation will simply not be easy for you.  So can you sense how the resonance of a loving world is higher than a resonance of a combative one? Choose the higher resonance, always.
You will get whatever you ask for when you are at the proper resonance when you are asking, requesting, or even demanding! However, what actually shows up may not be the specific form you were expecting. You see, you manifest according to resonance, vibratory level. And what materializes will come at that very level. If your request is at the level of the manifestation you desire, and you can hold that energy level, then you will indeed get materialization at that level.
But there’s a caveat. Your manifestation is always a precise reflection of the resonance you are on at the time it manifests. And your level of resonance is made up of many different vibrations, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, old programs, choices you’ve made, etc. all blended together in what you can call a Field of Resonance around you.
You manifest by your Field of Resonance and not by connecting to specific forms you want. You want more abundance and you think of that to occur in form as a better job, for example. You may not get a better job, but your life may demonstrate more abundance of love, opportunities and possibilities, and fun. This will match your resonance, but it may also point out to you that you still have an issue with money itself, which may be an individual vibration or two within the Field of Resonance. Get this message, and you can respond well to this, i.e. you can clear the limitation. Once you shift that individual vibration, then the whole Field reassembles at the higher resonance. Now choose again what you wish to manifest. You have a better chance of it this time!
In this job search example, you acknowledge all the wondrous abundance you have in other areas, and then look within yourself to find where you deny yourself money specifically as part of that abundance. This will give you the insight into your limitations of belief, Self-Image, and personally held Self-Value there. When you take steps to release these limitations, you will then see shifts and openings happening in your job search, i.e. whispers and messages that things are happening. This tells you that your Field of Resonance is shifting upwards, a great sign that you have changed a limitation correctly!
Just remember. As in all manifestations, there is a time gap between the request being set in motion and the materialization. However, within a couple of days, you will likely get a whisper, a message, that something good is happening. It can be something you see on TV that hints at success, or you can simply feel more positive about it. Do you see how this works?
It’s All Resonance
Finally, here’s a tip on something that holds a lot of people up. I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. There is no Cause and Effect in play when you manifest. Don’t think for a minute that your actions, meditations, and rituals will cause the manifestation! In the Cause and Effect model, you earn the reward of your manifestation by doing a lot of work, hopefully good enough or even perfectly. But this doesn’t work. You cannot manipulate, force, or earn your reality to do anything. Unlike some friends or family, you can’t guilt trip your reality. It’s simply not “manipulatable.”
You can’t make your spirit helpers manifest in a specific way no matter how many meditations you do. You have been taught to earn everything, but you can’t! If you are not holding the correct resonance of co-creation, giving and receiving, and being in the Divine Flow, no matter how hard you dance, or how long you sweat at it, you won’t get your manifestation. You will sabotage everything you do if you are thinking that you are earning your manifestation or getting “points” for all the hard work you are doing towards it. This idea comes from your Negative Ego who tells you that you just have to work a little harder, do one more, and it’ll all be yours.
If you are doing the Cause and Effect program, you are being small and playing an ego game with your guides. They will not play with you, however. They will not manifest anything for your ego, and they will not validate your ego’s desires. They will wait until you get your resonance correct before they take action and shift realities for you. They love you but they will not reward you with a “good boy,” or “good girl” manifestation.
Earning rewards and doing Cause and Effect thinking has consequences. Generally, it’s that your desired manifestation doesn’t happen. It’ll keep being postponed, or when you reach for the golden carrot, it will vanish in your hand. You will experience disappointment.
Now most everyone has a hard time with being disappointed. When it happens to you, and you’ve been working hard at your manifestation to earn the great life, you’ll be at very high risk vibrationally to fall into self-pity or entitlement.

“Hey,” you’ll complain, “I paid my dues! I did the work! You guides are letting me down! You’ve abandoned me. The bar is too high!” You’ll sulk, pout, get angry, get depressed, feel very small, feel abandoned and all alone, or follow whatever other reaction you have had in the past to disappointment. Think about it. How did you respond as a child or teenager to disappointment? Got it? Don’t do that as an adult light being, okay?
However, when you lift your resonance into your Greater Self and from there imagine, dream, intend, ask for, expect, and open to receive the magic, it can come. This just takes a willingness to allow yourself to be supported by the Universe. You have been taught that you have to do it all by yourself and this is NOT true. You are a co-creator in the grandest sense of the word. And contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, you have all the power!!!
A Magical Resonance Manifestation Process
Since resonance is the key to manifest what you desire, I’m including the "Four Step Resonance Magic for Manifestation,” a juicy process of building resonance for creation and manifestation. This can be done at any time of the year and simultaneously with the Incubation process too.
Here are the basic steps for those of you who already have a good capacity for resonance work. But for all the complete details and instructions on how to get into the resonance you want, read the second part of the article, “Magical Incubation and Resonance Creation” In essence, what you will find is;
Step One; Manage insecurity, and the worry that comes with it. Create a foundation of Safety, a base of peace for you
Step Two; Creating, Manifesting, and Having Enough. Giving, receiving, flowing, intending, letting the love of the Universe move through you to the world.
Step three, Connect with Your Guides. Call them in, make your request, feel the love and support, and let them go to work for you
Step Four; Call in and work with your Optimal Future You. Blend your energies with his or hers and anchor in your Dream Future so that it is inevitable. Plus, you can get tips and help from your Future.
I gave you the link earlier, but here is the link again. It has the two ritual workings as well as a great third easy ritual for money; https://greaterselfprocess.com/magicalincubation.html
Dreaming Ahead; The Dream Future
I’ve been talking a lot about the Dream Future and its importance during this New World arc of time. Many people around the world are also questioning what future they will have and attempting to activate and energize it in their own unique ways. This is the time where we all are wondering if there can be a Dream Future, and if so, what would it be like, not only for ourselves but for the whole world.
We humans have been trained to focus on problems and try to come up with solutions. This can work to some extent for us personally. But when we look at all the world problems or larger social issues, it can feel nearly impossible to imagine getting from here, the current darkness, into a light-filled reality.
Maybe it’s because there are so many issues that the human species is facing, such as climate change (water rise, excessive weather, extinction of species, loss of agricultural land), industrial spoilage of our air/water/earth, extreme poverty, societies and cultures destroyed by political dictators/violence/war, slavery (both social and economic), suppression of human voices and individuality, and on and on. These are the ugliest expression of the Dark Masculine Forces, accompanied by the internal pain of the Dark Feminine.
It’s evident that we as the Dreamers of a New World must do our Homework and dream a new reality into being. Fortunately, there are hopeful positive signs everywhere. Many people have risen to take action for Light changes. We knew they are being successful when the controlling network of the planet; the elite, the billionaires, the corporatocracy, and the oligarchs, are resisting any setback to their domination. They are reacting strongly because the rise of the people is getting their attention. They are feeling threatened.
If we don’t dream a new future, this situation looks like it can go into the old traditional Dark Masculine narrative of war, uprising, suffering and death, with eventual but temporary victory of the people. Then the people, once again could slide back into their trance as leaders convince them that there’s nothing more to worry about, as the leaders will do the work and all will be well. This leads into yet another tumble down or crash at the bottom, evoking the next uprising as the cycle repeats itself anew.
And so we have problems galore. It is good to identify what needs to be changed. But once we do that, where do we go as spiritual people? Creative imaginers? Metaphysicians? Reality Magicians?
A Dreamer’s Project
I invite you to play with me, to stretch your imagination as much as you can into the Light Reality of the Ideal Future. I’m going to list a bunch of dark issues. Next to each one, I’ll suggest something, not a solution, but a hint at what may be lighter, freer, and more loving.
Then what you do, should you want to do this dreaming with me, is to extend that more positive side of the theme into the future beyond the issue, beyond the limitation. Imagine a future without that problem at all! This is your Ideal Future.  Remember, the Ideal Future is an anchor in the Future for you to move towards. It will never be totally fulfilled, but it will lead you to a wonderful reality along the way towards it, your Dream Future!    
Remember as you do this imagination technique, you don’t want to dream the solution to the problem. You want to imagine the future that exists beyond that problem, where the normal reality of everyday people exists without the problem all together.
When you dream for yourself, you can probably do this fairly easily, once you get the hang of slipping into the Ideal Future. But when you try to dream for your community, your nation, and your world, it becomes a challenge. What is required to get over this obstacle is imagination, a very stretched one. Just like Sci-Fi authors imagine a future world in detail with awesome technology etc., you can be just as creative.
In fact, if you imagine beyond the problems, you’ll be MORE creative. That’s because most Sci-Fi stories are about a dystopian future, one of pain and suffering, of struggle and violence. You’re going to imagine a utopian future! Few people have any clue on how to do this.
To help you in your imagination, if you feel you want that, I remind you of the techniques and ideas I shared with you before in this Siriun News Cycle. In September 2017, I shared about the Ideal Future with suggestions about how to go there and discover your personal Dream Future track. Check this out to review that; https://greaterselfprocess.com/20180923.html. And if you feel you want additional input on imagining the Ideal Future, visiting your Future Self and working with him or her, and more, read this; https://greaterselfprocess.com/yournewselfvision.html
The Dark Narrative
When was the last time you saw a movie about a positive, wonderful, fabulous, glorious future where everyone is loved and happy? Generally, Hollywood is focused on the Dark Masculine narrative, that of conflict and war leading to victory and domination by the “good guys.” I put this in quotes because even terrorists think of themselves as the “good guys!”
Your social-cultural media just plays over and over on the same ever-revolving political narrative. It’s not just Star Wars or superhero movies that demonstrate this narrative, but also in politics. Many times a story of political triumph where the one elected to office appears to be the superhero, simply kicks that same sad narrative back in for yet another round.
The movies tap into a young male crowd, drenched with machismo world of the Dark Masculine through their Man Code programming. This narrative is a myth of how the world works if you are an alpha male. The hero is usually a white male, but the same narrative is done with the occasional female or black superhero. This diversity of hero is seen as a good thing, and it is. But the underlying plot or narrative remains dark and unchanged.
So Hollywood gives you stunning special effects movies with extreme levels of violence, killing, and of course the “good versus evil” narrative with the “good guy” fighting the “bad guy” in a one-on-one fight that establishes the victory of good over evil and ends the movie.
And audiences feel satisfied with the positive ending, a hint that the Ideal Future has arrived.  They hope that that movie world will be better in the future – a happily-ever-after warm fuzzy. Good guys are in charge of the world – yay! But with each positive ending to a violent war movie, viewers can conveniently ignore that they have just reinforced the Dark Narrative within themselves and their culture!
I call on you, your Soul calls on you, your World calls on you to dream the good stuff!
So put on your imagination hat, and take a journey to the Ideal Future where the problems that exist now are gone and have been gone so long that they are no longer even considered as possibilities. I’ll share more with you later this year, as I am working on what I call the Dream Future Project.
If you want to see the Dark Masculine and Dark Feminine Lists, please go to https://greaterselfprocess.com/darktolight.html. Also there, you’ll find the Light Masculine and Light Feminine Lists which can help you in your dreaming.
Dark, to Lighter, to what?
I’m going to list a problem. I’ll call it Dark. Then I’ll add something beneath it that might be part of the transition, or “solution” on the way towards the Ideal Future. This is just for your imagination. Feel free to imagine differently! But the point is for you to make up your own POSITIVE Sci-Fi Universe! And you may prefer working on other problems than the ones I’ve listed here.
A way to get your imagination going is through resonance. Read the Dark idea, and tap lightly into its stress, constriction, pain, and frustration to get the lower frequency of it. Then feel the freer, easier vibration of the Lighter corollary I’ve shared. 
Finally, stretch your imagination into the FULLNESS of LIGHT and LOVE of the Ideal Future around that idea, step in, and feel what the intangible, emotional, mental, and spiritual vibration of being beyond the Dark and even the Lighter would feel like. Maybe it has a lot of peace, love, sweetness, beauty, abundance and prosperity, fun, and more. Once there, meet your Ideal Future Self and attempt to visualize the world he or she lives in.
The frequency of this Ideal Future has come to you over the past year and a half, so you are ready to experience it. This technique probably couldn’t have worked or even been experienced only a couple of years ago except by the leading spiritual harbingers of the Future who live amongst us.
This is imagination work. It is not logical. Don’t judge the Ideal Future as impossible, or indulge in cynicism about the futility of dreaming a future that will never be. If you do, you lose the power of your imagination here.
Once you can feel the freedom and light of the Ideal Future for a few seconds, see what images then come to you, what you can sense in your imagination. Allow yourself to be creative. What kind of society would support happiness and prosperity for all? How would it look if there was only the Light Masculine and Light Feminine? How would children be raised, to be totally free to be their divine selves?
What do you come up with? If you are willing to share anything with me, please write me at ginger@giniel.com. I’d love to hear any snippet or idea that strikes you as one from the Ideal Future!
The Dark and Lighter List (Starters on Future Dreaming)
Dark; Religious patriarchal culture, dominating, rewarding and punishing behavior, politics and religion forced upon the young, mind control
Lighter; Spiritual and egalitarian, direct connection without intermediaries with the sacred and the divine
Dark; Scarcity and starvation
Lighter; Comfortable living for all with enough nutritious food to be healthy, lots of resources of all kinds around
Dark; Othering/Racism/Misogyny; discrimination, mistreatment, and violence done on people based on skin color, gender (and gender preference), geographical home, culture, financial level, etc.
Lighter; Everyone is seen according to their level of love, and positive community participation
Dark; Judgment of the body; appearance ridiculed if not “perfect,” shaming bodies that are thicker, shorter, or whatever doesn’t fit the extreme standard of beauty, assumption that ugly people are ugly inside and good looking people are beautiful inside without hearing their stories
Lighter; acceptance of all regardless of gender, gender preference, appearance and body type, maybe even curiosity and friendliness to those who have different body types
Dark; Violence/crime done to achieve one’s ends, might is right, revenge and punishment thinking, taking advantage of gentler people, holding an entitled or “better than” attitude, blaming the victim
Lighter; Belonging and being seen and heard, egalitarian, all equal
Dark; Money as power and control, a medium of entitlement, ripping others off, ends justify the means, riven
Lighter; everyone has enough, sharing, loving means to loving ends, Community-based currency, exchange energy, giving and receiving
Dark; Elite/corporate domination, domination of economies by billionaires, paying workers poorly, bending government to crush their competition and establish corporate monopolies against the public interest, excessive salaries for top CEO’s while the people suffer losses (such as in the 2008 recession), excessive pressure to make money requiring sacrifice of family and self
Lighter; plenty of co-ops, cottage industries, freedom to create your own business without regulatory suppression, a more level playing field
Dark; Standard Medical Practice and Pharmaceutical Companies’ control of your body, health systems, medical processes (even against your will such as with vaccines, cancer treatments, etc.)
Lighter; natural healing, spiritual healing, no need to be ill ever, pure environment, low stress, able to heal with codes and diagrams on paper!
Dark; Over-regulated people, Militarized police, excessive sentencing for criminals, punishment and exile, repression of demonstrations and freedom of speech
Lighter; Freedom to do your thing and move about, community consensus determination of actions to take, rehab through love
Dark; Destruction of the environment by industry, waste, radiation, oil and gas and fracking poisoning, chemtrails/weather modification, air pollution, toxic water supply
Lighter; popular regulation of toxic industries, clean energy development, pure air, cleaner water, oceans healing
Dark; Expensive real estate, high land prices, destruction of agriculture for sprawl and commerce, jammed into cities with no nature or beauty
Lighter; Suitable and pleasant housing for all, in lovely surroundings
Dark; Bitter fighting in difficult, co-dependent relationships, pain and rejection, emotional suffering
Lighter; Harmonious relationships, lots of help and support for everyone to be him or herself, egalitarian negotiation, people loving, community loving
Dark; Self-hatred, low self-value, shame, self-judgment, chronic insecurity, childish and immature, feeling unworthy, beating up the self over any failure
Lighter; inner freedom by getting emotional/psychological/spiritual healing, everyone standing up for themselves and sharing in the discourse, negotiating win-wins, happy people in a happy community
And there’s More
I’ve only done a few here. Feel free to select other issues, and set up the Dark, the Lighter, and then the Ideal Future with them as well. Below I’ve listed some other areas to imagine the Ideal Future.
What do you think is the future of each of the following? Visit the Ideal Future and find out!
         Communication ways, global, collective, and personal
         Wireless, smart phones, 5G
         Technology and Science (in medicine, AI, energy creation, travel, etc.)
         Education (including at all ages)
         Collective Rituals (sports, religion, holidays, etc.)
         Farming and Agriculture
         Flight and travel
         Environment and balance of nature; ecosystems, native plants and animals
         Animals, treatment of pets, food animals, wild animals
         Marriage and weddings
And the list can go on and on. The key for all of us Dreamers is to dream the Light Masculine and Light Feminine into being within us and then dream it for the world. Remember, the world is YOUR illusion. You can change it if you believe you can and if you dream it! Remember, for more ideas about the Ideal Future that can spark your imagination, you can read up on the Light Masculine and Light Feminine concepts by clicking the link I gave you above.
Blessings to you all and have a glorious 2019! May your manifestations be fulfilling and you feel the love, belonging, success, vitality, and purpose that is part of who you are as a Divine Being, a Powerful Reality Creator.